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  1. tech549

    higgins skirts and chain guard

    womans skirts and guards $100.00 plus shipping
  2. MrAustralia

    Chain guard, EA horn, delta ribbed light. TRADE

    Hi all, I have these items for trade, I am really trying to find a Hawthorne/Rollfast banana tank. Or a New Departure WD brake handle & cable. Obviously there will be a $$$ difference and any "top up payment" can be negotiated. Only US shipping required and PayPal available if any money...
  3. ivrjhnsn

    Sold DIAMOND chain for display bike 1" pitch x 3/16"

    Alright, someone must want, need , lust after clean Diamond chain ? Perfect replacement for rusty, ugly chain. Worn, but not rusty:smile: . 66 1/2" is comprised of several lengths joined. The rest are as they are. Use on a rider at your own risk. Please ask questions if need be. Thanks. $100.00...
  4. B

    WTB Schwinn Chrome Hockey Stick Chain Guard

    Looking for a chrome Schwinn hockey stick chain guard that will fit a straight or curved down tube frame. It doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks!
  5. carlitos60

    TOC: PIERCE Sprocket / Chain Ring

    Looking for an Old PIERCE Chain Ring Larger than 24 teeth!! 26, 28, 30!! Thanks! Like This One ,,,,BUT Larger!!
  6. Nickinator

    Found NEED: Plain old 55 link 1/2" (non-skip) chain

    Got some but they are rusty- need a nice one for a nice bike. Don't feel like making one. :eek: Need 55 links total (including master). For a 1940 Schwinn, but doesn't have to be prewar. Lmk whatcha got that you can send off pretty quickly. Thx! Darcie
  7. nick1985

    Elgin chain guard help

    Hi everyone, Im picking up a mens Elgin bike this week from a friend here in London and Im wanting to collect some of the original parts for it. Does anyone know if a ladies Elgin chain guard fit onto a mens frame? Or do they have different brackets? I have attached a photo of the ladies chain...
  8. MsRock2

    Sold 1/4 Block Chain 52" $65 shipped

    $65.00 shipping included. PM friends. 1/4" block size. Thanks. Located in San Diego
  9. ohmybike

    Sold Horn, frame, chain adjuster kickstand

    Horn works, frame looks straight no major dents original paint. Pm me if need more pictures on the frame. PayPal only F&F all obo Frame Sold Horn Sold Kickstand Sold Chain adjuster Sold
  10. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Colson chain drive tricycle

    Original paint Colson chain drive tricycle. One rear tire is cracked . $150 pick up only in sw Ohio. Looks like I posted in wrong section could someone please move it to tricycle for sale section .
  11. MOTOmike

    Installation Question for Banjo Style Chain Adjusters

    I usually take photos of everything before and during dissasembling of any bike components so I can get everything back the way it came apart. But somehow, I didn't pay attention to the banjo style chain adjusters on my 1939 Elgin Twin 20. Is there a correct way for installing these...
  12. gtdohn

    Found 28" Single tube chain tread

    Looking for a 28" single tube chain tread tire that still holds air Thanks
  13. pedalpower17

    2 x Chain Adjuster Screws 7/32 x 24 x 2

    NOS or used. Straight with good threads.
  14. CWCMAN

    Found ***WANTED***CWC Flying Pork Chop Chain Ring

    Looking for one or two CWC flying pork chop chain rings. Usually found on the delivery cycles but I have seen them on other CWC bike as well. Please convo or email if you have available.
  15. T

    Sold Blue Parts for a Cantilever Schwinn

    1) Tank with horn 175.00 2) Springer 175.00 3) Chain Guard 75.00 4 Fenders 75.00 All parts are original Schwinn, prices plus shipping in the 48
  16. T

    Sold Schwinn Phantom Chain Guard primered

    Excellent original chain guard media blasted & primed, $ 49.00 includes shipping in the 48
  17. T

    Sold Schwinn Chain Guard

    60.00 includes shipping to the 48
  18. I

    Sold TOC 1/4" Block Chain - Indianapolis Chain

    1/4" Block Chain from the Indianapolis Chain & Stamping Co., which was purchased and renamed the more familiar Diamond Chain Co. in 1905. Very nice condition, ready to install and ride away. 53 links; master link with screw; stamped INDPLS on link next to master. $160/shipped, payment via...
  19. Howard Gordon

    Chain Guard

    Found I need a chainguard like this for a Monark I'm working on. Solid, any color. Thank you, Howard.
  20. ivrjhnsn

    Sold BLOCK "STYLE" Chain 344" Total 3/16" wide

    Here's your chance to be the Block "Style" Chain King . 344" of it can be yours for less than a dollar per inch. That's right folks, all for $300 shipped . That includes 5 lengths at 52" each, 2 lengths at 46", and a 38" piece Perfect display chain, or join and ride at your own risk. No rust...
  21. 5760rj

    Schwinn PreWar Feather Chain Guard

    PM me thanks.......
  22. ivrjhnsn

    Like bobcycles I'm on the CHAIN GANG

    I think they're multiplying in the middle of the night . :cool: Three different styles of inch pitch/skip tooth. Block "style" ., good ole Diamond , and a small amount of real block chain. Yes, I have a problem. Can't help it, I like chain !
  23. kirk thomas

    Sold 1930 skiptooth chain 54 links$25 shipped

    This chain is complete with a nut and bolt master link. Came from a 1930 Rollfast. I counted 54 links. You can have it for $40 shipped
  24. bobcycles


    #1 Very useful NOS and slightly used/ storage wear Diamond Chain master links and chain sections for lengthening short chains.. lots of useable stuff... including hard to find Longer links for wider chain. This lot is 1 inch pitch / skip tooth. The next lot below this is standard 1/2 inch pitch...
  25. carlitos60

    FS: Fender, Rack, Chain Guard for Elgin

    Fender, Rack, Chain Guard for Elgin! $125 Shipped!!OBO
  26. rrtbike

    Reduced Chain Guard $25 shipped** NOW $20

    For Sale: Early chainguard. $25.00 shipped from IA50022 Now $20.00 shipped PayPal or Money Order Thank you.
  27. saladshooter

    Prewar Monark Chain Ring

    Howdy Looking for a 52 tooth Prewar Monark Chain ring in similar condition. Must be straight. Thanks! Chad
  28. D

    Sold (2) Schwinn Chain Guards

    Here are (2) Schwinn Chain Guards. The White Guard is very straight with no dings. $35.00 plus shipping in lower 48. The Black and Red Guard is very straight with no dings. $50.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. SOLD Dave Danville, PA
  29. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 36 schwinn skip tooth diamond chain, crank and sprocket

    I cleaned a few spots on the chain and it will clean up well. It has heavy grease on it. All threads are good. Backside of sprocket is in pretty good shape, front missing some chrome. 54 links, 7-1/4 inch crank arms. Everything needs a good cleaning check out the pictures. $63 shipped for...
  30. kirk thomas

    Another unknown chain? anyone 1920's,30's

    This chain came from the lady 28" Rollfast. This chain has a nut and bolt master link and the emblem on the link is like a shield with a U in it. Is there a thread for chain i.d.'s I couldn't find much. Thank You all. Kirk
  31. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 36 schwinn hockey stick chain guard

    Dark blue schwinn hockey stick chainguard, has surface rust but should clean up better. $60 shipped
  32. jungleterry

    Sold Shelby chain guard with hardware

    Hello we have this very nice and straight shelby chain guard with all the original mounting hardware 35 shipped .
  33. mickeyc

    Is this chain stretched?

    Skip tooth on my 1930 Columbia. Tight at the top and bottom of the sprocket with this much gap in the middle. Riding it is not smooth. Kinda "crunchy" pedaling. it's adjusted with very little slack and if I tighten all the slack out of it, it really gets sticky. All of the links are...
  34. kirk thomas

    Help i.d. this chain?

    I can not find this emblem anyone know what it is.
  35. kirk thomas

    Sold Diamond Chain Skiptooth 55 links$50 shipped

    This chain is in very nice condition and works great with no rust. It has 55 links and will be shipped to you for $50.
  36. kirk thomas

    Sold 1950 Schwinn Panther chain guard $50 shipped

    This guard came from a 1950 Panther as you can see. The guard is in nice straight condition. This came from a 26" bike. I would like $50 shipped for the guard.
  37. RidgeWalker

    Reynold Chain NOS

    In amongst a large box of parts from an old bike shop that I acquired years ago are some NOS Renold 1/2 x 1/8 chains in their original tins. The document in with each chain is dated 1933. The tins are a little rusty and the graphics are almost gone. What would be a fair price to ask for them?
  38. ivrjhnsn

    Block Style chain.....

    Anymore interest in block "style" chain. I have quite a bit of it. Need to figure out how to make a specific length of it. ...Rivet pins have to be ground off, then punched out. Rejoining with a new rivet. I'll experiment this weekend. This chain is perfect for display on period bikes . It's...
  39. 3

    Sold Diamond chain, Persons bag, Morrow hub and other stuff

    I have some stuff I want to move along. Ask questions you may have. Paypal Diamond 1/2 inch 65 chain. NOS but box is a bit worn. It used to be in tact last time I looked at it? Beautiful condition. SOLD Persons tool bag. Blackout, missing one strap and other is cracked. **NOW 200...
  40. 1

    20 pairs of chain adjusters

    LOT OF 20 PAIRS nos brand new old stock these will fit roadmaster bicycles ((100 shipped))
  41. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Schwinn Phantom Chain

    Pick up in San Diego or Shipped to you for cost of shipping.
  42. ivrjhnsn

    Sold DIAMOND Chain ...1" x 3/16"---122" of it

    The last of my "clean" Diamond chain. No really, I swear. 122" of it. Best for display bikes as I know the long chain is comprised of different sections, joined to make 66" .If you decide to put this on a rider, it will be like pedaling an Ingo bike. Just so you know. $75 shipped . Two master...
  43. higgens

    Hawthorne chain guard

    looking for this Hawthorne guard prefer this color but let me know what u gots Maybe fenders to
  44. ivrjhnsn

    Sold DUCKWORTH Chain skip tooth x 3/16

    Well, harder to find, but probably less sought after, Duckworth chain. This one is 51" long with a diamond master link. One spot of rust, with the rest having light surface that I'm treating with wd40. . $55 shipped. paypal.... First to converse please . Thanks
  45. frank 71

    Chain Rings-Some with Cranks

    Chain Rings $17.00 Each Shipped. 2 for $30.00 3 for$35.00 4 for $40.00 Rings with Cranks $20.00 Each Shipped.


  47. whizzer kid

    Very old chain rings F-S// Westfield ect.

    Here I have 4 rings for sale , all used condition. Sure can be used again A& B approx 8.5” 8o shipped C 8.25” The keeper hole has a little slipping wear . 40 shipped Last the smaller one , is 7.25” and looks to me a Miami possibly..? 50 shipped Thanks for looking