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  1. Rusty72

    Sold Chief pedal blocks

    For sale are some Chief pedal blocks. They are CNC made lots of milling involved. They come with the spacers. $80 shipped from So. Cal Pay pal only. Thanks
  2. Gunn and Co

    Indian Chief Racing Bicycle Leather Saddle.

    An Indian Chief leather racing bicycle saddle. Not sure of the age. Condition is Ok with the normal scuffs ect. £225 GBP + shipping. Saddle is located in the UK. Email is you require further details or a shipping cost.
  3. bikesnbuses

    Sold FS/trade RARE 1935 Steelcraft Chevrolet Chief pedalcar

    Im putting this rare prewar pedalcar up for sale or trade.It is now complete with a reproduction headlight bezel(Original lens is just plastic). The reproduction bezel will need some trimming and work to look identical to the original in my opinion. It does have the original headlight battery...
  4. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Sears Chief Drop Stand

    It's what you need! $350 shipped in the USA.
  5. Dave Stromberger

    Reduced Sears Chief Sprocket

    Pic tells the story. Bitchin' wall hanger or install on a survivor bike! $210 $175 shipped in the USA.
  6. toyman


    This is a real nice Sears Chief bicycle.It has the original red and white paint.It has a very nice badge that is also in great shape.It has the deep fenders fenders that are dent free.Three speed.I have an extra shifter that I am throwing in that has very nice nickeling.It has the correct...
  7. Bikermaniac

    Found Wanted early motorbike stem.

    Looking for a stem like this. These stems were used by Davis and Westfield and probably other manufaturers as well. I've seen them on Sears Chiefs, Daytons, Harleys and Indians. Please send PM with pics and price. Thanks, Nelson. Credit to Scott M. for the picture.
  8. toyman

    Chief Bicycle

    I jave a nice Sears Chieg bike and someone is interested in buying it.I am trying to come up with a fair price.The badge is great.The paint is decient.The seat is mint.Wheels are very nice.The rare original kickstand is on it.The three speed is perfect and I have a real nice spare shifter that...
  9. ejlwheels

    Davis Sewing deep fenders for late teens Sears Chief

    Pretty clean and solid. No braces. Should fit many late teens 1918-1922? Davis Sewing bikes. I'm guessing someone repainted them intending to use them on a 1918-19 Sears Chief. There is one extra hole in the top of the rear fender. Not sure if that is for a rack bumper or rear light? Front...
  10. R

    Hiawatha silver chief

    Not sure the year , a Hiawatha silver chief. Asking 500 plus shipping.
  11. G

    Teens Sears Chief

    I am looking for parts for my original unrestored teens Chief. I need the Sturmey Archer shifter and rear 3 speed coaster hub. Also need rear fender and drop stand. Any help or direct me to someone who might would be very much appreciated. Thank you Gordy
  12. Rusty72

    Sold Chief Pedal Blocks

    For sale I have some Chief Pedal blocks. They are CNC machined. Lots of milling involved. $80 shipped. PayPal only. Thanks
  13. Bike Mike

    Chief bicycle

    Saw my first Chief Bicycles at yesterdays Cyclone Coaster ride owned by Cliff aka Oddball on the CABE with his 1916 and Bruce with his 1915. Absolutely stunning bikes. Would sell/trade my two bikes to build one of those.
  14. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Teens Indian Chief bell

    Nice embossed Chief bell, stamped made in U.S.A. on the lever, all original, about 2.5" diameter, heavy patina, works as it should. $300. shipped paypal ff or add the fee. from 95472
  15. carlitos60

    Reduced FS: 1916 CHIEF 90% Clean Original Rider!

    Up for Grabs My 1916 CHIEF 90% Original Rider?? Let the Pics Speak! I Believe It to be a Late 16 Model with 1917 Change Over Features! Super Clean Patina! Just: Rear Rim Has a Small Bump, Stand in Rough Shape, and Shifter Chain is Broken at End! Now $3500 Shipped!! $3999 OBO Shipped! Paypal FF!
  16. Rusty72

    Sold Chief pedals

    Made these chief pedals. CNC made lots of milling involved. $250 shipped. Pay pal only Located in So Cal. Thanks
  17. G

    i.d. assistance Super Chief

    Hello, I have been stalking and trying to use the search feature to little avail. Hoping for any information on this bike. Badged Whites super chief. I am needing the electric horn and correct headlight. But finding info on these is difficult. Any i formation would be awesome. I bought it to...
  18. C

    Sold Metal Fire Chief Pull Toy with box 50's Very Nice

    Metal Fire Chief Pull toy with Box. Very nice Shape Complete . Og pull cord Large Size Approx. 10-11" in length Refer to picts. Dent can be easily rubbed out from inside ( driver and seat pop out giving u full access to inside ) $90 Shipped Can save you if you purchase more than one toy.
  19. carlitos60

    1916 CHIEF Ready to Ride!!

    My All Original or Time Period Correct 1916 CHIEF is Ready to Ride!! Love It!! Must Be a Late Fall or Winter Model; With the 1917 Goodies on It!!! What Does the "V" Stands For?? The Fork Has a Pat Date of: FEB 8, 1915!! Good / Bad Feed Back Welcome!!
  20. carlitos60

    Sears CHIEF Drop Stand!

    Looking for a Sears CHIEF Drop Stand!! Any Model Would be OK!! 1917?? Thanks!
  21. bobcycles


    Way cool old Bicycle bell I have not yet seen another one like this. Appears to be 1930s -40s era...was removed from a 1940 Schwinn bicycle. Lots of 'patina' but really not very pitted and NO dings or dents. Original Clamps are there and it works intermittently....I think it needs minor...
  22. Balloontyre

    Sold Davis Dropstand 'n Clip, H-D Chief Master Elgin Excelsior others

    For 28" wheel, Davis stand, Davis clip. Both in very good shape. $275 shipped USA lower from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  23. willswares1220

    Sold Fire Chief Jr. Siren ( handlebar mount )

    $85.00 shipped This siren is in very good to excellent original condition as shown. " push the plunger / hear the loud siren sound! " :cool: ( PM's answered ) Port Washington, WI 53074
  24. Dave Stromberger

    Sears CHIEF Paint Stencils

    Set of paint stencil masks for the Sears Chief. Will have instructions and photo references ready and posted to a permanent web page soon (will update this post). $25 shipped in the USA
  25. Rusty72

    1915 Chief Pedals

    Check out these pedals I made. Lots of machining CNC made. This is the first pair. What do you guys think.
  26. Balloontyre

    Sold 1905- 1928 Mead, Sears bikes, others...Nice 20 tooth ND mod A driver.

    Very good 20 tooth cog New Departure Model A driver, complete. Original plating in great shape, teeth show minimal wear. $59 shipped USA from Milwaukee. Cash, MO, PayPal friends. Thank you