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  1. A

    Various bike parts for sell

    I have a large inventory of bike parts I am looking to sell, such as bike frames, tubes, spokes, seats, tires, bolts, etc. However, I also have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell. I understand there is a separate whole bikes section which I will also list in, however I...
  2. A

    Various Classic Bikes for Sale

    I have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell, in addition to bike frames and bike parts (tubes, spokes, seats, bolts, tires). I understand there is a separate parts section which I will also list in, however I am looking to sell my collection in its entirety for a...
  3. Jim Barnard

    I drove by the old Torrington Company factory today...

    Made me sad to think how great this place used to be. Some of the beautiful products that came out of this building were art. Anyone have pics of the wonderful stems or pedals or...? 11/25/2019:
  4. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1930 Elgin Saddle

    As usual I am just providing semi educated guesses on what I have here. I saw one like this on a very early burgundy Elgin boys bike. LMK if I am wrong and thanks for looking One left! Note that tapatalk will not see the pricing field
  5. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Chainguard and rack from a MURRAY "Jet Fire X-65" middleweight

    VERY nice paint and screening on this rack and guard. Very nice turquoise blue. These are off a 26" ladies bike if that makes a diff. I would like to drill the rack rivets to ship, but will not if the buyer is not good with that. Might cost more to ship.
  6. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Cadet Head Badge 1930's

    Hawthorne, Rollfast, DP Harris and Zep have been associated with this badge from my research. Nice condition! $8 shipping
  7. Jim Barnard

    Sold Colson Chain driven art deco tricycle.

    Nice maroon and cream with pin striping. Very heavy but cool. 1940's. Shipping available at your cost.
  8. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Elgin Single speed balloon bike 1942 4 star

    Cool brown and tan bike wearing original paint. Grips are some "lighted" accessory, but I have not taken them apart to see if and how they work. Bike is in CONN and shipping at cost is available. I have not ridden this bike and can't say how well she goes. Seems to have sat for a LONG time...
  9. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Continental 3 speed in CONN $420

    By no means am I knowledgeable to say what is correct on this bike. I do know when something has been loved and cared for. This seem like this bike has not been altered from original. Looks like the original cables are still present. Front wheel says Schwinn Stainless. Looks like some war time...
  10. P

    Old school bikes for sale A Mint Condition ELGIN And A SCHWINN Super Sport SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY Please And Thank You !!

    Asking price for elgin is $500 ... Asking price for schwinn $300 ... Location : pittsfield ma Prices are negotiable ... I haven't checked the going rate ... these are my prices ... so if they are high to you then don't respond and keep it moving not trying to be rude just grown ... in which...
  11. P

    Old school Schwinn super sport for sale ... PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!

    Hey I am new to this and to this site and if I'm doing anything wrong please lmk all I am trying to do is sell my old inherited bikes one is a you guessed it schwinn and also a Elgin here's pictures of the schwinn since this isnt a elgin thread lol ... Let the bidding begin and serious...
  12. Chetster213

    Sold FS: 2005 Trek 5000 OCLV 120 Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike, 52cm, 27-Speed, Bicycle Computer, U-Lock, Under 20 lbs Fully Loaded

    Asking Price (Reduced): $500.00 Ride Ready, Road Legal Lightweight Race Bike Shimano Ultegra Components, Original Stock* Parts Unisex, can work for women as well Used but not Abused Tuned Up, Light & Fast AF 52cm, 27-Speed, The Works Registered and Certified with Owner (Transferable upon...
  13. E

    Jc Higgins

    Can any one help me identify this bicycle I know it’s a J.C. Higgins but I don’t know what model it’s is but it’s most likely a colorflow.
  14. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 5/29/1958 Schwinn Corvette in CT $300

    Paint is pretty decent on this 58 Corvette. Original schwinn West wind on the front and a Schwinn Tractor Grip on the rear. Seat has a wee bit of red paint splatter. Pedals are not great, the front rack has been repaired (replacement available at $60) and there are some dents in the stainless...
  15. Jim Barnard

    Nice example of Schwinn's "Bottom of the Line" middleweight in 1959

    Tornado: There is something unassuming about the cheap chainguard, abbreviated front fender, enameled rims, tacked on frame bracing and sparse screening. I found that the gearing seems to be more like a 3rd gear than a direct drive. I added the torsion bars and larger saddle. Another of...
  16. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1963 Schwinn AMERICAN slimline 2 speed in CT ****Free PU Copake

    The old gal is a decent and complete with appropriate patina. Head light is vintage NOS. The guard screening was replaced with vinyl stickers. Has the right horn guts, but have not been tested. $400
  17. Jim Barnard

    Sold Schwinn Typhoon 1963 in CT ****Free PU Copake

    Decent paint Schwinn in complete original condition. Bike will clean up well. Enameled rims have factory pin striping. "S" seat is two tone and has a split. Great classic beach bike. Vintage ride cred. Not antique yet. Made December 12 1963! (perhaps a 64?) $250 pick up - shipping available
  18. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1967 Schwinn Fastback 5 speed Original unmolested in CT

    Very complete and original 67 schwinn Fastback Sting Ray serial #hc79266 August 1967. Bike has been hanging from a shop ceiling rafters forever. NO touch up. Original tires, seat, etc. I just replaced the original tubes. This will clean up very well. $1,200 shipped NOW $1,050.00 shipped
  19. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1940's Schwinn New World war time blacked out model in CT

    Very cool Schwinn light weight from somewhere between 1943 and 1948. I know little about this bike and will not be upset to have opinions and info posted below for others to see. Pics say it all. I see no chain guard marks or bosses, but that is subject to discussion. There is no side stand...
  20. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1979 Schwinn Sting Ray Lil Chik Pristine in CT

    Very cool time piece with little wear to show for the 40 years it has adorned Gods Grey Earth! Someone Must have a Grand daughter who needs this beautiful bicycle. Near perfect example of one of the last Sting Ray Bikes ever made. Correct tires including a gripper Slik! From the 79 catalog...
  21. A

    1977 Boys Chicago Schwinn Stingray

    Please PM direct with questions comments or concerns do not post replies here thanks. 1977 Chicago Schwinn Stingray bike. The seat is new, back tire is new (authentic reproduction), bitch bar is new, chain is new, labels are new but original NOS, paint is new but original NOS. Stored indoors...
  22. W

    Womans Schwinn Racer

    womans single speed shwinn racer. Arnold Shwinn, nice patina over original parts. clean unrestored barn find. $100 plus shipping. will take offers.
  23. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  24. M

    Hercules royal prince

    I came across an older Prince. Need some advice on if its worth restoring. Not trying to do a full factory style rebuild. Kind of want to clear coat the bike as is and keep its patina. I domt know much about the bike though.
  25. B

    Classic Foremost Bike

    HELP! I have this bike and know nothing about it. Can anyone help? Here is a pic of the bike and the serial numbers.
  26. 66TigerCat

    Reduced An assortment of classic cycling books

    All books with dustjackets are covered with archival mylar. PM me if you're interested. Thanks ! 1. The Yellow Jersey by Ralph Hurne. 1973, first edition. 254 pgs. Hardcover w/dustjacket. Fictional account of an old pro who races one last time in the Tour de France. A great read. VG condition...
  27. T

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-RALEIGH-Marathon-vintage-touring-road-bike-54cm-pro-refurbished-NICE/232785455344?
  28. Euphman06

    Sherrell Classic bicycle

    Anyone in the market for one of these? Never heard of it till now.,
  29. T

    Litespeed Classic Polished Titanium road bike 54cm On Ebay

    Litespeed Classic Polished Titanium road bike 54cm On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Litespeed-Classic-Polished-Titanium-road-bike-54cm
  30. tripple3

    Riding Tips For Classic Antique Bicycles

    I looked for a thread for riders to post tips for other riders who are wanting to learn from other experienced riders. I remember reading some stuff from members here on threads scattered about; stuff I think about when I'm out there for more than 45 minutes straight; trail riding. I need to do...


  32. dnc1

    Classic Lightweight "Burlite" brakes

    For Sale: A pair of 1947/1950 "Burlite" of Birmingham (England) hiduminium brake calipers. Asking $110 including tracked/signed for shipping from the U.K. PP f&f only please. Early contemporaries of GB, but a little more rarified for your classic British lightweight! Will polish up...
  33. dnc1

    Reduced Classic Lightweight "Burlite" brakes

    For Sale: A pair of 1947/1950 "Burlite" of Birmingham (England) hiduminium brake calipers. Final price drop! Now asking $90 tracked/signed for shipping from the U.K. PP f&f only please. Early contemporaries of GB, but a little more rarified for your classic British lightweight! Will...
  34. P

    2018 Ann Arbor Classic Bicycle Show and Swap Meet, Sunday, April 29, 2018

    MICHIGAN’S ANN ARBOR CLASSIC BICYCLE SHOW AND SWAP MEET Sunday, April 29, 2018 will be the 38th Anniversary of the Biggest, Oldest, and the Best Antique and Classic Bicycle Show in the Nation. This annual one day event held at the Washtenaw Farm Council...
  35. T

    Aquired this vintage Stelber bicycle, Wondering it's value and other info anyone may have.

    Hello all new member here, name is Tommy. I joined and am posting due to me needing a little help and not sure where to turn to at the moment. I normally Buy newer Bicycles in need of a little repair or something, then do the work needed and resale for a little side money here and there...
  36. B

    Antique & Classic Bicycle and Motorbike Show & Swap Meet

    13th Annual Saturday, March 3, 2018, 9AM-1PM, at the United Methodist Church of Uniontown Hall, 13370 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, Ohio. Free Admission. $5/vendor space. Vendor setup 8AM. No early setup. For information contact Jason or Dan Schwaberow at 330-699-4517, Ron Ashley at...
  37. 56jetflow

    Antique & Classic Bicycle & Motorbike Show & Swap Meet Akron Ohio

    Antique & Classic Bicycle And Motorbike Show and Swap Meet Sat. March 3, 2018 at our new location at The United Methodist Church of Uniontown Hall at 13370 Cleveland Ave. NW Uniontown Oh. 3/10 mile North of St. Rt. 619. Open to the public 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. No admission charge. Vender set-up...
  38. C

    Fulton Style Exterior Sunshield For Classic or Ratrod Car -SOLD THANKS

    Hey Guys,Sorry SOLD... Up for sale is a vintage exterior Fulton Style Sunvisor for your Classic Collectible Car or Pickup. This piece measures 48 inches wide from tip to tip, which is more narrow than most of the late 40s and early 1950s vehicles -those measuring 54 to 58 inches. This version is...
  39. S

    Sale Pending Classic HUFFY Bike impalla original

    HUFFY impalla classic middle weight. messinger saddle. 26" wheels.original condition. SWIFT rear coaster brake. sell cheap ho ho ho...$45 plus bikeflyte 48 states.
  40. Lucid Bikes

    What year is my Roadmaster Luxury Liner?

    Hi, I just bought an old Roadmaster Luxury Liner and wanted to know what year it comes from and what the value of the bike is. Also, any idea where I could buy the white wall tires that match the looks of the original? Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated! Please check out the pictures!
  41. partsguy

    A White Fox in the Hen House!

    My second dream bike arrived Friday, and I unpacked it yesterday. The sixth known, complete, original white Schwinn Corvette is permanently in my collection. The Sturmey Archer transmission and Weinmann brakes still work. I should be able to get this in a 6/10 condition. Yes my friends, there...