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cleveland welding co.

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  1. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Color combination?

    I will be picking up this sweet hiawatha tomorrow— has anyone seen this color combination?
  2. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Pretty Lady '47/'48 Roadmaster Great Color Combo OG Paint! ~

    Offered is this spectacular 1946-1947 Cleveland Welding Roadmaster Ladies 26" deluxe model ballooner. Great original paint and light gray/blue/red color combo on this bike. Condition is way above average with great chrome and very little wear throughout. The bike rides smoothly and straight...
  3. T

    Hawthorne Bicycle year??

    I purchased this Hawthorne yesterday and am trying to determine year and model would someone help me out with this please? The only thing I’ve dug up was that there isn’t anything out there to date these bicycles other than Montgomery ward catalogs or collectors who would know that’s why I’m...
  4. dogdart

    Sold 3 gill CWC tank

    Pre war / early post war style 3 gill tank in original paint with raised button horn. Battery holder is Rusty and crumbly and horn is obviously untested. $200 shipped in continental United States
  5. bobbystillz

    Sold Late 1940s CWC Roadmaster 'straight bar' frame

    FOR SALE late 40's CWC Roadmaster 'straight bar' frame, fork and fender. Wheelset not included, but will include for $20 extra (front needs axle nuts, rear hub needs rebuild). The frame is a combo of factory paint and house paint, it has left this frame and fender with a really unique patina...
  6. bobbystillz

    Sold Late 1940s Hawthorne 'Comet'? frame

    *price drop* FOR SALE late 1940s CWC made Hawthorne (also Roadmaster) frame (with original tension screws), fork and, guard. Has original BB cups, and is missing the bearing cone ring that sits at the base of the fork tube. Has been mostly taken down to bare metal. Rubbed with light coating of...
  7. D

    1937 roadmaster

    Hello everybody ! I was fortunate enough to get this great bicycle from Stromberger last summer . I’ve been doing some light cleaning on it and just thought I’d post a pic of how it turned out . Seat and bars are high and mighty in these shots as I was out on a quick and chilly morning ride...
  8. Demzie

    Sold 1940 Cwc 20"

    For Sale: 1940 CWC 20" Pros: -Fully Brazed Solid Frame (No welds, no breaks, no problems) -Matching "Silent Safety" ZigZag Tread Tires! (Gently Worn, no holes, holding air firmly) -Complete Skiptooth Chain (Perfect fit, uncertain of link count) -Plush Grips (not flexible, but not rotted or...
  9. lgrinnings

    Sold 1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring

    This 1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring retains very nice original chrome. An ideal chainring if you need one, or a sweet upgrade for short money. $30 shipped in the US. Payment via PayPal family and friends is preferred. Please review pictures closely and message me if interested...
  10. the third man

    CWC chain tensioner bolts

    I am working on a Roadmaster, Luxury liner and I need a set of chain tensioner bolts. They are a courser thread than the Shelby tensioners I have. Any one have any? Mike
  11. szathmarig

    Prewar CWC tank internals.

    Battery tray has some holes that could be filled, but the important tabs are good. Horn doesn't work. Horn buttons are painted, and missing screws. $50 shipped obo.
  12. ZE52414

    41 Cwc WF badged Tall tank

    It’s finally all together after about 3 gallons of sweat. Quite warm here today. The chainguard was extremely tricky, but it was my first one like this. The seatpost is a bit stuck at the moment. I’ll wait till it gets a little cooler before I go wearing myself out. From what I’ve been told...
  13. benmcjamin

    Reduced 1953 AMF Roadmaster (CWC) all original (cleaning out)

    saleing my collection. 1953 Roadmaster garage fresh with original owner photo and original magazine ad. Never cleaned it!! everything is stock as it was day it was bought, only thing i did was put a good tire on the back. $1000
  14. robert bell

    1939 CWC hawthorn zep paint

    getting ready to paint my 39 CWC zep. bike was originally roadmaster cream with black head and red pinstripe. here's another one two tone green. catalog says black with white head only. would you restore to black like catalog says, or original CWC color?
  15. tripple3

    1936 Clipper CWC Double bar

    I Dig this frame and have wanted 1 for awhile. Cleveland Welding Co. double bar roadster. This 1 came with some set-backs but still looks and rides great; it feels solid..... "A" serial number and offset bottom bracket. 1936 I wonder if it being offset put more torque on the seat tube to cause...
  16. easyrider

    Sold cwc fork [mans]

    26" mans prewar roadmaster fork the bracket on the bottom of the light is loose can hear rust inside when you shake it probably won't work 110.00 shipped to usa
  17. C

    Sold PreWar CWC Aircycle

    PreWar CWC Aircycle Solid tank. Original paint No holes . Some paint loss , switch Intact Matching Aircycle Head badge Og light intact with bracket some cloth wire still attached. ( I have not opened tank to see wiring extc. For next person ) Bars stem shown in Seperate picture. Both included...
  18. Krakatoa

    Bike Riding in the East

    Shout out to @Kstone and the Philly crew!
  19. tjkajecj

    Sold 1936 CWC Frame and Fork+

    1936 CWC Frame, Fork, Truss Rods, Crank, Sprocket, Seat Post and Front/Rear Fenders with Flat Braces. Items listed above are what I believe to be original to the bike. The other items in the last two photo’s I removed from the bike are most likely not original. The front wheel may have been...
  20. the2finger

    Sold 1957 CWC Roadmaster Luxury Liner

    Hey Kids, the 2fingers black hole has sprung another leak. Beautiful Luxury Liner middleweight. Original paint including all original copper and white on the chrome parts. Bike is quite rare these don’t usually come up in this condition. Bike has received the world famous 2finger treatment...
  21. lgrinnings

    Sold 1940 CWC no-gill no-horn bent tank

    This 1940 CWC Western Flyer/Hawthorne, no-gill, no-horn bent tank has been repainted on the outside. Inside is dusty, but there’s no trace of rust. Original color looks to be maroon. Light switch is gone, but battery tray and rubber grommet are still in place. Front screw is present, but no rear...
  22. J


    CWC Paisley chain guard in nice condition. I bought this guard for my bike a couple weeks ago and realized it was the wrong one when I got it home. Bought for $95 sell for $95 shipped.
  23. R

    Withdrawn Please delete

    Please delete ..................
  24. szathmarig

    Prewar CWC Girl's tanks

    No guts. $15 plus shipping each, or best offer, or take all 5 for $50 plus shipping.
  25. CWCMAN

    Sold ***FOR SALE*** 1940's CWC DELIVERY CYCLE

    I recently purchased this delivery cycle #D30083 but have decided to sell since I don't really need two of them. This is a pretty correct and complete DC (minus the basket).https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/roadmaster-cycle-truck-basket.132089/ It has an older repaint with the white pins added...
  26. robert bell

    Found WTB 40-41 CWC hawthorn 26" girls frame

    need a 1940-1941 ladies 26" CWC built hawthorn bare frame. will be painting it, so just straight and solid will work. got 41 snyder version if needed or trade or will buy. building CWC all american for wife, got all other parts except CWC frame and chaingaurd.
  27. toyman

    Found Cleveland Welding taillight can

    I need the can that goes in the back of a Cleveland welding carrier.
  28. ADVHOG

    My CWC Hawthorne Hiawatha

    I put this together from a bunch of parts in my shop and I like it. It's a good rider. The frame came to me partially stripped and clear coated. It's been hanging in the rafters for a while. The tank, fenders, and rack came from a part-out of a Hawthorne a while back. Other parts came from...
  29. Freqman1

    1939-1941 CWC Four Gills

    Bob Charnley started a thread https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/cleveland-welding-4-gill-bikes.27308/#post-146457 back in 2012 on Four Gills in general. I would like to focus this thread strictly on the '39-41 RMS/Model A aka Four Gill bikes. If you don't know what a Four Gill is, think it is...
  30. robert bell

    Found WTB CWC fork lock plate

    need a cwc fork lock plate like in picture on right side. got the rest, need plate to finish
  31. JOEL

    For the Cleveland Welding fan who has Everything

    CW embossed oar locks for your Rowed Master. $40 shipped.
  32. szathmarig

    Withdrawn Men's Prewar CWC FleetWing

    $200 plus shipping from Wash. D.C.
  33. catfish

    Sold CWC Roadmaster Frame Lock

    Working CWC Raod Master Frame Lock with Key. $250.00 shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order or PP as Friends and Family only.
  34. Tino

    Found looking for 39-41 cleveland welding roadmaster 4 gill frame and tank

    Hi guys, I am looking for a 1939-41 Cleveland welding roadmaster 4 gill frame and tank. thanks Tino
  35. Krakatoa

    '38 CWC Zep Frame on eBay

    I was watching this auction until someone hit the buy it now darn it! https://m.ebay.com/itm/Prewar-Vintage-RARE-1938-Hawthorne-5-Bar-Frame-fork-Balloon-Tire-26in-Bicycle-/222942051941#vi__app-cvip-panel If you want to see something that will make you pause search the seller's completed items...
  36. fordmike65

    Cyclone Coasters CWC Ride June 3rd

    Yup! We're flooding the streets of Long Beach with Cleveland Welding bikes again after a short hiatus! Some of the finest Roadmaster Supremes, Bent tanks, 4-Gills, Double bars, Flat tanks & Bug Eyes in the hobby will be back on the road & on display this year. Post up pics of your bikes and...
  37. GreenLakeMike

    Lobdell Horizontal Spring Seat on '36 CWC Roadster on Ebay Sun night 8pm est.

    Guys, I had many offers including a couple that said they would beat any offers. Trying to make it as fair as possible. Listiing on Ebay sunday night. I appreciate so much all the help I got. Including education! I will scour my area and will put things up exclusively on thecabe.com. But...
  38. S

    1942 CWC Royal Master

    ***SOLD*** 1942 CWC Royal Master serial #K44103 Believed to be in all original condition, with a dent at the lower back portion of the front fender, and the headlight is in need of repair/replacing. It is also a 1/2 " pitch. Looking to get $1,000 PLUS shipping Bike is located in Portland, OR
  39. fordmike65

    Sold Ladies 40-41 CWC Hawthorne

    Yes... it's true. Fordmike's "blackhole" bike collection has sprung a leak. Letting go of this nice and completely serviced, ready to ride ladies CWC built Hawthorne. Tanker equipped with original embossed teacup headlight and super comfy CWC "Shockmaster" spring fork. Completely original except...
  40. MsRock2

    Sold Roadmaster by Cleveland Welding Company

    SOLD For Sale - $900.00 - reply to my PM with questions. I can send more images and I'm located in San Diego for pick-up or $100 for mail delivery with insurance. SOLD
  41. TR6SC

    Found 47ish HW CWC TANK

    This bike found me. I haven't been able to sell it. Perhaps I should give it away, but I got no offers. I'm going to try to make it a little more desirable. Hopefully the tank doesn't outweigh the value of the bike. Anybody out there got anything? Any color will do. Thank you.
  42. M

    Postwar CWC Roadmaster

    I’ll call it a project bike. You critique it. Looking to clear some space in the shop. Asking $275 or best offer. Siren is not included but we can work something out if you want it. Comes with new white walls and tubes but I will include the original tires and tubes. PM me if you have questions...
  43. Neanderthal77

    Postwar CWC chaingaurd

    I have a blue postwar CWC chaingaurd for sale. Gave it a quick bath, has some over spray on it but won't be hard to clean. Asking $40 shipped. Or I will trade for a black prewar CWC chaingaurd. Thank you for looking.
  44. KingOBO

    CWC Roadmaster Head Badge

    Looking for a nice vibrant headbadge send me a picture or PM with price. I do see one posted currently just seeing if anyone has other options.
  45. Hawthornecrazy


    I’m in need of a couple new shirts if someone is going to have some more made. Let me know please. Thanks Chad
  46. bikesnbuses

    Sold 1940s boys CWC 20" rear facing dropout frame

    1940s Boys Cleveland Welding frame rear facing dropouts with 2 top bar ..sorry no fork..Asking $57 shipped obo.. message me through site or email me directly at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com Thank you.. Trades? vintage 1970s and earlier comic books and 1980s wooden skateboards/parts
  47. Glenn Rhein

    Sold CWC

    Cleveland welding company bicycle in as is condition, nice wide bars skip tooth chain. Rear fender lose $200 And free delivery to Copake.
  48. sm2501

    Reduced 1941 ? CWC Roadmaster girls bike SOLD

    I'm thinking this is 1941 model, but open to suggestions. Anyway, here's a pretty darn nice original girls Roadmaster. Looks pretty well original except for the light and the tires. Should detail out very nicely. The wheels are straight, just need a good detailing. $375 plus shipping.
  49. sm2501

    Sold prewar CWC Roadmaster girls bike

    Crusty bike. Rear wheel is a bit bent. $150 delivered to MLC/AA. I'll ship as well for $100.
  50. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ First Pics! Red CWC Speed King! ~ ~

    This arrived the other day... I've just had time to get it unpacked. Note the unconventional packing job seemed to work okay...o_O @slick @CWCMAN @cds2323 @Freqman1