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  1. Freqman1

    1940 CWC Western Flyer

    This is kind of an oddball. Most of the bike is CWC but the rack, guard, and truss rods may not be CWC? What is really odd is that a '38 Colson snap tank fits this frame almost perfectly! This tank has been on this bike for at least 40 years but I will sell with, or without, the tank. The...
  2. Yosemite


    Nature Shot
  3. Yosemite


    Last year's ride
  4. P

    Withdrawn 1941 Colson Double Eagle Deluxe Clipper

    Hello, I have a cool Double Eagle Deluxe clipper for sale. Condition: First off, the tank is solid with no rust. It does have some light dings and has the original Delta horn, button and battery tray. The fenders are also solid but have some dents which could be worked out. The front lower...
  5. S

    1930s ? Colson Junior Bike

    This is Melanie, Steve's wife. As some of you know, Steve passed away and I have been selling some of his bikes. I've had several kind fellow collectors help me sell the bikes over the last few years, but I still have a few to sell. This is one of them. I don't know that much technically...
  6. F

    1940 Colson snap tank complete or keep goin?

    I recently just completed my Colson snap tank with the chainguard and rear rack. Wondering if I should add any extra cool accessories or leave as is?? What do you all think?
  7. looneymoons

    1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike for sale

    Hello-- I'm trying to sell a 1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike. It's in very good condition as the paint, tires, plate, etc are all original. The only replacement over the years were the pedals. It has a unique double bar frame, chain-drive, and original Firestone tires. The Colson...
  8. The Carolina Rambler

    1935 Colson Rover- Fully Restored Before & After

    Hello everybody, this is something I have been wanting to complete, and show ya'll for a long time, and I have finally finished it. This is my "new" 1935 Colson Rover, Balloon Tire Bicycle. My favorite things and time period in history is perhaps the 1920s and 30s, and I really wanted a nice...
  9. looneymoons

    Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike

    Hello-- Happy August, all! I was lucky enough to have found this Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike (in my neighborhood). It's such a cool little thing, I had to bring it home. Besides the info I got from the plate marker, I wasn't able to find out much about this bike and was hoping someone...
  10. M

    1933 Colson Flyer Tandem Rear Steer $950.00

    I can say that this is the 1933 version of a Colson Flyer Tandem Rear Steer Bicycle. The frame is straight repainted red a long time ago. Paint has several scratches. It's missing it's Head badge. Probably original.... cranks and bottom brackets, fork, rear hub and coaster brake are both stamped...
  11. Rusty Makeover

    Rusty Makeover

    Gave my Colson a new look
  12. Geras81


    So I decided to give my Colson a makeover. Never liked the white painted wheels it has. Been trying to find a good set of crusty wheels to match the bike but no luck. Finally gave up and started to pull the wheels off and strip the white paint. It was a thin layer of paint so just used paint...
  13. Weathered


    My favorite color is Rust
  14. Crusty


    Lodi Ride
  15. fordmike65

    Yes it's finally happening!!! Cyclone Coasters Colson Ride T-Shirts!!!!

    After a 3yr+ effort by Hippie Mike, Marc 333 & myself, it looks like we'll have Colson Ride shirts in time for this year's ride! Artwork details & logistics are in the final stages, so I can't really post pics yet, but I assure you it's gonna be pretty damn cool!!! This post is to gauge interest...
  16. Kustomsoul

    Colson Klunker

    Looptail with 27.5 wheels and Santa Barbara Cruiser Bars
  17. lgrinnings

    1938 Colson Partout Pt.2: Forks, chainring and cranks, seatpost, drop stand clip, and more

    Below is the second batch of parts from the 1938 Colson that I decided to part out. [SOLD] Colson forks and headset: Original red paint with wear and touches of original pinstripes. Comes with original factory headset and bearings (cleaned). $50 plus shipping from Newburyport, MA 01950. Colson...
  18. Krakatoa

    Looking for a Tank for Colson Men's Bullnose Firestone Cruiser

    Just like the title says. Will consider any, but the condition of the metal is more important than the paint. Thank you! Nate 401-548-9082

    Sold 1937 Colson flyer double bar motorbike !

    Selling this 37 colson motorbike. Has house paint on it in red. Serial number is a G7, and rear morrow hub says G2. Wheels have decent chrome on them along with crank, bars and goose neck. Has a front loader on it but have not opened it or checked it out. The switch does go back and forth. Has...
  20. Iverider

    Sold Colson Rover frameset

    Not sure if the age of this, but i’d think late 20s or early 30s. Top and down tubes have a gentle bend to them, but the fork appears to be straight. Doesn’t include pedals, but does includebadge, headset and bottom bracket, crank and chainring. Appears to have one coat of paint over original...
  21. carlitos60

    FS: Prewar Stems 2 each!! Colson and ?

    FS: Prewar Stems 2 each!! $56 OBO Each Shipped PP FF! PM Please!!
  22. Sacket cycle works

    $35 colson.

    Picked this up this morning. Nice colson men’s bike. My guess of the year is around 1939.
  23. Sacramento Ride

    Sacramento Ride

  24. Stockton Ride

    Stockton Ride

  25. The Capital

    The Capital

    Sacramento Ride
  26. T

    Colson tandum rear steer

    Finally got the parts to put my rear steer.tandum back together. Only one thing I need and that is the measurement of the rear steer post from top to bottom of the threads. I got the bottom half or 3/4 of the post and just need to weld on the top half with the threads on it. Simply put...
  27. J

    Colson model and yr help please

    I use to own this Colson about 10 yrs ago and didn't really pay much attention to it then sold it to a buddy of mine and just bought it back yesterday. Trying to figure out the year and model. Its confusing me with the blister tank and clipper guard. Although if seen a couple others with the...
  28. fordmike65

    Odd '36 Colson coincidence....or Ancient Alien Intervention?

    Through a tip by a Cabe member, some sleuthing and another kind Caber that was more than willing to help a stranger without question, I was able to find a set of elusive 1936 Colson deep chrome fenders for my LWB Completely Equipped Motorbike. The bike popped up on CL with no contact info, but...
  29. jimbo53

    36 Colson w/TRM Convertable kit

    Here’s my 1936 girls Colson (Now dubbed,”Chuck”) that I added a TRM convertible tank and light kit to. Jim Harrison makes a top drawer product-if you’re thinking about getting one, you won’t be sorry. I first tore it down, cleaning and lubing. Added some brown Fat Frank whitewalls, and from...
  30. Robertriley

    1939 Good Year Highway Patrol Grill Tank Colson

    1939 Good Year Highway Patrol Colson. Very rare prewar bike, painted to match the original colors and all the chrome is original chrome and came on this bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $3999
  31. kshimp41

    Colson Defender i.d.??

    Help identify? Colson Defender?? Serial # F2 1579 ?? Year '39-42?? Thanks. Kirby
  32. J

    Colson question

    I'm going to be buying a Colson from a friend of mine soon and was wondering if Colson ever had a model with a blister tank and a clipper chain guard. I'll get a picture of it soon to post.
  33. John G04

    Reduced 30’s-40’s chainguard

    For sale is a chrome chainguard that came off a 30’s colson. Straight chainguard and would look great on an nice rider. Asking $30 shipped.
  34. Krakatoa

    Bike Riding in the East

    Shout out to @Kstone and the Philly crew!
  35. J

    Colson Rear Steer Tandem Rear Sprocket and Crank

    Looking for the rear crank and sprocket setup for a Colson Rear Steer. Thanks!
  36. frankster41


    Can someone identify the year of this Colson frame and is the "F" for Firestone? Best Regards Frank
  37. marius.suiram

    Colson crank set and "Stars" crank set

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 35$ for the Colson, 25 for the stars plus : 15$ shipping on each See pictures for more details.
  38. Wards Guy..

    20” bike Colson?

  39. Rollo

    evans colson olympic springer - $135
  40. M

    Colson Tank Wanted

    Like This one ...
  41. kirk thomas

    Colson Flyer in Buffalo NY cl Colson Flyer in Buffalo NY cl.
  42. Dan the bike man

    Sold Colson Flyer $400 shipped

    $400 shipped in the USA
  43. Dan the bike man

    Sold Pre-war Colson ! SoLD

    $1000 Now $900 NOW $800 shipped in the USA
  44. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Offers? NICE Colson Pre-war Men’s

    1939 Colson really nice! Rides like a dream! $1500 shipped. I’m keeping the shurspin propeller
  45. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn no longer for sale

    One year only Blue 1938 Colson screw tank$1000 shipped in the USA
  46. Krakatoa

    Smith Motor Wheel + Colson!

    This looks pretty amazing! @fordmike65
  47. mrg

    Sold 41 Colson (scout) snap tank

    1941 (I think) Scout badged Colson snap tank, surface rust but very solid tank & frame, sprocket has some deep pitting but usable. $450. shipped, paypal FF or you pay the 3% or can work something on local pickup.
  48. Tim the Skid

    1941 Colson Clipper Nice Original

    I became the second owner of this Goodyear Double Eagle Clipper yesterday. It was ridden for a short time, then left to sit for many years. I don't think I can use the original Goodyears... I did a test area on the paint under the rear rack The paint on the inside of the fenders is nice...
  49. tjkajecj

    Colson Collection

    I had to move some bikes around last night and it gave me a chance to snap a few shots of most of my Colson bicycles. Nothing spectacular but a date run of the double bars from 1936 to 1941 with a ’40 girls thrown in. The only bikes absent are my first ‘37 LWB and all the tricycles. Thanks to...