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  1. 4

    Sold Books on Vintage Bicycles

    3 Books on Vintage/Balloon Tire Bikes Columbia Elgin - J.C. Higgins - Hawthorne Shelby Books are in very good condition. $40 for all 3 - Buyer covers shipping TBD based on location. no returns -prefer payment thru Paypal
  2. Rustngrease

    Iso two crusty tanks ,shelby and prewar columbia

    Looking for a a couple crusty tanks, for a Shelby and prewar columbia, I'll post pics of the frames, a little rusty and crusty would be great. Thanks guys
  3. B

    Columbia Five Star Superb

    I have a Columbia Five Star that is still like new has been displayed in a collection for 30 years. One of the last Columbia USA made bicycles. These were made in 1986. pearson springer seat, locking neck and key, luggage rack. Springer front end Local pickup in SF Bay Area
  4. D

    1951 columbia bicycle

    I'm currently looking for a chain guard for a columbia I got from a neighbor. Just trying to complete the bike. I don't want it to look new or too far gone anyone got one?
  5. D

    1951 columbia 5 star superb

    I'm currently looking for a chain guard for a columbia I got from a neighbor. Just trying to complete the bike. I don't want it to look new or too far gone anyone got one?
  6. Jim Barnard

    What's up with this 85 Columbia reproduction?

    Is this a weird situation, or did this repro corrode in a different way that the original bikes did? Either this was not primed before painting, used poor quality metal or was kept in a shed full of lye. I like a bit of patina (I dated her sister) but this is too much. Comments?
  7. S

    Looking for a 1947 Shaleigh Hardware or Columbia Bike like the one pictured

    I m searching for a 1947 or would consider A 1946 if it looks like the one pictured.. I prefer a dark blue with the white accents but will consider any Shapleigh Hardware or Columbia or other badged bike made by Columbia in 1947 that looks like this bike.. Thanks, Billy
  8. Demzie

    Sold FIRE ARROW cross brace bars

    Late 50s, early 60s Bugeye tank Columbia Fire Arrow cross brace bars. 150$
  9. bikesnbuses

    Finally got started on my 39? Columbia Streamline singlebar

    After 2 + years,Ive finally gotten around/have time to do some work/clean up on my Columbia! Disassembled ,cleaned,a little polish,parts gathering..Seeing how this is a "plain Jane" bike I decided to put a bunch of accessories on it,which I normally dont do..So here we go..See you in a few more...
  10. trustrust

    Old COLUMBIA BICYCLE wooden crate board... How old do you think it is ??

    Any educated guesses as to how old this Columbia packing crate board is ? It is about 41" long and 3.5" high.... When do you think Pope/Columbia stop using wood crates?
  11. dave429

    Sold Westfield Columbia Dogleg Crankset with complete Bottom Bracket

    Westfield Columbia dog leg crankset from a men’s 1946 bike. Has the complete bottom bracket including the bearing cups. Torrington bearings. Chrome on crankset is pretty much gone, chainring is decent but has some pitting. Would be great for a rider or rechrome and show! Asking $65 shipped...
  12. Gaby C

    Sold Rare 1949 1/2 Columbia 5 Star Superb

    1949 1/2 Columbia 5 Star Superb Very unique and complete survivor. I doubt you’ll find a more rare mid-century Columbia in this condition. The National Bicycle History Archive of America stated this is a rare mid-year model not featured in any catalog. The coffin style tank is a beautiful, very...
  13. T

    vintage Columbia Playbike 88 Muscle Bike stingray 2 speed Shimano Banana seat

    vintage Columbia Playbike 88 Muscle Bike stingray 2 speed Shimano Banana seat On Ebay
  14. M

    Nyack Bicycle

    I would like any information pertaining to the Nyack Bicycle. I have pieced together some information using thecabe, as well as google. Please feel free to add any information you know or correct anything I may have mistaken. I have also attached photos that I found related to the Nyack...
  15. bikesnbuses

    Sold WILL ship the Columbia ... looking for a project?(Local P/U) 1950s Columbia only left

    I picked up some farm fresh bikes today...........local pick up in southern RI,zip code 02804.. >> The Columbia 3 star with tank is $140 CASH local P/U in RI or $200 shipped The super rusty wall hanger Colson is $20.. You can text me at 401-207-3959 Thank you!Jeff
  16. oldmtrcyc

    Columbia Westfield with wooden rims

    I bought this a few years ago because I needed the seat. Things have changed since, but I would still like to know when it was built. I am guessing 1905, give or take. Bike is very light. It still needs a good cleaning. I meant to look at the serial number but got distracted. Saddle says...
  17. Demzie

    Headlight fixture Columbia

    I bought a '64 Columbia Torpedo from the original owner some years back, guy got it brand new from his folks when he was a kid and swears up and down he didn't change anything, down to tires..frankly he didn't come across as the type to assemble something custom for it. Well, I discovered the...
  18. Demzie

    Buying Columbia Fire Arrow handlebars

    As complete and good of condition as possible. Please send me PM and not comment below with sale items. Thank you!
  19. P

    Withdrawn sears spaceliner, JC higgans, Three star columbia, Murray built sears screamer (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

    ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE IF YOU SEE THE POST AND THINK PRICES ARE TOO HIGH LET PM ME THE REASONABLE AMOUNT PM me and we can discuss a price that works within a reasonable range that works for me as well as you OFFERS ARE WELCOME As life happens some things have to go. Currently located in...
  20. Demzie

    Elgin Twin/Columbia Fire Arrow parts

    BUYING!! ELGIN TWIN 20 Parts (Repop where possible, but willing to look at anything available) -Pedals- -Grips- -Head Shroud- -Rear Rack (complete or parts.)- -Fenders- COLUMBIA FIRE ARROW -Bars- (Rising cross brace mustache bars) please Inbox me where your ownership of these parts...
  21. DJF

    Happy new year! Help me find a 1914 - 1924 Tall frame Indian or Westfield

    Hello, I am trying to find a Westfield built bike from 1914 - 1924 tall frame roadster, one top bar, will pay fair price. Paying more if equipped with leaf spring fork and any other goodies. I hope this brings a good year to all who read it. Thanks
  22. MrColumbia

    1970 Goodyear Bikes and Trikes

    I just acquired this 1970 Goodyear Car & Home catalog. Here is their Bicycle and trike offerings by Columbia and their parent company MTD. It seems strange how they offer some of them as "Chain Bikes" as if there were another option in 1970. Also "Polo Bikes" is another one I have not come...
  23. Jim Barnard

    Poll question regarding a SWAP MEET on Mother's Day.

    See Poll Question below. I need lots of responses to make the right decision. This means not holding back if the answer ins a negative one. I would like 50 responses, so tell all the kids. Answer based on the Mother's Day aspect and not how far you are from Westfield. Poll closes in 10 days.
  24. Eric_B

    DIY headlight bracket

    I made a ratrod like headlight from an old tractor light, now the question is how can I attach it to the bike? I would like to get it to sit a little above the fender, is there an existing bracket that attaches to the neck that would except the bolt on the bottom of the light?
  25. Krakatoa

    ~ Columbia Westfield DD 6.75" Crank Complete! ~

    Hard to find complete unit with 6.75" DD crank, nice complete bb hardware set with concave races and men's 26 tooth 1" pitch DD chainring! $85 shipped!
  26. mickeyc

    Found Shoulder bolt for Columbia springer - Monark might be the same?

    Need one of these bolts and washer and nut, as shown. Part of the lower pivot set up. Any help appreciated Mike
  27. mickeyc

    What year Columbia & where is serial # ?

    Just picked this up today (Happy Birthday to me). Can't find serial number. Have looked at BB, nothing there. Any help appreciated.
  28. A

    Looking for columbia dashboard clock (waterford)

    Looking for the waterford clock that goes on the Columbia dashboard. Original or reproduction is fine. Call or text Mark at 864-918-4095 or email
  29. Z

    Columbia girls bike

    Columbia girls bike for sale .Very old 400.00obo
  30. kshimp41

    Columbia Arch Bar Year?

    Need some help with year of Columbia Arch Bar? Pictures attached. No Head badge or holes? Thanks. Kirby
  31. 66TigerCat

    50's ? Columbia - north of Boston

    Cheap thrills @ $150.

    1893/1894 Columbia Hubs

    I was able to pick up a Pope Columbia Model 34 Frame and Fork. I urgently require hubs to get the bike on the road. The rear hub with skiptooth sprocket is of prime importance!
  33. Springer Tom

    Columbia crank

    Need a Columbia crank for a mid 60's Columbia 26" middleweight. Thanks
  34. Z

    Columbia girls bike sold

    Columbia girls bike for sale for 400.00obo?
  35. Z

    Columbia boys framesold

    Columbia boys 1922 area N8 frame and other parts for 300.00 including shipping?
  36. Foxclassics

    Columbia date identification needed

    I have been looking for Columbia date code identification and I am have no luck. attached is pictures of the bike and serial number. Thanks in advance, Tim
  37. jimbo53

    Ratted 64 Columbia Firebolt

    Had fun ratting this out. Started with the red frame: added some beefier 26 x2.125 tires and rims re-laced to a rebuilt Komet hub and chrome fenders. Crank, pedals and smaller chainring off girls parts bike. Mini-apes are vintage cushioner bars with very cushy Thompson grips I’ve had laying...
  38. 66TigerCat

    CT. estate sale 11/3 Columbia ? Not sure what the asking price is. I emailed the person that posted but haven't heard back. This is from an esate sale in Deep River, CT (near Old Saybrook) this Sat. 11/3. Looks like a pretty sweet rig. Maybe a...
  39. T

    Sold 1893 Pope Columbia Model 34 Pnuematic Safety barn find

    Just found, hanging in a barn for the past 40 years. Original paint. Both wheels are straight but the rear has a few cracks in the rim between the spokes. Front brake missing. Saddle and pedals marked Columbia and in excellent condition. Chain also. Grips intact. Serial 10017. Great for display...
  40. B

    Columbia Roadmaster girls bike serial#

    Can someone tell me how to locate the serial number and date the bicycle? Thanks so much for your help.
  41. T

    Need help identifying Westfield bicycle

    Hey guys, This is my first post and my first vintage bicycle. So any info or tips are greatly appreciated! So I bought this bike this week with the intention of making an Indian replica type motorized bicycle. That being said, I really hate to start until I know more about what it is I...
  42. jaidecker

    Reduced 1900 Columbia Pope Model 65 Chainless Bicycle - $2,000

    Columbia 1902, Pope Model 65 chainless (drive shaft) bicycle. Great condition for a 116 year old bike. Hub cleaned, repacked and spinning, however, wood rims need straightening. No trades/parting out. Located in San Francisco, CA; shipping should be under $100.
  43. Junkman Bob

    Withdrawn Columbia tank

    I have for sale what I believe to be a Columbia tank .. no rot no rust ... looks to be in nice condition. 75$ shipped to lower 48 Postal MO please Thank you Robert
  44. Dweber

    1914 Columbia Chainless Two-Speed Model 400

    Would like to correspond with other collectors who have restored or had experience with Columbia Two Speed Chainless Bicycles. My bike is fairly complete missing some of the rear axle parts. Mostly needing the (half moon?) cast bracket that the axle sits in. Any help would be appreciated...

    Sold 1950's Columbia good year front fender light $65 SHIPPED

  46. Marty McCann

    My columbia newsboy special serial number's?Here are some pictures of my frame, also a O.

    Here are some pictures of my frame and serial number.I hope the pictures are good,to help identify the year.I also found a letter are the number 0,on the bottom of the crank.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
  47. Marty McCann

    Columbia bicycle,I've a boy's bicycle,the first letter is a P can you tell me the year?

    I'm wondering what year my Columbia boy's bicycle is,the first letter is a P, any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
  48. M

    Columbia Jet Spaceship

    Good afternoon everyone. Came across a bike in a barn that is a Columbia for sure, just trying to find what model and potential year......Did not get the serial number to lock down the exact year. Thanks for the information. Matthew
  49. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 1963 Columbia men's $30 send me a label

    This bike is a 26" Columbia men's bike. I have a blue chainguard I can send with it or find your own. The front light lens is missing.The pedals are scripted Columbia. I would like $200 shipped for this bike
  50. JohnMast

    Looking for any info on my Columbia

    Serial Number is W273819 on the rear dropout which I've looked up and appears to be 1954. I've had it for a long time and just wondering what specific model it is and just looking for any other info of interest anyone would like to share with me. Thanks!