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  1. A

    Various Classic Bikes for Sale

    I have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell, in addition to bike frames and bike parts (tubes, spokes, seats, bolts, tires). I understand there is a separate parts section which I will also list in, however I am looking to sell my collection in its entirety for a...
  2. mongeese

    Early Schwinn lightweight fork

    35 plus shipping from Wi.
  3. rennfaron

    Schwinn Traveler '50 to '63

    Looking for Schwinn Travelers. More specifically large frame (23"), years '50 to '63. Also, Traveler specific parts (saddle bag, decals, fenders).
  4. mongeese

    Schwinn razors edge 26” deluxe fenders chrome braces

    45 plus shipping from Wisconsin or best offer. Not perfect yet very nice- some small flaws here and there. For 26” lightweight bikes- original fenders.
  5. mongeese

    Schwinn S5 wheel set 26” used on many many bikes

    Very straight. Deluxe 5 speed s5 - 26 inch. Wiped the dust of the rims. Center stamped Schwinn Tubular S5 . Hubs will shine up if polished. Hubs are stamped schwinn made in France. Tires are good for display- rideable but I would switch them for riding far. 60 plus shipping from Wi. Or best offer.
  6. bobcycles

    Sold Early Postwar Schwinn "Continental" 1947 Mens Touring frame set-Nice Project-- 200 shipped

    Chromoly frame, three-piece Paramount/ Superior Crank set, Tapered kickstand. Paint shows some weathering but decals are legible. Hockey stick guard on board.... orig Diamond chain should clean up! A steal at 200 shipped.... Great riding bikes and very expensive new from Schwinn in the 40's...
  7. rodeo1988

    Hot rod 27" Schwinn continental

    F,s OG paint 27" schwinn continental Serial number read 1959 I dont know for sure, pics tell the story $125 OBO shipped 48 lower states USA pay pal as friend and family or add for the pp fees, Thanks
  8. bobcycles

    Sold Near mint 1940s Schwinn touring saddles Superior, paramount, continental F/S

    These look like new Mint 40s era Mesinger Schwinn Touring saddles Pics tell all These would pass for NOS 125.00 each plus postage Both for 240.00 shipped Gorgeous saddles Bobcycles@aol.com Or pm here
  9. Slick4d4d

    1940's Schwinn Continental basement find!

    As the title states this Schwinn Continental was just hauled out of a basement where based on the dust it had been for years. Now I have done some research on these and it appears that the continental was first made in 1946 and that records for those first few years were lost but bases on the my...
  10. schwinnguyinohio

    Schwinn continental seat

    nice seat off 70s Continental 20 shipped
  11. schwinnguyinohio

    Schwinn Continental Seat

    Nice seat off a 1975 Schwinn continental, few light scuffs no tips , seat post included. 22 shipped
  12. rollfaster

    What year Continental?

    A friend just picked this up, thinking early Postwar but not sure. @SirMike1983 @Schwinn499 @Eric Amlie
  13. M

    Sold Prewar Postwar Schwinn Mattress Saddle Touring Paramount Traveler Continental

    Prewar Postwar Schwinn Mattress Saddle Touring Paramount Traveler Continental Seat is rough, under carriage is all there, rear seat Schwinn badge. Seat from 1930's thru 1950's. The Touring Paramounts had upright handlebars and used this saddle. $30 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  14. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1960 Schwinn Continental Men's Road Bike Original Condition

    Please PM direct with any questions or comments thank you. You pay actual Bikeflights shipping in the lower 48 USA. I will need your name address and phone number to calculate shipping using Bikelfights website. Fair to good condition (paint and chrome have oxidation issues in some places) but...
  15. U

    1940's Schwinn Continental WTB

    Hi! I just joined the group in hopes of purchasing a late 40's Schwinn Continental 3 speed. Looking for a nice, clean, complete original. Happy to pay shipping. What's out there? Thanks! D.
  16. schwinnguyinohio

    1975 Schwinn continental

    I found this in a store today , not sure if they have any value but it was so clean I had to get it . Looks to be all there. Still dusty from years of sitting .
  17. IMG_4880


    Nothing like Coppertone and Chrome on a sunny day!
  18. IMG_4819


  19. IMG_4817


    Built on 11-22-63, same day as President Kennedy was assassinated.
  20. rollfaster

    63 Continental Sport Tourist

    L3 Coppertone one owner and immaculate. This bike has little to no wear. Can't wait to clean this baby up! Would love to find a really nice Sprint seat for it to tie in all the other Sprint goodies on it.
  21. L

    1960 Schwinn Continental Sport 10 speed road bike 23" frame

    1960 SCHWINN Continental 10 speed road bike Serial # L083732 59cm or 23” frame with 32 ½”” standover All original and ready to ride. $450 shipped or $300 pick up in Minnesota
  22. Leoncito

    Sold 1965 violet schwinn continental

    Schwinn continental in violet color serial number HA15470 paint in decent condition asking 170 plus shipping.
  23. mongeese

    wtb 30s 40s schwinn lightweights

    Parts or completes. Please start private conversation and if able a phone number really speeds up the process. Thank you kindly.
  24. mongeese

    Sold Schwinn adjustable stem 50$ shipped

    50$ shipped from Wisconsin. Missing hardware and insert needs help.
  25. mongeese

    2 schwinn light sets

    50$ shipped from WI.
  26. mongeese

    60s schwinn lightweight saddle

    40$ shipped from WI. Seat is very nice.
  27. mongeese

    NOS schwinn 27" fold ups lightweight tires

    Excellent for any high end road bike 27x1 Icing on the cake. 125$ shipped from WI.
  28. mongeese

    50 Year Old Schwinn Lightweight Fenders Excellent

    All original with all mounting hardware. 26" wheeled bikes. 80$ plus ship. Located in Wi.
  29. mongeese

    Coppertone Schwinn S Seat Very Nice

    Way better condition than most that sold for higher. 65$ shipped from WI.
  30. Gthoro

    Headbadge Assortment - Schwinn, Firestone, Monark, Hawthorne...

    All prices include USPS Priority shipping. Shipping from SW WI. Direct email or pm is fine. Email is grockland@gmail.com Schwinn Spitfire - $65 Monark Silver King Rocket - $55 Schwinn Century - $55 Montgomery Ward Hawthorne - $25 Schwinn Chicago Cycle Company Liberty - $55...