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  1. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 / Phantom front fender light cover

    Hello! I'm looking for an original 40s/50s front fender light cover. Preferably with the metal in good condition with no cracks. I'm also looking for a light tray.
  2. Classicriders

    Sold Rollfast headlight cover

    Straight with original lens. $75.00 shipped.
  3. Junkman Bob

    Reduced 40$ 1941 Buick fender taillight cover/ housing

    What you real cool lense cover for a 41 Buick fender mount .... no cracks in lense cover ... seems to be in good condition ... I hope someone on the cabe can use it . 65$ shipped to lower 48 OBO Postal MO please Robert

    Jr. Magazine 1949 pedal car on cover plus bike ads

    1949 childrens magazine..cover has a tear on left bottom corner otherwise all there. 12.00 shipped
  5. R

    Sold Spaceliner/Flightliner Crank Cover

    I have for sale a JC Higgins Spaceliner/Flightliner crank cover . Has some wear marks but in overall good condition. Asking $20.00 Shipped obo. Thanks
  6. M

    Schwinn stingray lever cover cover

    Looking to buy a pair of red apple Krate brake lever covers. Let me know Thanx Findmarlon@yahoo.com
  7. szathmarig

    PeeWee Herman Wheel/Spoke Cover Hub Cap

    $80 shipped from Was. D.C.
  8. Floyd

    Bike on the album cover...

    What is it? I'm digging that chairing!

    Coca cola price guide hard cover book

    8h edition 15.00 shipped
  10. professor72

    Iverson shifter bottom cover wanted

    Anybody have the black plastic bottom cover for an Iverson dial style shifter? I found a shifter but it is missing the bottom cover. I need one for my Charger project. Have muscle bike parts to trade or can buy it outright.
  11. E

    Reduced Monark Fender Light cover

    Chrome Monark/ Firestone Fender light cover..for SuperDeluxe or Super Cruiser..hard to get ...this cover is pitted and had three metal chips...60.00 shipped
  12. R

    Lil Tiger/Pixie convertible bar chrome cover $15

    Someone was looking for one of these a few months back. So I figured I would post it for sale.$15
  13. Vintage Vandal

    Who here needs a battery cover for a radiobike?

    After posting some pics of the power pak cover I fabricated, I've received a couple of messages asking what I'd charge to make them. So my question for you guys is, who would want one if I were to make em? They take a considerable time to build, and i believe it looks original. I'm thinking...
  14. 3-speeder

    Columbia Compax joint cover tube/clamp

    I need a miracle. I'm missing the tube/clamp that covers the joint where the two halves come together on my 1947 Columbia Compax. See picture. Thanks
  15. easyrider

    Found rocket ray top cover

    anybody got one?
  16. jungleterry

    Davy Crockett bicycle seat cover

    Hello just picked up (thanks to a cabe member )a very rare Davy Crockett mud flap and now looking for the seat cover . Once someone said they New of one but can't find that old response . Let us know if you can help . Take care Terry and tammy . Here's the mud flap . Metal Davy Crockett t emblem .
  17. ZE52414

    Found B6 fender light cover.

    Looking to buy a fender light cover in patinad white. Cash waiting. The sooner the better. Thanks guys.
  18. buck hughes

    WTB back cover for Tom Thumb radio

    need back cover for tom thumb radio must be original paint maroon in color.
  19. TheFizzer

    Train Light Cover

    I need a monark train light cover.
  20. klunk!

    Sold Columbia/Pope Model 50 Chainless / Shaft Drive Bevel Gear Cover

    Columbia, POPE Model 50 Chainless / Shaft Drive Bevel Gear Cover. Opening with 2 screws is 38mm, Opening with thru hole is 43mm and small hole diameter is 14mm. Side with 2 screws is 40mm deep x 70mm overall, thru hole side 31mm deep x 69mm overall diameter. I have had it on a shelf for a long...
  21. JOEL

    WTB Toasty PHANTOM Light Cover.

    Wanted, inexpensive toasty light cover for a 6/7 original bike.
  22. neighbor

    Seat cover

    Saw this on a 1944 Columbia today
  23. easyrider

    Found monark fork cover

    need one of these In good shape for a 26 inch monark super cruiser
  24. easyrider

    Found damaged pedastal light cover

    I need the front inside mounting clip
  25. easyrider

    Found monark train light cover

    gumby green please
  26. ranman

    Sold Monark Chain Guard

    Nice one . 100.00 plus shipping.
  27. stingrayjoe

    1963 1964 Schwinn Stingray Solo Polo NOS Seat Cover

    Please PM direct with questions or comments do not post them here thanks. you pay the lower 48 USA shipping 1963 1964 Schwinn Stingray Solo Polo NOS Seat Cover made for Persons or Troxel Solo Polo seats. Cover up that ripped up seat or just change the look of your bike with a different color...
  28. T

    Sold Schwinn Head Light Cover Phantom B6

    This is an original Schwinn Head Light Cover, original paint, no corrosion, no cracks. Comes with plastic lens. 75.00 +8.00 shipping. Shipping to the 48 only.
  29. A

    Reduced vintage glass light cover

    vintage glass light cover not sure what it came off of . it has red , blue ,clear glass reflector covers it is very cool 85 shipped postal money order it is located in Indiana THANKS ANDY
  30. fordmike65

    Airflow on book cover

    This was recently posted up on FB. Book was given to him by his mother 20+ years ago, Pretty cool!
  31. the2finger

    JC Higgins light cover sold

    Mint cover used on the '56/'57 Christmas bike. Fits on top of a delta base, has the jewel and lense intact. $130.00 shipped in conus PP as friends or add 4%
  32. O

    Need Metallic Green Phantom Tank & Head Light Cover

    I need Metallic Green Phantom Tanks and Headlight cover. thanks pk
  33. Brian Boothe

    **WANTED** 68 Orange Krate seat or cover

    looking for an early orange krate seat. would prefer one in well loved condition and one repop would be great.