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  1. 1

    1979 spitfire

    Schwinn Spitfire in really nice condition, I would give it at least a seven some people might think higher others might think lower.. really nice bike in my opinion, the wheels are really clean.. everything has been gone through cleaned and re greased using high temp Lucas red Grease...
  2. K

    New Member: Murray Missile Rider

    Hi folks, After more than 50 years, I have my first bicycle still. I'm 62 but received a Murray Missile for Christmas in 1967 or 1968 [I have had a few bikes since then ;)]. Here is a photo. I took off the aluminum rack that was on the bacK. I painted it black in the late 1970's. I sort of...
  3. Bjlamb

    Withdrawn 1948 Monark Ladies Frame and Shroud

    1949 Monark Ladies frame with original shroud. Bike was spray painted light blue at some point. $75 plus shipping
  4. Bike Magnet

    Sold 1960's Schwinn tandem

    I have a 1960's Schwinn tandem for sale. It isn't rideable as is, but would make a good project. One rim is incorrect and the bike is missing one chain. The rest of the bike is all there though. If I'm unable to sell the bike whole i'd be willing to sell parts off of it, just let me know what...
  5. B

    Help identify this frame

    I can't figure out who made this bike and when. It has been painted blue over what I think is the original yellow. It has rear-facing horizontal dropouts. The stay tubes are also unique. It is also lugged. I believe the rear wheel is original and it is a Komet Super 161 F. Let me know if...
  6. Corn4Life77

    Firestone Light Needed

    I have an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser, which I was told was probably a ‘47 or ‘48, and it’s missing the top of the light. I plan to fix up the bike some (though not restore it), and the light would complete it. Here’s what the light looks like:
  7. Corn4Life77

    Help with Firestone Bicycle

    Yesterday, I found an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser in the top of a shed. It used to be my grandpa’s, so I wanted to restore it, but first, I’d like to find the general year of the bike, to maybe help finding some missing parts. Anybody have any ideas of the year? It’s basically only missing the...
  8. T

    1953 Schwinn Spitfire (or phantom?)

    I found this bike in a dumpster. After a lot of cleaning, overhauling and ordering NOS parts I've finally rebuilt her. Im asking what she's worth and a little help identifying her. It looks like the paint is not original. Serial number is J69953 so I think its a 53'. Skip-tooth chain. New...
  9. billygoat!

    1995 Black Phantom Reissue / Bought New! / None Finer!!!

    Bought new and immediately placed on static-display in our retro room. Has been looking-pretty there for 20 years or so. Absolutely no one has touched the bike, except for my beeping the horn when we have guests. There are absolutely ZERO abrasions, pitting or any other issue. I replace the...
  10. twinflight

    Sold Restored 1970 Hercules

    Restored 1970 Hercules The details: The bike features a 21 inch or 53 cm frame, 30 inch standover height, good for those 5-foot-5 and higher. Brand new Kenda 26 x 1 3/8 inch whitewall tires (non-NOS). To get you zipping along hills, it features a rebuilt and regeased Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub...
  11. Tom B/Bike Karma Podcast

    SAVE THE DATE - Wethersfield (CT) Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet! June 9th

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  12. mongeese

    2 sets of NOS Avid disc brakes complete

    40 shipped from Wi. 45 to California Complete ready to mount. 5 ball berring system.
  13. C

    Prewar Shelby? New to restorations & would love any tips or knowledge!

    Hey there friends, So I’m very new to restoration & identifying vintage bicycles. From what research my husband & I have done, we believe we have a sort of Frankensteined prewar Shelby potentially. The hub is dated April of 1938 (H4 stamped), 36 spoked, slotted-sprocket & has a very clear...
  14. mongeese

    1967 Schwinn de luxe Collegiate

    Can part out as well in the parts section if nobody buys the whole bike. Have pedals and are removed for storage. 100 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Will clean up nice- great college rider. Great parts bike as well. PM me if parts needed. Sprint derailleur Razors edge fenders S5 wheels 67 stem...
  15. DonChristie

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Dx

    Sold-Pretty cool 1951 Boys Schwinn! Original paint and painted Schwinn rims. Bendix hub out back and Schwinn stamped hub up front. She rides as she sits, kinda turn key! Missing chainguard, head badge, different size tires (2.125/1.75), wrong Schwinn seat and needs grips. Could make a cool...
  16. Krakatoa

    Looking for a Tank for Colson Men's Bullnose Firestone Cruiser

    Just like the title says. Will consider any, but the condition of the metal is more important than the paint. Thank you! Nate 401-548-9082
  17. U

    FBC U-Haul Cruiser

    This just came in tonight, not sure who FBC is, nor is there a lot of info on these bikes online. This one was out of Michigan. Overall decent shape and should clean up nicely. Plan is to clean it, keep the stock parts and klunker/strandie it.
  18. Clark58mx

    Firestone Super Cruiser 24”

    Up for sale is a Firestone Super Cruiser 24” balloon tire women’s bicycle. Missing headlight. The frame is straight, no cracks. The original paint has lots of scratches/patina. Nice Troxel seat. Both wheels spin straight. The steer tube threads have a worn spot, and the bearing race doesn’t...
  19. jkeady

    1941 Firestone Super Cruiser

    My first post. :-) I've got a 1941 Firestone Super Cruiser that I would like to sell, but I have no idea what it is worth. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  20. krazikev

    monark super cruiser qs

    Hello, was wondering if 400 is a good price
  21. B

    1979 schwinn deluxe cruiser

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this bike is rare or what... Picked up yesterday and ran the serial number and it’s a 1979 bike with no mount for a rear caliper brake it’s rounded
  22. Tim the Skid

    1980 Schwinn Cruiser

    Found this 1980 Cruiser locally this afternoon, and on the advice of @Danny the schwinn freak, I purchased it from the original owner who relocated from Huntington Beach, CA to Washington state 20 years ago. The bike has been in storage since then. He purchased it new from Orange Schwinn in...
  23. H

    'like new' schwinn cruiser 6 hungarian twins - how do i find a value on them?

    hi to everyone on this site i am impressed by your knowledge of schwinns, your passion, and your willingness to help others. ty in advance for any info on my questions! my wife's two sons inherited schwinns from their paternal grandparents, who recently passed away. i am retired, and have time...
  24. SupergooseScrambler

    1995 Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe Mens Bicycle 100th Anniversary Phantom Tank NICE

    Beautiful 1995 Schwinn Phantom Tribute / Cruiser Deluxe. This bike has all the bells and whistles of the infamous Phantom and then some! Gorgeous Blue finish complete with front and rear lighting, push button tank, and retro reflectors make this one quite a head turner! Rides smooth as...
  25. Daddy-O


    Selling a 26” vintage 1979 Schwinn Spitfire 5 cruiser bike that is in very nice condition. Purchased at the estate sale of an older gentleman who bought the bike new in 1979 and almost never rode it. Has the original Schwinn Studded Balloon tires, but they are cracked and should not be ridden...
  26. TheFizzer

    Sold Schwinn Cruiser

    Nice riding 26” Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe with 7 speed internal hub. Working horn in tank and 7 speed shifts smooth. $375 plus shipping
  27. O

    Anyone try the new Goodyear cruiser tire?

    I just saw them on the net!
  28. birdzgarage

    83 schwinn bmx cruiser

    it's done! 83 was 100% original down to the tubes.paid 40 bucks for it at a yard sale.nobody wanted to pay what I wanted for it and I dont really like em stock so all the parts went to a friend that will put another 83 back together correctly. S+m bikes gay bars Dk XL stem Revenge industries...
  29. mrg

    Sold 81 Schwinn Chestnut Cruiser 5

    81 Schwinn Chestnut Cruiser 5, (Dec.80 ser. #), original paint has chips and touch ups, all original parts including pedals, reflectors, seat etc. (black cable housings?), drum brake & OG Positron work good, new tires & tubes. good rider, $550. local pickup in socal or $600. shipped.
  30. donniedee


    Im looking for an old crusty cruiser please text pics and price to 512-740-2197 must be complete or close too as poss thanks thinking 30's-50's bikes thanks
  31. mongeese

    Schwinn rare late 80s MTB cruiser

    Neu Citi with U brake on chainstays and canti brakes on fork. Needs tires as these are too big and do not fit. Great condition overall on a scarce commuter made only 1 year. 100$ plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  32. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold GT Dyno Cruiser crank, pedals and 44t sprocket

    Complete with hearings and hardware, 44 teeth. $60.00 shipped.
  33. K

    Sold 1980 Schwinn king sting cruiser for sale

    1980 Schwinn king sting, 26" for sale. 750.00 obo, minooka, il. Rarely ridden. Garage stored last 20 yrs.
  34. T

    1957 schwinn deluxe cruiser original Chicago collection

    1957 schwinn deluxe cruiser original Chicago collection On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-schwinn-deluxe-cruiser-original-Chicago-collection-Good-condition/252896304508?

    Sold =☆ "79" Schwinn Spitfire cruiser (mix)☆=

    79 Schwinn Spitfire I found this bike incomplete and finished it with parts I had layin around the shop Corvette chainguard Era correct Schwinn crank, chain ring, bars n stem , pedals off 80s Cruiser 26" white wall tires, have some dry rot on white wall but no cracking S-2 Chrome wheels w/...
  36. irideiam

    Sold 26" 1964 Murray Flightliner Cruiser

    26” 1964 Flightliner, complete, never repainted, frame is covered in surface rust with original paint still visible, the rims, guard and fenders will cleanup pretty well with super fine 0000 steel wool, see pictures of test spots, minor pitting in chrome. The front light is complete and...
  37. T


  38. Adam Guy

    got a new bike! 2003 Next Avalon Full Suspension Cruiser

    i was just riding along on my 65 Breeze, then i see this, almost brand new other than a few scratches, Next Avalon CS step through on the side of the road, and the owner asked me, "you want it?" i said sure and they just gave it to me. it's got that weird mini rear shock, i don't have any...
  39. R

    My Typhoon Flea Market Cruiser

    I bought this 1977 Typhoon recently and plan to use it as a flea market cruiser. Except for the replaced rear rim and tires it's a nice clean original. I installed the 4 reflector wire carrier because I liked the look. Just sharing.

    Schwinn Cruiser guard

    On the hunt for a Schwinn Cruiser Red guard like the one pictured in decent condition, I'd take one that says Spitfire or Cruiser . Thank you for looking .
  41. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SCHWINN-FLEET-Mens-BICYCLE-1960s-Cruiser-Tank-Badge-Fenders-24-Tires/392032093618?
  42. R

    What is this frame??

    Ok so I bought this bike not long ago and I want to find out what it is. I’ve done every generic google search I can think of and nothing has popped up even close. I have a head plate for it but for some reason it’s so marred that I can’t read what it says. Maybe someone here knows, maybe not...

    Sold =☆Super duper Clean Schwinn Cruiser ☆=

    Very clean Original condition late 80s Schwinn Cruiser Nice 26" chrome wheels with shimano rear hub and balloon studded white wall tires, rides great stops as it should . 180 + 25 bux for bike flights to the lower 48 NO PayPal, postal money order prefered Please no comments here pm only ...
  44. T


  45. A

    My recent Cruiser 5 acquisition!

    I believe it’s an 84...
  46. West is the Best

    Beach Cruiser Project

    Hi all. I picked up a late 50's Monark/Huffy frame on eBay a few months ago. I have an urge to build a nice beach cruiser out of it. The tank will make it interesting. I put it together to see how things fit before prepping and painting the frame. The frame seems to be tweaked in a way that...
  47. VeloBandit

    Help Needed Identifying A Cruiser Frame

    Hi there Guys- I am interested in this frame that is for sale here in Seattle. Very cheap, so I thought I would pick it up. Yes, it is a roach, but i've been known to polish up a turd real nice. Can anyone give me an idea of what it might be and rough age? I would be most grateful. Thanks in...
  48. RLS

    1984 Greenville Schwinn CC5

    Hey all, So after some serious head scratching and cleanup of that OTHER bike (John Deere themed) I found the Morrow beyond use [brake sleeve and one half of the driver ring busted in two] It occured to Me that there was no way to stop that bike equipped with a motor on account of it would...
  49. birdzgarage

    Withdrawn 1983 schwinn 26" cruiser

    Hey guys! I got a nice 1983 schwinn cruiser up for sale. It's all og.i put new tubes and some aged but new duro whitewalls on it.some chrome loss on rear wheel and top tube decal no good but other than that seems nice.rides good.ive took it around the hood a few times.last US built.murray...