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  1. B

    Sold teens 28” Dayton roadster, wood rims, single tube tires

    Teens Dayton Roadster 28”, wood wheels, single tube tires hold air. $1,000 local Portland pickup, cash or PayPal. $1,200 shipped in continental US. PayPal only. Feel free to message with any questions or if you need more pics. Thanks for looking.
  2. keithsbikes

    Sold Prewar Dayton Huffman Western Flyer Long Tank $800 + ship

    Prewar Dayton Huffman, Western Flyer badged. Details and more pictures plus payment on $800 + shipping (60 lbs from Boulder, CO 80301, PP Also check eBay feedback and selling at
  3. C

    Dayton Pneumatic Safety Bicycle Up for Auction

    ca. 1910-1920 Dayton Pneumatic Safety Bicycle up for auction at Cowan's Auctions. Auction is August 2 (tomorrow) at 10:00EST. Pre-auction estimate is $400-$600 with an opening bid of $200. Here's a link to the bike in the catalog...
  4. Phattread

    Dayton Huffman Manufacturing 1942

    Keep your tires on! The Dayton with the original paint and wheels with the Columbia chainring is not going anywhere just yet. I want to wish all of you a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And thank each of you for your input to the WW II Dayton. PHATTREAD and Turkey subs.
  5. New Mexico Brant

    Prewar Dayton Bottlecap Head Badge Needed Please!

    In need of a Dayton bottle cap head badge from the 1930's. Seeking one in very good condition but not perfect, maybe a 7 or 8 out of ten preferred. Please PM, text at: 717-554-2176, or email me:
  6. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork & Sprocket $900 OBO plus shipping from Southern California (Palmdale, CA) Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not...
  7. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame & Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork, & Sprocket $900 OBO Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not knowing the “ugly green” was original OD green...
  8. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens 28" drop stand w/clip Harley, Dayton, Yale and others.

    Nice straight, solid teens drop stand with correct clip that will fit 28" wheel teens Davis Sewing machine co. bikes like Harley, Yale, Dayton and others. Perfect for that original or an easy restore. 425.00 shipped OBO CONUS payment via PayPal.
  9. M

    Late 40s Dayton/Huffman?

    I came across a Dayton Huffman and I'm trying to find out a more about it. My main question is about the "paperboy" mentions. I can't really find any info on that whatsoever. "This is the special paperboy's bike with heavy spokes, big hubs and all the heavy duty stuff. It has the cool...
  10. S

    Davis Sewing Machine non Dayton brands

    Someone posted a cataloge showing jobber brand Davis Sewing machine bikes and parts. I can no longer find it on CABE. Any help.
  11. Hawthornecrazy

    1915 Dayton?
  12. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Prewar Mesinger B-1 Mens saddle, Schwinn, Dayton, Manton ..others F/S

    Prewar "threaded posts" version of the Mesinger B-1 Deluxe saddle...Fully restored black leather with factory stamp and under pan decal, new padding, Original springs and wear tabs replated, and NOS complete clamp assembly never installed until now. Nice old seat for your 1938-1940's premium...
  13. RLS

    John Doe build

    So, this is where it all began........ WHAT ON EARTH Where it's going.... not sure yet. It wound up dismantled on my buddies scrap pile... then loaded up and drug BACK to my place on a whim. Hell if it's going to the scrap yard why not second look right? I thought about turning into a custom...
  14. robert bell

    WTB 38 dayton chaingaurd to finish bike

    need correct chaingaurd to finish this ladies 38 dayton. gonna be repainted so can be rough.
  15. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  16. D

    Dayton Girls Bike Frame

    Dayton Girls Bike Frame $65.00 Note: These bikes are being listed for Joe Mikulanis from Sunbury, PA. All questions concerning conditions of the bike, pricing and shipping arrangements should be directed to Joe since he is most knowledgeable. He can be reached at the following phone numbers...
  17. the2finger

    Sold 1938 Dayton Twinflex

    Hey Kids, 2Finger here. Bought this for Mrs. 2finger but being the princess that she is she says it’s too ugly to ride so away it goes. SN 110567 missing the original chain guard, sold off bike by a previous opener, and Delta horn button and horn. Otherwise bike is complete and correct. All...
  18. the2finger

    Dayton Twinflex rear spring removal

    Staying sober for this one kids, How is it done?
  19. RLS

    What on earth

    I'm new to the cabe, and joined mostly because I have an old clunker that seems prewar, but I cannot figure out the frame at all. Despite the John Deere paint scheme complete with hand brushed pinstriping, the original color was red, the fenders Navy/Royal Blue and are likely not for it. There...
  20. Jay81


    Here's the Dayton I got today at Ann Arbor. Looks like it's a 1941. My initial thought was to do an OA bath and I think it would bring back a lot of the paint. However upon further inspection, I see the paint flaking off in a few spots and no matter what method I use to clean it up, I'll end up...
  21. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Dayton, Ohio Newspaper Delivery Bag

    Printed canvas Dayton, Ohio vintage newspaper delivery bag. Great for display with your Huffman or Dayton bicycle. Approximately 20" wide by 15" tall. $70 shipped. PayPal F&F, add 3% regular PP. Shipping from Santa Fe, NM.
  22. catfish

    Sold Colson Hi / Lo rack also Dayton

    Tube rack used on Colson Hi / Lo's, 1935 Dayton motobikes, and a few others. $500.00 shipped in the USA. Pay pal as friends and family only, or USPS Money Order.
  23. JimRoy

    Wanted - Dayton Huffman 26" Fork

    Wanted - 26" Dayton Huffman Fork like pictured below. Recently I acquired a bike like this, but I'm missing a few parts. Pm me if you can help. Thanks in advance. JimRoy.
  24. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Payments? 1937 model 37 Dayton streamline Pre war $2700

    This is a very rare 1937 Dayton Long tank. Look at the pictures. It's all original. Rides great. $2,700 shipped FIRM in the U.S. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST if you want to buy it, send a message. I will not part the bike out. I'm selling for what I paid for it. Thanks for looking. I'll do...
  25. dmk441

    Dayton Champion rear rack for sale or trade

    SOLD-Dayton Champion rear carrier w/delta lens. Very cool. Hard to find. $1k range, obo. Cash or various antique trade considerations, bicycle or non-bicycle. Send me a pm if you have serious interest. I'm looking for: Old revolvers, motorcycle parts or projects, gold, silver, copper, civil...
  26. Lynn43506

    Dayton Badge

    Looking for a 40's Dayton head badge,holes must measure 2 3/16" center to center
  27. coin1812

    1940 Huffman Dayton Lit Tank

    Selling one of my favorite bikes. 1940 Huffman/Dayton Lit tank. I believe the forks are incorrect but the truss rods are correct. There is a small hole, probably about penny size, at the bottom of one of the tank sides. You can' really see it unless you are looking for it as it's kind of...
  28. buck hughes


    good condition $18.00 shipped paypal as friend
  29. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 1939 Dayton Schmidt Flyer Beautiful original

    1939 Dayton Schmidt Flyer I3 Dated rear Hub (March 39) Single Flex. 2200.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane. 500.00 Deposit required. Mike
  30. buck hughes


    4 Dayton + one Trotwood plate-$54.00 shipped for all 5 plates-paypal as friend.
  31. S

    Sold Dayton bicycle licence plate

    Vintage Dayton bicycle licence plate, ohio $20 shipped 48 states.
  32. bobcycles

    TEENS Dayton Hemet Calif Craigslist maybe someone wants this?
  33. partsguy

    Hard to find Huffman parts to pick

    A little rusty, and beat up, this parts bike has a good rear carrier, seat, tank brackets, sprocket, and fork that are correct for several late 40s-mid 50s bikes. Surely, somebody needs this stuff. I am seeing less of it every day...
  34. Dan the bike man

    1937 Dayton Huffman Streamline RARE!

    Very rare bike here. 1937 Dayton Huffman long tank. All original. Note the rust holes in the tank. Rides great. I have the badge but no screws. These don't come up for sale often. Worth more but will sell for $2,700 shipped FIRM, I WILL NOT PAYMENTS .
  35. buck hughes


    are their any Dayton aviation bicycle plates for sale?
  36. bobcycles


    Fully restored large pan stitched edge mid 30's Mesinger Mens bicycle saddle. Tan leather stitched to edge, long spring chassis found on a wide variety of bicycles in the 30's and typically the more deluxe models. 275.00 shipped anywhere lower 48 states. or msg here

    Sold Dayton Huffman complete truss rods!

    Dayton truss rods complete with bracket and 2 bolts. They have not been cleaned at all they might clean up. Perfect to complete a project that needs them.truss rods do not pop up for sale to often,Pm with any questions, will post better pics tomorrow if needed. Asking $200 best offer,plus...
  38. Cheezer

    Sold HUFFMAN Parts 1946 - Chain guard Fenders National badge - ** FENDERS & GUARD ARE SOLD**

    Selling some parts from a 1946 National badged Huffmann 26" balloon ladies bike, Badge - Has the original paint plus some of the brown house paint in spots, some brass showing thru, and some scrapes where i was trying to free up the pins. Fenders - Brown house paint over the original blue...
  39. Wards Guy..

    Sold Dayton newspaper delivery awards

    There are three newspaper boy patches in a store down here in Texas. Is there anybody interested in these? $28 plus shipping
  40. ace

    DAYTON Sprocket

  41. ace

    Sold 1940 Dayton Chain Guard

    Original paint. $65.
  42. dogdart

    Dayton value ?

    Until this one became available , I did not even know of Dayton double bars existence. Not much to go on to determine value, just Amanda's beauty, which this is no comparison. As found with exception of chianguard , witch bike shows evidence of be equipped. Had to get a badge as someone two...
  43. nj_shore

    Sold Early Dayton For Sale $550

    Here is an early Dayton I have for sale. These are getting harder and harder to find. No badge, I am not sure if the wheels are ride-able? I can take more pictures if you like. Complete with seat, frame, pedals, "Dayton" Chainring, early skip chain, etc. $550 $600 $650 New Jersey
  44. F

    1918 Dayton Double Bar Roadster

    I recently bought this Dayton from the original owner's grandson. It was his grandfather's transportation to and from work. It is covered in dirt, oil, rust and bird poop. It lived in the attic of an old garage for decades. The frame design looks like the same used for military service. Original...
  45. easyrider

    Sold dayton huffman badge

    22.50 shipped to 48 states needs cleaned up has paint on it
  46. dogdart

    Found Dayton headbadge

    Looking to purchase nice original condition 1936 Dayton Fleetwood 'Archer' headbadge
  47. benmcjamin

    Sold 1946? Dayton wheels

    Nice set of wheels really straight no rust $80 plus shipping
  48. E


    WTB 1941 Dayton Chainguard....looking for smooth metal and no kinks or dents...please contact Dave 360 224 5730
  49. F

    Sold Snell Bottle Cap Badge - Davis Dayton

    Thick brass bottle cap style name tag. Great condition. $215 shipped in the lower 48. Postal Money Order please. PM if you are interested. I ship promptly via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail and forward tracking information.
  50. Sacket cycle works

    Pre/postwar Dayton value

    I was going to pick this up tomorrow off cl but I was curious on the model and year and a value to of course. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's an early 40s Dayton but that's all I know. Please help fill in the gaps. Thanks Chase