Reduced Prewar deluxe schwinn script reflector

    Upside down stimsonite. 165.00 shipped
  2. fordmike65

    TRADE ONLY!!! :Ladies deluxe Airflow guard in dark blue

    Looking to trade this very nice deluxe Shelby Airflow guard for another nice condition in a darker blue to better match the rest of the bike. No issues with this one. Very straight and perfect for that original bike or use on your resto. THIS GUARD IS NOT FOR SALE, TRADE ONLY..so don't even...
  3. fordmike65

    WANTED:Ladies deluxe Airflow guard in dark blue

    Looking to trade this very nice deluxe Shelby Airflow guard for another nice condition in a darker blue to better match the rest of the bike. No issues with this one. Very straight and perfect for that original bike or use on your resto. THIS GUARD IS NOT FOR SALE, TRADE ONLY..so don't even...
  4. SupergooseScrambler

    1995 Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe Mens Bicycle 100th Anniversary Phantom Tank NICE

    Beautiful 1995 Schwinn Phantom Tribute / Cruiser Deluxe. This bike has all the bells and whistles of the infamous Phantom and then some! Gorgeous Blue finish complete with front and rear lighting, push button tank, and retro reflectors make this one quite a head turner! Rides smooth as...
  5. H

    Hawthorn Deluxe

    New member here. I am not a collector but am looking for my first (and only) bike I ever owned. It was a 1955 Hawthorne Deluxe with brown/ivory trim, two speed hub, single coil spring fork, sealed beam light, tank with battery and horn, turn signal switch on top rail and turn signals on the rear...

    Sold 1941 clamp on deluxe guard schwinn

    As needed for deluxe models including autocycles 225.00 shipped

    Prewar schwinn stimsonite reflector deluxe

    Upside down stimsonite prewar type. 200.00 shipped Glass in one piece. Glass has minor scuffs and chrome is original patina plating. Great for og paint rider.
  8. 5

    1954 Monark Super Deluxe

    This beauty just sold at a local action near me, PLUS 18 % buyers fee $153.00 puts it at $1000.00 to rich for my wallet. Would have liked to find it at a yard sale for half.
  9. jchicago

    ISO/WTB 1941 Elgin Pilot Deluxe Special

    Posted in my local Facebook Marketplace. He's looking to buy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/746803162097637/permalink/1640269426084335/?sale_post_id=1640269426084335
  10. T

    1965 Schwinn Sting-Ray Deluxe lime green

    1965 Schwinn Sting-Ray Deluxe lime green On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Schwinn-Sting-Ray-Deluxe-lime-green-beautifully-restored/323262946296?
  11. T

    1957 schwinn deluxe cruiser original Chicago collection

    1957 schwinn deluxe cruiser original Chicago collection On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-schwinn-deluxe-cruiser-original-Chicago-collection-Good-condition/252896304508?
  12. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Monark Super Deluxe

    Up for sale is an excellent restoration bike. I was professionally done in a auto restoration shop. It has incorrect pedals, stem, bars and grips. Otherwise it is a great display bicycle or just pedal it around. To restore a bike these days for are looking at at least $1,500 when you include the...
  13. E

    Reduced Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe Prewar frame

    Prewar Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe frame...Good frame...fits 26" tires...Has a grounding hole in the second bar....250.00 plus Reduced to 100.00shipping
  14. jchicago

    1939 Shelby Speedline Deluxe Airflow on FB

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1687042898182868/ $16,500
  15. T

    SCHWINN 1965 Violet Super DeLuxe Sting-ray Bicycle-Vintage Bike

    SCHWINN 1965 Violet Super DeLuxe Sting-ray Bicycle-Vintage Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCHWINN-1965-Violet-Super-DeLuxe-Sting-ray-Bicycle-Vintage-Bike-Original-May-65/362312421810?
  16. C

    30’s Mercury / Murray Streamline Deluxe

    pretty cool trike to share. Nice patina Thanks Mark
  17. A


  18. oskisan

    Schwinn 20" cantilever tank and deluxe chainguard and frame.

    This is not mine and I am not sure how rare this is or if the price is in line with what the current asking prices should be for these items, but I rarely see a 20" tank and chainguard for these Schwinns. Pretty sweet setup for someone wanting to build out a "little guy". There is a "Make offer"...
  19. kirk thomas

    Sold 1950 Hawthorne Deluxe men's bike $400 shipped

    26" men's bike. This bikes original color is Purple. The bike is complete except the tail light. The bike rides but the rear rim is a little loose in the spokes. The speedometer works good. I would like $500 for this bike. Plus the ride.
  20. BWbiker

    Withdrawn Prewar Schwinn Deluxe Spinger Brown & Tan Fender Set

    Straight and clean 1939 on Schwinn Deluxe Brown & Tan - ***please note the camera makes them look cream, I double checked and they are Tan. lighted springer front, matching standard rear fender. $275 Shipped. $225 local pick up. Thank you! fatire53@yahoo.com
  21. Skatelab

    Reduced mid 50's Schwinn Hornet Deluxe Original Paint

    For sale 1950's Green on Green Schwinn Hornet Deluxe straightbar. Original paint but one side of tank has a bluefish color, looks original but maybe has been color sanded. Still nice. I can send a better pic. Seems pretty OG except tires, stem and handlebars. Delta light has been repainted by...
  22. R

    Monark Super Deluxe

    This bike is in very good condition. Nos Persons-Majestic crash bars and Carlisle Lightning Dart tires. The bike is original paint except for the tank, I had to repaint, batteries were left in. Some parts have been rechromed. The horn and light do work . I'm asking $1200.00 OBO. I'm not shipping...
  23. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Beautiful WALD Pre War Deco Cube End Deluxe Kids Pedals! ~ ~

    Super nice set of WALD marked small sized prewar pedals with great end plate design! I wish I knew the correct applications, but these are deluxe period pedals and are fully serviceable. Block width measures just over 3". Straight shafts & good threads! SOLD thanks CABE!
  24. D

    Sold 1952 Schwinn Hornet Deluxe

    SOLD 1952 Schwinn Hornet Deluxe. This a real nice straight bike with great paint and rides as new. There are several small dings in the tank but not bad at all. Fenders are very straight but do have several small dings and the paint is real nice. Overall the chrome is excellent including the S2...
  25. W


    Sold Thiis is an all original bike from the saddle, grips, pedals, rear stand and matching "CREST DELUXE" tires. Missing is the horn button and the key for the locking fork. But I have an extra stem and double butted spokes and nipples. I've had this bike for 21 years and now it's time to move...
  26. TheFizzer

    Withdrawn Monark Super Deluxe

    1953 Monark Super Deluxe 26" original paint bike Working headlight & horn. Beautiful original seat. Does not come with the laid back seat post but will come with a straight post. Comes with the original wheels & cream tires. Not the worksman 3 speed & drum brake wheel set although I may...
  27. frank 71

    Urgent! Wanted Deluxe Decal

    Need 2 Deluxe Decals for a 1935 Shelby.
  28. E

    End Of An Era: My 1971 Schwinn Deluxe Racer

    This is my project bike, a sky blue 1971 Schwinn Deluxe Racer. I bought it for $20 from my friend Gary. Originally, we thought it was a 1962, but today I entered its serial # into a website and it was actually built in May of 1971. However, this might be good news since that model was...
  29. Hammer

    Scavenger Hunt JC Higgins Deluxe

    I decided to put my bike in the project section because I'd like to hear what others think the colors should be, the original color would have been burgundy with gold accents and trim, I would like to make it a Colorflow clone but reverse the colors, red where its black and black where it's...
  30. Axlerod

    Withdrawn 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    This is a 1952 Monark Super Deluxe with 26” wheels. This bike Shines and looks great. The horn and the train light work. It received an “amateur restoration” a few years before I bought it. I’ve owned it for about 4 years. I don’t know for a fact if it is a “correct” restoration or not. I do...
  31. rustjunkie

    Sold Rollfast Swan DeLuxe Stem

    good threads, plating loss and peeling, good for a rider or resto. $35/shipped tracked & insured
  32. bobcycles


    tank is sold! Presentable Schwinn 50's JAGUAR tank slotted for the cable. Chrome is decent... a few small dings, nothing major. Paint shows some wear but a nice solid tank with no rust out or major issues. Original 50's tank and not a reproduction 140.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or PM...
  33. SJ_BIKER

    Sold AS Schwinn Deluxe boys 4 inch wide pedals L & R

    For Phantom and B6 schwinn bicycles. Spin smooth. 265.00 shipped
  34. 57 spit

    52 Monark super deluxe fork help

    I think im missing these front fork retaining washers. Does anyone know where to get a pair, or of a good hack? Thanks!
  35. Classicriders

    Reduced Monark Super Deluxe full page ad

    Original ad from Saturday Evening Post. Suitable for framing. $25 shipped.
  36. robert bell

    WTB 41 schwinn super deluxe front fender

    needed to start paint work, 1941 schwinn super deluxe front fender. got rest of bike waiting on this fender. please help!!
  37. PlasticNerd

    Withdrawn 1969 deluxe Stingray

    built this for a guy that really wanted a green stingray, he used it for a video shoot and doesn’t want it any more!!! It’s an August 1969 (HE) original paint. Front tire is wrong, rear tire had a sidewall blowout!!! I patched it for show only. Wheels are fairly clean and the rest of chrome is...
  38. Nickinator

    Sold Parts/Project ~ Deluxe Prewar Hiawatha Arrow

    Likely a 38/39. Someone was working on this in the late 70's/80's and never finished. Looks pretty complete and original- a deluxe Arrow with the big guard & rack, curved braces, streamline pedals, side spring seat and post, and flo bars. Seat pan is wrong, an original one came with it. Appears...
  39. catfish

    Sold Deluxe Troxel Saddle

    Price Drop $200.00 Nice saddle with beautiful chrome trim and under carriage. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order only. Sold as is and untested.
  40. N

    1964 opal deluxe stingray

    Just came in the mail. Got it off of a great guy here on the forum. This bike is very nice original paint and decals. M4 serial Anyone else ever seen an original December 64 deluxe with a high loop and white deep tuft seat? I’m in need of a center stamp front rim and rider condition whitewall...
  41. hawkster19

    Monark Super Deluxe front fender

    Looking for a Monark Super Deluxe front fender. Not picky on color or shape, just show me what you have available with a price shipped please. Thanks!
  42. 57 spit

    WTB-Monark Super Deluxe train light guts

    1952 girls repop OK.
  43. T

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-Huffman-Huffy-Bike-Tank-Deluxe
  44. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Monark super deluxe issues

    Good morning— I have a chance to purchase this Monark. It is a repaint and looks pretty decent from the pics. The colors don’t exactly match just like it did out of the factory. I have a problem though, I am fearful they move have used many repop parts. I am going to list some pics to get an...
  45. the2finger

    Sold 1958 Murray Deluxe Fleetline

    Hi Kids, First Ford Mikes black hole sprung a leak now my plumbing is going south too. 1958 Murray Fleetline much scarcer than a X-53 you just don’t see these turds that often and when you do they are usually really goofed up. Nice complete original bike. Minor paint scratches on guard and tank...
  46. B

    Sold 1905 deluxe flyer 275.00 shipped

    Have had this for a while. Found something else I want more. Great rideable 113 year old bike. 325.00 shipped anywhere in lower 48. comes with bell that matches the headbadge. Deal can be worked out for lantern also. p.m. for questions. Thanks Big Moe.
  47. P


    Looking to buy a nice original center stamped S-2 rear wheel for a 1964 Schwinn Super Deluxe Stingray. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com or call (419) 566-8401
  48. P


    Wanted to buy a nice original white deep tufted seat for a Super Deluxe Stingray. Will pay a very fair price for it. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com or call (419) 566-8401
  49. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold 60’s Schwinn deluxe “S” seat

    Here is a nice deluxe Schwinn “S” seat with crash rail. Seat is in nice shape. Has the rivets along the side. I assume maybe off of a Jaguar or Corvette. Perfect for a “rider” bike. Price is $65 shipped.
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