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  1. BicycleBill

    Sold Prewar Drop Stand and Clip

    Very good condition Prewar Drop Stand and Clip. Comes with correct shoulder screws for mounting to the frame. Measures about 14" and came off a 26" balloon bike. $50 plus shipping.
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold Sweet original plating / finish 26" wheel prewar rear drop stand dropstand w NOS clip

    I bought this for my original paint Elgin Miss America for a condition upgrade but it is not correct for it and I dont need it for another bicycle NOW Asking $80 shipped in the USA obo
  3. MOTOmike

    Sold Two Drop Stands for 28" Bikes

    I have for sale... two different drop stands for 28" bikes. [#1 SOLD] Drop Stand #1: Painted black. This drop stand is kind of unique in that it has a built-in clip to hold it up. Some surface rust. [#2 SOLD] Painted a maroon color (painted decades ago). Nice and solid. Some surface...

    Pre War Drop Stand and Fender Clip with Glass Prism Reflector

    $110.50 Drop Stand is very crusty, Fender Clip is also crusty and greasy, and Glass Prism is intact with a scratched spot/possibly a chip on the top (see photos below). Rough Dimensions: base of drop stand is 8.5” wide and tapers to 6”, 14.25” tall (without counting the ears), ears are 3.5”...
  5. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ CWC Dropstand & Clip! ~

    Nice unit with everything you need! SOLD!
  6. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 28 inch prewar dropstand

    I believe this came off a Elgin biciycle but it seems a bit longer than the usual 26 inch drop stand , maybe 28 inch $95 shipped
  7. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Elgin dropstand

    Nice original Elgin prewar dropstand $85 shipped $10 extra for clip
  8. Dangerwagon

    Sold Prewar Monark Dropstand (off '41 Rocket/fits '39-'41 5-Bar) $100 shipped

    Monark Dropstand w/ Bolts. Came off a 26" 1941 Rocket, but will fit pre-war Monark frames with "ears" including '39-'41 5-Bars. Original finish is still pretty nice (see pics) and it's straight! $125 includes shipping to lower 48 Payment by PayPal (friend and family)
  9. island schwinn

    Found Dropstand Shoulder Bolts

    Need a set for my Westfield. Any out there ? Don't do eBay. PM Is preferred.
  10. 66TigerCat

    Drop stand bolts

    I need a set of drop stand bolts for a prewar Elgin. Let me know if you have any. Thanks !
  11. bikiba

    Withdrawn Grips and Drop Stand Clip

    $25 shipped for the grips. Completely usable firm but malleable. One is worn more than the other. $22 shipped for the clip. Clean and nice, but not overly. Came from an SK. paypal as a best friend forever please.

    Sold Drop stand with ears!

    Up for sale is this drop stand with ears for 26 inch bicycle. Have no clue what it went to or came from.maybe Shelby, Schwinn, Rollfast... It's striaght and nice! Asking $125 plus shipping. Pm me with any questions!
  13. JKT

    wtb Whizzer drop stand

    Looking for a vintage Whizzer drop stand for 26" wheels ..
  14. bricycle

    Sold FS 1914 locking bike drop stand

    1914 locking bike stand stamped 1914. $135.00 shipped domestic only.
  15. mongeese

    Sale Pending Nice drop stand clip for rear fender

    25 shipped from Wis. 30 shipped to California.
  16. bikiba

    Sold Drop Stand with ears

    I'm not a drop stand expert. So i took a measurement of the base to the top. This measures 13.5". I stripped some of the house paint off as it was flaking off any way. Condition is nice as it was painted for all these years. No rust and if you used a little elbow grease i think it wld be polish...
  17. tjkajecj

    Withdrawn 24?” Drop Stand with Ears

    Previous seller stated this was a NOS 26” drop stand. Maybe... maybe not. Anyone have any thoughts? $125 Shipped CONUS. PayPal payment. Please PM with interest. I can take additional measurement and/or pictures to help clarify. Tim
  18. tjkajecj

    Sold 26" Drop Stand

    26" drop stand is up for sale. $65 shipped CONUS. PayPal payment PM with interest, can take additional measurements and/or pictures. Tim
  19. robert bell

    Sold prewar snyder hawthorn drop stand $40

    solid straight drop stand from 41 snyder built monkey wards comet.now $40.00 shipped. friends family good
  20. catfish

    Sold Schwinn Drop Stand

    Price Drop $80.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Schwinn drop stand. Sold as is and untested. shipped in the USA. PP as f&f only. Or USPS money order.
  21. Maskadeo

    Prewar Mesinger Schwinn Hockey guards Drop Stand Crank

    Prewar Boys late 1930-early 1940s Mesinger nice for a rider $150 shipped Prewar Schwinn Hockey guards $75 each shipped Prewar Schwinn drop stand with clip $150 shipped Hook pulley found in a field in Detroit and carried around all night in my cargo shorts $35 shipped. Friends and family or...
  22. C

    WTB Prewar drop stand 26"

    also needed the fender mounted clip.
  23. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Nice Pre War SHELBY 26" Balloon Correct Dropstand! ~ ~

    Very nice pre war Shelby 'eared' dropstand for 26" balloon tire bikes, correct and original in every way. Excellent straight un-abused non-janky condition, the last two images show typical wear to bottom. SOLD thank you CABE!
  24. tjkajecj

    Sold 28” Drop Stand with Ears

    I believe this is for a 28” bike, please correct me if I am wrong. Previous owner stated it was for a 26” but does not fit any of my 26” bikes. Too long to engage in clip properly. $85 Shipped PayPal for payment PM if interested. Tim
  25. JimRoy

    Drop stand fender clip

    Wanted: Drop stand fender clip. Please PM me if you have one .Thanks, JimRoy
  26. tjkajecj

    Sold 26” Drop Stand

    Drop Stand was on a 26” Colson I received, wrong type of stand for that bike, so it is up for sale. $65 shipped CONUS. Please note the measuring tape is a dual scale, the top is engineering (in tenths of feet), the bottom is in a normal scale. Studs are homemade and removable. PayPal ok. PM...
  27. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Colson Braced Drop Stand and Turkey Wing Guard

    Being offered: Good solid Colson braced drop stand, has been overpainted in flat black. $95 shipped. SOLD ! Colson Chain guard, remains of blue and white paint that doesn't appear original, solid good condition but very fine pitting overall; retains the two rear mounted brackets. $90 shipped...
  28. kirk thomas

    Sold Dropstand with Ears & Clip from 28" bike $100

    This stand works good and is nice and straight. The clip works as it should and you even get the copper rivet that is in it still. I would like $125 shipped for these items.
  29. John G04

    Found 26 inch dropstand

    Wanted to buy a 26 inch dropstand for a schwinn c model. Just need the stand as i have the clip to hold it would like one with patina to match the bike. Thanks
  30. cds2323

    Reduced 26" Drop Stand $75 shipped

    This stand has a glossy black finish. Was like this when I acquired it. For a 26" bike. $75 Shipped. PAYMENT BY US POSTAL MONEY ORDER I always provide a tracking number when I ship.
  31. OhioJones

    C.T. dropstand

    Picked this up awhile back from a fellow member. Extra set of holes were already there when I received it. Fits pre or post. More pictures upon request. One side has been welded. Appears to be a solid weld/nice bead. More pictures available upon request. $120 family and friends PP. Add $5 if...
  32. catfish

    Sold NOS Drop Stand Bolts

    SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!! NOS Drop Stand Bolts. shipped in the USA only. Sold as is and untested.
  33. Glenn Rhein

    Sale Pending Prewar Hawthorne dropstand $75 shipped

    Prewar Hawthorne drop stand in good condition, straight. Sorry no bolts. 26 inch Will clean up nice, Some original paint still on there. $75 shipped
  34. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Dropstand bolts

    set of bolts. $23. Shipped from 95472
  35. OldSkipTooth

    Sold 26” dropstand

    Good shape. $85 Shipped from 95472
  36. Bikermaniac

    WTB this 28" Drop stand

    Looking for this drop stand. Please send pics and price if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  37. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Good Solid Drop Stand, $60 shipped

    Good, solid, pre-war drop stand. Has house overpaint. 14" long by 8 1/4" wide by 3/4" deep. $60 shipped. PayPal F&F or add 3% regular PP. Shipping from Santa Fe, NM. Please PM.
  38. bikiba

    Sold DropStand Clips

    got two more of them. one in need of a WD bath $22. The other one which is clean $30 all prices shipped and all as a paypal friend or MO.
  39. easyrider

    Found drop stand for curved braces

    for speedline [curved braces]
  40. ace

    Sold Davis Drop Stand

    Original paint. $350 shipped.
  41. bobcycles

    Variety of late 30's Colson Imperial parts- drop stand, tank, saddle, fork ... F/S

    DROP STAND SOLD First up ....Incredible 'survivor' Colson drop stand that shows NO shoulder wear what so ever... a really exceptional stand that is perfect for a restoration or NICE original Colson 26" balloon prewar bicycle... due to the condition I'm asking 90.00 on this plus postage PM here...
  42. easyrider

    Sold 28" drop stand with clip

    100.00 shipped to usa
  43. Glenn Rhein

    Sale Pending Prewar Elgin fenders, chainguard, dropstand clip, rack and more

    Prewar fenders, Drop stand clip, Skirts, chain guard and rack . Front fender needs a little straightening $115 shipped or $80 delivered to copake
  44. catfish

    Sold Colson Drop Stand

    Price drop. $120.00 shipped Nice Colson drop stand.$$$$$$$$ shipped in the USA. Pay pal as friends and family only, or USPS Money Order.
  45. Night cruiser

    Shelby drop stand

    Looking for drop stand , For Shelby / Hiawatha curved fender braces . So I need that specific one . Going on my Hiawatha Arrow build Thx for Reading
  46. bikiba

    Sold Drop stand clip

    $25 shipped - Paypal please as a BFF
  47. S

    WTB: 28" drop stand with ears

    Looking for a working 28" drop stand with ears. best to use email: bobsarbacker85@gmail.com Thanks/bob
  48. E

    Drop stand with ears

    Drop stand , prewar,with ears...fits 26" Bicycle...not all rusted or bent...80.00shipped Thanks Dave
  49. stezell

    Davis dropstand with clip

    I have a 1923 Davis Sewing machine bicycle which needs the correct dropstand and clip for does anyone happen to have one they are not using? If so I would be interested in it. Thank you in advance. I borrowed a picture from Ballontyre, I hope you don't mind. V/r Sean
  50. ohdeebee

    Sold 26” Dropstand w/ ears

    Only selling one. Silver one is spray painted, other one is untouched as found. Both are straight and solid. Your choice! $110 shipped