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drum brake

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  1. cbustapeck

    Looking for vendor for Sturmey Archer S3B (Three speed drum brake) parts

    I'm looking for a vendor who stocks parts for the Sturmey Archer S3B. It's a nifty little hub - same width as a regular Sturmey Archer three speed hub, but with a drum brake. Further, it was available with 28 holes (I'm not sure if there were other options) which fits perfectly on a 2020 Schwinn...
  2. L

    Schwinn T-5 Tandem rear hub help, please!

    Hello, I have a T-5 tandem, early 50’s I think, with a broken bearing cap on the sprocket side of the expander brake hub. The knowledgeable people I’ve met think this may be a tandem specific part. My bike is down until I can find a replacement part. Any chance you might be able to suggest...
  3. West is the Best

    1970's BMX to Kunker?

    My latest project; an interesting early 70's Japanese built BMX bike with Suntour 3-speed, Arari drum brakes, and rear shocks. I got the brakes to work pretty well. I got it shifting smoothly. I have a seat post adapter coming that will make it accept a taller seat post and smaller seat. The...
  4. atencioee

    Wanted: Original (late 40s-early 50s) Schwinn script brake lever assembly

    Hello! I'm looking for an original brake lever assembly, like those pictured, for what I believe to be correct for a 1952 Phantom with a front drum brake. If the lever assemblies pictured would not be correct for a 52 Phantom, then please give some guidance...I've seen some a little different...
  5. onecatahula

    Sold Prewar Schwinn High Flange Front Drum Brake

    Here we have a nice Prewar Schwinn High Flange Front Drum Brake. “Pat Pend” on the spool I believe makes it a 40 or 41. Chrome loss on spool and back side of drum. High flange side has very presentable chrome with some light crazing. Pork chop has strong cad plating and should clean up even...
  6. Maskadeo

    Schwinn Front Whizzer Wheel Drum Brake

    Front Schwinn S2 Tubular wheel with drum brake. Rim may clean up more, no curb dings. Brake functions. Goodyear G3 cracked and should be replaced if riding. $300 shipped CONSUS. Friends and family.
  7. KingSized HD

    Drum brake wheels for your Phantom/klunker build

    https://bend.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-schwinn-town-and/6601335291.html $375 These are sweet expander hub wheels front and back, probably heavy duty spoke gauge too. I wouldn’t feel too bad about replacing them with standard cruiser wheels and selling the bike off, it’s so non-original it’s...
  8. MotoMagz

    Front&Rear drum brake wheel set Worksman

    Mostly new worksman 11 gauge spoked 26” drum brake wheel set.Front drum brake gently used with new spokes ...New rear singlespeed freewheel and drum brake. Rear has used axle nuts .set has light scratches from storage New 26x2.125 tires and tubes $350 shipped
  9. O

    Arnold Schwinn front drum brake?

    I forgot how to put the brake shoes on with those round springs. Can someone help me?
  10. MotoMagz

    Worksman rear drum brake wheel

    New 26” rear drum brake wheel with 11 gauge spokes ...strong wheel! single speed free wheel... Wheel is new and does have some light scratches and is dusty from storage. Axle nuts and freewheel are not original but work just fine! Thanks $200 Shipped wheel is heavy
  11. bobcycles


    Bump reduced price on the NOS seat parts NOS Lot of 1920s-30s TROXEL prewar long spring seat chassis parts...lots of good useable stuff including a left and right Rail set for the wire frame Mens longspring chassis, hard to find correct LONG Carriage bolts for the spring assemble, complete nose...
  12. markivpedalpusher

    Found Prewar Schwinn Front Drum Brake

    Wanted to buy - ready to send cash.
  13. T

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Drum Brake coming to ML

    Bringing a Prewar Front Drum Brake from a Schwinn to Memory Lane Thurs, Fri & Sat 325.00
  14. nj_shore

    Sold Columbia 5 Star Superb Red Mens Drum Brake Crash bars

    Awesome 5 Star for sale. Original paint. Complete with Crash Bars, Front Drum Brake, and Pump Mount. Any questions shoot. Really don’t want to ship this one but it is possible. $1200 $1100 New Jersey. Can deliver within 40 miles of 07719. Local pickup, I will INLCUDE THE WOMENS 5 STAR IN THE...
  15. PlasticNerd

    Rear drum brake

    Hi all, I’m looking for an expanded view of a rear Schwinn drum brake, and also service/disassembley instructions, does anyone have a pic or page that would help me out? I’m trying to get one apart to clean up, thanks, Gary
  16. 5760rj

    Found Schwinn Drum Brake Fork Cable Clip

    schwinn drum brake fork cable clip, looking for two of them in good condition,
  17. barnyguey


  18. J

    Schwinn krate drum brake great shape

    Comes complete with tire rim and spokes. Will ship for $20 and asking 200 for the whole superior PayPal only
  19. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Drum Brake - Hi-Low Pat Pending

    High flange "Pat. Pending" Drum brake, excellent condition. Includes attachment hardware. $350 shipped in the USA.
  20. S

    front drum brake

    lookin for a porkchop with shoes for front drum brake
  21. S

    high flange drum brake

    what years did schwinn use the high flange drum front brake
  22. B

    Schwinn Drum Brake Lever Cable & $140 Shipped

    The lever is new Schwinn Approved. The cable is NOS.
  23. Jon Marinello

    WTB 37-39 Schwinn high/low front drum brake hub

    Like the one pictured.
  24. F

    Sold Schwinn Rear Drum Brake - Patent Pending

    Hub is Marked with "Schwinn" script and "PAT. PENDING". Chrome is in excellent condition. Missing a few parts. All included parts are pictured. Freewheel works properly but the bearings feel slightly rough. The assembled width is 4 1/2". The flange width is 2 3/4". $200 shipped in the...
  25. M

    1940s 1950s Rear Drum Brake Hub, 40 Hole, Nice Chrome, Brake Works Fine $45

    1940s 1950s Rear Drum Brake Hub, 40 Hole, Nice Chrome, Brake Works Fine Don't know the manufacturer on this hub, looks similar to Schwinn drum brake. Uses a standard threaded freewheel. Measures 4.25 inches in width from locknut to locknut. $45 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  26. blincoe

    Schwinn brake cable CLIP

    Hello, I am looking for an original brake cable clip. I would like to have find one in good condition, no re-pop please. alecjamesblincoe@yahoo.com 562-391-3959 Thank you
  27. Jon Marinello

    WTB NOS/Nice Schwinn High Flange Drum Brake Shoes

    If you have some you can part with please let me know. NOS or almost no wear, please. Thanks!
  28. Lance Vangraham

    Found Seeking Schwinn expander front drum brake

    Looking for a schwinn expander front drum brake for my b6. Doesn't have to work, could even just be the cover. Thanks!
  29. B

    NOS Pre & Postwar Schwinn Drum Brake Parts $75 Shipped

    Whole lot of NOS parts. Paypal to piercevegasjack@aol.com No extra fees
  30. B

    Right Hand Schwinn Drum Brake Lever NOS Cable & Parts $125 Shipped

    The lever is OEM Schwinn replacement the rest of the parts NOS. Dimensions of inner and out of the cable marked on the bag. Paypal to piercevegasjack@aol.com No extra fees
  31. B

    Prewar & Postwar NOS Schwinn Drum Brake Inner cable & Clevis $50 shipped

    These are 67" long and true NOS Schwinn cable and clevis. I don't have the jacket. I have 10 of these. Price is for 1 inner cable and clevis. Paypal to piercevegasjack@aol.com No extra fees,
  32. carlitos60

    Schwinn Drum Brake Pre-War

    AS Schwinn Drum Brake Pre-War Model!! I Just Tested It and It Works Great!! No wheel Included! $315 OBO Shipped!!
  33. Dan golden

    Post-War Schwinn Drum Brake

    Looking for post war Schwinn front drum brake.
  34. T


  35. bikeyard

    Sold Sturmey Archer KR7 rear three speed drum brake

    nice 40 hole Sturmey Archer kr7 three speed rear drum brake. This is 40's if my memory serves me right , but I could be off a bit. Maybe @SirMike will chime in. Seems to work well by hand. $175 shipped
  36. bobcycles


    Catalog sold! PROBABLY the best post war Schwinn catalog with clear concise illustrations of all the cool accessories, tanks, fenders, carriers, lights, drum brakes AND the awesome color chart for 2 tone combinations! Good original condition pages are all clean cover has slightly loose...
  37. Thonyv1974_

    Drum brake hub

    Hello , looking for help to identify this hub I picked up in a package deal..No marking on it of any kind. .. Thanks in advance. Tony
  38. Cooper S.

    Possibly new old stock atom drum

    Picked this up at a small bike shop up in the hood, decided to open it up and see if the pads were any good, looks to me like it was never ridden. It's on a 24" road bike rim.
  39. barnyguey

    Sold Schwinn Drum Brake Hub #2 , Drum Brake, Vintage Schwinn

    #2 1940's - 1950's Schwinn Drum Brake Hub. Chrome is pretty good with some worn areas and scratches. $110.00 free shipping 1-208-687-5319, graydiana@att.net or PM me. This is a home phone, I don't have a cell phone. Thanks, Barry
  40. barnyguey

    Sold I listed the parts that are left on ebay

    Parts left are on ebay
  41. barnyguey

    Sold Schwinn Drum Brake Hub $140.00

    Hey Guys! Here's a Schwinn Drum Brake Hub. It looks to be in pretty good shape with nice chrome $140.00 Give me a call at 1-208-687-5319, email me at graydiana@att.net or PM. This is a home phone, I don't have a cell phone. Thanks, Barry
  42. Brian Boothe

    WTB '68 Orange Krate Parts

    found a Feb. 1968 Orange krate in a barn buy and want to restore it. it had been painted over 3 times but a little orange was under there. i'm blasting it and repainting. looking for parts. have frame, shifter, rear wheel, sissy bar, sprocket, head badge, springer fork but need new truss...
  43. Cooper S.

    Norwegian JØS drum brake parts eBay

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-DRUM-BRAKE-PARTS-SCHWINN-SUPERIOR-PARAMOUNT-DX-B6-HOT-RAT-ROD-PANTHER-/401281219936?hash=item5d6e397d60%3Ag%3A0PcAAOSwCU1Yr1PQ&_trkparms=pageci%253Ab82735dc-ff07-11e6-86d3-74dbd1802d1d%257Cparentrq%253A8d74dac615a0a5eb32d6a1abffe4bdcf%257Ciid%253A2 Several parts to...
  44. Cooper S.

    Is this another scam?

    Something seems way off about this, and I remember someone calling out a scam for other prewar schwinn parts from Puerto Rico. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=322366695947
  45. M

    1960 Maxi-Car Drum Brake Rear Hub 48h NOS Vintage High Flange Aluminum France

    Contact me if you have questions. Thanks, Mark http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=112192940899