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  1. atencioee

    Schwinn Script Front Hubs

    Schwinn Script Front Hubs, 36 hole, chrome plating in good shape. All have been completely rebuilt, new grease, spin like new. $35 Shipped each One Sold...Two Remaining
  2. atencioee

    New Departure Model D rear hubs

    New Departure Model D rear hubs available. *ALL HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY REBUILT, NEW OIL ON DISCS, NEW GREASE ON BEARINGS, SPIN FREELY, & BRAKES ENGAGE AS THEY SHOULD 1. 11 tooth, skiptooth, 36 hole, late 40s style brake arm and dust cover, original chrome plating still in good condition. $80...
  3. cheeseroc

    1950 Schwinn DX 20" Ballooner J-40

    1950 Schwinn 20" DX Appears to be all original and complete. As found condition (Barn find). Tires are pliable but wheel strips are shot so I did not attempt an inflate. Cranks turn, hub turns, pedals turn, fork turns. It has a great layer of patina and the paint seems very good. I'm sorry...
  4. dave429

    Prewar Postwar Mesinger Sliding Rail Saddle Schwinn DX cycle truck

    Mesinger saddle for restore $85 priority shipped. Paypal as payment
  5. Freqman1

    Sold Schwinn Spitfire 20" NOS Tank

    This is a very hard to find NOS tank for a 20" Spitfire or DX. Shelf wear as shown in photos. Does not have the horn unit in it. This came out of a Schwinn shop many years ago. You will look long and hard to find a nicer original tank. The tank measures approx 16 1/2" long. This tank is nice...
  6. Freqman1

    Reduced 24" Schwinn Spitfire Tank Original Paint

    This is a fairly scarce tank for a 24" postwar Spitfire/DX. Shelf wear as shown in photos. Has the horn unit in it but untested. The tank measures approx 20" long. This tank has been banged around a bit and has minor dents as seen in photos along with scrapes to the paint. This is still a pretty...
  7. atencioee

    Sold Original Delta Rocket Ray Light

    Original Delta Rocket Ray Light for Schwinn D / DX model bikes, such as the Hornet, Starlet, Streamliner, Panther, etc. Has some patina and the light doesn't work, but perhaps there is someone willing to take the time to clean up the contact points, although there is some deterioration from rust...
  8. atencioee

    Sold Lot of Postwar Schwinn Fenders, Hornet Starlet etc

    Here's a lot of 5 late 40s - 50s Schwinn balloon tire 26" "D" Model fenders. There are two rear fenders and three front fenders. Buy the entire lot for $100 shipped or buy fenders individually! There are a few dings & dents here and there, some rust on some rear braces. All in all, the fenders...
  9. Danny the schwinn freak

    Withdrawn Nice 1952 Schwinn DX frameset.

    1952 Schwinn heavyweight DX frameset. This is a nice, original paint frameset. It has chips, scratches and wear throughout, but for it’s age, it’s really clean. Nice and straight with no issues. I can deduct a little if you don’t want everything pictured, otherwise price is $350 shipped in the...
  10. biggermustache

    24" DX colors???

    How many different shades of red were used to paint the 40s and 50's DX bikes? I know there are light red and maroon, but was there a third option? like maybe a dark red? Thanks, Stan
  11. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  12. Fred Green

    Fenders for 1939 D97X Unequipped

    Hello, I am looking for a pair of fenders for my 1939 D97X. Catalog for that year says that they are 3" crescent. Would love to find some black ones but the bike is getting repainted and any color will do. Need to be serviceable and solid. Any help is greatly appreciated. Will consider...
  13. F

    Sold Schwinn Lincoln DX tank og paint

    Original paint tank for your DX, 225 shipped from 60423. No screws or horn. Postal money order only
  14. frank 71

    Sold Schwinn 1952 S-2 Wheel Set

    S-2 Wheel Set with Bright Chrome Rear wheel has a few Dings, Front is like New. $175.00 Now $150.00 Shipped lower 48.
  15. BFGforme

    DX chainguard

    Looking for a red'41 DX chainguard, prefer if has BFG emblem, but doesn't have to have that! Thanks for looking, Dave
  16. donniedee

    parts wanted for my 40 schwinn DX

  17. donniedee

    1940 Schwinn DX "CRUSTY RUSTY" BUILD

    Getting this crusty rusty in two weeks, its a 1940's Schwinn DX all orig, plans are for a total regressed, new all black balloon tires and tubes, looking for the following parts for it: glass headlight lens rusty to match rear rack old glass rear reflector complete old speedometer will...
  18. S

    41 DX Bomber to Hybrid

    Hi Guys, Somewhat new around here but not new to building bikes. Thought I would share a few pictures of a bike I have been building. I started with a 41 Schwinn DX frame and Tange TX1200 fork I picked up at a local swap meet. Initial plan was to just throw together a bomber with parts I had...
  19. onecatahula

    39 DX

    (not mine) https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/bik/d/mens-39-prewar-schwinn/6625938311.html
  20. G

    WTB 1946-52 Schwinn DX 26" bicycle

    I am looking for a 1946-1953 Schwinn DX bicycle with a camelback frame. PM me prices and pictures please Thanks!
  21. G

    1952 schwinn dx value?

    I recently acquired a 1951 schwinn dx frame. The frame overall isn’t in bad shape except for the fact that there are three 1/2 inch holes in the frame for a motor of some sort, and the original paint is long gone. What a would a dx like this go for?
  22. kirk thomas

    Sold 1941 Schwinn Ace DX $375 shipped

    This bike came from a barn in NY and is just missing the tank and headlight. The bike was a one owner bike and as you can see has been painted. You never know what's under that paint. This bike has a Miller Kickstand and a Deluxe rear reflector. The bike pedals and brakes. The rubber is old not...
  23. chucksoldbikes


    FOR SALE Schwinn dx barn find 275.00 shipped or make me a reasonable offer don't know the year yet she is a balloon tired bike ill get the serial number tomorrow
  24. S

    Dx tank sizes

    Can anyone tell me if a tank for a 24 in dx will fit a 26 in dx? Thank you
  25. bobdenver1961

    What reflector '46 Schwinn DX

    I have a 1946 Schwinn DX that is missing the rear reflector. Anyone know what is the correct one that I need to be looking for? Thanks. Bob
  26. John zachow

    Nice DX

  27. RLS

    John Doe build

    So, this is where it all began........ WHAT ON EARTH Where it's going.... not sure yet. It wound up dismantled on my buddies scrap pile... then loaded up and drug BACK to my place on a whim. Hell if it's going to the scrap yard why not second look right? I thought about turning into a custom...
  28. rideahiggins

    Reduced Prewar The World DX Schwinn

    Schwinn The World men's bike. It's how I got it. It has a set of Wards Riveside tires. It needs a head badge. It has The World stencilled on the down tube. Rear wheel has a wobble to it. Serial nmber D37188. $450 shipped
  29. bobcycles


    Killer original springer front fender original DX BLUE paint as shown. Some minor dings etc. I can also roll this to perfection if you prefer prior to mailing. NICE prewar Mud Guard. 85.00 plus postage! [email protected] or PM here ==========TANK SOLD DECENT maroon and cream ladies...
  30. jmastuff

    Sold rusty ratt schwinn DX ....as-found as-is

    for all you rust lovers, here is a DX, sold as-is, it does have a 24" non Schwinn front rim, basket not included...145. plus ship
  31. LarzBahrs

    1947 schwinn dx partout

    1947 dx. Badged as a cadillac. Found some nice rims and tires to complement the paint. Flat black autoprimer. Picked it up on here but decided to focus on my airflow for the mean time. Has og horn in tank. Some dents on rear rack. Parts prices are as follows 250 plus shipping for frameset with...
  32. kirk thomas

    Sold 1941 Schwinn Excelsior DX project $400 shipped

    Here is a bike I found as a project. There is most of the bike. You can see in the pictures the fork nut is half worn through. The seat is ruff but there. The fork also needs the pivot bolt. The tires are a nice set of Firestone High Speed with no cracks. What you see is what you get. I would...
  33. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Giant Mud Flap off 1941 Schwinn DX $20shipped

    This mudflap is not in the best condition but it is still usable if you want. It would be a great display item. It came from a 1941 Schwinn fender but I am not sure of the age except that.I would like $20 shipped for this item.
  34. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Schwinn dx mens tank

    Repro metal tank. Fits on original frame. 160.00 shipped
  35. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Schwinn dx G frame

    Serial number is under crank tube starts with G. 26 inch has black rattle can paint. No kickstand. 125.00 plus shipping
  36. onecatahula

    Sold Prewar Schwinn DX

    SEE NEW PHOTOS BELOW Good lookin DX in rare Cobalt Blue ! 1941? Springer with nice chrome. Original paint. ACE badged, with beautiful ACE decal on the downtube ! Cool old water decals; Dads Root Beer, Chiquita Bananas, etc !! 650 + ship > > NOW 550 + ship
  37. bobcycles

    Mint EA 6 rib headlight, 1941 DX springer frt fender---- F/S

    Super nice 6 rib EA taillight orig paint Awesome 1940s light 90.00 plus postage [email protected] Pm here Nice 1941 DX spring fork front fender Orig DX blue Minor dings not trimmed 70.00 plus postage [email protected]
  38. Maskadeo

    Memory Lane Parts Phantom Prewar DX

    Bringing a few parts to Memory Lane next week. PM me if you see something that tickles your fancy. 1951 Green Phantom frame $180 1950 Girls frame/crank/post/stand(no badge) $50 1939 Schwinn Lasalle DX roller (D16646) $350 Phantom dual S2 knurl rims. One is nice other has a rust spot $100...
  39. ohdeebee

    Withdrawn 1941 Schwinn DX

    Complete, original, unmolested prewar Schwinn. It really doesnt get much better than this! Paint looks like it would clean up very nicely. Light and horn are both untested. I have done nothing to this bike. Think of it as a barn find without having to do all the hard work! $1200 delivered to ML...
  40. BFGforme

    '47 DX

    Been working on this for awhile, think finally done!!
  41. BFGforme

    '47 DX

  42. ohdeebee

    Sold Schwinn DX Tank

    Postwar tank. Original paint is hanging in there. Some paint loss and some red spray paint. I’ve removed most of it. Horn included but I couldn’t get it to work. $220 shipped obo/trade.
  43. ace

    Sold Complete Postwar Blue Schwinn DX Horn Tank

    Decent original horn tank. Some paint loss. $250 shipped.
  44. bobcycles


    Not one for rechroming and the flat top profile for DX and Cycle Truck.... Feather strands are dinged up a bit...so needs a skim coat of bondo or filler for sure but should be ok ....has a small crack near rear mount, pretty small tear... Mounting clamps are original...would look good on a...
  45. Sarg1969

    40’s BF Goodrich DX Tank

    Hi, I am looking for a correct tank for a 40’s BF Goodrich DX. Do the repops on the Bay fit these?
  46. ohdeebee

    Withdrawn Trade for DX tank

    Looking to trade this guard (repop) for 39/40 DX tank in black. Doesn’t have to be pretty but no junk.
  47. LarzBahrs

    1951 schwinn dx

    Selling my 26in '51 dx. Original red and white paint albeit crusty. No dents or dings. Great patina. Comes with everything except the bars, stem, and pedals. Asking 250 plus shipping. PayPal preferred.
  48. H

    Post war Schwinn dx tank

    Looking for dark red/Ivory original paint dx tank. Faded paint and a little rust/patina preferred.
  49. LarzBahrs

    1947 dx

    Up for sale is my 26in 1947 dx. Badged as a cadillac. Found some nice rims and tires to complement the paint. Flat black autoprimer. Picked it up on here but decided to focus on my airflow for the mean time. Has og horn in tank. Some dents on rear rack. Asking 600 plus shipping. Please keep...