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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold More EARLY 1948 JC Higgins parts ; fork truss rods Monark kickstand seatpost

    For some reason I couldnt add more to my other ad (I did get to add on a wheelset ) *I have a straight decent original paint Higgins fork that is from a girls bike BUT has head tube size as a BOYS..I will sell with or without truss rods With truss rods $60 shipped Without truss rods $30 shipped...
  2. Balloontyre

    Sold Early larger barrel, Hourglass front hub

    36 Spoke. Good hub for Pope, Columbia & others. This was house painted, I decreased it only, cleaned bearings and races, all looks nice, you will need to pack it, find washers and polish it if ya like. $68 shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  3. bobcycles

    Sold Nice Variety load of 1920s era maybe teens? Mixed early Torrington MOTOBIKE era pedals------F/S

    Check my posts for a wide variety of vintage Balloon era pedals....Torrington, Schwinn, Persons etc. First Up! AS found lot of 6 as shown Restorable vintage teens or most likely 20's era pedals! These are all decent candidiate to restore with very presentable end caps etc. Blocks are in...
  4. ZE52414

    Sold Reduced 11/15 Early SK parts.

    Listed parts on eBay as well When I picked this bike up I was expecting to sell it whole. But with the drilled hole behind the bottom bracket I’ve decided to part out. I haven’t really sold any SK parts before so I’m sorry if my prices seem out of this world. The frame and fork I would like to...
  5. ohdeebee

    Sold Early headlamp

    Cool original bulb, nice patina $85 shipped
  6. irideiam

    Sold 26" Wards Hawthorne, Cleveland Welding Company made frame early 1950s

    This original paint balloon tire frame has sweet patina and it's in great shape with no rust through, bends or repairs. This only small issue is that the old seat post wedge is stuck in the seat tube. I decided to just leave it because it was not in the way and allowed the seat post to be...
  7. bricycle

    Sold FS early Barrel and semi hourglass front hubs

    early Barrel and semi hourglass front hubs Left to right A, B, C. A). 28 hole $80.00 $85.00 100.00 B). 28 hole $105.00 $115.00 130.00 C). 36 hole $70.00 $75.00 87.00 prices shipped, domestic only. 83 views
  8. anders1

    Sold 4 sale Iver Johnson Lovell Diomand “LAST CALL”!!

    $900 Shipped! early Iver Johnson Lovell Diomand Roadster. This bike needs a loving home and someone to finish the work I’ve started. Personal message only please. I have the chain as well. Thanks
  9. spomalley86

    Toc, early bearings organizer

    No stamp, unknown if homemade or manufactured. I purchased this from a deceased man's estate who was a mechanic for many years. His family owned and operated a bicycle shop in the early 1900s through the 1960s when the town was going under. It's a very neat piece but i don't have much space so...
  10. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started 20 shelby duck frame

    Here is a pretty straight 20 inch girls duck bike frame. The fork sells with it but its bent you may be able to fix it but i would look for a new one. This frame has a thick layer of paint on it so it makes it had to see if anyone did anything to it but looks good on the outside. Doesnt have...
  11. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started shelby mens bike

    Here is a 1950s mens shelby bicycle for sale. Needs work but mostly thare. This bike does have some aftermarket parts on it. (((200 shipped to your door)))
  12. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started shelby girls bike

    Here is your early Christmas present This is a 1950s shelby girls bike 26 inch Barn fresh This bike may have some problems taking it apart for shipping the goose neck stem may brake so buy this accordingly ((((150 shipped to your door)))
  13. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Nice OG paint early Schwinn deluxe chainguards for sale

    Selling off some of my collection. All are original paint all in very nice shape. The red Wasp guard is NOS, all of the rest are in great shape. Asking $100 shipped each or $550 shipped for all 5 with the display. Display is fully welded sturdy “C” channel and powder coated satin black. Please...
  14. anders1

    Sold 4 Sale, Early Racing Drop Bars and Grips

    $180 shipped from S. California to 48 states. Bars and grips only. These are very early Racing Drop Bars with original grips. Bars are in nice shape with no deep pitting. Personal message only please PayPal ff. Thanks
  15. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Nice OG paint early 50’s Schwinn BFG Hornet straightbar frame and chaingaurd

    Note, forks are no longer with the frame. Everything else is still there. Price is now $225 shipped in the lower 48. Early 50’s Schwinn straightbar Hornet heavyweight frame, fork and chainguard. Comes with all that you see pictured. The other side is just as nice, I only had pics of the side...
  16. locomotion

    Found Looking for a Raycycle Pacemaker

    Looking for a Raycycle Pacemaker Must be complete, with all original parts. PM me directly with your offer and asking price.
  17. Glenn Rhein

    Early mud flaps and reflectors

    Non matching set but cool , Damage to rear but usable. $29 shipped check out the pictures
  18. bikesnbuses

    cool early Raleigh in Massachusetts on Facebook

    Not mine,but early and neat https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2175083962819242/
  19. wheelbender6

    Ron Cooper early 70s

    ***OOOPs. I meant to post this under Vintage Lightweights; not Lightweight Schwinns. My bad****** About 15 years ago, my boss found an abandoned, sun rotted road bike at the back of his property and asked me if I wanted it. I was an avid mountain biker, but decided that I wanted the old road...
  20. G

    Sold nice early bicycle fenders

    very nice early flat profile bicycle fenders, very hard to find in this condition with braces . for 28 inch wheels 325 plus shippin
  21. Underground Bicycle Shop

    Early Racycle Racing Photo

    Excelent condition Racycle Racing photo. Very rare. 6 1/2” X 4” $150 obo Cheers Reed in NJ
  22. TWBikesnstripes

    WTB Early ('38) ND DD 2speed Actuator etc.

    Looking for early first generation prewar New Departure DD 2 speed actuator part. Also need later version complete Shifter and Pulley with clamps with decent og plating Thanks!
  23. JKT

    early 1948 pacemaker

    Hello, thinking of possibly picking up this early 1948 Whizzer Pacemaker looks to be a Whizzer made one and mostly complete. I'm just learning a little about Whizzers.. any Whizzer Guru's help on this one would be appreciated .. like whats right or wrong (obviously a repaint and a crazy chain )...
  24. C

    Early knighted Junior Toy Corp still Life

    pretty cool 30’s knighted junior toycorp tricycle Now sits as a excellent patina piece of yard art In my garden . Birds love it. Very cool spring seat.
  25. Nickinator

    ca Early Postwar/1950’s Aluminum JC Higgins Cooler

    Cool item, rarely seen. Handles nice. Hinges and latch work like they should. Some dings. Lightweight and bright finish. Inside spigots sealed so no leaks. $100 cash & local pick up preferred, but may ship. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  26. C

    Sold Early Prewar Schwinn for sale or Trade

    Early schwinn Was going to oxalic bath her and locate a front fender and have decided not too. Original blue paint ,white darting with reddish pinstripes. Bars and killer seat original to this bike are included and shown off bicycle , bars include one complete jeweled grip. Original brick red...
  27. mongeese

    Sold New Departure early hubs on 27” 1970s rims for riding

    These were built in the 70s and are in barely used condition. Mount on your TOC bikes and go for a spin. 120$ plus the shipping from Wisconsin. Hubs are excellent inside and untouched on the outside.
  28. Nickinator

    Sold Vintage Sears Stamped White Grips with Streamers

    Very nice condition. Grips are nice and white still, and have some flex to them. Came off an early postwar JC Higgins but may be 60's or later. Stamped SEARS. $30 shipped PP no fees, or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick (Double post- accidentally put in complete bikes, awaiting...
  29. G

    toc chain adjusters

    set of early chain adjusters nickel plated 30 bux shipped
  30. G

    roadmaster tank

    30s girls roadmaster or Dayton maybe tank 30 bux shipped
  31. G

    Sold nos seat frame parts

    nos seat frame parts and bolts 30 bux shipped
  32. G

    Sold nice indian doudle d crank

    original nickel plate nice indian crank double d style 20 tpi , good for an original bike 100 bux plus shippin. last one
  33. G

    Sold early light bracket

    early used light bracket, hard to find 30 bux shipped
  34. G

    nos colson truss rod acorn nuts

    nos early colson acorn truss rod nuts 15 bux a set shipped also have nos s/16 x 24 tpi with 7/16 hex for other bike mfg
  35. G

    nos early rack mount

    nos early rack mount,100 years old 35 bux plus shippin
  36. kirk thomas

    Sold early Bendix 2spd. kickback rim $50+ the ride

    This rim is for a 26" tire and works as it should. I have bench tested this and it appears to shift and brake as it should. I have not installed on a bike and tried it. This rim should clean up nicely for a good rider. I would like $50 plus you pay actual shipping cost. I can send you the weight...
  37. SJ_BIKER

    Found 1946 early schwinn cantilever frame

    Anything considered...looking for bare frame.
  38. Artweld

    Early vintage tandem BB bracket I. D.

    Made a post awhile back on these bb on a vintage tandem still trying to identify the maker of the frame any help or info would be helpful so I can perhaps badge the frame and try to do a more reasonable period correct style tandam
  39. ratdaddy

    very early tricycle bars and stem cast

    I have this set of early solid bars 16 wide half inch dia.and the stem is cast iton.the base of the stem has putting 60 shipped from Paris tx.pms only don't post here
  40. C

    Early Skippy Racer Wagon

    Wanted to Share. Early and Rarely seen Skippy Racer “Wooden coaster “Wagon with side Brake. Excellent Condition. .Paint Has Great Patina ! Missing 4 hubcaps. Still has rubber handlebar guard. I am assuming mid to late 20’s to early 30’s Very nice Decals. Og rubber handle guard.
  41. Pedals Past

    Sold Early long spring saddle -Bean Son

    early lng spring tan saddle off my 1920’s SF LaSalle Bean Son bike-(its not included or for sale unless your twisting my arm w/$4k cash so dont ask) - replaced it pretty nice shape see photos of tan seat $275 shipped 48 usa ff/pp
  42. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn very rare & early 1900 PEUGEOT headbadge for sale

    a rare an early 1900 PEUGEOT head badge -->> Lion looks to the left = TOC ! arrow complete - no dammage very nice badge ....... see pictures
  43. gtdohn

    Found early new departure model A for parts

    I need an early ND model A for a few internal parts. Anybody have one they can spare? Thanks
  44. Junkman Bob

    Reduced 150$ OBO AMF 20” number 56 .. Early BMX with tank

    cool looking early bmx bike 20” with tank ... don’t no much about this one but if you coordinate and pay for shipping I will box up and put shipping label provided with payment 225$ Green light is sold and not part of bike no longer OBO
  45. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Ancient Long Coke Bottle Grips! + Early Moto Scooter Fat Grips! ~ ~

    These oldies are both well used and battle scarred but are awesome early grip sets with authentic patina! First up are these ancient long Coke bottle grips. These have concave fluting which is nice. They measure 5.5" in length. These each have some large splits a few missing pieces and...
  46. BarrisCollector

    WTB Early 60s CycleRite light generator kit.

    1962ish.Looking to buy the entire kit. These were used on Stellar mini bikes in 1962. Have an original mini bike missing the kit. Any help or leads are greatly appreciated! Regards, Greg D Bayside NY
  47. S

    Early 80s Mongoose BMX - what is the value?

    Hi .. this early 80s Mongoose BMX (I think 1981) has been sitting in my parents garage for years. Just trying to see what is worth. Should I clean up and rebuild, or sell as is? The frame looks good, but everything else is a little rough.
  48. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: Early "Superb" Saddle

    While this would look good on most any ladies bike from the teens or 20s, I believe these were meant for the Mead Ranger. Measuring about 9 1/2" long by 8 1/2" wide, this solid seat has some leather rash and a little residual paint to be removed at the bottom of the springs. Love the stamping...