1. Demzie

    Repop Torpedo Fender Light

    There's a dozen or better styles of Fender lights,. Handlebar lights and even some horns that are repopoed over the years.. Columbia five stars.. Schwinn trains.. Monark trains.. A few winged styles of the Torpedos.. The list goes on. Did NO ONE repop the original Torpedo Fender light that...
  2. H

    Selling Out Entire Pre-War Parts Collection One Lot!

    I have decided to sell most of my pre-war bike collection including my inventory of 11 wooden cannon ammo boxes full of Pre-War bicycle parts. Great inventory for builds or that needed part and some really cool stuff like NOS Silver King spokes in the box among others in original boxes...
  3. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Elgin Twin 20 Head Shroud - Twinbar

    Very good condition original part with a repaint and new screws. $250 shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  4. Demzie

    Elgin Twin/Columbia Fire Arrow parts

    BUYING!! ELGIN TWIN 20 Parts (Repop where possible, but willing to look at anything available) -Pedals- -Grips- -Head Shroud- -Rear Rack (complete or parts.)- -Fenders- COLUMBIA FIRE ARROW -Bars- (Rising cross brace mustache bars) please Inbox me where your ownership of these parts...
  5. Cooper S.

    Elgin twin bar parts for friend

    My buddy is looking for parts for his grandpas twin bar, please send me what you got for it
  6. ohdeebee

    Sold Early Elgin Robin Rear Rack

    Very nice and straight rack. $300 shipped
  7. bike

    Reduced Now$58 $68 shipped replated SW alemite grease gun for elgin bluebird etc

    Great display piece! Slow shipping from central NY as is (replated)
  8. L

    Sold Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40

    Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40 thanks
  9. Pedals Past

    Elgin Ms America Twinn lights

    I dont need the pod i will either trade a set of nos non switched torpedo elgin lights for a patina set or buy them. I am also looking for a floating hub laced in a blue painted rim patinaed for same bike i have a nos hub also for trade the bike below is a restored version but has lights and...
  10. Glenn Rhein

    Prewar Elgin sweet heart and crank $32

    Complete Elgin crank, chainring , bearings cups and nuts $37 shipped. This will clea up nice
  11. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Elgin dropstand

    Nice original Elgin prewar dropstand $85 shipped $10 extra for clip
  12. Rayzway310

    1936 Elgin Bluebird Project for sale $5500

    Bluebird Project All parts I have are pictured $6500 shipped US
  13. Leoncito

    Sold Elgin prewar fenders flat braces

    In good condition,little rust fender tips need to be massaged a little bit.Asking 90 shipped add 25 if you want the fork (6 1/2-6 3/4 aprox.steerer tube)
  14. A

    Sold ELGIN GOTHIC STYLE Chainguard Nice Condition

  15. MrAustralia

    Elgin Oriole fork

    Mine is bad. Quite bad. It's useable until I get a replacement, but I'd really like a straighter/less cracked one. Photo is of mine, I'd like one the same but in much better shape. Nice straight and solid, but paint not important. Thanks in advance!
  16. Gthoro

    Pre-War Elgin Find I.d. help needed

    I just picked up an Elgin today. Repaint. Seat and bars don't appear to be original. Not sure about the rims - New Departure hubs. Serial # is F20671. Any insight on the year/model would be appreciated. Motorbike? Thanks
  17. ADVHOG

    Found Wanted: peaked fenders for 1939 Elgin

    Hello, Im looking for a set of peaked fenders for my 1939 Murray made Elgin men's bike. I would also consider fenders for the ladies bike. Let me know what you have! Thank you! Chris
  18. Nickinator

    Half Moon Bars Sears ~ Elgin JCHiggins Spaceliner +

    Look pretty straight. Still have good shine on them, some dark/worn chrome especially on one side, some gouges in the very center (stem covers it) and a rusty end that grip covers. Hard to find bars. This style used on Sears bikes ~ Elgins, JCH, Spaceliners etc. I didn't take them off the bike...
  19. Glenn Rhein

    Rare 1936 elgin

    Just picked up this bike, there is some really cool things going on. The yellow face clipper speedo has to be the best original I’ve ever seen. The Gun metal color is just cool Nice delta fatty, clock speedo dash, working horn and a little tool pouch with a very cool wrench. I didn’t think that...
  20. S

    1940 Elgin Murray Ohio built . Tank bicycle pre war balloon "4 sale "

    I don't think original paint...found like this gave a bath ! Working condition . 350.00 plus shipping ! I accept PayPal and ship Black River falls, Wisconsin 715-896-7347
  21. S

    1940 Elgin murray tank balloon tire FOR SALE

    ..not original paint I don't think . Found like this and gave a quick bath !!!. Working condition . $350 plus shipping ! I accept PayPal and ship or local pick up Black River falls , wisconsin
  22. stezell

    Sold 1936 Elgin 26" motobike

    1936 Elgin motobike built by Westfield with 26" Musselmen model M wheels, Troxel saddle with og cover, all original except tires, grips, and stem. (Original stem was broke when I got it) also has the Alemite grease fittings on the frame and wheels. Asking $450 shipped to the lower half...
  23. nick1985

    Elgin peaked fenders

    Hi guys, I recently purchased these fenders for my Elgin and I was wanting some advice. They were originally a dark navy blue but at some point they were covered in house paint. I was wondering if I should try and remove whats left of the house paint or leave it incase I take off any more of...
  24. S

    Reduced For sale .1941 Elgin Murray long tank bicycle

    Not original paint .. this is how it was found . I accept PayPal or via check but will not ship till it clears ... will ship . I'll split cost . $675 or best offer !! Or partial trade ... 715-896-7347 Andrew Black River falls, wisconsin
  25. nick1985

    1939 Elgin curve bar bike colours

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find some more information on my recent find. Does anyone know what colour these 1939 Elgin bicycles came in and what stencil/decals they had? I've seen some that look like a dark blue so I was wanting to collect some parts in that colourway if possible. Does anyone have...
  26. S

    Elgin on ebay possible Davis moto frame

    The Elgin on ebay possible Davis made.From Hillsdale,mich estate.
  27. SKPC

    Elgin straightbar.. Year?

    Can anyone here provide the date of this frame? A friends bike that is fairly complete...
  28. stoney


    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME THE YEAR # N135840 picture included Thank you, Ray
  29. stezell

    Withdrawn 1936 Elgin 26" motobike

    I've got a 1936 Elgin motobike with 26" ND wheels with Model M rear hub, Troxel saddle that I have applied leather conditioner for a while and kept in the house. The original pedals were toast and the art deco stem was broken when I got it. Everything moves freely, I'm sure it will clean up good...
  30. stoney


    I have seen the deep smooth wheels and triple steps on Blackhawks---are there other wheels that are correct for the Blackhawk. Thanks all.
  31. MsRock2

    Sold Women's Elgin TOC

    Beautiful bike - I was going to keep her but space is needed in garage. $700 - will deliver within 1-2 hours from San Diego or meet you someplace in between. Going up to Oregon on Friday, August 3rd and a drop off point along that route is also possible. I can ship at your cost. PM to discuss.
  32. Phattiremike

    Elgin Twin 60

    i picked this original Elgin up today. I usually prefer bikes with a shine but I’m not opposed to an original in such great condition. Mike
  33. stoney


    In need of a nice 26" boy's balloon stainless raingutter rear fender, with or without flat brace. Needs to be 2 hole brace mount. Please PM with pics and price. Thanks, Ray
  34. 4

    Sold - Elgin Boys Long tank Bicycle - $450

    Offering this Elgin almost complete bicycle. Obviously missing front fender and stand. Has an excellent messinger saddle and lucky 7 seat post. Bike is located in Lagrange ga, but can be in Peoria Illinois area by the weekend if someone wants to pick it up. I do have other bikes I would sale at...
  35. fordmike65

    Sold 20's Excelsior Built Elgin Motorbike

    Picked this up due to being a tall 20" frame, but decided to put my funds into other ongoing projects. I have not serviced anything except for adding a matching paint carrier and a dropstand I had lying around. Has a great patina to it, though paint should clean up some. Sports a rarely seen...
  36. Glenn Rhein

    Prewar Elgin help on what year is it

    picked up this bike today, sat in the basement many years. I brought it home and hosed it off and it’s in amazing condition. It has original Elgin grips really nice 26 inch triple step wheels. Someone put 1.75 tires on it but very original bike anybody know what year it is?
  37. Robertriley

    Sold 1938 Elgin Hanging Tank

    Sharp looking original paint 1938 Elgin Hanging Tank bicycle. $1199
  38. Robertriley

    Sold Elgin girls twin light bike

    I picked this one up for the light bar and lights from my original girls bike and replaced them with repops. The tank looks to be from a donor bike but all in all it's a great bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $699
  39. 5

    Elgin serial number help

    The serial number on my Elgin is H75262. I was told it may be 1928. Can anyone verify? Not for sale.
  40. Shawn Michael

    Sears Elgin

    I picked up this Sears Elgin at a swap meet today. The price was right so I had to pick it up. My original thought was to turn it into yard art and sell it, but I may be able to save it. It had a 24" rear wheel and a rusted chain stuck to it, also the forks were stuck at 90°. I was able to free...
  41. nick1985

    Help i.d. my Elgin Curve bar

    Hi guys, I found this Elgin bicycle over here in London UK and Im needing some help to i.d. the year. The bike has been re painted by the previous owner so its difficult to make out the serial number but I think it reads MOD 192 SEP 126828 Does anyone have any pictures of how this bike should...
  42. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Elgin prewar stuff

    nice Elgin prewar stuff. Fenders set with dropstand clip and hard to find tombstone reflector bracket. Fork with headset and nice chainguard and fender skirts. $100 takes all plus shipping or PM me for individual items.
  43. jchicago

    ISO/WTB 1941 Elgin Pilot Deluxe Special

    Posted in my local Facebook Marketplace. He's looking to buy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/746803162097637/permalink/1640269426084335/?sale_post_id=1640269426084335
  44. MrAustralia

    Found Elgin Robin

    Hi Cabe’rs A few Elgin Robins have popped up recently and it’s reaffirmed my want for one. Now I can’t afford a great condition one, I’m definitely looking for a project bike. I will put a bid on the one that’s on eBay currently but it’ll end up being a bidding frenzy at the end and I will...
  45. A


  46. Junkman Bob

    Sold Pre war Elgin part out

    Tank 45$ Truss rods 20$ Peaked Fender set which I believe will clean up with wood bleach bath ... OG color looks to be maroon .. 75$ Elgin badge 18$ Any other parts you see that are not mentioned are for sale All shipping is included in price Robert
  47. T

    Elgin robin

    Looking for parts for an Elgin robin. Can anyone point me in the right direction . If I cant find what I need to complete I will probably just end up selling
  48. bricycle

    Sold FS Elgin SUPER teacup lamp

    with clamp and bulb, $160.00 shipped domestic only.
  49. nick1985

    Elgin curve bar tank

    Hi guys, I picked up this Elgin bicycle last week and I was wanting to know if you can buy a reproduction long tank for these? also, if anyone has any parts that would help me complete this bike I would love to hear from you thank you
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