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  1. T

    1949 JC Higgins Elgin 26” Color Flow Men’s Bicycle-Vintage Antique Bike W/ Horn

    1949 JC Higgins Elgin 26” Color Flow Men’s Bicycle-Vintage Antique Bike W/ Horn On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-JC-Higgins-Elgin-26-Color-Flow-Men-s-Bicycle-Vintage-Antique-Bike-W-Horn/164312932835?
  2. G

    Elgin Bicycle

    Early 1940's.
  3. Krakatoa

    Sweet Prewar SUNRACER Badge w/Screws - Snyder & Manton Smith & Clearance Badges!

    Prices are shipped! Nice SUNRACER badge w/og screws! $60 Thanks for the heads up Sean! Looks like the Sunracer was a Hibbard & Co Hardware store badge found on Manton & Smith and Snyder built bicycles Clearance badges: CWC Fleet Wing w/og screws $35 ELGIN w/og screws SOLD WESTFIELD early...
  4. T

    1941 Westfield built Elgin bent post prewar

    1941 Westfield built Elgin bent post prewar On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-Westfield-built-Elgin-bent-post-prewar/154102529700?
  5. Krakatoa

    Mostly Prewar Fender Fest at Krakatoa's Scratch & Dent City Clearance Sale!!

    I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with this ad but hey I'm going to try anyways!! After setting up everything I started losing light so I had to move quickly. Anyway these basic shots should still show these fenders in all their unglamorous glory! I'm just going to keep moving...
  6. bikesnbuses

    Sold prewar 1930s Elgin bike speedometer Blackhawk motorbike

    Decent used original 80++ year old Elgin speedo WITHOUT cable,sorry..body looks repainted? Asking $135 shipped in the USA obo Or..will trade fo ALUMINUM TRUSS RODS for 1 of my 2 Hawthorne bikes..thank you
  7. bobbystillz

    Sold Elgin 'Miss America' 1/2 tank with guts

    This is the right side of an Elgin 'Miss America' tank. It has the light switch, horn button, and horn assembly intact. There is a little rust at one of the braces, but all in all a clean housing. Horn is untested. Asking $100 + shipping
  8. B

    Pre-War Elgin 26" Twin Bar wheels/ tires- good condition.

    Pre-War Elgin 26" Twin Bar wheels with tires. Good condition, tires hold air. $100 for the wheels/ tires, plus + $40 for shipping anywhere within the continental US. Please view all photos below, and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you for looking.
  9. T


  10. B

    Sold pre-war 1940 Elgin 26" Four Star Deluxe Long Tank bike- all original

    Pre-war 1940 Elgin 26” four star deluxe with original wheels and floater hub (floater hub is rare/ hard to find for this bike's age). It's a long tank SE model (serial number begins with S E- Sears, 1940) and was built at Murray Manufacturing Ohio. It has a horn, headlight, no tail light. I have...
  11. B

    Looking for info on a Pre-war Elgin bicycle I got recently

    I recently picked up this 26" pre-war Elgin bicycle. I've been told it is a Four Star Deluxe circa 1939-1941. The inside of the tank has blue paint (the only paint I can still see). Looking for any addition info on the bike. I'd like to determine the actual year, if possible. It does have a...
  12. Beandipfootball

    Wanted: crossbar for 22in handlebars

    Looking for crossbar for 22 inch Elgin Cardinal handlebars (1929). Will purchase as just the crossbar or if you have a complete handlebar with cross bar/brace. Thanks.
  13. B

    1930 Elgin

    Selling for $2500, buyer must pay for shipping. 1930’s Elgin. Used but in pretty good condition considering the age. Pre-WW2, very historic bicycle. Great for any history buff or bicycle collector.
  14. R

    Elgin Bicycle - Can you tell me what I have?

    Hello - I am a first time poster so please be kind if I mess up. I have had this Elgin bike in my basement for over 20 years and in my parents for long before that. People who see it think it is pretty interesting and definitely old. I could use help on the following: - Can anyone tell me...
  15. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Few parts

    Parts came off my parted out curved bar Elgin. All offers entertained. Prices include shipping from Louisiana, 70525. Trying to raise a few dollars for my new mini bike addiction. Nicely patina’d complete crankset. 50$ Complete MEN'S fork/truss rods/hardware. 3 star design, was painted...
  16. B


    I bought this bicycle thinking its an Iver Johnson. While doing research I found out Iver Johnson always has a 6 number serial number on the tube near the seat, but there is no such serial number on this frame. It is also not the original paint, it has been painted black and an Iver Johnson...
  17. Monterey


    1942 Elgin
  18. Half Moon Bay

    Half Moon Bay

    My 1942 Elgin
  19. BicycleBill

    JC Higgins Kick Stand Good Condition

    Good Condition JC Higgins Kickstand with all hardware, bolt on. Regal Deluxe / Color Flow $30 plus shipping
  20. 4

    Sold Books on Vintage Bicycles

    3 Books on Vintage/Balloon Tire Bikes Columbia Elgin - J.C. Higgins - Hawthorne Shelby Books are in very good condition. $40 for all 3 - Buyer covers shipping TBD based on location. no returns -prefer payment thru Paypal
  21. Freqman1

    Withdrawn 1937 Elgin Army Tribute Bike

    A pretty solid piece that was done back in the day to replicate an Army bike--THIS IS NOT a real military bicycle. This is a Murray built bike with a solid Westfield hanging tank, Bendix front hub, Morrow rear hub, and what appear to be flat Lobdells. dropstand bolts are not correct. No tires...
  22. T

    Antique Elgin Bike

    Antique Elgin Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Elgin-Bike/372469301750?
  23. JerryP42

    Sold Prewar Elgin Longtank Burgundy

    Early 1940 Elgin long tank bicycle. Originally paint bike. These long tanks are getting hard to find. The fenders and rack appear to have been originally blue in color, I’m not sure if they are original to this bike or another?? What you see is what you get.
  24. 123totalpack

    Reduced Chain Guards

    Two chain guards for Elgin, Schwinn, Iver Johnson, etc. $60.00 Shipped for both!!! In God We Trust!
  25. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Elgin Single speed balloon bike 1942 4 star

    Cool brown and tan bike wearing original paint. Grips are some "lighted" accessory, but I have not taken them apart to see if and how they work. Bike is in CONN and shipping at cost is available. I have not ridden this bike and can't say how well she goes. Seems to have sat for a LONG time...
  26. T

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-PREWAR-ELGIN-TWIN-BAR-40-BICYCLE/303339517993?
  27. bobcycles

    Sold Restored prewar ELGIN "Troxel" brand deep pan, chrome chassis bell cup saddle--F/S

    Fully restored Original Troxel saddle for Elgin 1939-41 roughly era bicycles. Chassis has been completely chrome plated with the "bell" cups. Nickel plated wear bumps, leather top and bottom stitched binding trim! Nice! 285.00 plus postage I can swap the chassis to a black one and lower it...
  28. bikesnbuses

    Sold EARLY 1948 JC Higgins complete skip tooth crankset sprocket crank

    From a 1948 girls Deluxe JC Higgins bicycle ..I will be listing more parts later tonight and/or tomorrow Skirt guards SOLD! Handlebars SOLD!! Wheels SOLD!! Good original chrome COMPLETE crank setup from a 26" girls Higgins .Comes with complete bottom bracket,cups bearings,etc Now Asking...
  29. P

    Old school bikes for sale A Mint Condition ELGIN And A SCHWINN Super Sport SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY Please And Thank You !!

    Asking price for elgin is $500 ... Asking price for schwinn $300 ... Location : pittsfield ma Prices are negotiable ... I haven't checked the going rate ... these are my prices ... so if they are high to you then don't respond and keep it moving not trying to be rude just grown ... in which...
  30. P

    Old school Schwinn super sport for sale ... PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!

    Hey I am new to this and to this site and if I'm doing anything wrong please lmk all I am trying to do is sell my old inherited bikes one is a you guessed it schwinn and also a Elgin here's pictures of the schwinn since this isnt a elgin thread lol ... Let the bidding begin and serious...
  31. T

    Prewar Elgin Bicycle 28" wood rim

    Prewar Elgin Bicycle 28" wood rim On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prewar-Elgin-Bicycle-28-wood-rim/193006025715?
  32. bricycle

    Black Hawk lamp Experts and poll

    What lamp did the Elgin Black Hawk really come with?? Most pics I've seen show the shallow chrome t-cup and Elgin script, but have seen deeper switched t-cup w/brow with no script and non brow. Not sure if we can go by the catalog images??
  33. Demzie

    Sold '39 Elgin Twin-Bar

    Alright Fellers, another Elgin Twin finds its way to the market for you this fine Wednesday. FIRST 3 Pictures are as shown of how it currently sits. The following pictures are detail shots up close and progress of the build as a whole. Parts are as Follows: PROS -Correct front and rear...
  34. Dangerwagon

    Sold Prewar Rack Light, Elgin, Monark & others

    NOS tube, reflector, spring, etc. Re-pop lense (new condition) w/ (2) bulbs and (1) extra "Elgin style" lense in OK condition. $75 shipped in Cont. U.S. Paypal (F&F) only.
  35. Demzie

    Repop Torpedo Fender Light

    There's a dozen or better styles of Fender lights,. Handlebar lights and even some horns that are repopoed over the years.. Columbia five stars.. Schwinn trains.. Monark trains.. A few winged styles of the Torpedos.. The list goes on. Did NO ONE repop the original Torpedo Fender light that...
  36. H

    Withdrawn Selling Out Entire Pre-War Parts Collection One Lot!

    I have decided to sell most of my pre-war bike collection including my inventory of 11 wooden cannon ammo boxes full of Pre-War bicycle parts. Great inventory for builds or that needed part and some really cool stuff like NOS Silver King spokes in the box among others in original boxes...
  37. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Elgin Twin 20 Head Shroud - Twinbar

    Very good condition original part with a repaint and new screws. $250 shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  38. Demzie

    Elgin Twin/Columbia Fire Arrow parts

    BUYING!! ELGIN TWIN 20 Parts (Repop where possible, but willing to look at anything available) -Pedals- -Grips- -Head Shroud- -Rear Rack (complete or parts.)- -Fenders- COLUMBIA FIRE ARROW -Bars- (Rising cross brace mustache bars) please Inbox me where your ownership of these parts...
  39. Cooper S.

    Elgin twin bar parts for friend

    My buddy is looking for parts for his grandpas twin bar, please send me what you got for it
  40. ohdeebee

    Sold Early Elgin Robin Rear Rack

    Very nice and straight rack. $300 shipped
  41. bike

    thanks cabe

  42. locomotion

    Sold Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40

    Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40 thanks
  43. Pedals Past

    Found Elgin Ms America Twinn lights

    I dont need the pod i will either trade a set of nos non switched torpedo elgin lights for a patina set or buy them. I am also looking for a floating hub laced in a blue painted rim patinaed for same bike i have a nos hub also for trade the bike below is a restored version but has lights and...
  44. Glenn Rhein

    Prewar Elgin sweet heart and crank $32

    Complete Elgin crank, chainring , bearings cups and nuts $37 shipped. This will clea up nice
  45. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Elgin dropstand

    Nice original Elgin prewar dropstand $85 shipped $10 extra for clip
  46. Rayzway310

    1936 Elgin Bluebird Project for sale $5500

    Bluebird Project All parts I have are pictured $6500 shipped US
  47. Leoncito

    Sold Elgin prewar fenders flat braces

    In good condition,little rust fender tips need to be massaged a little bit.Asking 90 shipped add 25 if you want the fork (6 1/2-6 3/4 aprox.steerer tube)
  48. A

    Sold ELGIN GOTHIC STYLE Chainguard Nice Condition

  49. MrAustralia

    Elgin Oriole fork

    Mine is bad. Quite bad. It's useable until I get a replacement, but I'd really like a straighter/less cracked one. Photo is of mine, I'd like one the same but in much better shape. Nice straight and solid, but paint not important. Thanks in advance!