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  1. Henryford2

    Whizzer Engine Test Stand Business - $300

    I never intended to make more of these than what I needed for my personal use. One thing lead to another I made some additional stands, successfully selling them here on the CABE and Ebay. I don't wan't to continue to make these so I'm offering the original designs and misc. inventory...
  2. Connor

    Best Old Cycle Oil?

    Hey Guys, I know this is a very touchy subject. But, what engine oil do you use in your old motorcycles/motorbikes? I’ve been using Lucas Hot Rod and Classic, but it’s time for a change and I thought I might test the waters to see if there’s anything better out there... -Connor
  3. kreika

    Sold 50’s Evans Police bike/trike engine piece

    Howdy all! Up for sale is this unique 50’s Evans(Colson/Evans?) Engine piece that goes on a kids bike. It’s in nice original condition with cool decals. Great looking on its own or reunited with a bike/trike. Asking $225 shipped. Here’s a thread for more info and pics...
  4. Bikermaniac

    Have you ever got a killer deal from the Cabe search engine?

    Have you notice that at the bottom of the page there's this "Most Recent BUY IT NOW Items Listed on eBay" with pics of items for sale? this is automatically generated by the Cabe searching engine I guess. Have you ever got a killer deal using this Cabe feature? POST YOUR KILLER DEALS - you don't...
  5. P

    Help identifying Shelby based on Serial Number

    Hello All, Can someone please help with the serial number L287811 on left rear dropout? What year is this bike? Make/model? What is standard versus add-ons? I can upload more pics of that will help. I received this from a family member and I'm not sure what to do with it so I'd like to...
  6. P

    Help Identify Older Shelby bike with Orline Engine - can't find serial number

    Please help. Received this bike from older family member who received it in trace many years ago. No idea how it is pieced together with the orline engine and other pieces since I can't find a similar looking bike online...I cant find serial number on the bike on morrow or underneath crank. ( Do...
  7. whizzerbug

    1953 cadillac engine and trans

    complete 331 ci engine not running excellent valve train checked rods and main bearings like new, will need one helicoil as one head bolt is stripped, nice clean motor, was going to use it in a hotrod but plans have changed,,hydro trans and converter comes with it.. pickup only $850 ... Shirley...
  8. bricycle

    Found WTD a complete Whizzer engine w/transfer pulley

    something without broken off bolts, and might possibly run. also need the mounts.
  9. bricycle

    WTD anyone who got a Whiz engine from me want to trade back?

    or sell back? bri.
  10. W

    Single cylinder engine

    For sale- Single cylinder Raycycle engine. Missing head. Serious about this e-mail @jewellbox@frontier.com $3000.00
  11. okozzy

    ***SIMPLEX*** Servi-cycle ENGINE!!!

    LOOKING FOR 1940's: (2 stroke engine/motor) for a simplex servi cycle NO LONGER LOOKING, THANKS. 4/5/18
  12. Kevauxtonic

    Whizzer/Cruzzer engine, prewar Schwinn parts needed:

    Hey there once again, my fellow CABERS! Im starting my motorized build, and am looking for a running whizzer or cruzzer engine, and all the mounts, and bits and pieces. Also need a pair of S-2s, (with a drum brake preferably). I have listed my 1952 Hawthorne in the classifieds to trade or to...
  13. DJF

    1920-25 Tall frame Bike for my Shaw engine

    I am in need of a Tall frame bike for my Shaw. I am interested in interesting and unusual bikes. Any and all considered, especially any Westfield built bikes. Indian, Columbia, Pope and so on. Frame must be a 20+ inch at the post or larger. Thank you PS I am looking for a full bicycle not just...
  14. Henryford2

    Sold New Whizzer Engine Test Stand

    Whizzer Engine Stand. Patterned in design after the factory stand with the exception that rather than a casting the upright is water jet cut from 6061 aluminum with the remaining part painted steel. Loosening two screws allow the stand to collapse flat for storage. The base measures approx. 6” x...
  15. M

    Old twin cylinder bike engine has me stumped

    Hi, anyone recognize this rusty old one? Thanks, Mark.
  16. bikewhorder

    Merkel Engine.

    Not mine. I want it, but its not high enough on the list of things I need right now. Seller told me $1500 when I asked. https://maine.craigslist.org/atq/d/antique-motorcycle-engine/6286355812.html
  17. dave the wave

    Shaw Engine Kit N.O.S. in the crate !!

    I got a email from a gentleman last year wanting to sell his shaw engine kit still in the crate and low and behold I gave Dave Bagne the tip and he took possession of it today.a very rare find indeed !!
  18. szathmarig

    Monark Super Twin Engine?

  19. StoneWoods

    3hp motorized bike

    I bought a late 40s Schwinn dx with an el cheapo motor and wanted something with more torque. Starting from scratch with a different bike. You know what they say, if you want something done right do it yourself. This is it.