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  1. Krakatoa

    Nice Mid 1950's Colson Evans Commander Parts!

    Evans Colson parts mid 1950's! Prices are shipped! PM your selections, I can do better on multiple items. 1. Crank, chainring & 10pcs hardware set including bottom bearing cups! $45 2. Quill seatpost $25 3. Kickstand $25 4. Fork and 10pcs headset $45 5. Seat $40 6. Commander guard $50 7. Horn...
  2. C

    Evans Viscount 700

    I found this excellent condition Evans Colson bike from an elderly lady. She said she can’t ride anymore. It says Viscount 700 on it. And the Evans label in the front seems to be paper ? has the light but lens is gone. I have all the front and rear fenders and the rear spring holder bracket as...
  3. C

    Need Help with Evans Colson Scout Serial Number. I've read everything i can find

    I have a brewery and we have 7 or 8 vintage women's bikes and most of them I've been able to find a ton of information about but I'm struggling to find out much about this bike. The Serial number is B177969624. I'm guessing its a 1951? I'll attach pictures. Thank you for any help or...
  4. cyclemotor_ad.jpg


    Evans Cyclemotor Corp advertisement
  5. evans_cyclemotor_ad_popular_mechanics_march-1922_vol-37_no-3_page-167_ad.png


    Evans Cyclemotor Advertisement Popular Mechanics March 1922 Vol 37 No 3 Page 167
  6. Rollo

    evans colson olympic springer - $135

  7. 62wagon

    Basement Find

    So a Friend sent me these from parents basement,wants to know if I'm interested. They look pretty clean, but don't really have room or need for more bikes. Any input on what the Men's is? The Woman's Evans looks sweet
  8. kreika

    Sold 50’s Evans Police bike/trike engine piece

    Howdy all! Up for sale is this unique 50’s Evans(Colson/Evans?) Engine piece that goes on a kids bike. It’s in nice original condition with cool decals. Great looking on its own or reunited with a bike/trike. Asking $225 shipped. Here’s a thread for more info and pics...
  9. T

    Evans Special Chain Guardf For Sale

    $50 or offer.
  10. T

    Sold $400.00 Girls EVANS Springer Bike + Shipping

    Nice old girls Evans, springer, tank, etc coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday 450.00
  11. T

    Sold EVANS COLSON 26" coming to ML

    Evans Colson 26" boys dresser coming to Memory Lane Thurs, Friday, Saturday. Harley Earl designed, springer, tank, rack, lights, etc. 750.00
  12. SHO2010


    I have a new project to work on. My brother picked up this girls Evans 800,I am going to do the basic maintenance on it and give it a good clean up but I have never seen one of these and wanted to get some information on it. Are they very rare. I have posted some pictures looks to be in pretty...
  13. jungleterry

    NOS Evans Colson Pony Bike Kit

    We are very excited about this set up , Brand New from 1955 . We are so hoping to find a Evans Colson bike to display with this nice and rather rare item . Love are western bikes . Take care Terry and Tammy
  14. jungleterry

    20 Evans Colson bicycle

    Hello ,looking for the Colson bike that this horse set up would look correct on .Please let us know what you have ,thank you so much Terry and tammy
  15. M

    New Find - 26" Evans Colson Sonic Scout

    Hello, I picked up this 26" Evans Colson Sonic Scout yesterday (Craigslist find), I've searched around and found some relative details, but most Sonic Scout posts had different graphics, others were girls bikes. If anyone has any details and information about this specific model that would be...
  16. the2finger

    Sold 1957 Evans Sonic Scout THE ONE WITH THE CORRECT RACK

    Clean ‘57 Evans Sonic Scout. Harley Earl styling. Bike has received the famous two finger treatment services front to back. Riden extensively with no issues. New tires tubes and liners, rims trued. New grips with wide bars. Newer light I assume it works no horn tank. 500.00 plus the ride from...
  17. the2finger

    Sold 1962 Evans 200

    Hey Kids ‘62 Girls Evans 200 . Evans quit producing bikes in 1962 so this could be one of the last built. Bike is all original looks like it just left the store. Has original Carlisle Zephyr 26x1.75 tires that show no wear. Minor scratches on front and rear fenders original paint and chrome...
  18. scootergenius

    Sold Evans Colson Viscount 700 w/Evanaction Fork

    Mid 50s Evans Colson Viscount 700 with Evanaction fork. It's all there except for the chain and the head badge. There's a layer of surface rust/patina on the frame and the fenders and handlebar are surface rusted with plating chipping off. Wheels and tires are not original, but are in good...
  19. hawkster19

    Evans Colson Chainguard and Head Badge

    Looking for the chainguard and head badge for this frame. I would prefer the guard to be in this color scheme if at all possible. The head tube has one rivet hole in the middle so the badge would have one hole only.
  20. StylinAlan

    ISO Head Badge for Evans Bike (Evans Colson Badge OK Too)

    The Evans head badge was a decal and was very trashed when I got the bike. I removed it and now want to replace with another decal or metal head badge. A reproduction would be fine but I do not want to pay $50 for one considering the cost I have in the bike. Attached is a photo of what mine...
  21. StylinAlan

    Evans Interceptor 100 - Year?

    OK, new to the vintage bike scene. Looking for some guidance. After a recent trip to Ocracoke Island, NC I got the itch to find some vintage beach cruiser style bikes. Four days after I return from my trip I came across this Evans Interceptor 100 nearby for only $10! I gave it to my wife as an...
  22. bikemonkey

    Need help on Evans Sonic Scout

    Can someone please help me pin down the year on this ladies Sonic Scout? The serial number is B177962624. It is a 15" frame measured from the top of seat lug to the center of crank arm. The crank arms are 5.75" long. The wheels are missing (among other things) but the frame appears to have...
  23. jmastuff

    evans 26" girls bike

    cool looking evans, functions properly, 150. with rims and tires, 120. minus wheels and tires...plus shipping
  24. walter cudahy

    Evans colson ladies sonic scout good condition 400 dollars or 300 in you pay shipping

    Great condition 50s $400 or $300 and you pay shipping this bike is all original and in great shape paint is original as well
  25. jayrev67

    1961 Evans Viscount 800 26" Cruiser Fork Evansaction Double Springer FOR SALE

    SOLD Description This is a very nicely cleaned up Evansaction double springer fork from a 1961 Evan Viscount 800. These are very hard to find. Condition This fork was completely dis-assembled. All bolts and nuts were lightly cleaned to keep the original patina on the hardware. Chrome was...
  26. 1

    Sold Evans Tank bike cheap

    Here is a complete flyer bike for sale. Not sure exactly who made it but looks to be all there someone has paintedd it red. (((((((200 shipped)))))))
  27. L

    Sold Sonic Scout Junior 24" Girl's

    Evans Sonic Scout Jr $225 plus shipping 24"inch wheels Evans achieved a really cool look with uniquely styled flat sided fenders and rack on the Sonic Scout.... the original paint scheme used darker contrasting sidewall striping pattern that gives the flatwall fenders a illusory curved...
  28. bricycle

    Lost Interestgot A Shaw To Part With???

    http://thecabe.com/forum/threads/wtd-shaw-motor-kit-complete-have.85653/ Thanks for looking. :)