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  1. BillMetric

    Factory Schwinn tank on "Fulton Jet Flyer"

    Just picked up this "Fulton Bicycle Company" "Jet Flyer" bike mainly because I wanted the Schwinn Straight Bar horn tank on it which I assumed was jammed onto this non Schwinn bike at some later date from the initial lousy photos. But after I get to looking at it back home it has obviously been...
  2. Classicriders

    Reduced Rollfast decals original from factory

    The two on the right are water slide, the rest are peal and stick. These are from the old H.P. Snyder plant. $60 for all shipped.

    Factory error 47 canti

    Im pretty sure someone in the schwinn factory got confused on this one. Its a cantilever frame with kickstand tube with post 48 angle position....the pencil tip stand was most likely heated and bent to ride along the wheel stay(see pic of the bend). I am assuming this sort of thing took place...
  4. Bike Recyclery

    NOS Schwinn (Super) Le Tour Waterslide Decal Lot: 18 Piece - Genuine Schwinn Factory

    This is an 18 piece lot of genuine Schwinn decals, from various Schwinn Le Tour and Super Le Tour models. *All of these decals and catalogs came from a closed Schwinn dealer called Kings Cyclery in Casper, Wyoming that I bought out. Everything was ordered directly from the Schwinn factory...
  5. bikiba

    Reduced New Departure Factory Box

    Pretty cool ND Factory box. I've seen them in yellow, blue and red. From speaking with my friend he said they would color them with respect to what was inside. He didn't remember what the colors meant. Measurements: 6 1/4" x 4 7/8" x 3 5/8"
  6. filmonger

    Cycle Age Factory output estimates 1899

    This is interesting - as it shows ( to a degree ) a rough estimate of the number of wheels being made for a season. It also shows the strength that ABC ( the combination ) was attempting to gather through sheer numbers. Note that Miami Cycle Co. conservative output was estimated at 15000 as was...
  7. corbettclassics

    Sold 1898 Columbia #49 Factory Racer

    Offered here is a 1898 Columbia Model 49 Factory Racer ______________________________________________ It has the original racing saddle as per the catalogue ( for display only ) It has the original factory "Porcupine" hubs and also spokes are original factory tied & soldered. Wood dropped...
  8. Kenny Middendorf

    factory original buzz bike

    had one of these as a kid , identical to this one , my buddy found this one and bought it for me cause he remembered it from back then. what year any clues ??

    Sold two piece factory drop stand

    Raise your hand if you ever seem or know what this is off of.Uprights are 14 1/2" and 8" across bottom Look at pictures This was not made in someones garage.$50 +shipping friend
  10. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Elgin Mercury Rear Carrier with factory taillight 26" balloon bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions or replies do not post them here thanks. You pay the actual shipping. Good straight carrier but the outer housing for light is a bit misshapen. The lens is missing but the terminals in the bottom look good. No rot holes. There are some small scrapes around the...
  11. DJF

    Identify this frame... factory Shaw

    Shaw did not make thier own frames so I am asking the question as to which company did? Here is a picture of the chain drive H20 super. Please identify the pieces and parts as you can and let us know. The clues we have from the factory paperwork is the seat mast top edge down is 20 inches. And...
  12. S

    factory chain

    when did schwinn go from diamond chain to union?
  13. 1958 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 2 / Center Fold

    1958 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 2 / Center Fold

    Photo of manufacturing plant in Celina, Ohio. Note that by 1958, Huffy literature already acknowledged owning the Monark name. I think that since the buyout obviously took place before the literature was printed, it probably occurred in mid-late 1957.
  14. M

    Schwinn Paint Process

    There was a very interesting article in the July 1959 Schwinn Reporter titled "The Schwinn Bicycle Finish". This is the most detailed and in-depth article covering how Schwinn painted bikes I've ever seen. There were some discussions in other topics about whether Schwinn used a primer on bikes...