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  1. Notagamerguy

    Sold Coppertone schwinn fastback stingray 66

    Will ship the bike anywhere in the us
  2. Notagamerguy

    Withdrawn Schwinn 66 67 stingray 2 3 5 fastback deluxe

    I am asking 700 a piece and 70 to ship a bike anywhere in the 7s except alaska and Hawaii
  3. JGG

    1967 Sting-Ray Fastback 5-Speed wheelset

    I am looking for a decent set of 20” S-7 wheels for my 1967 Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback 5-Speed. Let me know if you have anything Front or Rear that you would be willing to sell! Thank you!
  4. Praster89

    Took my 67 to the beach.

    Rode this thing about 11 miles the other day. Not very far but it was fun!! Fastbacks are so nice to ride!!
  5. J

    Reduced 1966 Schwinn Stringray Fastback (Black)

    I purchased this bicycle from the original owner, time to pass it on. Everything is original on the bicycle besides the front tire and brake pads. The seat is in amazing condition! I am located in the lower NY area. $799.
  6. mongeese

    Perfect look 60s Schwinn headbadge and odometer Japan

    Badge with screws 25 shipped. From Wi Odometer with spoke knock 25 shipped
  7. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1967 Schwinn Fastback 5 speed Original unmolested in CT

    Very complete and original 67 schwinn Fastback Sting Ray serial #hc79266 August 1967. Bike has been hanging from a shop ceiling rafters forever. NO touch up. Original tires, seat, etc. I just replaced the original tubes. This will clean up very well. $1,200 shipped NOW $1,050.00 shipped
  8. T

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-FASTBACK-1966-original-boys-5-speed-blue/143006568722?
  9. ZE52414

    Sold 67 coppertone 5 speed fastback

    Up next is a December 67 fastback in what looks to be in OG condition minus the brake cables and missing front fender and reflector. This bike I haven’t cleaned much. I simply wiped the dust off of it. All the chrome is in great shape. I’m asking 850$ Shipped or best offer.
  10. T

    Schwinn stingray fastback 1967

    Schwinn stingray fastback 1967 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-fastback-1967/273317847333?
  11. Hawthornecrazy

    Sold 71 Fastback 74 Speedster

    71 Fastback with original paint scratches and chips decent chrome with small area of pitting on each rim. Couple small dings in the front fender both brakes work shifts fine wrong seat. Looks like original tires with the slick in back and some cracking. 74 Speedster this bike was put together at...
  12. Jay81

    Reduced Parting Prewar Snyder / Rollfast Fastback "Zep"

    CHAIN, CHAINGUARD & CRANK SET ARE STILL AVAILABLE - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PICS AND PRICES No takers for the complete bike so I'm listing parts. I have not attempted to clean anything in case anybody wants to keep the parts as is. Most of it will clean up decently if you choose to do so. Prices...
  13. schwinnguyinohio

    1973 Schwinn fastback Fenders

    These are rider quality as is but could be rolled as the chrome on either isn't that bad . Both have dents that have been pounded out at one time , rear brace is Rusty front brace is nice .Both braces have screws not rivets , 40$ shipped if you think that's too much shoot me an offer
  14. C

    Wanted Fastback front fender

    I need a 66' and a 70' Fastback front fender in good condition text preferred 8014585594
  15. O

    Sold Schwinn stingray fastback fenders

    Straight, no damage & really good chrome. Will polish out nice. Not sure of year. $45 shipped.
  16. fordmike65

    Sold Orange 1972 Schwinn 5spd Fastback

    Picked this up from a co-worker with the intentions of building it up for my lil nephew, but I've already broken out with a rash due to Schwinn cooties, so it's gotta go. All I've done is give the frame and fork a light cleaning to wash off most of the grime. Paint in prettying nice shape except...
  17. T

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-Cotton-Picker-5-speed-Krate-muscle-bike-Atom-Slik-Banana-seat/283017269515?
  18. Jay81

    Withdrawn Prewar Snyder built Rollfast Fastback

    I'm offering this Prewar Snyder built Fastback for sale in "as found, freshly garbage picked" condition. This bike has a lot of potential. Some observations: Paint looks all original. No badge but has Rollfast decal on rear fender. Someone said it may have had a Peerless bagde. I thought at...
  19. T

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5-speed Bicycle

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5-speed Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Schwinn-Stingray-Fastback-5-speed-Bicycle-Vintage-Nice/223011936169?
  20. Junkman Bob

    Sold $ 375 1970’s Schwinn Fastback

    Nice condition 70s fastback ... looks to me to be in OG condition .. paint nice few typical dings .... hate to see her go If you see anything else in background pictures odds are it’s for sale so please PM me on any questions or concerns 485$ plus shipping Junkman Bob
  21. bikewhorder

    Orange fastback on Auctionzip.

    Looks nice to my untrained eye. https://www.auctionzip.com/Full-Image/3089550/fp789.cgi
  22. kirk thomas

    1967 Schwinn 5spd Fastback in NY

    https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/bik/d/1967schwinn5spdfastback/6608592444.html I can pick up and ship
  23. ZE52414

    Sold 67 fastback 5 speed project

    Here’s a fresh find 5 speed fastback. Think there’s parts from 66-early 70s. Some good stuff on it. Rear tire is ridable but the front needs replaced. Haven’t done much to it cleaned a couple little spots to show the rust will clean up. Asking 375 shipped or best offer. Will also list on eBay...
  24. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock fastback front tire

    New old stock. Never mounted. No dry rot. Shipped lower 48 ($85.00) Private message to purchase.
  25. F

    Schwinn Fastback or Stardust Violet Fork

    Paint must be an 8 or better. Picture and price please. Thanks C.A.B.E.
  26. Darthvader

    For Sale NOS front Fastback tire

    USA made never mounted. 100.00 plus shipping. Black wall 20" Stingray.Thanks
  27. avanti

    Wanted: 1966-68 Stingray Fastback Chainguard ("Campus Green")

    Looking for a "Campus Green" chainguard for a Schwinn Stingray Fastback 5spd (as shown below). Any condition as long as it's original green finish. Message me. Thanks!
  28. 1966fastbacks

    Schwinn Fastback - Plural

    Everytime i do this it sure attracts on my street.
  29. J

    1968 Fastback Seat Help

    So I just picked up this fastback and theres a little cut in the seat. I dont want to make the cut any wider and was wondering if anyone knew a good seat restorer? Im in the NYC area but can ship it. Thank you.
  30. 1966fastbacks

    WTB - 1970 Schwinn Fastback

    Looking for a 1970 Schwinn Fastback 5-speed. Any color, any condition.
  31. F

    Schwinn Fastback S-5 Rear wheel

    A straight 5 speed wheel with good chrome would be great. Please send me a P.M. with a picture and price. Thanks
  32. whizzer kid

    Stingray Fastback tires

    used set , was on a 68 bike . From what I was told . They do have some age to them and some cracks . One has a Lot of factory nibs still on it . Maybe good for a Display bike .? With tubes as Well. (Unknown shape) — 95 PayPal / friends preferred Plus shipping
  33. J

    74 stingray fastback

    Looking to buy a sunset orange 74 fastback chainguard and sunset orange 74 fastback saddle
  34. Marc's Classic Chrome

    1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback

    this is a very nice original paint Fastback frame, work and guard. I bought it two years ago off of eBay and I am just too deep in projects. I paid $425 will sell for $355.
  35. rollfaster

    Found Speedo cable for Schwinn Fastback

    Has the original Stingray Head, think it’s a Huret? Don’t know a lot about these, but the cable shot. The drive and parts seem ok though. I can pay USPS money order. Thanks a bunch.
  36. 1966fastbacks

    1967 Fastback Feels better now.

    (67 EC) Came with the 66 shifter, crank and 70's front axle, brake lever and replacement front tire. Didn't replace anything just added what it needed. Rides great. Original Arizona bike so rust was not a problem. Gotta love that original shifter config. Hey it worked.
  37. szathmarig

    Sold Original Paint Fastback 37 Hawthorne (Zep Style Frame)

    I'm not sure about the chain guard, but the rest of the bike is original paint for sure. The grips are cracked under the black tape, $400 shipped from Wash. D.C. or best offer. PayPal F&F. Now $350 shipped. Now $300 shipped. Now $270 shipped, or $200 local pick up. This bike has no repairs, no...
  38. stoney


    Real nice Fastback, Deluxe Stingray seat. Re-issue. Bought recently, decided to go another way. No seat post clamp. $145.00 shipped lower 48 PAYPAL I will let it sit here for a couple of days before it goes to Ebay
  39. hm.

    Schwinn Fastback chainguard -OG paint/screen Campus Green coaster brake / 3 speed only

    WTB- Schwinn Fastback chainguard - OG paint/screen Campus green Looking for a nice looking OG paint coaster brake / 3 speed chainguard for a '70 Campus Green Fastback. Not looking for the 5 speed style. PM me if you have any leads or one to sell. Thanks!
  40. Thonyv1974_

    1967 Fastback

    Just picked up this 67 Fastback today, has incorrect brakes, fenders, front wheel, seat and rear post. ....other than that it's all original. .lol..... I'm going to do typical once over but not going to clean anything for now. Hopefully I can find original dirty/patina components to make it a...
  41. Jim Barnard

    WTB 1971 schwinn Fastback 3sp frame/ fork + CG

    Violet if possible Thanks! Jim
  42. F

    Sold 73 5 speed fastback

    73 5 spedd fastback needs complete restoration seat is rip some one drill 2 small hole in the bars 450 shipped to lower 48 post office money or pay pal as a gift if u need more pics let me know Thanks
  43. deddings

    Buddy's 72 Fastback

    Good morning everyone! My buddy just picked up this 72' Fastback (based on Serial #). He got it from it's original owner who claims it to be all original (besides the tires). He asked me if I would put it on a few forums to get an approximate value and more information for him. I tried to look...
  44. madsapper

    1973 Orange Schwinn Stingray Fastback

    1973 Schwinn Stingray Fastback. Restored in original Orange (Looks like Powder coat). New paint, seat, tires and more. Nice S6 wheels. 325.00 OBO plus flight.
  45. mongeese

    Q bolts from anonymous bike 33 shipped

    Celebratory condition original Stingray banana seat hardware.
  46. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold 1969 Fastback

    69 Fastback , original except repop Schwinn front tire , water transfer on guard . Decent chrome , lots of frame scratches, seat has the one rip . Would need rear tire , brake and gear tune up to make into a good rider . 450 picked up SW Ohio. Not sure why the pics look the way they do,ill take...
  47. mongeese

    Early stingray checkered mirror

    65 shipped from Wisconsin. Great rare survivor. Missing mounting clasp which is easily found on any other mirror.
  48. speeddemon

    FS: 2004 Schwinn Fastback Tires 20in, Schwinn Fastback Lever & Rear Sissy bar

    I have a few parts I am looking to sell, would like to see these parts go to a good home. Please contact me at 340shakerRT@gmail.com (Travis) 2004 Repop Schwinn Fastback tires. These are 20 x 1 3/8 (Front & Rear) $70 + $8 shipping. On Ebay they are going for $88 shipped. Gonna sell these...
  49. willswares1220

    Sold ( Blue Metalflake )~ Schwinn Stingray or Fastback "Banana" seat ~

    $115.00 shipped This seat is in very good original condition with only one very small tear in the center as shown and a couple of scuffs. It measures 18 inches long and is marked Persons, made in USA. The undercarriage has some minor surface rust here and there also, as seen. The 28 inch long...