1. Demzie

    Schwinn Fender Bomb *Repop*

    I'd love an original but I'd be making payments on that. I may even on a repop depending what they fetch these days, but I wanna get my feelers out there to see what's available at what cost. Thanks, Fellas. Erin
  2. Demzie

    Repop Torpedo Fender Light

    There's a dozen or better styles of Fender lights,. Handlebar lights and even some horns that are repopoed over the years.. Columbia five stars.. Schwinn trains.. Monark trains.. A few winged styles of the Torpedos.. The list goes on. Did NO ONE repop the original Torpedo Fender light that...
  3. tech549

    Sold 28 inch fender set

    prewar 28 inch fender set with clip and reflector $ 175.00 shipped
  4. rustystone2112

    Found Hawthorne fender brace's

    Last thing i need to finish restoring my sister's bike 1 front and 1 rear fender brace for a 1960's 24 inch middleweight Hawthorne or RollFast like the one pictured
  5. Junkman Bob

    Reduced 40$ 1941 Buick fender taillight cover/ housing

    What you real cool lense cover for a 41 Buick fender mount .... no cracks in lense cover ... seems to be in good condition ... I hope someone on the cabe can use it . 65$ shipped to lower 48 OBO Postal MO please Robert

    Sold 1950's Columbia good year front fender light $65 SHIPPED

  7. lounging

    40's/50's Schwinn Truss Fork & Front Fender project

    Truss rod fork and front fender project $125 shipped. Paypal as friends Steer tube is 6 3/4". 6 11/16" to be exact. That is primer on the fork and not rust. Truss rods are a little bent and other piece have surface rust.
  8. stoney


    In need of 26" balloon flat braces for raingutter fenders---front and rear fender braces, need to have 2 hole brace mount. I believe they should measure 14 1/2" from end to center of hole for wheel mount. That is what is on my '34 B10e and they fit nice. PM with pictures and price please...
  9. C

    Wanted Fastback front fender

    I need a 66' and a 70' Fastback front fender in good condition text preferred 8014585594
  10. mongeese

    Prewar 26” rear fender raingutter heavy duty

    High quality unknown fender. Please chime in if you know correct usage. 75 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  11. bricycle

    Is there an easy way to tell if a fender is a 26" vs 28"

    If it is not mounted. thanks.
  12. bikemonkey

    Need front fender for a '66 Five Speed Stingray

    Need a decent front fender for a '66 Fastback five speed Stingray. Thanks!
  13. H

    NOS Delta Military Fender Light - Complete Package!

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing pictures of a complete package NOS Military Delta Fender light. This is in my collection and I just took pictures today. The light is packaged complete with perfect original OD paint ( absolutely no rust or surface corrosion) two parkerized...
  14. donniedee

    fender set and rear rack rusty patina wanted

    im needing a no holes but rusty patins set of fenders for my rat rod bike size 28"x 1 1/2 as well as a rear book rack same condition prefer no color but rust/patina please pm or text pics and price to 512-740-2197 no chrome please.
  15. Vintage Paintworx

    Withdrawn 1946 Schwinn truss rod fork fender, non rolled tips

    It's been sanblasted, primed and rolled. I was gonna repair it for a project but decided not to. $15.00 picked up in Whittier Ca.
  16. M

    Wanted: Huffman Fender Ornament

    Looking for 1940 Huffman Big tank Fender "Ornament" and Front fender "Braces"! Forgot to mention the Fender Braces are for the SPRINGER Front Fork.
  17. 66TigerCat

    NOS Schwinn fender struts

    Two genuine Schwinn fender struts. NOS. Includes hardware. May have minor shop wear. They measure 14" from bottom of curve to the center of the hole on the tab. $45. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  18. blincoe

    Sold 2 Donald Duck kickstands and fender braces

    2 Donald Duck kickstands . Fender braces show 20B, 2 Schwinn fender braces - look like Schwinn. These parts are for a 20” Looking to get $40 shipped
  19. Beeler2927

    Sold Schwinn fender light fenders

    These fenders DO NOT come with the light cover, only the fenders. I do not know if they are originals or not? They appear to have been painted and I see no signs of original paint underneath? Possibly some maroon colored primer beneath I’m guessing? Anyway I hope someone can use these. You will...
  20. mongeese

    Sale Pending Nice drop stand clip for rear fender

    25 shipped from Wis. 30 shipped to California.
  21. Tikibar

    Help Identifying 1938 Fender Light

    Anyone know what fender light this is? It's pictured in the 1938 Schwinn catalog for model BC117. https://bikehistory.org/catalogs/1938.html Description says it's a polished aluminum, self contained, fender light. Thanks!
  22. Bike Recyclery

    NIB/NOS Schwinn Fender Lot: 11pc - 1960's thru 1980's - 700c / 27" - 26" - 24" (Stingray BMX Lightwe

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & www.bikerecyclery.com There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  23. whizzer kid

    Schwinn b6/ whizzer brake and fender clamps

    Two clamps off an old 49 b6 schwinn 28 both shipped PayPal preferred As friends Thx
  24. Tyler Rice

    Looking for Monark fender braces

    Looking for fender braces for the deep Monark front fender, with a Springer front end
  25. blincoe

    Urgent! Rear whizzer fender

    Hello, Looking for an original rear notched whizzer fender. Let me know if you have one. -Blincoe
  26. BWbiker

    Need 1938 Schwinn 26" Black & Cream Fender Set

    Want to buy- 1938 Schwinn 26" Black & Tan Springer front, standard rear fender. Have 1939 Brown & Tan set listed for sale I will trade. Please reply direct by e-mail to fatire53@ yahoo.com or pm if you must. Thank you

    Sold Prewar Monark Silver King flow cycle rear fatty fender brace $60.00 SHIPPED

  28. Dave K

    Found Wanted damaged prewar Schwinn rear fender (just the tip)

    Anyone have a damaged rear prewar schwinn fender they would be willing to sell the mounting slot section from? Trying to repair this crusty rotten mess.
  29. John Gailey

    Front Fender Light

    Hello, I have a new project coming in ( a prewar Shelby ) and am looking for a fender light to appeal to my vision. I am not a purist, so don't let that prevent you from presenting options. If it is super fat monster money, I'm out. Semi-fat maybe. Many Thanks
  30. robert bell

    Sold 1940 schwinn cobalt ladies rear fender $40

    rear fender off 40 schwinn hollywood ladies 26" bike. no rot, solid $40.00shipped
  31. BWbiker

    Withdrawn Prewar Schwinn Deluxe Spinger Brown & Tan Fender Set

    Straight and clean 1939 on Schwinn Deluxe Brown & Tan - ***please note the camera makes them look cream, I double checked and they are Tan. lighted springer front, matching standard rear fender. $275 Shipped. $225 local pick up. Thank you! fatire53@yahoo.com
  32. stoney


    Nice brace no rust, check your measurement with photo. Legs look to be 15" end to end. $22.00 shipped PAYPAL as F&F
  33. Glenn Rhein

    24 “ silver king men’s rear fender or sets

    I need rear Stainless or painted rear fenders or fender sets for men’s 1930s Silver King’s
  34. Axlerod

    Found Columbia Fender Light

    I'm looking for a Columbia fender light that has a little more patina than this one. I’ll take all chrome, all painted, or the 1/2 chrome 1/2 painted version. Prefer the white but will consider other colors. Working or non working is ok but nothing rotted through. You can message me if you have...
  35. robert bell

    Urgent! WTB front fender for this schwinn

    put some spare wheels and stuff on my 41 schwinn SD to make sure rodes good and everything fits before restoration paint. but can't paint untill I find front fender. anyone know where a 41 schwinn super deluxe fender is?? also have correct stamped lobdell rims and patent pending hubs ready to go...
  36. bobcycles


    Killer original springer front fender original DX BLUE paint as shown. Some minor dings etc. I can also roll this to perfection if you prefer prior to mailing. NICE prewar Mud Guard. 85.00 plus postage! Bobcycles@aol.com or PM here ==========TANK SOLD DECENT maroon and cream ladies...
  37. mrg

    59 Schwinn spitfire rear fender

    Looking for a rear fender for my middle weight 59 spitfire in Spitfire (Cadet?) blue, I was told 59 and later is different than 56-58 model so it must be off 59 or later boys, as I think girls is also different. I know everybody thought I was starting a new trend but with the threat of rain...
  38. rodeo1988

    Sold Prewar Dipper Shelby fender set

    I bought this Shelby dip Chrome fenders from the good guy catfish for my Shelby project but doesn't fit the rear center hole And I don't wanted to drill new so here go again for sale $old shipped 48 lower states USA only pp as friend and family or add for the PayPal fees, THANK YOU
  39. easyrider

    Found wanted chrome x53 fender set

    not to nice and not to rough [and chrome]
  40. MsRock2

    Sold Davis/Dayton Harley Fender

    $50 plus shipping or local pick up in San Diego 30" from tip to tip PM to discuss options.
  41. kirk thomas

    Sold 2 fender clips for drop stands $20shipped

    You get both clips with plenty of spring left in them. I would like $20 shipped for them
  42. TR6SC

    Poor Man's Fender Roller

    Nothing ultra-techno to be found here, but a couple radii to pound against for that fender that needs a little "attitude adjustment." I used a hole saw which is about as thick as a fender. The slots in the round leave clearance for the edge roll. The blocks can be used as a set, or either one...
  43. bikemonkey

    Wanted - 1966 Schwinn Stingray razor edge front fender

    I need a razor edge front fender for a 1966 Schwinn Stingray - it has 20 x 1 3/8" S5/S6 wheels so the fender needs to be 1 3/4" wide and not the wide version. Chrome needs to be reasonably good with no dents. Thanks!
  44. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: TOC Wood Fender

    For a 28" bike from the 1890s. Retains a nice original finish. I forgot to picture them but the sale includes the skirt guard clips as well. $110 shipped.
  45. MsRock2

    Sold Red Fender Flap $20

    One red fender flap for sale. Great condition. $20 plus shipping within the U.S. (located in San Diego) PM for sale
  46. MsRock2

    Reduced Comet Fender flap - never opened, $20 includes shipping

    Brand new in the bag white fender flap. $20 includes shipping within the U.S..
  47. Floyd

    Red 55 Schwinn springer front fender

    55 Hornet. Converted to Springer from blade. Apparently mounting hole in different location, not to mention indents. Not lookin for a gorgeous nos piece. See pic for general condition...... ratty
  48. Hammer

    Found Looking for JC Higgins Rear of the Fender Braces

    I need a set of the outer round rear fender braces that came on several JC Higgins models including the Colorflow, I have attached pictures of the ones I am in need of, I would also take a pair of fenders of you dont want to separate them, there is one on the back of the front fender and one on...
  49. JimRoy

    Drop stand fender clip

    Wanted: Drop stand fender clip. Please PM me if you have one .Thanks, JimRoy
  50. PlasticNerd

    Sold Zep shaped fender light ‘37-‘38 $125 SHIPPED

    Delta “Zep” style accessory light. Advertised in the 37/38 catalogs alongside Hawthorne bicycles. Silver painted with the Delta logo still readable. Clamps onto almost any fender, self contained battery powered, 2 D cells. I haven’t tried to see if it works, didn’t want to shove batteries in it...
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