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  1. patmcclerren2

    Reduced Camel and Firestone tube repait kits

    Camel cardboard tube repair kit complete with og matches, Firestone metal can kit some paint loss on front but complete no dents. Both rubber cements have as expected dried and gone, asking $30 shipped
  2. L

    Chrome Skiptooth Wheel Set Wheels WheelSet

    Chrome Skiptooth 26 inch Wheel Set Musselman D (rear) coaster hub pretty nice chrome. They have not been soaked or polished , they are as found, Tires appear OG , meaning it does not look as tho tires have ever been of the rim so I cant say what the inside ofr rims looks like. All i have...
  3. looneymoons

    1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike for sale

    Hello-- I'm trying to sell a 1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike. It's in very good condition as the paint, tires, plate, etc are all original. The only replacement over the years were the pedals. It has a unique double bar frame, chain-drive, and original Firestone tires. The Colson...
  4. looneymoons

    Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike

    Hello-- Happy August, all! I was lucky enough to have found this Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike (in my neighborhood). It's such a cool little thing, I had to bring it home. Besides the info I got from the plate marker, I wasn't able to find out much about this bike and was hoping someone...
  5. Corn4Life77

    Firestone Light Needed

    I have an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser, which I was told was probably a ‘47 or ‘48, and it’s missing the top of the light. I plan to fix up the bike some (though not restore it), and the light would complete it. Here’s what the light looks like:
  6. Corn4Life77

    Help with Firestone Bicycle

    Yesterday, I found an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser in the top of a shed. It used to be my grandpa’s, so I wanted to restore it, but first, I’d like to find the general year of the bike, to maybe help finding some missing parts. Anybody have any ideas of the year? It’s basically only missing the...
  7. J

    Firestone silver cruiser info needed

    Does anyone have any info on this Firestone silver cruiser? From what I found, it seems that they were made by huffy. But, looking at mine, I noticed the chainguard and sprocket seem to look different than the huffy models. I know the seat is incorrect but other than that it seems pretty...
  8. Krakatoa

    Looking for a Tank for Colson Men's Bullnose Firestone Cruiser

    Just like the title says. Will consider any, but the condition of the metal is more important than the paint. Thank you! Nate 401-548-9082
  9. Kustomsoul

    Withdrawn Firestone Parting Out ! Deep Fenders

    Firestone Deep fenders OG paint only fenders & braces included $150 obo + shipping parting out !
  10. Clark58mx

    Firestone Super Cruiser 24”

    Up for sale is a Firestone Super Cruiser 24” balloon tire women’s bicycle. Missing headlight. The frame is straight, no cracks. The original paint has lots of scratches/patina. Nice Troxel seat. Both wheels spin straight. The steer tube threads have a worn spot, and the bearing race doesn’t...
  11. jkeady

    1941 Firestone Super Cruiser

    My first post. :-) I've got a 1941 Firestone Super Cruiser that I would like to sell, but I have no idea what it is worth. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Nickinator

    Prewar Girl's Firestone Huffman parts

    Frame, badge & tank. Really decent. 26" bike. Pretty nice original paint project. Everything including tank looks decently straight. Badge is nice. Includes adjuster screws and head set & bearings (need cleaning). Has a few white house paint spots. Top of seat post is a bit raggedy and will...
  13. Robertriley

    Large Firestone Deco basket

    Here's something that you don't see for sale everyday. Large Firestone Deco basket $359 plus shipping
  14. H

    In need of firestone 500 II tank and saddle!

    trying to find a tank and seat for what I believe is a 1964-65 Murray-built Firestone 500 II. The pic isn’t my bike but it’s the same thing.
  15. kirk thomas

    Nice Firestone 500 in NY

    https://fingerlakes.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-firestone-500-bike/6589138619.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  16. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Huffman frame

    Made from two Huffman frames. Very solid. Great project. $900
  17. Robertriley

    Great Firestone Basket on eBay

    I love these baskets and have a couple. This one isn't mine but I'd rather see a CABER get than someone we didn't know. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-firestone-flying-carrier-bicycle-basket-with-jeweled-medallions/132617768998
  18. John Gailey

    Found Firestone Fleetwood Supreme or

    Dayton Huffman Safety Streamline. Did not want to post here but I'm not well enough connected or fortunate enough to stumble into one. I am in the process of selling off all by bikes to get one of these in semi distressed condition. I would not feel comfortable with a museum piece because I am...
  19. carlitos60

    Firestone Bull Nose Project!

    Up for Grabs!! $475 Shipped! OBO
  20. RLS

    What on earth

    I'm new to the cabe, and joined mostly because I have an old clunker that seems prewar, but I cannot figure out the frame at all. Despite the John Deere paint scheme complete with hand brushed pinstriping, the original color was red, the fenders Navy/Royal Blue and are likely not for it. There...
  21. azbug-i

    Sold 1936 Huffman Double Bar - Firestone Archer - very nice Original

    Selling this very very nice original 1936 huffman built firestone fleetwood. The battery tube and light are in vg condition but they dont seem to work. This is best original paint and finish bike ive ever seen. The original seat cover does have rips in it. Everything is very nice on this. Loaded...
  22. Cbgimse

    Reduced Firestone 500 Rack and Fenders

    Firestone 500 fenders and rack with original paint. They are all fairly true and the rack has a small crack where it goes thru the seat bolt. Shown in the photos
  23. jchicago

    FB Firestone Monark–perfect patina

    Just popped up on my local Facebook. $1000 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1745092402244172/
  24. bikemonkey

    Firestone 500 tank light

    Looking for a 1960s Firestone 500 light shroud and/or lamp parts for it. I do not need the tank. Thanks! Here is the model needed.
  25. P

    Found Firestone Champion 26x1.375 tires wanted

    Looking for a set of Firestone Champion 26x1.375 tires. Need to be decent. Used is fine. Paul 248-642-6639 Thanks
  26. Krakatoa

    ~ WTB Colson / Firestone Cruiser Bullnose Tank ~

    Hello all, Looking for a nice Colson / Firestone Cruiser "bullnose" tank and the wrap around badge. Bike is a non cushioner truss rod model. An og paint cream/red tank is preferred but I will consider any. Cash or trade available. Thanks, Nate
  27. COB

    Sold Firestone Deluxe Cruiser

    Firestone Deluxe Cruiser. Reduced to $650.00. Payment either by Paypal as Friends and Family or USPS money order. I will transport the bike to a local bike shop and drop it off. You will have to make your own packing and shipping arrangements with the bike shop and shipper at your expense. The...


  29. Robertriley

    Amanda's Old Firestone Refreshed for the Road

    I just finished this project for my friend, "Uncle Tip". Tip has become like family to me and can no longer restore old bikes anymore so I told him to pay for the supplies and I will get it done for him. I hope he likes it!
  30. bikesnbuses

    Cool girls Elgin in PA with Firestone basket!

    Not mine.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Prewar-Original-Paint-Accessorized-Elgin-Westfield-Bicycle-Tank-Bike/142737212751?hash=item213bcd054f:g:3IwAAOSwrBxau3HJ Missing headlights though..:(

    Firestone super cruiser front fender braces!

    So turns out I need the correct front fender braces for my forestone super cruiser aka bullnose. My bike has the cushioner front end. So I'm going to need both front fender braces if anybody has them please pm me. Thank you do much!
  32. cyclingday

    1937 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme

    1937 Firestone, Fleetwood Supreme. I purchased this bike around this time last year, but just now got around to going through it and dialing it all in. There are only three colors for this model listed, Black, Opalescent Maroon, and Seafog Grey. I can only assume that this type of Green, is what...
  33. Pedals Past

    Sold Firestone script pedals

    very nice original rare Firestone script pedals even blocks show very little wear see photos $450 ff/pp shipped 48 USA pm or email bikeberg@aol.com you dont see these very often Monark collectors will trade for original good girls signal pedals in equal condition with 4 reflectors on each side...
  34. tech549

    Sold firestone pilot bagded, monark

    updated,straighten fork,replaced front fender braces ,added truss rods,rear rack, chain guard and light.the rack was off a hawthorne project but I believe monark used these racks with straight brace arms,light is crusty and no lens,replaced stem,and added the lobell wheels. $100.00 plus shipping.
  35. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Colson Firestone Cruiser Gets A New Badge! ~ ~

    Big thanks going out to @OldSkipTooth! Thanks to you my baby has her new correct badge!
  36. Nickinator

    Sold Original Firestone Tires, Morrow Hub, Huffman Rims

    Don't know which rims these are, maybe Lobdell flats, but original to an early postwar Huffman. Hubs look nice, the grease has preserved the chrome. Rear is Morrow, nice hub and brake arm; front is Bendix (Eclipse). Firestone Champion tires held air and rode, some weather cracking. Rims are...
  37. KevinM

    Sold Ladies Bullnose Brass Firestone Cruiser Headbadge

    I have a good condition Firestone Ladies Brass Bullnose headbadge. Reduced to $200 from $225 shipped. I do have a tank also but it has a few dents to it and a screw from the trim broke off in it.
  38. CannonCam

    Mid 50's Firestone Special Cruiser

    SOLD Mid 50's Firestone Special Cruiser barn find. Has dirt and grime on it right now, will clean up beautifully! No seat or seatpost. $350 shipped lower 48 obo
  39. Sprockets

    Firestone head badge

    I'm looking for a Firestone Pilot head badge for my wife's project. I believe it has a airplane on it. If you have one, please show it, thanks.
  40. Krakatoa

    ~1943 Firestone Catalog War Model Bicycles! ~

    Neato Huffman lightweights cool colors & blackout parts. https://m.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1943-FIRESTONE-TIRE-S-S-CATALOG-FISHING-WORK-CLOTHES-BIKES-CAR-HORNS/222753738453?hash=item33dd284ed5:g:qQgAAOSwLYBaMK5L
  41. Jay81

    1940 Huffman Firestone Airflyte

    Here's one of my newest additions to my collection. 1940 Huffman built Firestone Airflyte with the big lit tank. This particular bike has the ultra rare see through tank lol. Looking for opinions on this. I will NOT restore this bike, as I like them original. But as you can see the tank has some...
  42. Gthoro

    24" 40s Firestone Tank

    24" Firestone Cruiser tanker project. Has some warts, but it is a worthy project. Warts include: seat post tabs are bent out, no horn, missing some spokes, rims repainted, and no chain. Please ask any questions you may have. $180 plus shipping or pick up in SW Wisconsin.
  43. ejlwheels

    Sold 1941 Colson rack for Firestone "Bullnose" Cruiser

    No dents; surface rust but still solid. Top view has an oil spot, not a hole. Tabs need attention, might be hidden by bolt or nut. Might fit post war models also, I don't know. $90 shipped (US) paypal FF or add 3%
  44. Freqman1

    Firestone White Walls and TOC Seat

    The tires are be pick-up/delivery only. I took a bunch of pics so you can see the condition. You should also notice that these are NOT a matched set. I would consider these display only. $175 PP F&F delivered to Commerce (Pedal to the Metal), Cleveland, TN (Get a Grip), or MLC/AA. These are some...
  45. R

    Firestone Pilot metal tag?

    Does anyone know the manuf that uses a metal tag for the model and serial# From what i have read this headbadge is 47 and earlier Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge I learn every day
  46. HARPO

    Firestone Super Cruiser, 100% Original...early 1950's

    I've had this bike for quite a number and years and it's time to let her go. It's all there, right down to the dried out Firestone whitewalls. It's in pretty remarkable condition considering its age. This one came from the original owners basement where it sat for a very long time. Hence the...
  47. K

    Tricycle i.d.-Firestone by ?

    Can anyone help with more information on this tricycle? I am new to the tricycles and just got this one and a 1960s Angeles. I can't find out anything about this one after looking for days. I am thinking from what I learned it is a Firestone, made by either Colson or Western Flyer, circa 1950s...
  48. PlasticNerd

    Sold 1950s girls Monark Firestone

    up for grabs, complete except for light lenses. Don’t want to part out but I may have to. PayPal friends and family
  49. Evodog

    Girls firestone bicycle

    Bought this for my girlfriend so she can ride S/N A233116 just looking for extra info like year and make ty