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  1. bikesnbuses


    Like new in the box..I may have used it once? The box has been sitting in my toolbox for a while..The die is a PT -606 HSS FTS-1 comes with the 1"x 24T die, 1" guide and the handle Asking $135 shipped in the USA obo OR will trade outright for some aluminum mens HAWTHORNE prewar truss rods...
  2. abe lugo

    Slider Seat core, pre-war schwinn fork, chainguards and other random parts

    PM me for info or offers. Slider seat 60.00. still avail Persons large 2 pan seat 60.00 still avail schwinn prewar chain guards 40.00 each ladies tank. SOLD monarch springs 20.00. Sold goose necks prewar .875 x 6.26 20.00 - SOLD goose neck wedge style 2̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ ---- 15.00...
  3. Krakatoa

    ~ Pre WW2 Westfield Columbia 26" Ballooner Fork Perfection! ~

    Offered is this super straight and undamaged circa 1941 Westfield Columbia 26" ballooner fork! It currently has a 7 7/8" steering tube length. Correct for Westfield Columbia bicycles as well as those they built for Sears Elgin. This fork has passed a precision alignment check in my Bellows Falls...
  4. Krakatoa

    ~ FORK SERVICE for Balloon Tire Bicycles ~ Re Threading & Re Sizing Etc!

    Mail order Fork & Frame Services offered for American Balloon tire bicycles 1935 through 1955! Featured Service: I can rework your donor fork for a perfect fit in your application! Basic re threading and re sizing of ladies headtube length fork to men's length or desired under sizing with...
  5. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ WW2 Era Westfield Columbia Fork for Ballooner! ~

    C 1945 Westfield Columbia 26" ballooner fork from a ladies model. Very nice super straight and with good threads. The current tube dimension is 7 3/4" from crown top/lower race to top of tube. SOLD
  6. J

    HALSON DESIGNS Inversion Suspension Fork w SuperStruts -- vintage/mint condition

    Selling an extremely rare, never used / unmounted HALSON DESIGNS Inversion Suspension Fork / aka 'The Big Black Fork' as it was called back in the day. I challenge you to find one in this condition anywhere in the world! There are ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT on the eBay listing... one bid from Germany...
  7. bikesnbuses

    >>Question for anyone with a Lil Brute fork straightening tool !!Need help..

    Ok anyone..I bought one of the old Lil Brute fork straighteners..But..Its NOT working correctly..It is NOT "ratcheting"/ staying in the next :click" up when pumping the "jack" ..??? Possibly the spring inside(Which seems to be kind of loose floating around) is not where it belongs?? Can anyone...
  8. Iverider

    Sale Pending Snyder Frame fork badge etc.

    Looks like a good OA bath candidate. Appears to be straight with no dents, or cracks or old repairs. Stem needs some persuasion to come out. $100 shipped continental U.S.
  9. bikesnbuses

    Sold More EARLY 1948 JC Higgins parts ; fork truss rods Monark kickstand seatpost

    For some reason I couldnt add more to my other ad (I did get to add on a wheelset ) *I have a straight decent original paint Higgins fork that is from a girls bike BUT has head tube size as a BOYS..I will sell with or without truss rods With truss rods $60 shipped Without truss rods $30 shipped...
  10. B

    52 Phantom Fork questions

    Hello! I am almost done getting my 82 year old cousin's Phantom back on the road. The front wheel is giving me a major headache! I can't remember how I got the original wheel out, but it was toasted anyway. I found a centennial wheelset to replace the old wheels. I'm new here and i'm sure you...
  11. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  12. 1

    26 inch shelby frame crank fork chain

    Here are some shelby parts left over for sale again. Make offer. Thare are some good parts still left. (((125 shipped)))
  13. schwinnguyinohio

    stingray frame with guard and fork

    looking for all the painted parts only ,1972 or older,not blue or yellow,just to throw some parts on for a rider.
  14. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork & Sprocket $900 OBO plus shipping from Southern California (Palmdale, CA) Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not...
  15. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame & Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork, & Sprocket $900 OBO Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not knowing the “ugly green” was original OD green...
  16. willswares1220

    Sold Hard to find ~ 28 inch ~ Spring Fork ( patented Jan. 9, 1912 )

    > $995.00 shipped < I've seen this interesting fork used on some earlier Daytons. " Davis sewing Machine Co "or maybe some other brands as well. The fork is completely nickel plated under that red house paint with the heavy iron spring being a darker metal. That nickel plating has been lightly...
  17. MrAustralia

    Elgin Oriole fork

    Mine is bad. Quite bad. It's useable until I get a replacement, but I'd really like a straighter/less cracked one. Photo is of mine, I'd like one the same but in much better shape. Nice straight and solid, but paint not important. Thanks in advance!

    Cwc locking fork complete!

    Selling this cwc locking front fork. It's complete with bearing and hardware. These are seen on various bikes suck as Roadmaster, Hawthorne with a lock on the frame. Fork is straight and no bent or damaged and Perfect to complete a project that is missing one. Asking $275 plus shipping! Pm me...
  19. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn springer fork, late 40's, boys bike

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Price: 120$ shipped. All hardware showed is included. See pictures for more details
  20. Jerry Smith

    Sold Locking prewar Schwinn fork original maroon $170 shipped OBO

    Very nice original paint maroon/cream with red pins
  21. TheFizzer

    Sold Little Brute Fork Straightener

    Little Brute fork straightener. These things work awesome. Straighten your fork while it’s on the bike. $300 shipped to lower 48. PayPal only please.
  22. bike

    Thanks Cabe

  23. Jrodarod

    Found AS bolts for springer fork

    WTB a set of original AS bolts for 50s springer. Ok condition is fine , 6-8 condition. Please no repop. Can pickup at Coaster Swap Meet
  24. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins 1950's springer fork Head pieces, two sets. shoulder bolts. $25.00 shipped

    One set of these has new triple plate chrome and the other set has the original paint. Two shoulder bolts also. $25.00 free shipping Please PM me, email me at, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always...
  25. J

    1981 Schwinn cruiser fork

    Looking for a good condition 1981 schwinn cruiser fork in color red. Regular not for schwin cruiser 5 with the break holes. Original color, surfboard decal... not repainted please. Thanks
  26. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Boys Truss fork

    prewar OG paint black non locking boys fork the truss rod chrome is very nice. No bearing or cups. $100 shipped.
  27. fat tire trader

    Sold Iver Johnson Fork and Truss Rod

    Iver Johnson 26" Balloon Fork $100 Shipped Now $75 Shipped Truss Rod $100 Shipped Now $75 Shipped Get both together for $150 Shipped Now $100 Shipped The plating on these pieces is in poor pealing condition. Steerer tube is 5 1/4" long
  28. tjkajecj

    Sold 1930's Schwinn Frame and Fork

    1936? B9? Schwinn ... Frame, Fork and Truss Rods for sale, as pictured in 1st photo. Frame serial number WXXXX. $165 Local pickup near St. Louis, Mo. Can ship at buyer expense. This bike was a completely built up bike, 2nd picture shows it as it is now. Was my daily rider, Need the room, so it...
  29. Pressed Steel 1915

    1952 Shelby frame & spring fork

    Frame & fork only $125 shipped Col,Oh43229
  30. THE STIG

    Sold Cushioner fork

  31. G

    30s schwinn lockin fork

    1930s Schwinn motorbike frame with lockin fork , fork has some dents and extra holes but still good , frame has no damage. no key or truss rods , this is a bc model frame , 100 bux plus the ride
  32. O

    Fork off earliest Corvett.

    When they came with the S2 wheel. Ultra rsre front S2 rim brake and original handle.$145.00 plus shipping. I accept postal money order.
  33. lounging

    40's/50's Schwinn Truss Fork & Front Fender project

    Truss rod fork and front fender project $125 shipped. Paypal as friends Steer tube is 6 3/4". 6 11/16" to be exact. That is primer on the fork and not rust. Truss rods are a little bent and other piece have surface rust.
  34. JKT

    WTB Huffman springer fork

    Looking for a Huffman springer fork, or parts of this style of fork.. boys or girls I don't think matters as I only really need this top chrome piece that holds and goes around the spring..
  35. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame Fork, Bars crank Clean Original Paint

    Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Seat Post, Center section of crank. Clean Original Paint with a 22" frame. The serial # on the rear drop out is 943604. Everything is straight no damage. Was $75. Now $60. + lower 48 USA shipping
  36. Maskadeo

    Sold 1937 Schwinn Liberty Frame and Fork

    I recently bought this, but Fedex damaged the rack, rear fender and one wheel in shipping. OG paint 26 inch boys frame and truss fork. Key is broken off and a couple of the bearings are missing from the headset. $375 shipped.
  37. 6

    WTB 1948 Hextube Fork

    This is for a men's 26" bike fork only, have the springer part.
  38. prewarmachine

    Monark springer fork

    Hoping to find a donor monark style springer fork. 2 spring or 1 spring style are both fine. Really just need the legs and truss. Don't need brackets, don't need springs. Just trying to find a cheap setup that I can modify. Thanks in advance for any help!
  39. KevinBrick

    Prewar Ranger locking truss fork?

    Got this early Locking truss fork set.. Was painted green and it looked like maybe black underneath. Started to strip off the green and ran into tan.. Thought it might be primer until the pin stips showed up.. Was this color just used on the Rangers? What year or range was this style used? Is...
  40. easyrider

    Sold cwc fork [mans]

    26" mans prewar roadmaster fork the bracket on the bottom of the light is loose can hear rust inside when you shake it probably won't work 110.00 shipped to usa
  41. TWBikesnstripes

    Sold For Sale 2 Schwinn Mens Spring Fork Stems

    1 Non locking post war stem with complete hardware set $50 Shipped 2 Locking post war stem with bearing cup and old yale key (not AS) $85 Shipped Both for $120 Shipped if you are interested. PayPal ff, MO or Local Cash pick-up ok. PC or email at for questions. Thanks!
  42. kirk thomas

    Sold Fork bearings and stuff $20 shipped

    These are what there are all mixed. I would like $20 shipped.
  43. tjkajecj

    Sold 1936 CWC Frame and Fork+

    1936 CWC Frame, Fork, Truss Rods, Crank, Sprocket, Seat Post and Front/Rear Fenders with Flat Braces. Items listed above are what I believe to be original to the bike. The other items in the last two photo’s I removed from the bike are most likely not original. The front wheel may have been...

    Sold Worksman NOS fork for sale

    Worksman fork for sale. Houston,Tx US ONLY $40 Shipped
  45. Gthoro

    Little Brute Fork Straightener

    Looking for a Little Brute. Let me know if you have one you'd be willing to part with. Greg
  46. Vintage Paintworx

    Withdrawn 1946 Schwinn truss rod fork fender, non rolled tips

    It's been sanblasted, primed and rolled. I was gonna repair it for a project but decided not to. $15.00 picked up in Whittier Ca.
  47. E

    Schwinn Reproduction Fenders 2 Sets B6 with built in light and Balloon with Springer Fork

    Hi, I have some fender sets I bought from ebay and have decided not to use. I bought them from the ebay seller Bicyclebones. I have two very good quality Schwinn approved reproduction fender sets for sale. One is the B6 fenders, similar to Phantom except they get painted instead of stainless...
  48. phantom

    Not much spring action in that fork
  49. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork arms

    200 shipped for all 4. From Wisconsin.
  50. Junkman Bob

    Need help to ID this fork

    This fork came off a standard badged bike ... Head tube is 51/4 “ The rake on it looks cool Thanks guys