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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold Cannondale Frame parts kit box full of NOS road bike and mountain bike parts

    Unfamiliar with road and mountain bike parts( Derailleur hangers rivnuts brake stops,etc,etc) Im sure SOMEONE can use this case of 1990s goodness!! Asking $150 shipped in the USA obo
  2. Krakatoa

    ~ FORK SERVICE for Balloon Tire Bicycles ~ Re Threading & Re Sizing Etc!

    Mail order Fork & Frame Services offered for American Balloon tire bicycles 1935 through 1955! Featured Service: I can rework your donor fork for a perfect fit in your application! Basic re threading and re sizing of ladies headtube length fork to men's length or desired under sizing with...
  3. H

    Frame Pump for Super Tourer

    My 1975 Raleigh Super Tourer has braze-ons under the top tube that are spaced for a 16.5 inch (420 mm) alloy pump (compressed), I have searched high and low for a zefal competition as spec'd in the 1975 catalog (along with the esge fenders which I think I have gived up finding) to restore this...
  4. Iverider

    Sale Pending Snyder Frame fork badge etc.

    Looks like a good OA bath candidate. Appears to be straight with no dents, or cracks or old repairs. Stem needs some persuasion to come out. $100 shipped continental U.S.
  5. Balloontyre

    40s 50s Ivory color Raleigh Industries frame pump

    Cool pump, cellulose handle with metal body, original and not cleaned. The handle has a slight "squaring" no cracks, this is a nice piece. 16" long when closed. $88 bux shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  6. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Pre-War Schwinn Motorbike Frame

    Check out the pics and ask questions if you have any. $275 shipped in the continental USA.
  7. Cooper S.

    My new mead, new questions

    Just bought this mead frame set, and was curious why it doesn’t have a serial number or fender mounts? I assume it probably just predates those but I’d thought I’d ask anyways.
  8. dusanmal

    Bare frame idenitfacition, possibly Austro Daimler

    Hello, I am starting a new project and have found appropriate bare frame, satisfied with condition and the price I paid so, no problems in that direction. However, I'd like to know with more certainty what is it. I'll provide information I have and set of pictures so maybe someone knowledgeable...
  9. P

    Need help identifying frame (1980s? roadbike)

    Hello! I've recently came across a really good deal on an old roadbike. It has really high quality parts on it, mavic ma40 rims, campagnolo downtube shifters and brakes, shimano 105 hubs and crankset, cinelli handlebar, selle italia turbo saddle, laprade saddle tube. Now here comes the tricky...
  10. bobbystillz

    Sold Late 1940s CWC Roadmaster 'straight bar' frame

    FOR SALE late 40's CWC Roadmaster 'straight bar' frame, fork and fender. Wheelset not included, but will include for $20 extra (front needs axle nuts, rear hub needs rebuild). The frame is a combo of factory paint and house paint, it has left this frame and fender with a really unique patina...
  11. bobbystillz

    Sold Late 1940s Hawthorne 'Comet'? frame

    *price drop* FOR SALE late 1940s CWC made Hawthorne (also Roadmaster) frame (with original tension screws), fork and, guard. Has original BB cups, and is missing the bearing cone ring that sits at the base of the fork tube. Has been mostly taken down to bare metal. Rubbed with light coating of...
  12. Cooper S.

    Prewar schwinn Roadster frame

    $320 pickup or $370 shipped.
  13. P

    Sold 1936 Gambel Stores / Shelby Eagel Frame-set

    I'm may regret this; you are looking at a 1936 Shelby Eagle frame set; made for Gamble. All you see in the photos are included; Drop stand 19 hole Chainguard Crankset 30" Troxel Longhorn handlebar Seatpost Frame features integrated ears for Drop Stand, unique to this type of frame. Despite...
  14. irideiam

    Sold 26" Wards Hawthorne, Cleveland Welding Company made frame early 1950s

    This original paint balloon tire frame has sweet patina and it's in great shape with no rust through, bends or repairs. This only small issue is that the old seat post wedge is stuck in the seat tube. I decided to just leave it because it was not in the way and allowed the seat post to be...
  15. J

    frame suggestions

    I am looking to build up my first klunker, i work at a bike collective and see a lot of bikes and parts roll through. Any suggestions for a good starting frame? Oh yeah, forgot, I am 6'5" 260 and need a sturdy and perhaps taller frame with a good reach. Tnks
  16. J

    Frame suggestions

    Im 6'5" looking to build up a klunker, any suggestions on frames sturdy or tall enough to deal with my size? thnks
  17. P

    Want 20 or 22 inch Schwinn Suburban frame

    I bought a 24 inch Schwinn Suburban to restore, but after getting it all back together I just can't get used to the size. I'd like to find a smaller frame I can fit all the parts to.
  18. PlasticNerd

    Help ID this frame!!!

    We think it may be 1938-39ish Columbia/Elgin? But not sure, it belongs to a friend of mine. Thanks for any ideas! Gary
  19. 1

    26 inch shelby frame crank fork chain

    Here are some shelby parts left over for sale again. Make offer. Thare are some good parts still left. (((125 shipped)))
  20. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started 20 shelby duck frame

    Here is a pretty straight 20 inch girls duck bike frame. The fork sells with it but its bent you may be able to fix it but i would look for a new one. This frame has a thick layer of paint on it so it makes it had to see if anyone did anything to it but looks good on the outside. Doesnt have...
  21. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork & Sprocket $900 OBO plus shipping from Southern California (Palmdale, CA) Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not...
  22. Z

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame & Fork

    1943 Dayton Huffman WW2 Military issue Frame, Fork, & Sprocket $900 OBO Quick background on the frameset: A buddie of mine has owned this bike since the 80s and didn’t know what it was for the longest time. He stripped it to bare metal, not knowing the “ugly green” was original OD green...
  23. ZE52414

    Withdrawn 35 SK lugged frame

    Up for grabs is a OG early SK. I bought the bike from the 2nd owner. It should be all Og from what I’m gathering. This bike does not have any cracks or rewelds but when I got it home and was checking it out I noticed that someone drilled a hole behind the bottom bracket. Maybe for a bolt on...
  24. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Nice OG paint early 50’s Schwinn BFG Hornet straightbar frame and chaingaurd

    Note, forks are no longer with the frame. Everything else is still there. Price is now $225 shipped in the lower 48. Early 50’s Schwinn straightbar Hornet heavyweight frame, fork and chainguard. Comes with all that you see pictured. The other side is just as nice, I only had pics of the side...
  25. sm2501

    Found 20" Rollfast frame aka Hoppy

    Anybody have a 20" Rollfast boys frame for a Hoppy project?
  26. Z

    Columbia boys framesold

    Columbia boys 1922 area N8 frame and other parts for 300.00 including shipping?
  27. Barto

    Help with a Ranger tank to Frame fit

    Calling all experts, Ok, I bought this really great OG paint prewar Ranger Tank thinking it would fit my frame - no joy:( Well, I did some searching and found an OG paint Ranger frame (same color to boot), unfortunatly when I was provided the dimensions of the tank it turned out that the...
  28. bikerbluz

    New old stock Giovannini frame set

    Hoping someone might have some info on this. I’m pretty sure it’s mid 80s. Couldn’t find much info online. Thanks in advance.
  29. bricycle

    Help! who made the frame with trianglarish tank opening?

    had opening like a door stop in top of frame
  30. D

    Sold 1950 Schwinn straight bar frame

    Good straight frame. $125.00 shipped to the lower 48. PM me if interested. ThanksS
  31. bricycle

    Sold FS Mead frame mounted tire pump complete

    Mead pump $175, so like $183 shipped domestic only
  32. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold 46 Schwinn Cantilever frame

    Sand blasted frame, clean brazing, no repairs. I'll include the tapered kickstand as well. I may have the early AS seat Post clamp for it as well. $190.00 picked up in Whittier Ca.
  33. J

    58cm Scott CR1 Team Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame And Forks

    Great condition, carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber forks. 58cm $450obo
  34. J

    58cm Scott CR1 Team Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame and Forks

    Great condition, carbon fiber frame and carbon fiber forks. 58cm $300obo
  35. Chevrolet_1954

    56 schwinn frame, but is any part period correct???

    Whats up cabe, i had recently bought this 56 schwinn cruiser from a good friend. I searched serial # and it came up as a 1956 year. But i know these parts on this bike are probably slapped together. So what i want to know if anyone can help me figure what is original to the frame? And what this...
  36. bobcycles

    Sold Early Postwar Schwinn "Continental" 1947 Mens Touring frame set-Nice Project-- 200 shipped

    Chromoly frame, three-piece Paramount/ Superior Crank set, Tapered kickstand. Paint shows some weathering but decals are legible. Hockey stick guard on board.... orig Diamond chain should clean up! A steal at 200 shipped.... Great riding bikes and very expensive new from Schwinn in the 40's...
  37. S

    Elgin on ebay possible Davis moto frame

    The Elgin on ebay possible Davis made.From Hillsdale,mich estate.
  38. robert bell

    what frame is this??

    just found this local, has peaked fenders with it, hawthorn badge. what year and make??
  39. tech549

    Sold 1920s mead ranger frame

    frame ,fork,truss rods $200.00 plus shipping
  40. A

    Hawthorne frame help

    I picked up this Hawthorne frame but cannot find much info about it, any help is greatly appreciated!
  41. tjkajecj

    Sold 1930's Schwinn Frame and Fork

    1936? B9? Schwinn ... Frame, Fork and Truss Rods for sale, as pictured in 1st photo. Frame serial number WXXXX. $165 Local pickup near St. Louis, Mo. Can ship at buyer expense. This bike was a completely built up bike, 2nd picture shows it as it is now. Was my daily rider, Need the room, so it...
  42. S

    HERCULES drop bar 23" frame

    Pickep this up other day, road yesterday, middlemoores not broke in my prostate is.Tried to pass on no luck.
  43. Marty McCann

    My columbia newsboy special serial number's?Here are some pictures of my frame, also a O.

    Here are some pictures of my frame and serial number.I hope the pictures are good,to help identify the year.I also found a letter are the number 0,on the bottom of the crank.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
  44. Pressed Steel 1915

    1952 Shelby frame & spring fork

    Frame & fork only $125 shipped Col,Oh43229
  45. G

    30s schwinn lockin fork

    1930s Schwinn motorbike frame with lockin fork , fork has some dents and extra holes but still good , frame has no damage. no key or truss rods , this is a bc model frame , 100 bux plus the ride
  46. S

    Sold HERCULES 3SPD. Drop Bar roadster 23" frame $55 new price

    HERCULES made by Raleigh , 23" frame , 26" wheels, Sturmey Archer rear hub. Like new tires. I just test road bike 5 miles. Wheels meed trued a little. Middlemoore saddle nice leather. Nice steel quill pedals. ... $55 plus bikeflyte.
  47. dweenk

    Free - Sprung Saddle Frame

    I have a saddle frame that came off a Sears Austrian 3 speed bike. The cover remnants were vinyl and the padding looked like horse hair. The nose of the saddle is articulated. I think it may be a Persons or Mesinger. Free for the cost of shipping.
  48. fat tire trader

    Sold Iver Johnson Frame

    Iver Johnson 26" Balloon Frame Has small dents in the seat stays above the seat stay bridge and on the top tube. $250 Shipped Now $200 Shipped
  49. F


    u get all of it there no seat or wheels n tires 75+shipping in USA ONLY
  50. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame Fork, Bars crank Clean Original Paint

    Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Seat Post, Center section of crank. Clean Original Paint with a 22" frame. The serial # on the rear drop out is 943604. Everything is straight no damage. Was $75. Now $60. + lower 48 USA shipping