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  1. Balloontyre

    Sold Early larger barrel, Hourglass front hub

    36 Spoke. Good hub for Pope, Columbia & others. This was house painted, I decreased it only, cleaned bearings and races, all looks nice, you will need to pack it, find washers and polish it if ya like. $68 shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  2. Lux Low

    Wanted: 32 hole Front Hubs, New Departure, Corbin, TOC

    I am Looking for 32 Hole Front Hubs like: New Departure M , Corbin ( Will Not Be labeled ) and Early Barrell Hubs. Prefer Completed but will take shells. LMK What you have ? Thanx tyler
  3. T

    WTB New Departure W front hub cones

    Looking for New Departure W front hub cones, but would also take replacement overhaul kit. I believe Wald #107 would work. Many thanks.
  4. alecburns

    WTB - Torrington #13 Bearing

    Hey all, The one in my Elgin was trashed. It was a Torrington #13 Bearing, with a 1" outer diameter, and 6 balls. Let me know if you have one in NOS or good condition. Cheers!
  5. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn NOS Blackout New Departure Front Hub

    NOS unused, 36h WL $50/shipped $45 shipped tracked & insured $40 shipped tracked & insured, no extra charge for paypal
  6. rustjunkie

    Sold NOS New Departure Blackout Front Hub

    36 hole WL, unused old stock. $50/shipped
  7. Jon Marinello

    WTB Schwinn script front hub black out nuts and washers

    Looking for an authentic used set. To roughly match the nuts on the rear hub.
  8. TR6SC

    Found WTB Musselman/Elgin Finned Front Hub

    Something like this. Gotta have good chrome. Other styles will also work, but like I said, no rust please.
  9. rustjunkie

    Sold New Departure Blackout WL 36h Front Hub

    Good used condition. cones and races look pretty good, better than some worse than others. Correct and original nuts and washers. $20/shipped
  10. MsRock2

    Sold Set of wheels - 23" New departure front hub

    I'm not sure why the hubs are differnt brands... rims may be painted but look great. $60 + shipping.PM for info or pick up in San Diego
  11. zephyrblau

    Found front hub finned Musselman ?

    something nice to go w/ the nice rear I have. ...or something that is a good candidate for replating ?
  12. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Rear Racing Hub $20.00 shipped

    Probably TOC but can't verify. PM for info. USA shipping only.
  13. C

    New Departure SM front hub 36 Hole

    Hey cabe'r's I am on the hunt for a New Departure SM front hub that has 36 holes. Can be ugly, but must be functional. No damage cones or cups, and no stripped axle or axle hardware. Hoping to find a cheap ugly roller. PM me with what you have! Thanks
  14. SKPC

    Colson Hourglass "M" front hub guts..

    Need the axle/cones/nuts (or all the guts) for this ND model M front hub....7/8" dust seal opening.
  15. R

    WANTED: Porcupine front hub in clad 28" wheel.

    I'm wondering if any one may have a porcupine front hub or a line on a wheel with one... I'd need the ball end spokes too. I have a '98 Cleveland it has the rear but a newer new departure on the front. A wooden clad painted wheel with a hub would be ideal. Thanks for any help! I do have...
  16. JimRoy

    Front hub for my G519 Project

    Cabers, i need a Bendix or Eclipse front hub for my G519 project. Thanks, JimRoy
  17. Neanderthal77

    Withdrawn Musselman Olympic Racer front hub

    I have this Musselman Olympic Racer front hub for sale. Spins fine just needs a good cleaning. Asking 200 obo. Can deliver to Memory Lane and Ann Arbor. Thank you
  18. JimRoy

    Found Front Hub

    Hey Cabers. I need a front hub like this. It can be rusty and I hope a whole lot less than the one on eBay. It's nice, but I'm going to have it powder coated anyway. Thanks, JimRoy
  19. mike cates


    Wanted front hub for a 1892 Victor sprung fork bicycle. 32 holes. Mike Cates (760) 473-6201 Calls only and NO TEXTS cates0321@hotmail.com EMAIL ME DIRECTLY
  20. bobcycles

    Sold Amazing GREEN w/ double pinstripes Colson Imperial wheel set - hourglass front hub Rare Tires 250

    Very rare and Nicest original late 1930s Imperial Colson painted wheels you'll find! Double pin striped with the double drop profile.. a double double!!! MINTY clean non pitted hubs including the very rare Colson hour glass front hub and a minty early DELUXE New Departure Model D with chrome...
  21. nycet3

    Sold Sturmey Archer High Flange Front Hub

    Beautiful shape. Has been built, but barely used if at all. Drilled for 36 spokes. Aluminum flanges are straight. Chrome plated body is stamped "Sturmey Archer" and "England". $48 shipped to Canada & Lower 48.
  22. lounging

    Schwinn Front Hub Axles, lock nuts

    Hello I am looking for Schwinn front hub axles 5 1/2 inches long and they have to be straight. NOS preferably and they belong to a schwinn scripted 36 hole front hub from the 40's or 50's. As long as the axles fit my schwinn bearing things I'll take it. I don't know the actual size of the...
  23. Freqman1

    Reduced Heavy Duty Dropstand and Schwinn Front Hub

    This is a really nice heavy duty 26" drop stand. Almost no wear to the bottom. This would be good for a motorized or delivery style bike. Could also be used on any 26" bike--just have a strong clip! Measurements shown are end-to-end 14 5/8", center of hole-to-bottom of stand 14 3/8", and...
  24. Krakatoa

    Found Eclipse 36 10 Front Hub~ Need Axle, Nuts, Washers Correct for G519 Mil Bike

    Need correct axle setup with nuts/washers for G519 Huffman/Westfield bike.
  25. Mike Hughes

    Sold sold

    This is my first attempt at selling on this site. I have no clue what I'm doing!! I've sold for years on E bay and CL, so this is just a trial run. Please let me know if I'm doing this correctly or not. I have been out of the hobby since 1990 and I'm beginning the process of selling off all of...
  26. N

    Schwinn heavy duti chair front hub nos

    65 shipped USPS m o please It appears to be nos and never spoked But a nick here or there on rim lip
  27. klunk!

    Sold TOC POPE Porcupine Straight Pull Front Hub

    Hard to find front hub. "Porcupine" straight pull front. No guts. 28 hole. OK for an original bike or I think you could re-plate. Bearing surfaces look OK. $250 shipped OBO.
  28. klunk!

    Help w/ Front HUB I.D

    Anyone recognize what this hub is from? Uses straight pull spokes accessed from inside hub shell. Fairly heavy duty, Knock out style axle. 40 hole. Outer lock nut width 119.5mm, Hub Shell width 100mm. Flange diameter 50mm. Any help appreciated.
  29. bricycle

    Sold FS Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!!

    Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!! $120.00 shipped domestic
  30. D

    Found Columbia Ball-End Spoke Front Hub

    Looking for a barrel-style ball-end spoke front hub for my 1901 Columbia Model 74 Chainless. I suppose I'm also looking for a set of ball end spokes to go with it. I have a TOC Hub for trade if interested. Here is a picture of the hub I need. Thanks! - David
  31. corbettclassics

    COLUMBIA "front hub" - Early 1900 (pic attached)

    Need this front hub for my 1902 Columbia
  32. M

    Sold 1968 Sturmey-Archer Dyno Front Hub 32 Hole Good Spark Made in England $45

    Nice chrome, checked dyno and has good output, Britains finest, lightly used, not abused. $45 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO. [/URL}
  33. M

    Sold 1968 Sturmey-Archer Dyno Front Hub 32 Hole Good Spark Made in England

    Nice chrome, checked dyno and has good output, Britain's finest, lightly used, not abused. $44 Shipped. PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  34. rustjunkie

    Genuine WWII Ammo Pouch Leather Front Hub Shiner

    From a genuine issued (used in the field) World War II ammunition pouch, fits front hub, you could screw a reflector in the hole if that's your bag. $10 shipped USPS first class with tracking immediately after PayPal payment rec'd :sunglasses: If you'd like to mail payment that's A-OK too: cash...
  35. SimpleMan

    Wald stems, Schwinn script front hub, unmarked front hub

    For your consideration. PayPal accepted. Nice clean Wald stems. $38 shipped. Schwinn script front hub with factory washers. $33 shipped. Unmarked front hub as pictured. $33 shipped.
  36. Balloontyre

    Mark V II front hub USA, what it B?

    Howdy, any ideas on this hub or applications to bike brands Thank you
  37. E

    Sold War time ND Blackout front hub

    Looks like a New Departure war time Blacko ut front hub..30.00 shipped..now 20.00 shipped
  38. gtdohn

    Found Front hub CONE New Departure Model M

    All I need is a good front hub cone for a New Departure Model M hub. Maybe a set of bearings too for same hub. Thanks
  39. robert bell

    schwinn hi-flange front hub

    what is the going price and availability of a prewar schwinn front high flange non-brake wheel hub ? need to see if I should find one or go forebrake on the wife's 40 schwinn
  40. D

    Sold TOC front hub 32 spoke hole nice

    TOC late 1890,s front hub 32 spoke count. I have no idea which bike this is for. Has a marking on hub, Waters hub ( Pat.App,d for ) Hub is very narrow 2 3/8 fork spread. Nickel is 95 % there and great , spins smooth. Axle is I think you call it Floating as you can take it out with out...
  41. Mercian

    Morrow Eclipse knockout front hub

    Dear All, I'm looking for a Morrow made Eclipse front hub, the type with a knockout axle, 36 spoke. I will consider 10, 11 and 12 gauge spokes (I know the 10 is rare). Please note: I am in France, but can provide references from CABE members for items already successfully shipped. Thanks for...
  42. ratdaddy

    wtb 36 hole elgin aircooled front hub pms only

    iam look for a good chrome 36 hole Elgin aircooled front hub.pm with price.I will take a good chrome shell only if that what you have.send pic and price shipped to tx
  43. corbettclassics

    TOC - Columbia - 1900's front hub

    Looking for the matching front hub to this rear - Columbia 1902 ... needed in 28 hole Thank you
  44. Dave Stromberger

    NOS New Departure WL front hub

  45. R

    High Flange Schwinn Hub

    Looking for a re-chromed or very, very nice 36h prewar High Flange Paramount Schwinn front hub - Rotary Phone style :) Interested in what you got. Thanks!
  46. Zuni13

    Wanted: Atom 36h Front Drum For Schwinn Cruiser

    I know they come up on on occasion, but I seem to always miss out or deal with someone that wants to give pass a modified rear Atom on to me. If you're sitting on one and need to move it to free up some space, please let me know! Thanks... I'm trying to finish up my 1980 Cruiser 5 restoration.
  47. Wcben

    Anybody seen a Thor front axle?

    I have a Thor racing rear hub, haven't seen (or been able to find) a matching front... Have spoken with a few known authorities... No-one so far has seen a Thor labelled front.... Has anyone here seen one?