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  1. Dave Stromberger

    NOS Morrow Hub Wrench - G519 Military

    NOS, never touched a fastener. I have 3 of these available in this condition. $65 shipped in the USA.
  2. N

    WTB G519 Tyres

    I am trying to complete the restoration of two Columbia WW2 Military bicycles and need to find 4 US Royal (chain pattern) tyres, size 26x2.125, that can be posted to the UK.
  3. blackcat

    G519 COLUMBIA MG 14197A

    I started the restoration of my G519 COLUMBIA MG 14197A found in December 2004 in Normandy. Disassembly was relatively easy, on the other hand very big work on the rear part of the frame which underwent the assaults of time. Found in Normandy 2 years ago a pair of fendres WESTFIELD, redo the...
  4. rustjunkie

    Sold Westfield G519 WWII Military Bike Truss Rod Plate

    good condition, ready to refinish or rock it as-is. $60/shipped tracked & insured
  5. Mercian

    G519? Er...No.

    Hi All, I thought you might be interested to see two 'Columbia Military Bikes' for sale at an upcoming auction in the UK. Someone has put a lot of effort into making two impressions of G519's, but the reality is that they are not even close. And it is implied that they are the real...
  6. JimRoy

    Front hub for my G519 Project

    Cabers, i need a Bendix or Eclipse front hub for my G519 project. Thanks, JimRoy
  7. C

    G519 markings

    Finally!...the weather here in the NE warmed enough for a vintage bicycle ride! A few questions for the experts: I'm wondering if anyone can help with some of the markings on my '43 G519. This bike is in original unrestored condition with original paint. The markings on the rear fender...
  8. U

    G519 Westfield Columbia parts finishes

    Hi Guys, Is there some one who can tell me what the correct finishes are of the following parts: seat post, crank nuts, headset nuts and bearing cups, pedal metal parts, spokes. Thanks in advance, Brett.
  9. W

    Found Torrington 8s

    What’s the going rate for some wartime Torrington 8s?.. or prewar since should be the same... as far as I know at least. Would likely paint OD so a clean finish wouldn’t be completely necessary but decent blocks would be a plus. Thanks!
  10. blackcat

    My collection ww2 g519 military bikes

    Hello; I present your my g519 military bikes as they are presented. The 1st, my bike, WESTFIELD COLUMBIA of 1941 found in Jan 2001 in region Champagne , n° MF 17056,bb code H12, hub L3. Juste redo the leather of the saddle. The 2ème my brother bike, HUFFMAN of 1943 found at CINEY EXPO.BE in Otc...
  11. I

    Sold 1943 G519 Huffman

    Up for sale is my 1943 Huffman G519 military bike. This bike has been restored by me with some specialty work performed by others. Please see the build posted on the Military Bikes section for build details. The frame, fork, and Morrow hub are all date matched with the same time period. It...
  12. G

    G519 Tribute Build

    Last year while showing my G-503 (jeep) at an airshow. I was getting annoyed that all we have in our group is Jeeps. And one half track. I would love to own more vehicles and bigger ones. But I dont have the space yet. So I thought I would try to find or build a G-519. Besides it would give me...
  13. Tomato John

    Bent rim problem

    G519 wheel with some damage to side. Rim edge is bent out pretty far. What’s the best way to fix? Pound it out or bend back somehow?
  14. Tomato John

    Goodbye Elvis, Hello John Wayne!

    My 38-39 ish Huffman with g519 parts nicknamed Elvis. Worked out a deal with Krakatoa and Elvis left the building and was replaced with what I’m calling John Wayne Now when we put JW together with what was left of Elvis.... hopefully someday we will have this looking forward to getting...
  15. Krakatoa

    Found Eclipse 36 10 Front Hub~ Need Axle, Nuts, Washers Correct for G519 Mil Bike

    Need correct axle setup with nuts/washers for G519 Huffman/Westfield bike.
  16. Krakatoa

    G519 Hubset Headsup!

    My Cabe only classified...
  17. Krakatoa

    G519 Military Spec Hubs Headsup!

    My Cabe only ad!
  18. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Morrow M4 36 10 / Eclipse 36 10 OG Military G519 Hub Set ~ Correct for Huffman/Westfield! ~

    Offered is an excellent condition original equipment war era Morrow/Eclipse heavy duty hub set, absolutely correct for '43 model Westfield & Huffman G519 Military bicycles. Front is 36 10, rear is M4 36 10. If you are building an authentic G519 you'll know how difficult/improbable it is to find...
  19. Mercian

    Lost: G519 Persons toolbag and saddle

    Dear All, seeing Tomato John's thread on a toolbag and saddle made me think to put this here. To avoid confusion,, these are not the ones shown by Tomato John! Late last year I bought a G519 Person's saddle and Toolbag from a CABE member in California, to be posted to France. Through no fault...
  20. Tomato John

    Persons tool bag and saddle

    Are these small clips/tabs where the leather straps pass through when attaching the tool bag to the underside of the saddle?
  21. THE STIG

    WTB Military Columbia G519

    must be complete.... cash or trade
  22. C

    1942 Navy G519

    Columbia G519 Navy bike for sale. Serial # 92217. $ 3600.00. The restoration of this bicycle was 99%completed 05/06 of this year. It has yet to be ridden. The only thing I did not 'restore' is the interior of the Delta light. I'm interested in a straight sale, however I would...
  23. Mercian

    Huffman Dayton G519 Frame Numbers

    Dear All, In addition to the Westfield Columbia G519 details I've been collecting, I've also collected as many extant Huffman Dayton G519 details from the internet as I could find. There follows a list of them, which is partly an experiment to find the best way of posting and managing a longer...
  24. Mercian

    Found Persons Majestic G519 Toolbag

    Dear All, I would like to formally declare that I am joining the (long) queue of people searching for one of these toolbags for their G519 Westfield Columbia or Huffman Dayton military bicycle. I would be happy to get any leads on one. Thanks in anticipation for your help. Best Regards, Adrian
  25. rustjunkie

    Sold Original Od Green G519 Crank Set

    original paint Columbia US Army WWII bicycle crank, chain ring, cones, washers, lock nut, and bearing retainers/bearings. The red paint looks to have been deliberately applied to the inside edges of the ring. The last original paint chainring I had went for $100, so let's start this set at...
  26. 3

    Military Bicycle G519 Parts Lot

    I decided to list these items as a package deal. NOS Eclipse 36-10 front hub shell only, no inners but a Bendix model K inners will complete this nicely. Morrow rear hub M4 date code but this is a 36-13 not 36-10. OD Repainted sprocket and chain guard, NOS OD correct rims, blackout Dayton...
  27. russell amurao

    Ww2 Dayton Huffman Military Issue

    Hi everyone! Please join me in my journey of restoring an authentic ww2 military issue dayton huffman 1943. It's is now on a powder coating company and I will get it in 5days. Will post photos soon. I am also looking for the missing parts: Fender Fork and truss rod Wheel set Chainguard Fender...
  28. rustjunkie

    Sold Mesinger Huffman G519 Saddle

    Here's a WWII Mesinger B-60 saddle for a Huffman G519 bicycle. All the parts are original to this seat with the exception of the inner clamp that goes around the seat post: it was missing when I got the seat. The teeth are not in the best condition...better than some worse than others. This is...