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  1. island schwinn

    Girls Colorflow on CL
  2. Z

    Columbia girls bike

    Columbia girls bike for sale .Very old 400.00obo
  3. D

    1952 Girls Panther with Packard Badge

    Carried this out of an old basement today. Should clean up nicely. I was surprised to see a Packard badge on this new of a bike. I know there are a few out there from the early 50's, but all of the Packard badged bikes I've had were older.
  4. blincoe

    PREWAR girls hollywood

    Hello, Looking for a prewar Hollywood.. Nice Condition.. ORIGINAL paint please. Something like these below...
  5. the2finger

    Need headlight switch for a 41 Hawthorne all American girls tank

    The 2finger needs the light switch for the below CWC tank. Thanks
  6. Robertriley

    Sold Elgin girls twin light bike

    I picked this one up for the light bar and lights from my original girls bike and replaced them with repops. The tank looks to be from a donor bike but all in all it's a great bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $699
  7. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Girl's Phantom Pedals

    Blocks look super nice, and end caps as well, may have been rechromed- pedals may or may not have reproduction parts on them, can't say for sure. Axles spin straight, center are solid, dull chrome and wear. Anyway a nice set of pedals. Blocks 3 1/4" $75 shipped, PP no fees. Message if...
  8. easyrider

    Sold 24" girls shelby survivor

    anybody interested in this little girl i'll keep the head light and tail light 100.00 plus the ride
  9. 4

    Schwinn Stingray Girls Frames & Misc - Fair Lady and Slik Chik

    Nice frames if you're doing a girls bike project. One frame is a Slik Chik and the other is a Fair Lady. Both have nice paint which can benefit from a polish. Also have nice 46T stingray sprockets from these. Pickup only in Long Island NY unless you want all of it then I will pack it. Frame...
  10. Mike Franco

    Sold 26in girls rollfast

    For sale a 26in girls rollfast about late 50s mid 60s local pickup in Los Angeles $100 or best offer willing to trade for bicycle license plates
  11. blincoe

    WANTED - girls phantom

    any color! PM me or Email me ORIGINAL PAINT ONLY PLEASE... THANKS!!!
  12. gkeep

    1952 Girls 24" New World

    I rescued this one about 6-7 years ago from becoming scrap metal. Seem like someone rode it a fair amount but took good care of it. It's too bad it is only a 24". My daughter was not into riding back when it would have fit her size, wife says to small too...but I rode it around the block today...
  13. szathmarig

    Prewar CWC Girl's tanks

    No guts. $15 plus shipping each, or best offer, or take all 5 for $50 plus shipping.
  14. tjkajecj

    Sold 1936/37 Girls Shelby

    SOLD!!!! Prewar girls Shelby bicycle. Gamble’s Eagle badge. N prefix on serial number. Nearly all original except the red house paint (originally blue). Previous owner found in Minnesota cabin attic. The can of red paint and brush nearby. A shame it was sloppily painted. Lots of good parts...
  15. JimRoy

    Murray Derby - Ready for another 80

    Hi Cabers. I just finished restoring a 1938 Murray Derby for my granddaughter. She’s six and I asked her what color she wanted and she said “Pink Gramps”. I received the bike in mid February and rust was literally falling of the bike. I managed to save most of the parts except the rims and...
  16. A

    Girls Schwinn Panther? Year?

    I inherited this old Schwinn bicycle. I am not positive of the modle and year it was made. As far as i can tell the serial # is H07301. If anyone can give me any information and/or thoughts on the bike i would very much apprecicate it.
  17. AndyA

    Columbia 24" girls ballooner is new to the fleet

    Appears to be mostly original bits here and they add up to one heavy bike. Rims are pretty crusty, but it looks like they were originally painted white. The sticker on the seat tube says "Matawan N.J Bicycle License 1961." Unfortunately, head badge is missing. So, can any of you balloonmeisters...
  18. robert bell

    Found WTB 40-41 CWC hawthorn 26" girls frame

    need a 1940-1941 ladies 26" CWC built hawthorn bare frame. will be painting it, so just straight and solid will work. got 41 snyder version if needed or trade or will buy. building CWC all american for wife, got all other parts except CWC frame and chaingaurd.
  19. rideahiggins

    Monark Girls head tube shroud

    Monark Girls head tube shroud. $35 shipped conus. Paypal.
  20. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #4 Girls

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are sold "as is". Sorry, I don't have binder or stem bolts for these. - Please Add $5 shipping for each -
  21. jmastuff

    late 50s girls 26" schwinn american, decent

    pictures should tell the story, decent paint, chrome will clean up, 145. plus ship
  22. tjkajecj

    Sold 1948 JC Higgin Girls Bike

    1948 JC Higgins girls bike, Rocket Ray light not included. Tires are new but a modern tread design. $65 $55 – Local pickup preferred, near St. Louis Mo. $130 -$120 Shipped 48 CONTUS. PM if interested. Tim
  23. S

    Monkey Wards Girls

    Spent some time looking around on here and searching Google images but have yet to definitively pin down the year of this old girl. Haven't actually found an image of this exact model. Certainly didn't need another bicycle but for fifty bucks I fell for it. My guess is early 50's due to certain...
  24. ByronsBygones

    50's Monark Sunliner girls 26''

    Selling a bunch of bikes that have been sitting around in my barn. This is a real beautiful girls Monark Silver king Sun Liner. delta rocket ray has some considerate rust and I couldn't get the horn working.. but I'm not an expert.. just put some batteries in and fiddled with the wires abit...
  25. D

    Dayton Girls Bike Frame

    Dayton Girls Bike Frame $65.00 Note: These bikes are being listed for Joe Mikulanis from Sunbury, PA. All questions concerning conditions of the bike, pricing and shipping arrangements should be directed to Joe since he is most knowledgeable. He can be reached at the following phone numbers...
  26. D

    Girls Elgin Bicycle Taking offers

    Girls Elgin Bicycle. Clean, simple and original. $200.00 Don't be afraid to make reasonable offers. Note: These bikes are being listed for Joe Mikulanis from Sunbury, PA. All questions concerning conditions of the bike, pricing and shipping arrangements should be directed to Joe since he is...
  27. S

    Rollfast (Triple Downtube Frame) Girls Sure is a neat looking frame. Springer is neat too. Pretty cool ride overall I'd say.
  28. frank 71

    Sold 1952 Girls Schwinn Spitfire Now $200.00

    Original paint Fenders Frame Fork & Chain guard. Repro Light & Rack. 26 in wheels have been repainted. 26X2.125 Wards Riverside Mate Air Cushion Tires. Recovered Leather Seat. No Horn Tank. One Spoke missing in the Front Wheel. $375.00 Free Shipping CONUS.
  29. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Original Prewar schwinn girls hoops

    Prewar hoops from the mid 30s Schwinn bicycle. $25 shipped Hard to find
  30. Miyata FL.


    Gorgeous.. Not my bike.
  31. Jon Marinello

    Sold 1947 Schwinn Excelsior Girls Bicycle w/Tank and Fenders - now $399

    Beautiful Vintage Schwinn Excelsior Girls Bicycle w/Tank and Fenders. With the tank, horn and original brass Excelsior head badge! NOS pedals, and reflector. Feather chain guard. Completely torn down and re-serviced. Even the hubs plus wheels trued. Painted drop center rims. New tires. Mesinger...
  32. Neanderthal77

    Girls Simplex bike info

    Picked up this Simplex bike today made by Simplex manufacturing of New Orleans. Not finding much information about it besides the company making motorcycles. Which I think are too cool looking! Just one ad about the introduction of bicycles in 51'. Seems to be pretty original except for the...
  33. charnleybob

    Withdrawn Roadmaster Girl's Supreme tank

    Nice shape, nice Delta button and switch, all complete inside. $175 plus shipping.
  34. Handle Bar Hoarder

    1938 Schwinn girls

    On eBay right now 1938 Schwinn prewar
  35. T

    Sold $400.00 Girls EVANS Springer Bike + Shipping

    Nice old girls Evans, springer, tank, etc coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday 450.00


  37. I

    1950's Girls Schwinn Starlet Project Bike Horntank

    Schwinn Starlet Project bike $120. Local Pickup 48067 which is near Detroit and Ann Arbor bike swap.
  38. 49autocycledeluxe

    did I put girls handle bars on my boys bike?

    put this bike together with parts at hand to get it riding, 70's goose neck and 80's "cruiser bars" I paid $3.00 for. I recently found these vintage gems and put them on. looking at pictures of early post war Schwinns online these bars seem to be on girls bikes for the most part. I like them...

    Prewar Monark Silver King ORIGINAL Wingbar hex truss rods girls #2 $300 SHIPPED

  40. Pedals Past

    Sold 1950-52 Girls Columbia 5 star original

    100%Original paint girls five star superb with brake light headlite a 100 year anniversery with matching patina have grips (one was cracked and was glued so i took off so they dont get lost) repop tires rides nice good seat no rips bought it at vw swap to ride around meet took home fixed it up...
  41. higgens

    Basket case Shelby airflo girls project

    wanted basket case Shelby Hiawatha airflo girls bike any condition prefer rusty
  42. kreika

    Sold 1941 Mercury Pacemaker Girls Project

    One year only 1941 Mercury Girls Pacemaker Project bike. One year only as in the fender light style cover it took. Looks similar to what Rollfast and Shelby and other companies of 1941 vintage were using. Sheet metal in decent shape. No horn unit in tank but does take one. No rear stay or drop...
  43. Nickinator

    Sold Girl's Shelby Truss Rods & Clip

    Pretty sure they are off a prewar bike. 26". Crusty with chrome loss but straight. Good threads and top acorn nuts. Lower set of nuts are rusty, haven't tried to move them. Measurement from tip to tip of rod is approx 24". $40 shipped, PP no fees, or add $2 if sent as Goods. Message if...
  44. bikesnbuses

    NICE girls Murray in NJ! of FB Not mine in Westwood NJ!
  45. E

    WTB Girls prewar chainring

    Do you have a smaller girls prewar chainring and it's just lying around? I have a 1941 Huffman I want to ride...I'm old and need that ratio Thanks Dave
  46. J

    Girls 50’s Columbia $250 + the ride

    powder coated wheels , Merced’s leather covered seat , really a nice bike ,
  47. Robertriley

    Elgin girls shroud lights needed

    I picked this up off of ebay today and would like to complete the shroud setup. I'd like to trade for the pieces. Thank you, Chris
  48. bikesnbuses

    Cool girls Elgin in PA with Firestone basket!

    Not mine.. Missing headlights though..:(
  49. Slick4d4d

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles a cool pair of kids bikes that I wanted to share and hopefully get some more information on, and find out what they may be worth.
  50. sm2501

    Reduced 1941 ? CWC Roadmaster girls bike SOLD

    I'm thinking this is 1941 model, but open to suggestions. Anyway, here's a pretty darn nice original girls Roadmaster. Looks pretty well original except for the light and the tires. Should detail out very nicely. The wheels are straight, just need a good detailing. $375 plus shipping.