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  1. Dave Stromberger

    Monark 5-Bar Gooseneck Stem

    This is the one that requires the special handlebars, it won't fit regular bars without abusing things with a hammer and vice grips. It has a crack down by the cork, as you can see in the pics. Easy fix for a resto project! $50 shipped in the CONUS.
  2. OC_Rolling_Art

    Found WANTED: Torrington ART DECO stem gooseneck

    Looking for a decent piece; smooth - no pitting or hammer persuasion marks would be ideal! But I am open to seeing what you have. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  3. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Pre War Gooseneck $40 shipped

    This gooseneck is in old condition. It might clean up I have not tried. The neck is 4" x 4" and works as it should. I would like $40 shipped for this.
  4. blincoe

    schwinn gooseneck stem AS bolt

    Hello, I am looking for a NICE original clean AS bolt. The longer AS bolt that goes through the stem. Attached is a picture of 2 long AS bolts. No reproductions please. Thank you....
  5. MsRock2

    Sold kelly goose neck

    $70.00 PM for more details... Shipping included.
  6. mynameislegion

    Torrington Aluminum Art Deco Gooseneck

    Torrington Art deco aluminum gooseneck. In good hand polished condition. No cracks. First PM. PayPal FF but will take Postal Money Order. $110.00 shipped.
  7. Pedals Past

    Sold Shelby Airflow gooseneck

    see photos script still there $125.00 ff/pp usps mo shipped 48 usa pm to buy thanks
  8. KevinM

    Gooseneck Rechromed Solid Steel Seatpost

    Nice rechromed Lucky Seven or Gooseneck Seatpost. 3/4" on one end and 5/8" on the other. $60 shipped.
  9. JimRoy

    Need Gooseneck

    Hi Cabers, I've started my next project and it is rusty... I need a gooseneck like the one pictured below at a reasonable price. So many parts are rusted beyond use, but the old girl will ride again. Please PM me if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks, JimRoy.
  10. kirk thomas

    Sold Roadmaster LL gooseneck repro $25 shipped

    Beautiful chrome $25 with a free ride.
  11. jungleterry

    Tomahawk gooseneck

    Hello I have a friend who has a Shelby airflow and is looking for a tomahawk gooseneck condition doesn't matter if It needs to be re-chromed he can have it re-chromed let us know if you have one available or know of one thank you so much Terry and Tammy
  12. ohdeebee

    Seatposts and gooseneck

    Tall wedge type post is $40 shipped I believe the 7 post is early Dayton ballooner for $45 shipped Prewar Shelby stamped stem is $65 shipped
  13. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old BMX Handlebars with stem Evel Knievel gooseneck

    Please PM direct with all replies or questions pleas do not post here. You pay lower 48 USA shipping Good for AMF, Huffy mid 1970's BMX. $50. + shipping
  14. S

    Sold Major Taylor sliding stem goose neck new plating

    vintage Major Taylor gooseneck stem, new plating, mfg..dont know??? $96 shipped 48 states, paypal friends


  16. S

    Trying to identify stem goose neck mfg

    symbol on goose neck stem mfg.???
  17. dave429

    Sold Hawthorne Goose Neck Swan Beak Stem

    Hawthorne goose neck stem. Unique Beak stem. Will need a new bolt for the handlebar mount cause the head has been marred up but I will include it for reference, Stem bolt and wedge are included and intact. Stem will need spray paint cleaned off and polish or re-chrome. Please examine pics and...
  18. easyrider

    another goose neck

    35.00 shipped to 48 states
  19. Shawn Michael

    Schwinn cycletruck gooseneck

    I'm still looking for a Schwinn long stem gooseneck for my 1950 Cycle Truck and an appropriate rear Schwinn fender. I will be at the Iron Ranch this Saturday if anyone has one available. Please send me a message, I have been unable to find one I can afford. my bike isn't great but I'm missing...
  20. easyrider

    another gooseneck

    this one was ground off a little on the bottom very useable 27.50 shipped to usa
  21. easyrider

    Sold goose neck

    37.50 shipped to usa
  22. Balloonatic

    WTB - Mohawk Goose Neck fat or razor!

    I'm looking for one of these necks... preferably the fat one, but will take the razor one or both - please do NOT reply to this thread if you have one for me - PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME or EMAIL DIRECTLY if you do? sgreg22@yahoo.com THANKS!! Balloonatic
  23. Balloonatic

    WALD #3 or #4 TOMAHAWK goose neck stem

    Looking for a Wald #3 or #4 Tomahawk goose neck/stem... like the ones shown. There are two versions I know of, the razor (#4) and the fat one, (#3) ... I will take either or both! PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF YOU HAVE ONE FOR ME, OR PLEASE EMAIL DIRECTLY TO sgreg22@yahoo.com PLEASE DO...
  24. easyrider

    goose neck lot

    25.00 shipped
  25. Maskadeo

    Sale Pending Deco stem $60 Shipped

    Here is a used art deco prewar gooseneck stem for a vintage Hawthorne Shelby Schwinn or CWC bike. Some slight peppering on chrome, but overall very nice shape. AS bolt. $60 shipped continental US only.
  26. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Schwinn Cycle Truck Gooseneck

    Good rider, $108 shipped
  27. bricycle

    Stem compilation PIC HEAVY

    Let's start a sticky stem compilation as well. Just post a pic of a stem and a known brand name or "where used" description. Please no comments. Comment in a PM to poster only, thanks. :D
  28. Dave Stromberger

    Reduced NOS Schwinn Autocycle Deluxe Stem Bolt

    I have a small number of these available, they are NOS and in perfect condition. 1 3/8" long, with two index tabs under the head. These are for the deluxe adjustable stem. $35 $25 shipped in the lower-48 USA.
  29. MOTOmike

    Iver Johnson Gooseneck - Sold

    For sale is a very nice condition Iver Johnson gooseneck. Solid and straight. The bolts are all original with good threads and "sharp" edges. The plating is not shiny bright like chrome, so it may be nickel plating.... I'm not sure. Some surface rust, but it has great patina. $69.00 shipped...
  30. tesch

    Elgin Bluebird/skylark/robin Parts For Trade

    I am looking for a speedo gooseneck for my Elgin Robin and have some Skylark parts I would trade. Fenders, rack, etc...Attached pic of one I found online for reference. I'm not looking to sell them. Message me or email me at schwinncruisers@gmail.com if you have one to trade. I'd also be...
  31. tesch

    Wtb: Elgin Gooseneck Speedo

    Looking for the speedo gooseneck found on Elgin Robins and Skylarks. Message or email me at schwinncruisers@gmail.com. Thx in advance! Andy