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  1. Krakatoa

    Sexy Single Orphan Mens Prewar Grips - Ball End, Coke Bottle Etc! Warning Explicit Pictures!

    Survivor orphan grips looking for mates! End hole dimensions are approximate and are included to satisfy the pickiest of customers! $25 shipped each! Q. Ball End 5.25", hole .155" SOLD R. Coke Bottle 5 5/16", hole .295 S. Columbia Script 5 3/16", hole .170" T. Schwinn Chubby 4.5", hole .200"...
  2. Krakatoa

    Sold Prewar Style MERCURY Streamlined 5" Grips for 26" Ballooners!

    Great Mercury logo prewar style streamlined 5" grips! I don't know if these are real or repro so just say repro. So cool! SOLD thanks Cabe
  3. Krakatoa

    Sold Pre WW2 Orphan Single Men's Grips!

    Hard to find early grip orphans. Prices are shipped! Coke bottle SOLD Columbia script SOLD Finger grip solid end SOLD
  4. Krakatoa

    Sold HTF Pre WW2 Columbia Script Ladies LIPSTICK Grips!

    Hard to find pre WW2 Columbia script "lipstick" grips. Good survivor condition, one has a short old tight split on the underside. SOLD
  5. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice old Jeweled Coke Bottle Grips!

    Old glass jeweled grips SOLD Old coke bottle grips SOLD
  6. Serrano

    1962 Murray Fire Cheif tricycle - Restoration project - Parts needed

    Hello all. I am from portugal, and I finally get a Murray Fire Cheif to restore!! You can see photos of it her. The item is in great shape for the project, but since I am used to restore old marklin trains (1930s) to is mint condition as new with all parts from the epoc I intend to do the same...
  7. patmcclerren2

    Purple glitter Western Flyer hand grips

    These things are pristine no flaws at all asking $45 shipped which I BET THEY DON'T LAST LONG
  8. Freqman1

    Sold TOC Orphan Grips Leather Bulldog and Short

    A couple of decent orphan grips. The Bulldog has no ferrule and has a slit but still usable. The short grip is pretty nice. I ship to lower 48 only-no exceptions. My PM is turned off so please Email me at Oldbikeguy1@hotmail.com Thanks, Shawn
  9. bricycle

    Sold fs Marbled grips

    Full size length, fit 7/8" bars
  10. bikemonkey

    White oval grips - HTF?

    Any great demand for these oval grips? I can't seem to find much solid info on them. Thanks!
  11. kingfish254

    Sold Lot of 19 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc

    SOLD - Lot of 18 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc $20 shipped US - SOLD 3 matched pairs plus 12 singles
  12. Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    "New Grips" compliments from Tyler (Mr. Cycleplane) ! Thank you Tyler...
  13. ratfink1962

    NOS LEE Motorcycle Waffle grips fits 7/8" bars

    Vintage LEE Nos Waffle grips, Lee #7052 fits 7/8" bars Great for MX restoration, or maybe early BMX? Shows shelf wear but Grips have never been removed from package $20 shipped (1st class - 48 states) Actual shipping elsewhere
  14. Jon Marinello

    Sold Rare Large Schwinn Tandem Script Grips

    These are much larger than the standard post-war Schwinn script grips. These were used on the old Tandem bikes. See pictures.
  15. John G04

    Phantom Schwinn grips

    Looking for some red schwinn phantom grips. Let me know thanks.
  16. spomalley86

    Prewar coke bottle grips

    No visible cracking, color is fair. Asking 40 shipped obo. Thanks Sean
  17. anders1

    Sold 4 Sale, Early Racing Drop Bars and Grips

    $180 shipped from S. California to 48 states. Bars and grips only. These are very early Racing Drop Bars with original grips. Bars are in nice shape with no deep pitting. Personal message only please PayPal ff. Thanks
  18. Freqman1

    Schwinn Phantom Grips

    Need a pair of black exactly like this only need to be fairly decent-no missing pieces or splits. Please PM with pics and price. Thanks, Shawn
  19. Jerry Smith

    Schwinn grips $50 shipped OBO

    repaired split on top left grip
  20. bikemonkey

    WTH is the trade name of these grips? Free pair to the best guess!

    Trying to find the trade name or brand of these junior grips - they are circa the 1980's from a defunct bicycle repair shop. They are 3" long for a 3/4' handlebar. If you can ID the correct maker/model/generic trade name (or make up the best official sounding one) then I will send you a free...
  21. O.B.G.

    Sold NOS Rocket Grips & Guards

    Box is hanging in there still, but a little rough and taped. Grips and guards in good shape. Never used with cool graphics on box. $100.00 shipped PayPal f &f
  22. tech549

    Sold prewar bars and grips

    nice set of bars no dents as I can see,straight,grips go with them as does broken stem $150.00 shipped
  23. bikiba

    Withdrawn Grips and Drop Stand Clip

    $25 shipped for the grips. Completely usable firm but malleable. One is worn more than the other. $22 shipped for the clip. Clean and nice, but not overly. Came from an SK. paypal as a best friend forever please.
  24. stoney


    Is anyone here on the CABE doing black boy's ball end grips? Thanks, Ray
  25. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 6 sets of grips$8.50 a set shipped

    These are the cool grips, Huffy, Western Flyer, Sears, Vista, + 2 other sets. You get all 6 sets for $20 shipped.
  26. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 8 sets of grips$15 shipped

    Group #3 of the grips that are headed to the recycle bin. 9 sets for $20 shipped.
  27. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 7 sets of grips$15.00 shipped.

    Just wanted you guys to see them before they go to the recycle bin. $20 shipped for all
  28. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 19 grips(5sets,9 oddballs)$8.50a set shipped

    These grips are what they are. I just wanted to let you guys see them before the recycle man gets them. Like the title says $20 for all.
  29. Nickinator

    Sold Vintage Sears Stamped White Grips with Streamers

    Very nice condition. Grips are nice and white still, and have some flex to them. Came off an early postwar JC Higgins but may be 60's or later. Stamped SEARS. $30 shipped PP no fees, or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick (Double post- accidentally put in complete bikes, awaiting...
  30. blincoe

    Sold Ball end grips

    2 sets Looking to get $25 shipped both sets 1 has a rip
  31. saladshooter

    Vintage Ball End Grips

    Howdy Looking for a set of vintage ball end grips like below. Thanks! Chad
  32. John Gailey

    Sold Cross Brace bars w/ grips

    Nice straight bars with no markings. $90 Shipped
  33. ZE52414

    Reduced I set of Og schwinn grips and 2 glass reflectors.

    Grips are pretty decent for being Og. Perfect for a patina bike. 50-shipped Large 2 1/4 glass reflector 60-shipped Smaller looks to be a persons rear fender reflector that has been glued in the back. Pretty hard to find I think. Asking 40-shipped
  34. bikesnbuses

    Sold Rare prewar coke bottle " corn cob" grips

    Nice original grips.Ive never owned this style before!Ive had the "common" coke bottle kind with/without jeweled ends countless times ,but never these. Someone mentioned that they were referred to as "corn cob" grips (I see that resemblance now :D) These are uncleaned.and there is 1 split and...
  35. Tino

    Vintage set of brown / tan grips

    set of vintage grips in used condition. Price is $15.00 shipped within the U.S. PayPal accepted
  36. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Cork Grips Quality Reproductions

    Very nice set of reproduction TOC cork grips. These are for 7/8" bars and they are 4" long. Bought them for a project and changed course, so no longer need them. They are very impressive. $48 shipped to the lower 48 states only. PayPal as friends Thanks
  37. bikesnbuses

    Are these coke bottle grips for a specific prewar bicycle?

    I bought these thinking I knew what they were for..But apparently not..:rolleyes: Any thoughts? Thanks everyone! Jeff
  38. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ a TASTY RAINBOW of Vintage Grips $10 a Pair Shipped!! ~ ~

    Okay no real description tonight you all know what you are looking at anyway! These are all vintage oem grips some older than others but no fakers! They are all used with various amounts of wear and patina but are clean and ready to rock! Thanks for looking!;) #1- #10 pictured below #4 SOLD...
  39. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Ancient Long Coke Bottle Grips! + Early Moto Scooter Fat Grips! ~ ~

    These oldies are both well used and battle scarred but are awesome early grip sets with authentic patina! First up are these ancient long Coke bottle grips. These have concave fluting which is nice. They measure 5.5" in length. These each have some large splits a few missing pieces and...
  40. rideahiggins

    Sold Elgin style grips. Ball end grips.

    Two pair on the left are sold. One pair left until I make some more. Elgin style grips. Ball end grips. $14 a pair shipped conus.
  41. 1817cent

    Unknown grips

    I am going through some old grips i have and am wondering what bicycle they are from or if they are an after market variety. The diameter of the grips may be very slightly larger than standard. The only writing i can find is "pat pend" on the bottom of the grip, near the front. Thanks,
  42. stoney


    I have 2 sets of rider quality blue sparkle grips. They have a couple of small digs, not bad. 1 set of sissy bar clamps and an aftermarket seat clamp. PAYPAL as F&F $25.00 shipped
  43. 1817cent

    Grip-Well grips

    What bicycle used these grips? Thanks
  44. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: TOC-Teens Bars, Stem and Leather Wrapped Wood Grips

    Surface is a little gnarly but just right for an original bike. Everything's solid and tight. $150 shipped or best offer.
  45. Jrodarod

    Tricycle Grips

    Red grips with tassels. $27 shipped anywhere in the us main land. Black grips sold.
  46. gtdohn

    Extra long TOC Grips

    I need a pair of extra long grips for a special TOC restoration.The ones I am looking for came on bikes around 1896. They cover a bit more of the bar and that it is what I need. They look just like these:
  47. rustjunkie

    Sold Original coke bottle jewel grips

    missing jewels, some cracks, fit the bars tight. $30/shipped tracked & insured
  48. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: ToC Handlebars with Cork Grips

    A few bits of missing decorative metal but grips are tight, sturdy and display well. They tighten securely into a head. Asking $165 shipped.
  49. saladshooter

    Found Elgin Torpedo Grips

    Anyone have an original black set of Elgin Torpedo Grips? PM me what you have. Thanks! Chad