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  1. Krakatoa

    Prewar Columbia Twin Bar Air Rider Dashboard Dash Bars & Stem!

    Uber Rare Columbia prewar Twinbar Air Rider 26" ballooner parts!! Torrington large script dash bars $105 shipped Columbia dash shell $115 shipped Columbia dash stem has regular bolt you'll need an allen bolt to install dash $75 shipped
  2. Krakatoa

    Gorgeous Prewar 1937 Hawthorne Bars Wide Flat Profile 23"!

    Terrific low rise flat wide profile on these wonderful pre WW2 1937 Hawthorne shim style handlebars for 26" balloon tire bicycles. 23" wide, 2.5" rise, 5.5" pull. $75 shipped
  3. patmcclerren2

    Sold Teens and prewar bars

    4 sets of teens and prewar bars , 2 sets have dents see last pics, all are rideable as they are..great price $100.00 shipped
  4. Beandipfootball

    Wanted: crossbar for 22in handlebars

    Looking for crossbar for 22 inch Elgin Cardinal handlebars (1929). Will purchase as just the crossbar or if you have a complete handlebar with cross bar/brace. Thanks.
  5. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar Wald 28" wide Steer Horn Bars handlebars survivor condition

    Good used prewar Wald handlebars ,uncleaned ,straight ..Asking $47 shipped in the USA obo'
  6. atencioee

    Sold 1960s Schwinn Jaguar, Corvette, Middleweight 4 Reflector Rear Rack, Handlebars

    HANDLE BARS STILL AVAILABLE...EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD!! Various 1960s Schwinn middleweight parts. #1 Restored AS seat post clamp $30 shipped - SOLD #2 Restored handlebars / steerhorns $55 shipped #3 Restored/Rechromed chaingaurd. The areas that get painted have been sanded with 220 grit to...
  7. spomalley86

    Prewar handlebars

    Very good shape, no makers mark. Asking 40 plus shipping Pp ff or add 3 percent Or local pickup Spokane valley WA Thanks Sean
  8. spomalley86

    Torrington stamped bars

    In decent shape, needs a more thorough cleaning. Asking 40 plus shipping or local pickup in Spokane valley, WA. Pp ff or add 3% Thanks Sean
  9. bikesnbuses

    Sold EARLY 1948 JC Higgins complete skip tooth crankset sprocket crank

    From a 1948 girls Deluxe JC Higgins bicycle ..I will be listing more parts later tonight and/or tomorrow Skirt guards SOLD! Handlebars SOLD!! Wheels SOLD!! Good original chrome COMPLETE crank setup from a 26" girls Higgins .Comes with complete bottom bracket,cups bearings,etc Now Asking...
  10. Demzie

    Sold FIRE ARROW cross brace bars

    Late 50s, early 60s Bugeye tank Columbia Fire Arrow cross brace bars. 150$
  11. locomotion

    TOC wood handlebars

    TOC wood handlebars also would like to find a 2 pieces stem to fit them for very special project
  12. W

    Green Hunt Wilde handlebar tape

    Aloha! I'm refurbishing two lime green lightweights ('79 and '74) and have noticed that the handlebar tape I'm removing appears to be lighter and/or have more yellow than what I'm putting on: NOS Hunt-Wilde translucent green tape. Just wondering if they made a lighter version that I don't know...
  13. ADReese

    Reduced Schwinn cushioned handlebars whizzer

    Nice pair of Schwinn cushioned handlebars. 27" wide. These came originally on my '50 Hornet and have been my riders occasionally for 7 years. I've decided to go with some long horns and no longer need these. Really nice rider quality with aged but in tact chrome. Slight dent in the front in the...
  14. stoney


    Nice button with a small 3" horn, OG wire. I see no damage, nice chrome on horn. PAYPAL Ship to lower 48 states. $400.00 shipped & insured
  15. B

    Rollfast Hopalong 26 inch Springer fork, longhorn handlebars

    1950's springer fork and longhorn handle bar...$225 shipped.
  16. ADReese

    Sold Torrington handlebars

    Two pairs of Torrington handlebars: -steerhorn style, 26"x8", some chrome left, $60 shipped -scout style, 22"x7", pretty crusty, $30 shipped
  17. ADReese

    Postwar balloon handlebars

    I could use a little education on what bars were typically used on postwar schwinn mens balloon bikes. Did they have their own bars or use Wald, Torrington, etc? Were they typically the 26-27" x 10" style? What is the correct diameter? 7/8 or 1"? Thanks in advance!
  18. Marc and his Humphrey

    Looking for 1940s CCM Motorbike handlebar and 1924 Cleveland fork.

    Good day. I am Mark from Ottawa, Ontario. I am looking to purchase a “motorbike” handle bar (with the cross bar) and stem to fit a 1940 CCM. I am also looking for a traditional fork to fit a 1924 Cleveland. Please send me a PM at mathibeault1970@gmail.com if you can help Thanks Mark.
  19. zedsn

    Original delta toploader handlebar mount

    This was removed from a 1941 schwinn that had a delta toploader light mounted to the handlebars and I already sold the toploader but here is an original rusty butsolid mount for your delta for $10 + ship. Comes with 1 fastener and black in between rubber piece.
  20. Driftpr

    Help ID!!!!! Handlebars

    I came. Across this handle bars any information on them would be appreciated.Anybody interested I’m willing to sell them.
  21. robert bell

    Sold torington handlebars $35 shipped

    handlebars $35 shipped, center knurl spun some, hole drilled, straight bars.
  22. carlitos60

    FS: KELLY Handlebars Stem!

    Up for Grabs, Early Style in Nice Shape!! $129 Shipped! OBO
  23. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #5 Pressed Steel

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are sold "as is". Sorry, I don't have binder or stem bolts for these. - Please Add $5 shipping for each -
  24. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #1

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are "as Is" Sorry, no stem bolts or binder bolts for these. - Please add $5.00 shipping per piece -
  25. rodeo1988

    Sold OG paint Prewar complete Shelby camelback frame, chainguard seatpost,handlebars

    I bought this from Maccdonals long time ago:D,,for project I don't have time for bicycles anymore (don't Remember from who) pics tell the story nice OG paint Red with white stripes shipped 48 lowers states PayPal as friend and family or add for the pp fees, THANK YOU
  26. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Pretty nice flat handlebar $35 shipped

    These bars are in pretty nice condition. They are around 23" across. I think they are Pre War. I would like $35 shipped priority mail.
  27. rustystone2112

    handlebar mount

    Anybody have a bracket and can't figure out what's it's for ?
  28. Jon Marinello

    Sold Sweet Nickel Plated Torrington Script Handlebars - Now $125

    These have been carefully re-plated with correct nickel. "Torrington" script preserved. Perfect knurling. They are uncut and are the original length of 26 1/2". Nickel plating is beautiful. Knurling is superb. Ready to grace your best restoration. See pictures. Price lowered to $125 shipped or...
  29. ohmybike

    Sold Tea cups lights

    All in great shape. 1 and 2 have the original cloth wires. 3 needs some work. They all have the bulbs. All are untested. PayPal only F&F plz. 1. $150 shipped 2. $150 shipped 3. $95 shipped Pm me for question or interest. Ty
  30. MsRock2

    Reduced Handlebars $30

    -$30.00 PM for info or more pictures. Located in San Diego One with the grips is sold.
  31. carlitos60

    Found Kelly Handlebars STEM Only!

    Need a Kelly Handlebars STEM Only! The Type with the Bolt Fastening! Short or Long!!
  32. C

    Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar Bar Mounted Pancake

    Vintage motorcycle Bar mount Horn Not tested Original clamp Not sure of Age Looks cool and at the least nice shelf piece Just a hair under 5” diameter $110 shipped
  33. ratdaddy

    Torrington handlebars

    the first set is the one with the stem.use as is or restore.no dents.will cleanup better .the stem has a few hammer marks on it.27 inches wide and 12 inches back150 plus shipping from Paris texas.the second pair are Torringtons. looks like Elgin bars.probably be restored.or just use them 21 wide...
  34. sm2501

    New teens vintage TILLER handlebars

    Fresh from the manufacturer. American made Tiller handlebars. An exact copy of originals except that I had the grips lengthened 2". The originals would fit a 4" grip fine, but putting a 6" coke bottle grip on never looked right. They do now! If you want something 100% accurate to the originals...
  35. alecburns

    Prewar 26" Handlebars

    Hello. Approx. 26" wide handlebars parted from a Prewar Shelby. Chrome is at about 60-75%, though I think some rust removal will do it some good. WALD Brand. Remains untouched, $30+ Shipping. Buy it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/597884910/vintage-prewar-bicycle-handlebars
  36. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Rare Pair of Torrington NOS Dallas Handlebars

    A beautiful set of Torrington scripted original NOS Dallas bars. Chrome is in excellent condition but does show some shelf wear blemishes and minor scratches. Knurling is intact. Bars do not appear to have ever been on a bike. Length: 28". $185 shipped from Santa Fe, NM. Please PM to purchase...
  37. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: ToC Handlebars with Cork Grips

    A few bits of missing decorative metal but grips are tight, sturdy and display well. They tighten securely into a head. Asking $165 shipped.
  38. John

    Handlebar newspaper ducks postwar

    $50.00 shipped all 3 PP friends or add 3% metalshopclass@gmail.com
  39. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Handlebar Seiss Klaxon

    Very nice Seiss handlebar Klaxon. This on attaches right where the grip ends, or can be mounted on the frame. $298 shipped. Works
  40. 5760rj

    Tombstone Handlebar Reflector

    tombstone handlebar red or green glass reflector.....
  41. jacob9795

    Autocycle handlebars

    Are the handlebars on this bike factory with drilled holes for the wiring? I like the wide bars but was wondering if I’m going to need to drill holes if necessary....if I can find a decent pair of handlebars. I have the standard Autocycle bars.
  42. Glenn Rhein

    Sale Pending Ea handlebar horn button

    Repop ea button $155 shipped
  43. ballooney

    Found Prewar Schwinn Cross Bar Handlebars

    I'm looking for cross bar handlebars for a '41 Schwinn BA97 model. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  44. K

    Handlebar end Jewels

    $60. Shipped
  45. K

    Handlebar end Jewels

    Moved to Parts For Sale
  46. K

    12 NOS packages Schwinn handlebar tape

    Buy all 12 for $100. Orange, Blue, Reds. All unopened. Shipping included.
  47. toyman


    Here is a nice set of Schwinn cushioned handlebars.They are complete with the Schwinn gooseneck and Schwinn grips.$75 plus shippingfound the bolt and the wedge for it.Now it is complete and a great pruce.
  48. dave the wave

    Sold 1940 Monark Superframe 5-Bar Handlebars SOLD !!

    $350 shipped paypal friend or usps money order. SOLD!!
  49. R

    Single TOC and before leather wrapped handlebar grips looking for mates

    I have a bunch of single leather wrapped handlebar grips seeking their partners. If you have any lying around they would be put to good use on pre-1900 bike restorations. Send a photo to rob@rhcap.com. It would be really appreciated.
  50. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Handlebar lot cheap $80

    SOLD Some nos Wald handlebars and some without marks. $120 local pickup only