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  1. bikesnbuses


    Like new in the box..I may have used it once? The box has been sitting in my toolbox for a while..The die is a PT -606 HSS FTS-1 comes with the 1"x 24T die, 1" guide and the handle Asking $135 shipped in the USA obo OR will trade outright for some aluminum mens HAWTHORNE prewar truss rods...
  2. J

    WTB 1955 Hawthorne Deluxe Rack

    Hi I’m looking for a 1955 Hawthorne Deluxe Rack to complete my bike. Here’s what it looks like.... Thanks in advance!
  3. keithsbikes

    Sold 1950’s Hawthorne Pedals

    Good Straight condition. Not cleaned up yet. 99.00 PP FF
  4. C

    Montgomery Wards Hawthorne

    A family member has this MW Hawthorne. Serial # G455896. Don't know what year or make. Can anyone plz help? Its a Beautiful bike. And if its worth any thing.. Thank you so much.
  5. patmcclerren2

    Nice straight 1940s Snyder made Hawthorne with ORIGINAL BADGE

    Frame is straight a bit of surface rust and crust, no pitting or repairs original fork, original headbadge perfect project frame WOW $135 shipped to your door
  6. cbustapeck

    Project Hawthorne De Luxe: Putting a 100 year old bicycle on the road for $100

    I like demonstrating that really cool stuff can be done without a lot of money. In my experience, a combination of time (sometimes lots of it) and figuring out materials that work *almost* as well. Further, I want to mess around with an early bike, and it doesn't seem possible to get anything...
  7. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Lighted Carrier For Wards Hawthorne Bicycles

    This is a lighted carrier that fits prewar Wards Hawthorne bicycles. This particular one is from a girls bicycle, presumably a Rollfast-built one. Might be able to be adapted to fit others. The lenses are missing, but at one point in the recent past someone on eBay was selling reproduction...
  8. N

    Looking for help identifying the year of my Hawthorne Bicycle

    I am looking for help identifying the year of my Hawthorne Bicycle. Can anyone help me? Here are some pictures and the serial number photo too. I sure appreciate any help with this. Tahnk you in advance!
  9. Haser65

    Need help on I.d. Of this bike

    Hello everyone I just picked up this bike has Hawthorne markings and rear hub says Hawthorne not sure what model any help would be appreciated
  10. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1934 Hawthorne Speedline Headlight and Bracket

    Just add the horn, and you're Speedline project is FINALLY done! Pics mostly tell the story, but what doesn't show too well is that there are some ding marks in the back of the shell where there was a dent at one time that someone "fixed". You can fix it much better, I'm sure, or leave it...
  11. 1970_LEMON_PEEL

    1937 Wards Hawthorne Motobike truss rods

    Hey all, i am in search of a correct set of truss rods for my 1937 Wards Hawthorne Motobike. The hole the rod goes through is 5/16 inch and it measures 20 inches from the top tab straight down to the center of the axle. The distance from the top tab to the center where the rod bends and goes...
  12. stezell

    Hawthorne and Shelby badges

    Hawthorne badge and Shelby Eagle badge asking $20 each shipped or get both for $35 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking, Sean
  13. bikesnbuses

    Sold Full length 56" new old stock uncleaned Diamond brand skip tooth 1" pitch chain with master link.

    Full length 56" new old stock uncleaned Diamond brand skip tooth 1" pitch chain with master link. Also included is a really rough remnant of the original box..Missing most of its sides,kind of resembles a little "folder" now..not so much a box anymore.. Asking $120 shipped priority mail in the...
  14. 4

    Sold Books on Vintage Bicycles

    3 Books on Vintage/Balloon Tire Bikes Columbia Elgin - J.C. Higgins - Hawthorne Shelby Books are in very good condition. $40 for all 3 - Buyer covers shipping TBD based on location. no returns -prefer payment thru Paypal
  15. Freqman1

    Sold 1941 girls Hawthorne Deluxe (CWC)

    This is deluxe girls prewar bike with an old amatuer restoration. This bike was manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Co. (CWC) for Wards department stores (later Montgomery Ward). There are some scrapes and bumps but overall a pretty nice looking bike. I have not tested the horn or light but...
  16. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Cadet Head Badge 1930's

    Hawthorne, Rollfast, DP Harris and Zep have been associated with this badge from my research. Nice condition! $8 shipping
  17. Demzie

    Sold 1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme

    1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme $300 OBO Won't ship but willing to drive a bit and meet. ALL original save for: The Tank (which is correct for make, not for model and is comprised of two good halves. One is showing leftover decals as shown, and the other still under repaint) The Grips which are...
  18. kevin x

    Sold Hawthorne Duralium - Silver King

    Frame is solid - no welds no cracks, but possible added cuts near seat post (see picture), 26" wheels, 26" chrome steel fork, repop chrome fenders, carlisle WW tires, Komet Super hub, nice repop drop stand, steel struts, quill seat post, frame and head badge appear to be the only original parts...
  19. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1920's Hawthorne Flyer Toolbox Tank - Nice Original

    Really cool piece for your display case, or if you have a bike with matching patina? I didn't clean it at all, I'll leave that up to you. Attic fresh! Look the pics over closely! 21" long. $445 shipped in the USA.
  20. T

    1930s Hawthorne Silver King Pre-War Vintage Bicycle - 24" Cruiser Bike

    1930s Hawthorne Silver King Pre-War Vintage Bicycle - 24" Cruiser Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1930s-Hawthorne-Silver-King-Pre-War-Vintage-Bicycle-24-Cruiser-Bike/182389270056?
  21. bobbystillz

    Sold Late 1940s Hawthorne 'Comet'? frame

    *price drop* FOR SALE late 1940s CWC made Hawthorne (also Roadmaster) frame (with original tension screws), fork and, guard. Has original BB cups, and is missing the bearing cone ring that sits at the base of the fork tube. Has been mostly taken down to bare metal. Rubbed with light coating of...
  22. Irish

    1940 's Hawthorne Standard Tank Ladies

    Hi everyone. New here. To the forum and the vintage bicycle scene. I would like to sell a vintage bicycle my husband and I rescued out of a house set to be demolished. I knew nothing about old bikes but learned a lot in the last year. Anyways , She is a 1941 Hawthorne 26 inch Standard Tank...
  23. prewarbikes4sale

    Withdrawn Silverking With Wing Bar Fenders

    Nice Original Hawthorne with Original paint faded Blue Wingbar Fenders ( I had a boys Wingbar that faded like this). Rims have been Painted. Battery tube is a Seiss. I am tempted To repaint the fenders because I love the contrast of the Blue and aluminum. Price is 1300.00 firm plus shipping...
  24. dave429

    Sold Bicycle Hubcaps Red Reflectors, For Schwinn Balloon Bikes and Others

    Hub Caps for vintage balloon tire bicycle, used condition. Please examine photos for condition.
  25. JimRoy

    Sold 1939 Hawthorne - Nice Rider

    I'm selling my 1939 Montgomery Wards Hawthorne - Excellent Condition. All original except seat, tank and front light. However these items are correct for the bike. The tank has the original red that matches the frame. The paint is 95% original red. Has springer fromt fork and New Departurs...
  26. irideiam

    Sold 26" Wards Hawthorne, Cleveland Welding Company made frame early 1950s

    This original paint balloon tire frame has sweet patina and it's in great shape with no rust through, bends or repairs. This only small issue is that the old seat post wedge is stuck in the seat tube. I decided to just leave it because it was not in the way and allowed the seat post to be...
  27. KingSized HD

    i.d. help -5 bar

    Hi, I’m hoping for some help IDing this bike. It looks like a 5 bar but I don’t know if someone made a similar bike later. Hoping to find who may have made it, the approx year and the approx MARKET VALUE if possible. Thanks for taking the time to post a response.
  28. rustystone2112

    Found Hawthorne fender brace's

    Last thing i need to finish restoring my sister's bike 1 front and 1 rear fender brace for a 1960's 24 inch middleweight Hawthorne or RollFast like the one pictured
  29. the2finger

    ‘41 Hawthorne All American

    Another bike has been sucked into the 2fingers black hole. Looking for the lock and a nice headlamp lens. This is a Snyder built bike.
  30. kirk thomas

    Hawthorne Spartan in NY

  31. Jay81

    Reduced Parting Prewar Snyder / Rollfast Fastback "Zep"

    CHAIN, CHAINGUARD & CRANK SET ARE STILL AVAILABLE - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PICS AND PRICES No takers for the complete bike so I'm listing parts. I have not attempted to clean anything in case anybody wants to keep the parts as is. Most of it will clean up decently if you choose to do so. Prices...
  32. A

    Hawthorne frame help

    I picked up this Hawthorne frame but cannot find much info about it, any help is greatly appreciated!
  33. WetDogGraphix

    39 Hawthorne Twin Bar

    I had another thread, but the title wasn't quite right so I'm starting this one.... https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/5-bar-project.81247/ I can't believe I've had this bike for 2 1/2 yrs, but it's time to get off the pot. I've got about 95% of the parts so no more stalling...Had some frame...
  34. fordmike65

    Hawthorne Comet (I think) on eBay Missing tank :(

  35. the2finger

    Need headlight switch for a 41 Hawthorne all American girls tank

    The 2finger needs the light switch for the below CWC tank. Thanks
  36. Tino

    Sold Hawthorne Duralium frame Silver King

    Last reduction $350 shipped within the CONUS !!! Hawthorne Duralium boys frame, no cracks or repairs. Only issue is the chain adjuster bolt as can be seen in the picture. Comes with sprocket and head badge. , PayPal accepted
  37. S

    hawthorne bicycle

    I have a old hawthorne bike the seriel under the crank is F41744 ,im trying to find out what year it is. I got a new won like this in 1947 or 1948 and gave it away whin i got my first car i was 17 years old. will try to send photo thanks Jack PS i do not think the tanks are the right one's.
  38. K

    Looking for ID help Hawthorne?

    Hey, cleaning out grandpas barn and have this bike. Did lots of searching but couldn't find an exact match. Montgomery wards hawthorne? Ill flip it over for a serial number tomorrow. Appreciate any help, thanks.
  39. TheFizzer

    Sold Hawthorne Cheap!

    26" Hawthorne repainted. Nice set of New Departure skip tooth wheel set. This is the type of frame that requires a seat post with a bolt that runs through the center kind of like a handle bar stem. Someone put a regular seat post clamp around the frame though which did not work. $140 plus...
  40. the tinker

    The Green Hawthorne

    This bike was another lost cause when I dragged it home. A plane-Jane Hawthorne covered in house paint. I found a tank for it for thirty bucks and this is how it turned out. Today I took the old boy out and it rides nice! That's Arron above, he hadn't ridden a balloon tire bike since the...

    Hawthorne chainguard complete with brackets!

    Up for grabs is a Hawthorne chainguard, has all the brackets and nuts and bolts! Asking $40 plus shipping
  42. SimpleMan

    Sold Hawthorne skirt guards

    For your consideration. Hawthorne skirt guards. $70 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  43. kirk thomas

    Hawthorne frame an tank in NY $35

    https://syracuse.craigslist.org/atq/d/vintage-hawthorne-bicycle/6611968788.html You don't see many of these. I can pick up and ship
  44. the tinker

    Hawthorne Junker

    Some of these old boys ride hard, but not this Hawthorne. Easy pedaling and just a nice bike to ride. Bought this old timer in Chicago a few years ago. I think I have about 160 bucks in this bike. That's maybe two good dinners for the wife and I. Can't beat it. I'll take the bike over the...
  45. Wards Guy..

    Hawthorne 1937 ish

    For Sale: Hawthorne “Zep” style bike heavy patina.... very cool look. Shovel was not considered in the sale. Neck bolt was broken when I found it. But let me know if interested. Tank is in solid condition, no horn setup left inside. If no sale I will part out. I know the tanks are liked a lot...
  46. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  47. M

    Found Wanted Hawthorne Tank and Headlight

    Wanted - I am in need of a tank and headlight like the ones in the pictures for my Hawthorne
  48. V

    Help identifying the year of Ward's Hawthorne

    My daughter dragged this out of the garage with the intention of cleaning it up to ride it. The bicycle belonged to her great grandmother. Any help is appreciated!!
  49. kirk thomas

    Sold 1950 Hawthorne Deluxe men's bike $400 shipped

    26" men's bike. This bikes original color is Purple. The bike is complete except the tail light. The bike rides but the rear rim is a little loose in the spokes. The speedometer works good. I would like $500 for this bike. Plus the ride.
  50. Volksauto

    Help Me Identify The Year of this MW Hawthorne

    Hello! I'm new here and I picked up this Montgomery Wards Hawthorne Women's cruiser and I don't know the year it was built. I tried searching online everywhere but no luck. Could you guys help figure it out? P.S. The bell and lights are aftermarket. Here is the bike: