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  1. silverking surfer

    Silver King T Shirt #2 $25.00

  2. silverking surfer

    Silver King T Shirts

  3. frankster41

    Indian Motorcycle Headbadge

    Early Indian headbadge. Reproduction laser cut steel.$155 shipped From Frank in Wisconsin Text, Call 920 918 6013 or msg me Best Regards Frank
  4. frank 71

    Found Headbadge

    Need a head badge foe 1948 Snyder built bike, Horizontal Holes I-5/8 inches apart. Found a Custom Badge.
  5. Streetcustom82

    Reduced Schwinn headbadge

    Schwinn headbadge 10$ shipped PayPal ready comes wit screws
  6. R

    Sold Headbadge lot

    All 7 badges for $35 shipped (lower 48 only) PayPal with no fees or add 3% Thanks
  7. barnyguey

    Schwinn headbadge book update

    Howdy folks! I've been working hard on the book. Wow, I had no Idea how much work it would be writing book. I can hardly spell or form a sentence. Fellow Caber greenephantom turned me on to a website called CreateSpace and now I'm trying to fix all my problems. I'm going to have it printed in...
  8. 5760rj

    Schwinn Headbadge Restoration

    resolved, please delete listing.....
  9. catfish

    Bluebird badge !!!
  10. 5760rj

    Typhoooon Headbadge

    found, please delete listing.....
  11. chucksoldbikes

    F-S= schwinn built excelsor ribbon badge

    for sale is a Schwinn built excelsior ribbon badge 60.00 shipped in the lwr 48
  12. mongeese

    1901 Miami Racycle f/f crank and badge

    Frame fork crank badge and seatpost with all headset hardware 1,300 shipped. Hussey bars and stem combo may be for sale if f/f sells. I love the bike yet have to sell a few things off for personal reasons. Message me for any info on this or other bikes you may be interested in. Leave your...
  13. VeloBandit

    1952 Schwinn Meteor Green Head badge

    Here is a nice green "brass era" head badge off a '52 Schwinn Meteor. Removed with care and unmolested. $22 shipped Cash, Paypal or USPS postal money order only please Call or text 1-206-910-30 three three
  14. Junkman Bob

    Reduced Standard head badge 35$ shipped

    Good condition Standard head badge Side by side screw holes 45$ shipped to lower 48
  15. Junkman Bob

    Meade head badge

    Meade pathfinder brass headbadge... look to be in good condition 35$ shipped to lower 48
  16. prewarmachine

    Badges, stems, odds and ends

    All prices are shipped. 1. Reflectors lot. Raspberry is plastic and has a crack $25 2. JC Higgins badge $25 3. Assorted badges $10 each 4. Beacon Japan headlight. Tempermental. Switch contact is bent. $Sold 5. Grips and bar ends lot $20 6. Oxford horn works $12 7. Nitto forged stem and Ambrosio...
  17. B

    Headbadge lot

    $70 for the lot, including 2 metal reproduction Rollfast in metal.
  18. Velo-dream

    Sold very rare & early 1900 PEUGEOT headbadge for sale

    up for sale = a rare an early 1900 PEUGEOT head badge -->> Lion looks to the left = TOC ! arrow complete - no dammage very nice badge ....... see pictures pay pal for friends only
  19. cyclingday

    Westfield employee badge.

    Ok, which ever one of you guys, that won this auction, I will quintuple your profit margin on it. I had this on my watch list, and remembered about it just as it was ending. Uggh! $27.00 dollars! Come on! Unfortunately, I've inadvertently started collecting cycle industry employee badges, and...
  20. Freqman1

    Raleigh Head Badges

    Pics tell the story. $15 shipped to lower 48. PP as F&F or add the 3% for G&S. Thanks, Shawn
  21. S

    Super Sport Head Badge Rivets?

    A friend gave me an early 80s Japanese Super Sport frame a couple years ago. It was hanging in my basement until I got my act together a few weeks ago and threw some parts on it. I've been riding it a fair amount lately (alternating with my Volare) and really like it. I have been riding it...
  22. barnyguey

    How do I self publish my Schwinn badge book?

    Howdy guys! I've got my Schwinn head badge book written and I'm editing it now. Do they have a program you can buy for publishing a book or what? I've worked on this book for five years and need a little advice. Thanks, Barry
  23. ZE52414

    Withdrawn Nice Peoria king badge

    2 3/16 hole spacing. Asking 75$ shipped
  24. TJW

    1941 Autocycle with "Southern Speedster" Badge

    This bike has been discussed before, but I've become more curious as to how rare that it might be. I found this bike on Craigslist about three years ago. This is the oldest picture that I have found. It was posted on TheCabe in 2011: This is what it looked like when I bought it: After...
  25. barnyguey

    Anyone seen this badge before?

    Please PM me, email me at, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry
  26. Velo-dream


    up for sale = a COLUMBIA " MILITARY MODEL " headbadge nice condition price 360$ , shipped, signed for pay pal for friends only
  27. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay
  28. fat tire trader

    Head Badges For Sale

    Hello, I created this page of head badges earlier in the year. I had them marked as trade only. They are now for sale. You can see them here Thanks, Chris
  29. carlitos60

    Must See, Saint Christopher Badges!

    These are the Coolest Badest Saint Christopher Badges I've Seen!!!! Had to Show Them!
  30. kirk thomas

    Sold 5 Badges and a Delta reflector $27.50 Shipped

    You get the 5 badges and the Delta reflector for $27.50 priority shipping
  31. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Coool CYCLONE "60" Badge Columbia for Macy's! ~ ~

    Super coool wrap around badge CYCLONE "60", from a Westfield built for Macy's pre war bicycle. SOLD thanks CABE!
  32. jchicago

    Elgin Headbadge Designs

    Does anyone know what year Elgin switched headbadge designs? From the bold diagonal version to the other one?
  33. D

    Bike with "Famous" Head Badge - Louisville Bicycle Supply Co

    Can anyone tell me if this bike is anything worth keeping. I cannot find info on it. A barn find in my dads old shed.
  34. Lux Low

    Wanted 1890s Clipper Headbadge & Concentric Dropout Discs

    Hey, I am Looking for a 1890s Clipper Head Badge and Concentric Drop Out Discs for mounting the rear Hub in to round Dropouts. The Concentric part that goes into the frame looks to be 15/16" seems a odd size 1" mat work also. Please Message me if you have either for Sale or Trade. Thanx t
  35. fordmike65

    Hey barnyguey! Check out this Schwinn badge!

    Popped up on a crusty prewar straightbar. Pretty cool. Not mine.:smirk: @barnyguey
  36. T

    WTB Western Union head badge

    I am looking for a Western Union head badge. Thanks Tino
  37. carlitos60

    FS: Racycle Badge (Westfield?)

    $46 Shipped! OBO PM!
  38. kirk thomas

    Sold St. Christopher headtube badge $20shipped

    This is a pretty old badge you can see a little blue paint on it. The clamp is the size of a headtube. I think this is made from chrome plated brass. I would like $20 shipped
  39. whizzer kid

    Columbus-Prewar Westfield headbadge f/s

    Nice original headbadge , In great condition Comes with screws 45 shipped //PayPal as friends preferred// Thanks
  40. tech549

    Reduced admiral badge

    nice badge $45.00 shipped
  41. Glenn Rhein

    Silver King headbadge $29

    Silver king had badge $29 shipped
  42. KingOBO

    The World Badge and Bike LP's

    Up for your consideration, OBO The World Badge $120 shipped Michigan Bike LP $25 your choice shipped
  43. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Packard Badge and Huffman/Dayton Bottlecap Badge

    Very nice Packard badge. 2 5/8" height x 1 7/16" width x approx. 3/4" depth. $50 shipped. SOLD, thank you! Huffman/Dayton bottlecap-type earlier badge. Good condition, some paint loss, scratching, and missing the bottle cap attachment on rear. 3" height x 1 9/16" width x approx. 7/8" depth. $85...
  44. dogdart

    Roadmaster badge query

    A new one to me. Anybody know who sold these ?
  45. onecatahula

    Sold RARE ND Bell, RARE Schwinn Badge

    The Good Stuff: RARE Early New Departure Indian Head bell. Perfect working condition; excellent tone. 200 shipped. > > SOLD RARE 1898? Schwinn World Badge. Condition is rough, and there are a few small tears to the brass, but there are only a handful of these still in existence. 350 shipped. > >...
  46. T

    1930s motobike i.d. request Peerless badged, Shelby made?

    I would like to get some info on this 26 inch Peerless badged motobike, I am not sure if a year can be established based on the frame #. The sprocket looks to be Shelby, maybe the experts can i.d. the bike based on the pics. Thanks in advance Tino