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  1. Dave Stromberger

    1934 Hawthorne Speedline Headlight and Bracket

    Just add the horn, and you're Speedline project is FINALLY done! Pics mostly tell the story, but what doesn't show too well is that there are some ding marks in the back of the shell where there was a dent at one time that someone "fixed". You can fix it much better, I'm sure, or leave it...
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold >>> NOS <<< 1950 1951 Vintage Western Flyer Super Bicycle Headlight CWC Roadmaster light

    Incredible condition new old stock Western Flyer Super 3 chrome strip postwar headlight . Not much to say :) its about as nice as can be! Theres a few tiny shelf wear chips. Asking $255 well packed/shipped in the USA
  3. SteveF

    Found X53 light

    I just bought an x53 and it's missing the headlight. Seems like most of them are. The correct one for my bike would be a black base with a chrome top. I know this is fairly rare but I'm sure one of you fellas have one. Thank you
  4. stezell

    Sold Prewar Delta Winner

    Prewar Delta Winner smooth top light with original paint, missing lens and switch, no rot, untouched, mounting and rear screws aren't original. Asking $85 shipped to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042. If you have any questions or need more pictures please message me. Thank you, Sean
  5. S

    1949 monark pedestal light

    I am selling this orginal 1949 pedestal headlight. I know they are rare. The original films in tac and it works. The top strip of chrome needs repaired. I'm asking 400$
  6. bikesnbuses

    Sold !!! NOS white prewar working 6 rib EA fender large bolt mount !!!

    EA 6 rib frontload head light . Some obvious chips from shelfwear / storage but a fantastic light that works! I did not clean the lens I forgot..Sorry..The light itself is uncleaned as well Asking $200 shipped in the USA OBO Thanks everyone ! Jeff Trades ? The only thing Im really wanting right...
  7. Demzie

    Headlight fixture Columbia

    I bought a '64 Columbia Torpedo from the original owner some years back, guy got it brand new from his folks when he was a kid and swears up and down he didn't change anything, down to tires..frankly he didn't come across as the type to assemble something custom for it. Well, I discovered the...
  8. Dave Stromberger

    Hawthorne Deluxe Headlight Lens (or whole light)

    Looking for this lens! Or a complete light.
  9. Eric_B

    DIY headlight bracket

    I made a ratrod like headlight from an old tractor light, now the question is how can I attach it to the bike? I would like to get it to sit a little above the fender, is there an existing bracket that attaches to the neck that would except the bolt on the bottom of the light?

    Sold Delta winner headlight working!

    Up for sale is this nearly mint condition Delta winner light, inside and out real nice original condition. Lense has no cracks in it looks new. I put to batteries in and it works!! Comes with the srews to mount on to your front fender! Price is $120 shipped. Pm with any questions, great to...
  11. spomalley86

    Prewar old sol headlight

    Untested, glass is intact. Found in a barn in western montana. 30 plus shipping, obo
  12. Classicriders

    Sold Rollfast headlight cover

    Straight with original lens. $75.00 shipped.
  13. TheFizzer

    Roadmaster Headlight

    Anyone have a similar headlight to this that I could buy?
  14. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  15. the2finger

    Need headlight switch for a 41 Hawthorne all American girls tank

    The 2finger needs the light switch for the below CWC tank. Thanks
  16. tylerw

    Faceted headlight

    Looing for this headlight for my ‘38 Hawthorne or even just the front bezel. Anyone?


    I believe this is the earlier version. Small amount of rust on this headlight. I installed some batteries but couldn’t get it to light up. Maybe the bulb is bad or the contacts need to be cleaned. Either way it’s an easy fix. $100 shipped
  18. bike


    What else do you have for hex? I am interested! Please convo Thanks
  19. stoney


    NEED--VERY NICE chome headlight trim as in photo, mine got broken in shipping. Thanks, Ray Send PM
  20. S

    F/S Miller. Generator headlight

    Nice.chrome $ 60.00 free shipping only in US paypal freinds/ family.. PM me on details thanks Roger
  21. M

    Found Wanted Hawthorne Tank and Headlight

    Wanted - I am in need of a tank and headlight like the ones in the pictures for my Hawthorne
  22. Freqman1

    Scarce 50s Headlight

  23. Phattiremike

    Tips on de-yellowing headlight lenses?

    I have clear head light lenses for the jet rocket headlight, they have yellowed over the years, is there a way to safely get them back to clear presentable condition? Mike
  24. Phattiremike

    Another Space Era Headlight

    this is a NOS Space Capsule headlight, very cool and different light
  25. B

    Schwinn Ball Pumpkin Headlight Krate

    Good condition Schwinn Ball/Pumpkin head light. Chrome is good with very slight pitting. Has not been polished. Inside is EXCELLENT! Light operates as it should. Includes nice original lens and bracket. $175 shipped Best to text (734) 358-7147 Thank you!
  26. TWBikesnstripes

    Sold NOS Rare Seiss Headlight & Dry Cell Battery Can

    For Sale Rare NOS Seiss Electric Headlight and Battery Can for Early Motorbikes $450 Shipped Some storage wear but looks to have never been used. Amazing condition for its age-20's era most likely. There appears to be a small flaw in the center of lens but not chipped. Nothing rattling around...
  27. Dan the bike man

    Found Headlight for Colson

    I’m looking for this style light or one that will fit. Cheaper the better. Doesn’t have to be perfect . Original paint please
  28. R

    Schwinn Pumpkin Headlight

    Could someone here tell me if I am correct in my belief that the Schwinn "pumpkin" headlight was first offered in 1963? Also, what year were the side marker lights added? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  29. Classicriders

    Softball headlight lens

    Replacement lens for your softball headlight. Shown here installed. $13 per lens shipped, or 2 for $20 shipped.
  30. Lowansa

    Wanted - Headlight for 1956 Columbia Fire Arrow

    I am looking for a headlight for a 56 Columbia Fire Arrow. I have the mount but I'm missing the light. I also need the bright piece that goes between the top of the tank sections to cover the frame bar.
  31. T

    Sold X53 Headlight Western Flyer

    Original X53 Western Flyer Head Light. The spring tab attach clip at the rear of the top is broken. Pictures are the best description. 250.00 shipped to the 48.
  32. kirk thomas

    Sold Murray Fleetline headlight complete$300shipped

    This light is in nice condition and I am sure with a little work it should work or maybe it does work. I have not tested it. This light is a hard one to find. I would like $300 OBO shipped for this item.
  33. SHO2010


    I picked up this headlight at Ann Arbor show but haven't been able to get it to work. I checked the bulb it is ok, the batteries are fine. It looks like someone restored it. I took some pictures can anyone tell if something is missing or do the connections have to be wired if so do you have a...
  34. Clark58mx

    Help identifying Delta Headlight

    Hello I have this Delta two reflector fender Headlight. It’s stamped Delta. Anyone know the year? What brand of bike used it? Here’s some photos.
  35. Classicriders

    Shelby Biscuit Headlight Lens

    Reproduction lens for Shelby Biscuit Headlight. $13 shipped.
  36. Classicriders

    Sold Seiss Space Beam Headlight

    Used on Hawthorne, Roadmaster, Hiawatha, Western Flyer, perfect patina for a rider. Have not tested. $60.00 shipped.
  37. catfish

    Sold Seiss Headlight lens / Bezel / and more

    Very nice Seiss bezel with glass lens, reflector, and retaining ring. $150.00 shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order or PP as Friends and Family only. Sold as is and untested.
  38. catfish

    Sold Tea Cup Headlight with switch

    Price Drop $120.00 Nice original teacup light. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order only. Sold as is and untested.
  39. Tyler Rice

    JC Higgins headlight and taillight

    Looking for a JC Higgins jet flow headlight and taillight(the chrome piece for the luggage rack) around 1956. Kinda urgent thanks!
  40. bobcycles

    Mint EA 6 rib headlight, 1941 DX springer frt fender---- F/S

    Super nice 6 rib EA taillight orig paint Awesome 1940s light 90.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Pm here Nice 1941 DX spring fork front fender Orig DX blue Minor dings not trimmed 70.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com
  41. Bajaway

    Roadmaster headlight lens

    I’m looking for a lens for a 3 gill roadmaster headlight thanks
  42. morton

    Sold 1950's Hawthorne Deluxe Delta Headlight

    Some call this a motor cycle type light. Below is a link showing application; http://www.nostalgic.net/bicycle71 Insides look excellent (see pic) but I did not get it to light. I did not change bulb so maybe that's it. I suspect any "normal" ;) person cold get it to work, but my luck with...
  43. schwinnman67

    Hiawatha headlight

    Just got a Hiawatha (think it is a Chippewa, but not sure) and it's missing the headlight. I have seen one here, but it's just a bit out of my price range...... Does anyone here have one that is reasonably priced?
  44. D

    roadmaster luxury liner headlight

    Hi all, I am looking for a roadmaster luxury liner headlight with a lens. It can be VERY ROUGH. I really would prefer it be original. I am working on a 1951. So hopefully there are a bunch to choose from. Thanks so much! David
  45. bobcycles


    You just don't see these too often! Fender mounted Autocycle style long cone Seiss light. Overall looks to be in good shape, one small chip in the chrome on the base... a very VERY tiny crack in the bezel on the bottom, very hard to see, nice lens bulb is there... not sure if it works...but...
  46. zephyrblau

    Sold Columbia headlight lens

    NOS $20 ea. + postage SOLD
  47. Jay81

    Reduced Seiss Headlight

    Nice headlight with aluminum bezel Light was mounted to a fender, so I don't have the bottom of the handlebar bracket. However I will include the bracket shown. Looks like it will work but may require slight modification. Lens is intact. Small ding on bottom of bezel Untested / as is $50...
  48. alecburns

    Custom constructed Antique Adjustable Chrome Headlight Desk Lamp Light made by Dietz

    This lamp is really one of a kind. I can assure you that you will never see another one like it! The headlight was originally manufactured by the Dietz Lamp Co. in New York, and the base was manufactured in Connecticut, as stamped on the cast iron under the base. $95 + Shipping...
  49. alecburns

    Vintage "Made In Japan" Headlight

    Untested, but clean. $20 + Shipping
  50. alecburns

    Vintage "Made in Japan" Bicycle Headlight

    It remains untested. Chrome is in good shape. Got it out of a barn sale here in town. $25 + Shipping.