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  1. phastphil

    Need panther dual light lenses

    Hello, folks! I picked up a 61 Panther in real nice shape. Anybody know where i can get a couple of lenses and bulb reflectors for the dual headlights with the red fins? Ive been looking on ebay for a long time now with no luck. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  2. kirk thomas

    Sold 1940's Elgin Alien headlight $125 shipped

    This is an original light except I added the front lens. The color lens are original. The light had a mud wasp nest in it but appears to never had batteries. There is no rust or dents. Just needs a little more clean up and some paint or remove the paint and shine it up. The switch moves back and...
  3. frank 71

    Sold Large Headlight

    Stewart Warner 6 in. Dia. headlight Bike or Motorcycle?? With Generator. $125.00 Free Shipping.Also comes with a Mounting Brackett.
  4. benmcjamin

    Reduced Monark pedestal headlight complete

    welp here it is. It works I’ve had it lit up. Has original mounting screws and original lens. $400 Shipped

    Sold Please delete

    Please delete
  6. John Gailey

    Headlight and Clamp

    Not much knowledge on this untested light. It is very clean and lens is in good condition. $69 Shipped
  7. higgens

    Bat wing headlight

    bat wing headlight with handle bar mount 300
  8. bobcycles


    LARGE oversize Miller headlight ...appears stainless steel....looks to be NOS with some minor shelf wear... Unusual large ball headlight with glass lens... Maybe Motorized bicycle or scooter? Seems too large for bicycle use but could be... 75.00 OBO excellent shape aside from needs some...
  9. rustjunkie

    Sold Cool Big Handlbar Mount Headlight

    Make-a-Light I think, no bulb, tiny crack in lens, original paint. $45/shipped
  10. klunk!

    Schwinn Panther / Debutante others Dual Headlight BRACKET-NOS

    Dual Headlight Bracket For 60s era Schwinn Panthers and others. NOS with a couple of light rust spots. $30 Shipped OBO.
  11. bdt91

    3 rib Delta headlight for Western Flyer Super / Hiawatha Chippewa

    This is an extra I’ve had and no longer need. Internal batteries version, no conduit to tank. Not mint but very sound...internal surface rust only. Everything inside is intact and solid. Front bezel had been rechromed at some point. One small dent in top cover. Small screw holding up the rear of...
  12. benmcjamin

    Sold Monark pedestal headlight

    Not the whole thing.... but it is the most important part... hard to find a tray this clean 175$ obo on it or im goin throw it back in the parts draw.. don’t have to sell it
  13. jchicago

    Delta Torpedo Headlight and Evaporust

    My recently acquired Elgin had a nice Delta Torpedo Headlight attached. It was all rusted inside and not working. I was already shopping the Cabe and eBay for a replacement. I had a pool of Evaporust going, figured it's toast anyway, so in the name of science, why not give it a shot? I...
  14. jimbo53

    North End Tool and Die headlight

    anyone have any info on this? Understand there were used on prewar Colson’s which is what I found this on (‘37 Snap Tank) Interesting screw on plastic lens which I assume is how you turn on/off since no switch.
  15. Classic Cool Rides

    COLUMBIA Twin Headlight NEEDED for 62 Firebolt

    Hello CABErs !! I need your help locating a Twin Headlight Unit (Housing/Lenses) for this '62 Firebolt "Barn Find" I would consider ANY condition...... The pics attached here of the Headlight Unit I need ..... were "borrowed" from somebody else's pictures...... My "Barn Find" is pictures as I...
  16. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar light original paint grey Hawthorne headlight

    I had bought this for my 41 Hawthorne All-American but realized that I needed a red one..Which I finally found!! This one comes with no lens but I believe Classicriders makes them ,the screw for the bezel is new but looks correct,there is a little black paint on the light reflector but seems to...
  17. rickyd

    Headlight help

    This is the light off my roadmaster the internal mount is loose. I can't seem to open it by simple pulling rim off. Before I break something anyone know how it comes off?
  18. M

    Sold 1960s Chrome Bicycle Vintage Headlight with Bracket $25

    1960s Chrome Bicycle Vintage Headlight with Bracket Nice condition headlight, uses 2 D cell batteries, made in Japan. There is a little corrosion inside the light but it isn't bad. Have not tested the light. $25 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  19. Jim Barnard

    Columbia Firebolt dual headlight wanted!

    I need two: One where the tank has two bug eyed lights on each side on the tank and the later one where the tank has a more typical dual light wrapping the steer tube. Jim 860 670 4501.
  20. A

    1959 Schwinn Corvette Original Missing Headlight

    Up for consideration is a vintage 1959 Schwinn Corvette. To the best of my knowledge based on research I have done it is all original. It is missing the front headlight. Also last time I checked the tires held air for a length of time. Serial Number- J931909 It is a 3 speed with Sturmey...
  21. D

    Biscuit Headlight for Shelby/Hiawatha

    Looking for (preferably) a red & blue "Biscuit" light for my mid 40s Shelby Built Hiawatha. Very nice original paint bike with the red, white, & blue paint scheme. Bottom piece of the headlight is intact with the battery tray, but the lens, trim, and top are all missing.
  22. Jay81

    Does anyone recognize this headlight?

    Looks to be 40's or maybe early 50s. Anybody know what type of bike it's from? Lens looks like a thin plastic homemade replacement. Thanks
  23. 1817cent

    Sold Shelby headlight

    Nice chrome and nice inside. Looks complete. Payment by USPO money order only. 225 delivered.
  24. halfatruck

    headlight project.....

    Anyone know if this is a Delta headlight, it's aluminum, and yes it needs restoration:D
  25. catfish

    Sold Aluminum EA Torpedo Headlight 6 Rib

    SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Payment by USPS money order only.
  26. jimsbeercans

    WTB Schwinn Pumpkin Headlight. BOX ONLY.

    Building a nice display over winter and looking for the BOX 05 712 for a Schwinn pumpkin headlight. I do have one but no lids and torn up. Looks terrible. Anyone have just the box??
  27. stingrayjoe

    Sold Schwinn 20" Girls bike with Tank Headlight super clean!

    please pm direct do not post here thank you 1967 very very clean original paint & chrome. Light works, wheels are original Schwinn S-7's Superior tires and tubes. Was $350. - NOW $275. Plus shipping in lower 48 USA
  28. E

    Sold Seiss Fender Mount Headlight

    Seiss fender mount Headlight....This is a new repop that has been aged.The Seiss Decal is faded from sun....bare metal has some surface does not look brand nes...never had dents..$35.00 shipped
  29. E

    WTB X53 headlight

    WTB X53 Headlight...if you want to turn yours loose just let me know Thanks Dave eisopt
  30. Dave Stromberger

    Delta Roadmaster - Rooster Fin Headlight

    Stylin' man! Pics tell the story. $85 shipped in the USA.
  31. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Delta Nitemaster Headlight

    Super nice shape, with original lens. $125 shipped in the USA.
  32. Pauliemon

    Does this headlight make my butt look big?

    Something wrong here. Comments?
  33. Dave K

    Sold 1941 Schwinn Fender Headlight Truss fork fenders

    Project fenders. Front is not to bad rear needs to be rolled. $150 plus shipping Dents etc in rear fender Small notch on bottom of light cover
  34. E

    WTB Western Flyer X 53 Headlight

    WTB Western Flyer X 53 headlight ..complete...or top only...Also..need to buy the tail light lens and WF Grips. Thanks


  36. bikeyard

    Fat EA headlight

    Fat EA headlight. Single bolt. Does not work. Pretty clean inside so it should with some tinkering. Needs paint and a lens. Lens is present but yellow. $70 shipped
  37. TheFizzer

    Front Loader Headlight Parts

    I have a 3 ribbed front loader light on my Hawthorne that I need the lens & front bezel for. Or a complete light
  38. Bikermaniac

    Sold Tea cup headlight with red glass reflector

    Very good condition. I repaired one contact inside and rewired the light, unfortunately I did not have enough cable for it. I will include the original cable in case you can put it to use. $100 shipped. It works!
  39. catfish

    Sold Rare Delta Headlight and Bracket

    I've seen this style used on Whippets and Lindy bikes. Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Shipped in the USA. $350.00
  40. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Nice original Delta Silveray headlight. Pedistal and Glass Lens

    Very nice Silveray! For your survivor show bike! $275 shipped in the USA. Offers considered.
  41. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Delta Silveray with Pedistal - Silver Ray

    Comes with a real glass lens and the pedistal too... use it as-is on your crusty survivor, or restore for a show bike. $185 shipped in the USA. Offers considered.
  42. Adam1231

    Sale Pending Vintage Automotive Advertising headlight leveling kit

    neat piece of vintage auto shop adverting. I've had it sitting on a shelf for years: it's complete and still usable. Wood carrying/display case is nice Asking $65+
  43. bikeyard

    Prewar headlight and Rolite generator

    nice early handlebar headlight and Rolite generator. Wire is frayed and should be replaced. Both untested. $100 shipped
  44. Jay81

    Found Delta Stratolite Headlight

    Looking for one of these for a Murray Fleetline (similar to Western Flyer X53) Please send a PM if you have one you would part with. Basically a fancy delta rocket ray. Even just the top would be fine. I have lots of parts and bikes listed for sale and would love to work out some type of...
  45. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: Delta Headlight with Glass Lens

    As found and uncleaned - a little wear to the finish but quite presentable. The lighting makes it appear a bit shiner than it is in person. $215 shipped.
  46. 5

    Sold Early Indian Headlight

    Rare early Indian Headlight. Someone changed out the lens with a smaller one, but all the other important parts are here. $225 shipped. Call Mike @ 920-980-5218
  47. Jay81

    Sold Columbia Headlight Repop

    Nice repop Columbia headlight I believe it fits a three star or five star. Untested. $40 shipped & insured in the lower 48 I only accept paypal as friends, USPS money order, or cash
  48. T

    hextube headlight

    looking for pedestal light for monark silver king
  49. R

    Wanted prewar defender headlight bezel

    Wanted: Delta headlight bezel, prewar. Robert Thomann