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heavy duty

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  1. Krakatoa

    BENDIX Heavy Duty Hourglass Hubs!

    Plated 28 hole $30 shipped OD green finsh 36 hole SOLD
  2. Notagamerguy

    Withdrawn Schwinn heavy duty wasp s2

    Im will to ship the bike where ever and i will not just sell the rims
  3. O

    New Departure 36 heavy duty nos d hub shell

    Does anyone have one?
  4. Casual dreamer

    It's here! 62 heavy duty wasp

    I found this one on ebay and couldn't resist! "The newsboy special" complete with the 7000 seat, bendix model k front hub, .120 spokes, I love it! I really like the monstrous goodyear studded tread tires, they are huge! Hope I can find another nice set! Has a kool Oak park Michigan bicycle...
  5. mongeese

    Prewar 26” rear fender raingutter heavy duty

    High quality unknown fender. Please chime in if you know correct usage. 75 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  6. phantom

    Sold 65 Heavy Duty American 2 speed $299

    Freshened up - 120 ga spokes - S7's with new 26x2x1 3/4 ww's - 2 speed hub - wrong fenders ( Walds ) and incorrect pedals. I would take to a local bike shop I have dealt with for years, as I have shipped my last bike forever. You could work out details with them or any forum member in the...
  7. rustjunkie

    Sold 1930s New Departure Heavy Duty Model D Coaster Brake Hub

    Larger spoke holes and thicker flanges compared to a regular D. For a Cycle Truck or Heavy Duty Colson? Bearing races are in excellent condition, one cage shows some rust but won't impact performance once new bearings are installed. I will include a set of new 1/4" ball bearings. No cog, easy...
  8. phantom

    65 American Heavy Duty 2 speed - front brake

    Not my expertise in MW's. Powder coated with new decals. HD spokes and 2 speed hub on very nice S7's with large bendix front hub. New 26x2x1 3/4 WW's. EA serial #. Excellent seat. Wald fenders and wrong pedals.
  9. alecburns

    Heavy Duty Torrington Pedals with Rubber

    Very cool. Never seen one like it. made for two sizes. little rust on threading. $30 + Shipping
  10. Freqman1

    Sold Jiffy Stand and Heavy Duty Kickstand

    SOLD Up first is a B.C. Jiffy stand. Pics tell the story $60 SOLD shipped to lower 48 PP F&F or 61.80 G&S. Next is an early, heavy duty stand. Has surface rust but very solid. I used a wire brush in a couple of places and this will clean up with some work. $40 F&F or 41.20 as G&S...
  11. Freqman1

    Reduced Heavy Duty Dropstand and Schwinn Front Hub

    This is a really nice heavy duty 26" drop stand. Almost no wear to the bottom. This would be good for a motorized or delivery style bike. Could also be used on any 26" bike--just have a strong clip! Measurements shown are end-to-end 14 5/8", center of hole-to-bottom of stand 14 3/8", and...
  12. bobcycles


    NOS HUB for the paper boy bikes and 50's era Schwinn Cycle trucks.. Its NOS but chrome is LIGHT minor patina.... still looks very nice and clearly looks NOS. This was never used or laced 85.00 shipped bobcycles@aol.com
  13. bricycle

    Sold FS Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!!

    Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!! $120.00 shipped domestic
  14. 1973rx3

    Found Wanted Prewar Cycle Truck front rim 36h

    Looking for the front rim off a prewar Schwinn Cycle truck. Drop center 36 hole 120 gauge. Thank You in advance.
  15. fattyre

    Schwinn Heavy Duty

    Light duty price- https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/bik/d/vintage-schwinn-heavy-duty/6413275903.html
  16. klunk!

    Sold New Departure Front Brake Wheel Heavy Duty Spokes Whizzer

    New Departure Front Hub Brake laced up with some heavy duty spokes. This was pulled from the basement of an old shop I cleaned out years ago. Technically New Old Stock, but a bit crusty. Original $8.50 price tag still affixed to rim. Hub spins, brake works, axle nuts are MIA. 26" Rim. Might...
  17. tripple3

    Heavy Duty Original Bikes Pics & Models

    I love Paperboy style, Heavy duty, Thick Gauge spokes, hubs and wheels, Braced forks, etc... I would love to see more. Except Cycletrucks...because they are Common to me and already have several threads of their own. Show me your H.D. Bikes with both wheels the same Size. I am stoked to have a...
  18. tripple3

    Prewar Western Flyer

    A friend of mine just picked this up for me at a swap meet but he won't tell me where it is. I like this bike. I know it's Cleveland welding it has a morrow rear hub that I have not cleaned yet to see a date straight down tube very cool forks it had mudflaps as what's hanging off the front and...