1. J

    What is this?

    Hello all, I acquired a couple old bikes. One is simply a 60s huffy monza gt but this other one has me stumped. It has a Hiawatha badge on the front but it has double horizontal chains. I'm unable to find anything by Google so I'm hoping someone here can help me.
  2. T

    Help I.D.ing Western Flyer bicycle

    Found an old western flyer bicycle in pieces in a shed and was hoping to restore it to its former glory! Any help with what this bicycle is would be greatly appreciated! Missing pedals and other misc. pieces as well
  3. Corn4Life77

    Ruse Problems

    I am currently dismantling my Firestone to bathe the parts and clean it up. A problem I’m facing is bolts and screws that are basically rusted into place. I don’t want to strip them out, but I need to take the bike apart. Any ideas on how to get them loose?
  4. Corn4Life77

    Help with Firestone Bicycle

    Yesterday, I found an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser in the top of a shed. It used to be my grandpa’s, so I wanted to restore it, but first, I’d like to find the general year of the bike, to maybe help finding some missing parts. Anybody have any ideas of the year? It’s basically only missing the...
  5. T

    New Departure Model W parts?

    Does anyone know where an individual can find parts, specifically cones, for a New Departure W front hub? Or if anyone knows another cone that fits the same. I have scowered the internet but to no avail! All I've found are cones for WL's which are too small for the bearings. Also, not sure how...
  6. P

    Need help identifying frame (1980s? roadbike)

    Hello! I've recently came across a really good deal on an old roadbike. It has really high quality parts on it, mavic ma40 rims, campagnolo downtube shifters and brakes, shimano 105 hubs and crankset, cinelli handlebar, selle italia turbo saddle, laprade saddle tube. Now here comes the tricky...
  7. A

    Schwinn XR7 flywheel help needed

    I just got a xr7 exercise bike and have been cleaning it up so its not so loud and fixing speedometer drive. In taking off drive from fly wheel and trying get at the bearings to clean and grease I think I knocked something loose.... I can't get the nuts off the threaded bearings going through...
  8. K

    Trying to figure out the year of my bike (Schwinn Cruiser SS)

    I'm looking to clean this bike up and ride it around a bit this summer but I can't figure out the the year. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. V

    Shelby Hiawatha. year/model

    My research found most have a letter in serial #. And the seat stay/top tube junction is different than I've seen. Any info would be great. thanks!
  10. dnc1

    Gnutti hub, help appreciated.

    Hi, whilst out buying bits for my 'Bertin' piste special today at a jumble (I'd prearranged to buy a TA piste BB and a Stronglight headset) I also took a liking to this 'Gnutti' flip-flop hub..... It's a 40 hole, all steel, chrome plated hub, fixed and freewheel type. Does anyone have...
  11. TieDye

    Looking for help via a 1953 CWC Roadmaster Catalog

    I would appreciate pictures and specifications from a 1953 CWC Roadmaster catalog. Of interest is the Pleasure Liner series, both in men's and woman's. Specifications, color charts, catalog pages, etc. If you have anything like this, please post it here. And, if anyone can get ahold of RMS37...
  12. PlasticNerd

    Help i.d. this frame!!!

    We think it may be 1938-39ish Columbia/Elgin? But not sure, it belongs to a friend of mine. Thanks for any ideas! Gary
  13. M

    Parts for Davega

    Im a new member and I am restoring a 1939 Davega. I need help finding parts and would appreciate help. Thanks - mike
  14. K

    Help Needed Finding Silver King Info

    I've come into recent ownership of a Silver King Monark bicycle - it was in an old barn that was going to be burned down. As far as I know, it was purchased new by the owner of the barn and it has sat indoors for several decades without being touched. Here's what I do know: The serial number is...
  15. S

    Help with dating this bike.

    I did a Google image search but didn't find anything very similar although did see a number of head badges that were kinda like this. Any help appreciated.
  16. P

    Help on identifying old Hercules

    I found an estate sale offering this old Hercules. These are the only photos provide. Can anyone give a general sense of value. It looks to me to be in pretty good shape.
  17. Gthoro

    Pre-War Elgin Find I.d. help needed

    I just picked up an Elgin today. Repaint. Seat and bars don't appear to be original. Not sure about the rims - New Departure hubs. Serial # is F20671. Any insight on the year/model would be appreciated. Motorbike? Thanks
  18. barnyguey

    I need help! I bought a bike that I know nothing about.

    I bought this bike today and don't even know what brand it is. I'm guessing maybe a Monarch because of the sprocket? Maybe from the forties? It has a dealer badge, so you can't go by that. Please help me! Thanks, Barry
  19. I

    Old Automoto? I need help.

    I am brand new to The CABE and I really appreciate finding this resource. Last week I purchased this bike in Antigua, Guatemala. It has "Automoto" on the head badge, but I can not find another like this one on the internet. From the photo you will see that it also has an eagle and "BEN" and...
  20. carlitos60

    Help! 1912 WW1 Bianchi Bersaglieri Folding Bike!

    Just Bought a 1912 WW1 Bianchi Bersaglieri Folding Bike! 1st Generation Model! But Need the BB Assembly and Sprocket Assembly!! Anyone?? Thanks!
  21. Barto

    Help with a Ranger tank to Frame fit

    Calling all experts, Ok, I bought this really great OG paint prewar Ranger Tank thinking it would fit my frame - no joy:( Well, I did some searching and found an OG paint Ranger frame (same color to boot), unfortunatly when I was provided the dimensions of the tank it turned out that the...
  22. bricycle

    Help! who made the frame with trianglarish tank opening?

    had opening like a door stop in top of frame
  23. Krakatoa

    ~ Chainring i.d. Help ~

    Hello all, I've seen this one before but it's just not clicking! 24 teeth 1" pitch Thanks, Nate
  24. V

    Shipping Help Please

    I’m looking for someone in the Clinton Massachusetts area that can pick-up, carefully pack and ship a bike for me. Will gladly compensate you for your time. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, Vince
  25. Neanderthal77

    Help with a Twin

    I picked up this Twin the other evening and looking for a little help on the year. I know the chaingaurd, grips, speedo and fenders are mot correct. Anyone have an idea what the fenders are from? The braces aren't flat, they have just a little curve to them and they don't rivet together where...
  26. N

    Help!....Grammas Monark Sportster

    Hi, So my grandmother wants me to sell her old bike but I cannot find any info on this model. Monark Sportster and it has a couple stickers that say 'tourist'? I can't find a serial number but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right places. Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  27. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  28. M

    Royal bicycle anyone know anything about it?

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks

    Need Help to identify this bike.

    Any help would be appreciated,have a look at the tuning fork style of seat downtube which may help?It looks like on the downtube as well it may say Graham PA.I am thinking around 1905-10.I can not figure out what it says on the other downtube.If there is any luck,I really need the proper...
  30. Vintagedad

    Schwinn Stingray Pixie help

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am looking for some knowledge. I bought this Stingray Pixie for 20 dollars and it is in very rough shape. I could not pass on it for 20 dollars though! I stripped most of it down today and am in the process of removing as much rust from as many parts as possible...
  31. J

    Colson model and yr help please

    I use to own this Colson about 10 yrs ago and didn't really pay much attention to it then sold it to a buddy of mine and just bought it back yesterday. Trying to figure out the year and model. Its confusing me with the blister tank and clipper guard. Although if seen a couple others with the...
  32. K

    Help Please - Value on 2 Schwinn Tornados

    A guy at work found these 2 Schwinn Tornado's in his Mother In Laws garage and asked me for help on value. All I have are these 2 pics and a Ser# on the original paint one of J825655 which puts it as a first year 1958 as far as I can find. The painted one may also be a 58 - trying to get Ser#...
  33. A

    Hawthorne frame help

    I picked up this Hawthorne frame but cannot find much info about it, any help is greatly appreciated!
  34. C

    JC Higgins Age and i.d. help

    I just bought a JCH bicycle and I cannot Identify what year or model it is. There are aluminum badges riveted to the bottom of the crankcase frame. model 806286 No 51 pictures to follow
  35. stoney


    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME THE YEAR # N135840 picture included Thank you, Ray
  36. Glenn Rhein

    Prewar Elgin help on what year is it

    picked up this bike today, sat in the basement many years. I brought it home and hosed it off and it’s in amazing condition. It has original Elgin grips really nice 26 inch triple step wheels. Someone put 1.75 tires on it but very original bike anybody know what year it is?
  37. 5

    Elgin serial number help

    The serial number on my Elgin is H75262. I was told it may be 1928. Can anyone verify? Not for sale.
  38. B

    1943 BSA Paratrooper help with restoration

    I have just purchased a 1943 BSA Paratrooper bike, my questions are: 1. What go's in the wheel hubs, oil or grease? 2. How do I get the back wheel hub open? 3. Where can I find brake pads Thanks
  39. partsguy

    Need HELP Routing Shifter Cable for Bendix 2-Speed

    Hey guys. I need some SERIOUS help here. I cannot find the correct way to route my shifter cable for my 1955 Radiobike's Bendix 2-speed hub. I even have an untouched '55 Customliner 2-speed to compare to, but that is women's bike and is probably routed differently. I do not have detailed pics of...
  40. T


    Can anyone tell me where would be as good place to sell a 1968 Cheater Slick bicycle
  41. nick1985

    Help i.d. my Elgin Curve bar

    Hi guys, I found this Elgin bicycle over here in London UK and Im needing some help to i.d. the year. The bike has been re painted by the previous owner so its difficult to make out the serial number but I think it reads MOD 192 SEP 126828 Does anyone have any pictures of how this bike should...
  42. GTV

    Shipping Help Near Swampscott, Mass

    Hey all, my sister has this (late 30’s?) Elgin that she wants to send to me so I can preserve/resurrect it for her. She doesn’t have the tools/experience/time to break it down and ship it to me, and I’m hesitant for her to hand it over to just any bike shop to break down and box up carefully. Is...
  43. MOTOmike

    Need Help w/ Pricing Some Items

    Hey Caber's, I need help with pricing from those of you who are knowledgeable... I bought these parts several years ago and never ended up using them. I plan on listing them for sale here over the weekend. Item #1). I believe the two clamps are for a cycle truck, but I'm not sure. They are...
  44. E

    Crank nut help

    Has anyone seen a crank nut like this? It holds the crank arm in place. The real question is what kind of tool can be used to snug it done. It has internal threads. The flat edge goes against the crack arm and the bevel faces out. So it makes it difficult to get a tool on it. I refuse to...
  45. R

    Some help identifying this bicycle please

    Purchased this beautiful red bicycle for $10. Previous owner just wanted it out of garage. It is missing a head badge and chain guard. Looks pre-war with the drop outs? Any help would be much appreciated
  46. L

    Help identifying

    Picked up this Schwinn. Tires are 20" Serial number is A011346. Serial number indicates January 1960, however bike looks like a sting-ray. Sting Ray's did not come out till 63. I can't decipher the words on chain guard, too much missing. The 1960 catalog was no help. If anyone can tell me...
  47. S

    Help with value of 1962 5 speed Schwinn Corvette

    Our family has a ‘62 Schwinn Corvette. We are not educated in resale value. It still rides but a few dings and needs love. I’m selling as is. If anyone has time to send me some insight on this gem, please help. I’ve been trying to educate my on the bike and know it’s special.Gratitude.
  48. kirk thomas

    Pictures would be help in finding parts

    I do not know or have all the books or info on a lot of bikes. It sure would be easier to find if you included a picture or two of what you are looking for. Please add pictures if you can find them. Thank You All!
  49. K

    Looking for i.d. help Hawthorne?

    Hey, cleaning out grandpas barn and have this bike. Did lots of searching but couldn't find an exact match. Montgomery wards hawthorne? Ill flip it over for a serial number tomorrow. Appreciate any help, thanks.
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