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  1. A

    Help identifying Hiawatha bicycle!

    I recently accrued a classic Hiawatha bicycle as a trade for some mechanic work and would like to restore it as a gift for my wife. I have looked at countless pictures and tried to identify it with the serial numbers, but would like to do the bicycle as original as possible. I am guessing that...
  2. mac9lxx

    Replica Hiawatha Indian Head Fender Ornament

    Just checking if there is any interest in replica Replica Hiawatha Indian Head Fender Ornament, free shipping to lower 48.
  3. F

    Need info on a Hiawatha Please

    Hello. I just bought a Hiawatha bike from a local man for $100. I don’t know nothing about bikes and would really like to gain some knowledge on this bike. Can you give me any info just by looking at these pictures, like around what year it was made and etc.. If you know any spots that sell...
  4. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Color combination?

    I will be picking up this sweet hiawatha tomorrow— has anyone seen this color combination?
  5. MTGeorge

    Hiawatha, Roadmaster, Huffy pins

    I've got a limited number of Hiawatha Arrow pins if anyone is interested. $20 each including shipping to the lower 48. The ornament was cast with a badge style pin and the bike is enamel with 2 push pins. They were both done in very small runs so when they are gone, they are gone. I...
  6. Freqman1

    Sold 1941 Hiawatha Arrow

    Just got the seat back from Bob U. today. This thing was rode hard put away wet and missing some things including correct fork, crank, headlight bezel, lens, chainguard, seat, and pedals. I tracked down all the correct parts for this bike including a good kickstand. Tank is rock solid with zero...
  7. T

    Help me identify this bike please!

    I want to restore a Hiawatha bike my dad gave me. Before I do I would like more information about it, like is it all the original components? What year? Etc... thank you! P.s. no, its not for sale;)
  8. A

    VINTAGE 1938 SHELBY Hiawatha

    Looking to sell this beautiful vintage 1938s Shelby Hiawatha. Amazing condition, $10000 all original parts, pre war metal, custom seat and saddle bags located in East Aurora, NY
  9. MTGeorge

    Withdrawn Hiawatha Arrow for trade OR SALE!

    Anybody got a 20" boys tanker they would like to trade for this project? Might also consider trading for a complete 26" boys bike or cash offers but I would prefer to trade.
  10. R

    Hiawatha gamble??? Need

    Hiawatha Gamble??? Hi! I was wondering if any of you knew more about this old Hiawatha Gamble I just got and could tell me more about it, I looked it up and cannot find it anywhere online, it's a really nice 1960's,1970's maybe? Please let me know!!! Thank you
  11. J

    What is this?

    Hello all, I acquired a couple old bikes. One is simply a 60s huffy monza gt but this other one has me stumped. It has a Hiawatha badge on the front but it has double horizontal chains. I'm unable to find anything by Google so I'm hoping someone here can help me.
  12. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  13. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  14. Philbert

    Sold 50's Ladies Hiawatha Meteor Tank and Chainguard $40 shipped (Boise, i.d.)

    Lots of patina Some dings and scratches Please review pictures Shipping to lower 48 only please. PayPal preferred.
  15. V

    Shelby Hiawatha. year/model

    My research found most have a letter in serial #. And the seat stay/top tube junction is different than I've seen. Any info would be great. thanks!
  16. mrg

    1940 Hiawatha info

    This is a approximately a 1940 Murray built Gambles Hiawatha, there is a lot of info on the Elgin version and even a little on the Mercury & Western Flyer versions but nothing so far on the gambles Hiawatha Just wanted to see about the little things like handlebars gooseneck panels and seat...
  17. MrAustralia

    Hiawatha train badge

    Hi Cabe, I forgot and missed out on one of these on Ebay today. I'm hoping someone here has one they'd sell. I only want ok condition, it'll be going on a bike so I don't want it to be too good. Send me a PM if you've got one. Cheers MrA
  18. B

    Gambles Hiawatha Murray Tricycle

    I am wanting to restore a Gambles Tricycle. I am looking for parts for it. All 3 tires are shot and the rear wheel bushings are shot. The front bearings are still good. I was hoping to either find replacements for the rear wheels and tires or looking for advice on how to replace the rear wheel...


  20. Gthoro

    Hiawatha Tank - Will it fit?

    I picked up this Hiawatha at an auction this spring. A frame, tank, and other parts came up for sale and I have the opportunity to pick it up on the way home from vacation. The seller is unsure if the frame fits 24 or 26" rims. It looks small to me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Greg...
  21. OliverRage

    Vintage Hiawatha 4 sale

    i saw this today. Seller wants $400 and says it pretty much all original.
  22. John Gailey

    Sold Shelby Hiawatha Arrow

    Time to move along my rider. This needs love with all it's warts. $1750 P/U , $1750 plus shipping negotiations are more lenient with PU. I have another Shelby posted
  23. Alan W

    Hiawatha Arrow almost done!

    Many thanks to all that helped with info and parts. A smile from a pile.
  24. Hawthornecrazy

    Sold Hiawatha

    Wishbone framed Hiawatha badged Shelby. Original paint with some of the pinstripes left lots of scratches and some areas missing paint. Bars and stem not original to the bike. Coke bottle jeweled grips missing the jewels left grip has a piece missing. Seat pan is in good shape no cover. Pedals...
  25. H

    I have a Hiawatha that my wife loves, looking for some more info on it. Serial # is 8H081769

    Like to find year and who made it. Its in wonderful shape and she might need to sell it soon.
  26. Axlerod

    Hiawatha Delivery Bike

    I picked this old Hiawatha up a few years back. I believe it’s a ‘48 or ‘49 Huffman built. The guy I bought it from said it served its life delivering goods on the Oregon Coast. The wheels were too far gone to save but I haven’t touched it otherwise. I like the phone number on the sign.
  27. Gthoro

    Sold 1935 Hiawatha/Shelby

    1935 Shelby Built Hiawatha Frame, headset, Crankset appear to be original. Paint appears original with small touch ups A small weld near the seat post. $325 plus shipping through Bike Flights or pickup in SW Wisconsin Will sell frame set with Crankset and headset for $275.
  28. S

    What year/model is my Gambles Hiawatha?

    Hi! I'd been tuning up my bike recently & this got me to thinking about my parents' old bikes that've been sitting around for as long as I can remember. They're much in need of refurbishing, and I have my mind on selling them. Mom's bike is an "All-Pro 10 Speed" which is apparently just an old...
  29. TheFizzer

    Hiawatha Tank

    Complete Hiawatha tanks. Measures 17” from tip to tip. $48 shipped to the lower 48
  30. ADVHOG

    My CWC Hawthorne Hiawatha

    I put this together from a bunch of parts in my shop and I like it. It's a good rider. The frame came to me partially stripped and clear coated. It's been hanging in the rafters for a while. The tank, fenders, and rack came from a part-out of a Hawthorne a while back. Other parts came from...
  31. schwinnman67

    What year is my Hiawatha??

    Trying to find out what year my Hiawatha is. The serial number is E65100... Can anyone help?
  32. schwinnman67

    Hiawatha light question

    Working on my Hiawatha project and trying to figure out the wiring. The tank has a Delta horn (2 D-cell) and there is a tail light. The original is corroded so I got a reproduction from a Roadmaster. The original had a terminal on the outside, the reproduction has a wire. This seems weird since...
  33. Dave Stromberger

    Hiawatha Arrow Fender Ornament

    Real original ornament. Some of the original red paint is still intact! $195 shipped in the USA.
  34. MaxGlide

    Help year of this Hiawatha

    I've got a three speed, balloon tire bike. Can't seem to find serial number reference chart anywhere. Serial number is A21527. Any help is greatly appreciated.(I know the light and pedals, seat and post are not original)
  35. Scribble

    1941 Murray curve bar badged as a Gamble's Hiawatha

  36. Junkman Bob

    Sold Shelby built Hiawatha part out...tank,shock ease fork,seat , bars, light and Fenders sold

    Hiawatha Shelby built super chief Bars 45$ Tank 145$ Seat 75$ Rack .. has a little hole on top 45$ Shock ease truss and fork 125$ Frame 195$ Stem 35$ If you see anything else just mention it as it is probably for sale . All shipping is included in price except for frame ... I don’t have bikeflyte
  37. Nickinator

    Sold Parts/Project ~ Deluxe Prewar Hiawatha Arrow

    Likely a 38/39. Someone was working on this in the late 70's/80's and never finished. Looks pretty complete and original- a deluxe Arrow with the big guard & rack, curved braces, streamline pedals, side spring seat and post, and flo bars. Seat pan is wrong, an original one came with it. Appears...
  38. TheFizzer

    Hiawatha Tank

    Original paint Hiawatha tank. $60 shipped to the lower 48
  39. cds2323

    Sold 1948 Huffman Hiawatha

    1948 Hiawatha badged Huffman. Bicycle is complete and has original Crest Deluxe tires. Bike has original paint and parts. I haven't taken the time to rebuild it yet. The bike needs to have the bearings and hubs rebuilt. Paint is in decent shape. Has a nice patina to it and should clean up...
  40. jchicago

    Roadmaster Hiawatha w/50s Duncan Motor Kit

  41. G

    Help id Hiawatha

    Hi anyone know anything about this bike? Thx
  42. schwinnman67

    Hiawatha headlight

    Just got a Hiawatha (think it is a Chippewa, but not sure) and it's missing the headlight. I have seen one here, but it's just a bit out of my price range...... Does anyone here have one that is reasonably priced?
  43. Gthoro

    Sold Hiawatha/Hawthorne/Western Flyer Springer Fork

    Springer Fork pulled from a Men's Skip Tooth Hiawatha. Original black paint is being preserved by red house paint. :) $110 shipped to Lower 48 or pick up in SW WI. Grockland@gmail.com or PM for details
  44. BWbiker

    Hiawatha Lightweight?

    This bike has some cool factor to it, labeled "Lightweight". Maybe more of a middle weight? Aluminum Hiawatha badge, Hercules geared hub, dogleg crank, and lever brakes. Seat post has inner wedge clamp. Was maroon with cool pin striping. Anyone know, have one of these? A clue, it had a 1954...
  45. BWbiker


    Moved to General forum.
  46. higgens

    Hiawatha arrow 6500

    Hiawatha arrow all clean straight rust free sheet metal complete except seat but I do know where you can get one. Just throwing it out there for a few days to pay off a bike any question call 714 420 2277
  47. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1939 Hiawatha Arrow - Shelby

    Letting my Arrow go! The tank has original paint, while the rest is very old spray can repaint with the accent colors applied and distressed to match recently. Seat top is recovered by Bob U, but the chassis is original and un-restored. The chain guard has had the front bracket moved to fit...
  48. mickeyc

    Nice men's Hiawatha

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/bik/d/1950s-gambles-hiawatha-26/6506860215.html Mike
  49. LarzBahrs

    1940s mens shelby built hiawatha $250.00

    For sale is my og paint mens shelby built hiawatha. Painted trusses. Has incorrect chainring and newer wheels. Wheels have a bendix 76 hub in rear. Aftermarket Lit rear rack. Cool home made wood grips. Cool rat patina. Asking 250 plus shipping. Pay pal preffered. More pictures upon request.
  50. rrtbike

    AMF Hiawatha Chainguard $20 shipped

    For Sale: AMF Hiawatha Jet Chainguard. Good shape. Some surface rust. $20 shipped to lower 48 from IA50022 PayPal or Money Order please. Thank you.