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  1. 59Hornet

    Vintage Style Hub Shiners

    Jeweled Bicycle Hub Shiners. I can customize in Black Genuine Leather or Natural Genuine Leather. This purchase includes 1 Handed Crafted Front and 1 Hand Crafted Rear Hub Shiner. Right now you can choose the jewel to be red, blue, or light turquoise. Each jewel is made of a high quality hard...
  2. Dave Stromberger

    Musselman Bump Hub Shell - Aerocycle

    The "Aerocycle" hub! Some light pitting but not too bad, should re-chrome easily for your show bike. Some minor wear in the races. $99 shipped in the USA.
  3. Krakatoa

    BENDIX Heavy Duty Hourglass Hubs!

    Plated 28 hole $30 shipped OD green finsh 36 hole SOLD
  4. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Sturmey Archer Tricoaster "S" - teens era - reduced, now $300

    From a Sears Chief with 36 spoke holes. It's missing the actuator rod/chain assembly and axle nuts. It is un-tested. Condition is much better than most of these that you see around. $375 $300 shipped in the continental USA.
  5. MonkeyWrenching

    What part is this? ND 2 speed, suicide shift conversion?

    Hello everyone, looking for some help identifying what I found in a box in my shops basement this morning. No markings except "PATS. PEND" on the drive cog. Unfortunately missing it's planetary gears. Looks like its a ND drive screw. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. bikesnbuses


    10/28 ANOTHER price drop!! Now asking $30 shipped! Dated 58 with 36 holes Some scratches,light rust and shelf wear ,nice chrome.
  7. atencioee

    Sold Hub Shiners with jewel glass reflectors (gold/amber/honey)

    Beautiful hub shiners...leather shiners with jewel glass reflectors that are gold/amber/honey in color.
  8. Krakatoa

    ~ Vintage Raleigh & Atom NOS Axles, Headsets, Hubs & Various Axle Lots Etc! ~

    Some nice quality deadstock nos parts here! Free shipping on orders of $30 or more! I'll sell everything on the table for $350 shipped over 1/2 off! 1. (6) Raleigh RHB 133 front spindles nos $10 each 2. (6) Raleigh RHK 126 rear axles nos $15 each 3. (2) Union #4118 front hub 28h 5 1/2" x 5/16"...
  9. bikesnbuses

    Sold >>ALL PARTS SOLD!! NOS New Departure Triplspeed 3 speed parts

    All parts are NOS and original * Shifter $50 shipped obo in the USA * Cable $40 shipped obo in the USA * Nut $17 shipped * Sprocket $20 shi[[ed obo in the USA Or if interested in all 4 pieces $100 shipped in the USA obo
  10. slothagese

    Sold Sturmey archer sportshift w/extras!

    Three speed shifter with small crack in plastic where the screw tightens. Modern sturmey 3 speed hub 36h coaster brake. Thumb shifter Shift cable Clamp on guide pulley $80 obo shipped conus PayPal only please
  11. atencioee

    Sold Vintage 2 Speed Bendix Hub Assembly

    2 Speed Bendix hub with shifter, cable, clips, etc. I believe this to be a mid 50s model used on some Schwinn bikes, but not sure. To be honest, I don't know much about these, and I lack familiarity as I have never used one of these on any bike, nor did I take the time to disassemble/rebuild...
  12. Iverider

    TOC Hub project, excellent Nickel!!

    32 hole front and rear hubs. Nickel plating is great. Races in rear hub are in good shape, cones are not. Includes axle and oil port valve. front hub needs new races. These appear to be removable.No cones or axle for the front. See pics for approximate measurements. Would be great paced to some...
  13. Balloontyre

    Sold Early larger barrel, Hourglass front hub

    36 Spoke. Good hub for Pope, Columbia & others. This was house painted, I decreased it only, cleaned bearings and races, all looks nice, you will need to pack it, find washers and polish it if ya like. $68 shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  14. C

    Sold 1938 Morrow Hub for sale $120

    1938 Pre-war Morrow Hub by Eclipse. Date code: H4 Asking $120-but an open to reasonable offers. Bearings & races are all there & is working smoothly. It’s been cleaned thoroughly, inside & out & runs like butter. On the outer casing there is some black pitting near the engraving but all...
  15. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Schwinn B6 Taillight brake light hub ring clip

    Hello! I'm looking for the ring shaped clip for my taillight and New Departure Model D hub. I think I have all the parts except the ring clip (first picture). Also, can soneone tell me where the clip goes? I'm assuming it goes in the groove of the New Departure ring lock (last picture)...please...
  16. Lux Low

    What The 2 Speed ?

    2 Speed Jockey Shifter in Action, Not an Easy one to get Close to enjoy the bike Nerding :)
  17. rustjunkie

    Sold Sachs torpedo automatic 28 hole vintage 2speed bicycle hub

    very good used condition, working, the best 2 speed around. shifts automatically, not a kickback Can easily be spoked to a 28 hole 26 inch rim, i ride 28h no hay problema. $125 shipped insured, no extra charge for PayPal
  18. rustjunkie

    Sold Musselman Olympic High Flange Coaster Brake Hub

    Good original hub, some marking from where the chain came off to the inside of the cog. Will include a 1 inch pitch driver cog and lock ring as shown. $240/shipped insured USPS Priority Mail, paypal as goods please at no extra charge.
  19. anders1

    Withdrawn 4 SALE Schwinn kick stand and hub.

    $45 shipped for this ree cromed kick stand for Schwinn 26” Baloon Tire bike. $25 shipped for the Schwinn hub. Shipped from S California, personal messages only please. Thanks
  20. H

    WTB: 1968 - 72 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed or 1968 - 70 Schwinn Stingray Coaster with Bendix 2-speed kickback overdrive hub.

    Hello All! I just discovered this site after getting the bug to find my bikes that I had in the 60's and 70's. I loved and lived on my old Stingrays, as I'm sure that many of you have! My goal is to find a bike to restore or find one that is restored. I'm looking for a complete 1968 - 72...
  21. dnc1

    Gnutti hub, help appreciated.

    Hi, whilst out buying bits for my 'Bertin' piste special today at a jumble (I'd prearranged to buy a TA piste BB and a Stronglight headset) I also took a liking to this 'Gnutti' flip-flop hub..... It's a 40 hole, all steel, chrome plated hub, fixed and freewheel type. Does anyone have...
  22. mr.cycleplane

    1949 morrow hub excellant

    1949 date code morrow hub. I have gone thru this hub and purchased many nos parts to make it as good as you can get. there are absolutely no pits in any of the race areas so ride will be silky smooth. has the very desirable bronze brake shoes for great stopping and new clutch pieces(critical...
  23. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub wrench

    SORRY ALL GONE! genuine morrow hub wrench. has axel-adjusting cone-lock ring features on this simple wrench. this is a gotstahave item if you are a morrow freak! 'ride all day-coast halfway' was the motto and it is only accomplished by proper adjustment of the cones. improperly adjusted hubs...
  24. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub very sound

    morrow hub with 1940 code. gone thru and made sure there are no pits to all the bearing surfaces. entire hub works fine-will give good service. axel thread a little tight in spots due to bunged threads-but have taken apart to show it does come apart. some nos parts to assure smooth operation...
  25. mr.cycleplane

    Sold musselman hub pieces misc other lot

    musselman hub pieces and misc headset pieces-odds/ends- non Schwinn and a p.w.schwinn set-postwar Schwinn rack clamp. seat posts-seat clamps etc. money maker for bike swap meet or take time to list. great deal-price right-65 shipped pp/ff
  26. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub pieces used/misc

    morrow-eclipse machine company coaster brake hub pieces. all used with patina or wear -some pitting to race surfaces-wrench marks-rust but usable if nothing available. priced right-65 shipped pp/ff
  27. mr.cycleplane

    Sold new departure 'c' hub excellant-SOLD

    new departure early 'c' model hub in excellent condition 36 hole dual oiler holes . hub looks nos and never been laced. 35 shipped pp/ff
  28. mr.cycleplane

    perry hub excellant 36hole

    perry 36 hole hub in excellent condition with grease fitting. hub actually looks nos or maybe tear down a long time ago. never laced as far as I can tell. 35 shipped pp/ff
  29. spomalley86

    Unknown rear rim and hub

    Hey guys, still digging around the barn and I found this one buried. Wondering if you all could help me identify this wheel. Hub is not marked, measured greater than 25 inches tall, about 1 and 1/8 in width. Made of steel and is exceptionally flat. Thanks again for your help and expertise...
  30. spomalley86

    Prewar autocycle rear wheel morrow hub

    26 skip tooth morrow hub with an autocycle rear rim, rim is free of major dents. Color looks to be very good, I cleaned a few areas and the chrome looks pretty good, definitely covered in some house paint. Ther hub might need some fine tuning. Stamped f3 36 13 . Asking 125 plus ship obo
  31. spomalley86

    Lobdell- monark silver king 24 inch triple step rear wheel nd hub

    This rim is in excellent shape, no major dents or dings, not pitted at all. This rim was stored in a dry barn for a number of years. The little black spots are grease from scrubbing the hub. 125 plus shipping obo
  32. E

    American Special Hub Cycle Co ?

    New to the group and I have a bunch of bikes I've collected over the last 40+ years... I've had this bike for 25+ years and have never really known anything about it, and haven't been able to find any info on the badge name. It's a skip-jack with metal-clad wooden rims, and a Sturmey-Archer...
  33. OldSkipTooth

    Sold ND blackout rear 36 hole hub

    Used but all there, unchecked since found. $58. Shipped unassembled.
  34. OldSkipTooth

    Sold NOS blackout ND hub

    Unused front 36 hole hub, minor shelf marks, $55. Shipped
  35. Pantmaker

    Morrow hub stamp

    This is the 36-11 Morrow hub on my prewar Cycletruck. What does this "12" stamped on the other side represent?
  36. O

    New Departure 36 heavy duty nos d hub shell

    Does anyone have one?
  37. T

    WTB New Departure W front hub cones

    Looking for New Departure W front hub cones, but would also take replacement overhaul kit. I believe Wald #107 would work. Many thanks.
  38. Monarky

    Schwinn script hub straps

    I picked up these Schwinn scripted/stamped hub straps a while back at a local swap meet and had them reinforced with some leather at the back. They were on their last leg but now they can be reused again. They are still a bit stiff/dry but need a little soaking in some type of leather...
  39. O

    Wanted red band hub shell made for 105 spokes

    Factory drilled for 105 or 11 gage spoled
  40. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Rear Hub sprockets, brake arms, box of parts

    Items will be re-packaged with other parts. Coming soon.
  41. John G04

    New departure skip tooth hub

    Looking for a single speed skiptooth new departure hub in good rideable condtion . Pm me please if you have one your looking to sell. Thanks
  42. B

    Sachs 28 spoke 2 speed automatic hub- Farmington Hills, Michigan

    $150 or best offer + shipping to the lower 48 states. I removed this from a German folding bike. Last time I rode the bike, it worked.
  43. alecburns

    WTB - Torrington #13 Bearing

    Hey all, The one in my Elgin was trashed. It was a Torrington #13 Bearing, with a 1" outer diameter, and 6 balls. Let me know if you have one in NOS or good condition. Cheers!
  44. Sven

    Info please - Sachs Jet 36R hub

    I just pulled this from a wheel and cleaned it up. General information is very limited on the web. Two questions: 1) I know as far as $$, it isn't worth much. I was just wondering , are these any good performance wise or is this a fishing weight? 2)What bikes did this come on? Thanks!
  45. MsRock2

    Reduced New Departure Front Hub 36" WL $20 shipped to USA

    $20 shipped. PM for sale, thanks.
  46. MsRock2

    Reduced 26" wheels plus Bendix Hub $50

    I'm not certain that the rear brake on this set works so I'm including this Bendix hub set as part of the package... $50 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM for sale, thanks for looking. Wheels came off a Speedway Special and the tires do not match.
  47. gtdohn

    Sale Pending 1902-1903 TOC New Departure Duplex Rear Hub 36 Hole

    Very nice ND Duplex rear coaster brake hub with 36 spoke holes. Plating isn't the greatest but will look perfect on an older restoration or an original rider. Functions perfectly Good teeth on the cog which is rare. Includes axle nuts and arm strap. $275. shipped to anywhere in the lower 48...
  48. frank 71

    Sold Hi Low Schwinn Brake Hub

    Prewar Front Brake Hub. $275.00 Free Shipping.

    Front drumbrake hub for sale

    Worksman front hub in great condition. 36 hole 11 gauge Anchor bolt & Ajuster included. Houston,Tx US ONLY $40 Shipped