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  1. atencioee

    Sold Hub Shiners with jewel glass reflectors (gold/amber/honey)

    Beautiful hub shiners...leather shiners with jewel glass reflectors that are gold/amber/honey in color.
  2. O

    toc 32or36 spoke hole hubs

    i am looking for a couple of front hubs to finish up a couple of early columbia bikes can be 26 or 32 holes i really need one of each and still looking for a nice 1899thru 1903 mens chain driven head badge ,and a nice type a brake arm with good teeth . i have some early stuff to trade a...
  3. Dave Stromberger

    New Departure Mechanics Apron

  4. anders1

    Sold Sold...

    $85 shipped for the complete hub in beautiful condition. $65 shipped for the hub missing break arm. $25 Shipped for the 7 Post Clamp. Shipped from S. California, personal messages only please. Thanks
  5. bricycle

    Sold FS early Barrel and semi hourglass front hubs

    early Barrel and semi hourglass front hubs Left to right A, B, C. A). 28 hole $80.00 $85.00 100.00 B). 28 hole $105.00 $115.00 130.00 C). 36 hole $70.00 $75.00 87.00 prices shipped, domestic only. 83 views
  6. S

    Sold Very Nice 26" Enamel Lobdell Drop Center Rims New Departure hubs $175 shipped

    This set will clean up Very nice. Original paint. Both hubs are New Departure rear is blackout and the finish is super nice the front is the nicest unrestored one I have ever seen. Both rims spin true within 1/8" or less , axles are straight with nice threads. Blackout coaster brake strap included.

    1893/1894 Columbia Hubs

    I was able to pick up a Pope Columbia Model 34 Frame and Fork. I urgently require hubs to get the bike on the road. The rear hub with skiptooth sprocket is of prime importance!
  8. Jay81

    Reduced Bendix Red Band Single Speed Hubs 36H & 28H

    Prices include shipping to the lower 48. USPS Money Order only. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD, SEND ME A PM IF INTERESTED. THANKS! Red band single speed. These three are 36 hole, left has 19 teeth, center and right have 20 teeth each. Your choice $35 $25 shipped each. 28 hole, 18...
  9. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Hubs Hubs Hubs $10-$35

    New Departure Model D 36 Holes - $25 #2 TOC Eclipse 1905, Hub 36 Holes- $35 #3 Eclipse, July, 19, October 25 1904 36 Holes $35 #4 Eclipse 24 13 24 Holes $20 #5 $15 SOLD #6 $10 #7 $10 #8 $10 #9 $10 #10 Eclipse Machine Co $15 #11 Eclipse $45 SOLD #12 New Departure $10 #13 36 Holes $35...
  10. MOTOmike

    Question about New Departure Model M Hubs

    Does anyone know if the New Departure Model M hub with the oil cover is older or newer than the one without, and approximately what years each hub was produced. I'm trying to figure out which hub would be more period correct for a 1916 bike. Or were both hubs produced simultaneously? Thanks...
  11. marius.suiram

    Atom hubs

  12. Tino

    26X1.375 Davis war time rims & tires black out hubs

    Set of wwii wheels and tires. Tires are 26x1.375 and made by Davis. They have some cracking but display nice. Both wheels have black out hubs, front wheel gas a broken spoke. (First picture shows the bike they came on, obviously the wrong wheels for the bike) Price is $150.00 shipped within the...
  13. Tino

    Elgin twin bar head shroud

    Looking for an Elgin twin bar head shroud, thanks Tino
  14. mongeese

    Sold New Departure early hubs on 27” 1970s rims for riding

    These were built in the 70s and are in barely used condition. Mount on your TOC bikes and go for a spin. 120$ plus the shipping from Wisconsin. Hubs are excellent inside and untouched on the outside.
  15. Jay81

    Sold TOC Rear Hubs

    Tried to research these a while back and came up empty. Thought the one that has an axle might be a Thor hub, but I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find any markings on them. I really don't have any clue what they are, or how much they are worth. Please chime in if you can identify them...
  16. ratdaddy

    jc Higgins hubs kickstands cranks

    fist come gets the pick.first rear hubs.a and b are 3 speeds.rest are single speeds.chrome looks good probably needs grease.40 each plus shipping pp as f&f.next is jc Higgins colorful own kickstandso all are 26 inch. 25 each plus shipping.last is jc Higgins cranks.all are 26 inch.most need...
  17. filmonger

    New Departure A & C, Morrows, Musselman Hubs

    1.) Morrow Hub - 36-13...Nice Older Hub & Nickel patina. Wear on stamping side. You can still read the two patent dates 1904 & 1909 ......150.00 USD Shipped 2.) Morrow Hub - 36-13 R2...Nice Hub .....150.00 USD Shipped 3.) New Departure Model C - 36 hole - Nice Hub & Nickel Patina .... 100.00...
  18. bobcycles


    #1 Red Band 2speed Kick back Bendix hub. Spins free and attempting to actuate the 2 speeds by hand I would say it works, but no guarantees. An 'as found' hub in cosmetically good condition and I would bet mechanically as well 65.00 plus postage [email protected] or PM here...
  19. rrtbike

    Reduced BOX OF COASTER BRAKE HUBS $40 Shipped

    For Sale: 5 Coaster Brake single speed rear hubs. Freshly cut out of wheels. One of each: Swift Shimano D-type SunTour Torpedo Excel Mark II $10 each plus shipping from IA50022 OR buy all 5 and get free shipping! PayPal or Money Order Thank you.
  20. Bike Recyclery

    Bulk Hardware LOTS! Stingray/BMX/Lightweight - Hubs, Stems, Reflectors, Brake,

    Just listed a few bulk hardware lots for Stingray, BMX, and other models! Check em out! *Click the links below to purchase with paypal or credit card payment *I will not split up this lot, and I will not measure anything in it. All the parts are tightly packed up and not accessible. Parts...
  21. Neanderthal77

    New Departure RX, Musselman Olympic Racer and Hercules hubs

    I picked these up today and would lile any information on them. The first is a New Departure RX. Had no idea they made a fixie hub. What years were these used? It's mounted on a Dunlop 26x1 1/4 wheel but seems older. Next is a Musselman Olympic Racer front hub. It is mounted on a...
  22. GTV

    Educate me on Schwinn High Flange Front Hubs

    I need some schooling here. I’m building a traditional-ish style klunker out of a 1940 DX and I’d like to use a high flange front hub. I’d like something that is period (mid 70’s or earlier) correct, bolt on, and of course Schwinn but I really don’t know what is what other than the early stuff...

    Reduced Worksman drumbrake hubs

    Worksman drumbrake hubs 36 hole 11G axle nuts/ adjusting barrel/anchor bolt included. $40 Shipped each Houston,Tx US ONLY 1. (SOLD) 2. $30 Shipped
  24. ohmybike

    Sold 28” steel clad w/ND hubs

    140 shipped PayPal FF. rear New departure hub CC and from New departure Sm. Didn’t need this after all. I was able to re-lace my 28” clinchers.
  25. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ WW2 Era Blackout Hubs ~ New Departure, Morrow, Westfield, Bendix! ~ ~

    Great Blackout hub selection today @Krakatoa! These are in a raw as harvested state and have been surface cleaned only~ 1. ND D SOLD 2. ND WL SOLD 3. ND W SOLD 4. Morrow O1 36 13 SOLD 5. Westfield SOLD 6. Bendix SOLD
  26. Bikermaniac

    Sold Wood clad wheel set with hubs and one petrified tire.

    This set came with an Iver Johnson I bought 6 months ago. Hubs are New Departure, good condition. One of the rims is in better condition than the other. Both could use a Oxalic Acid bath? you decide. The petrified tire is partially cut. Asking $100 + the ride.
  27. markivpedalpusher

    Sold New Departure SM hubs x2

    $35.00 + $5.00 for shipping 2 nice original 36 hole New Departure SM front hubs complete. 1 with script and 1 without. One hub has replacement axle nuts.
  28. whizzer kid

    Reduced Parts lot , ND hubs , old seat post’s , ect..

    Various parts here, 2 schwinn hubs , 4 N-D w hubs, C model cogs from a N-D rear hub , CWC stem. Schwinn spring Komet hub Elgin rear hub part Seat posts Question please ask All 85 Shipped (Med,priority) PayPal As friends only (or add for fee) Thanks Eric
  29. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn ND model D, Elgin air cooled hubs $25ea.

    Your pick $40 each or all 3 for $100 with a free ride. All work good just need a little more cleaning. Morrow J-1 36-13, 20 tooth New Departure Model A 9 tooth Elgin Air Cooled 9 tooth
  30. Rusty72

    Found New Departure Hubs

    I am looking for a set of New Departure Hubs. Model D or C. 36 hole. In working condition. Any one have a set they would like to get rid of PM me . Thanks
  31. O

    Hubs and hub Parts

    Hub Parts in the two pics all for $45 shipped Brake arms New Departure $8 plus ship V with s in the middle $8 plus ship Perry England $12 plus ship Excel Mark 11 $12 plus ship Hubs complete Hawthorn 28 hole $25 plus ship Bendix Junior 20 Hole $15 plus ship New Departure 36 hole $25 plus ship...
  32. spencehouse

    Sold nd hubs

    For Sale: 3 ND Hubs. Front: WL, Nice condition, spins smoothly, 36 hole. Rougher rear: D, 36 hole, 10 tooth cog, runs rough, brake works, but a little rough nicer rear: D, 36 hole, 10 tooth cog, feels tight, but smooth, brake works $60 shipped, CONTUS, Paypal friends and family
  33. Boris

    New Departure 28 Hole Rear Hubs

    Both have been completely gone through and are ready to roll. Chrome is VERY nice on these, although not mint. Cog and brake arm will be disassembled for shipping to keep cost down (yes, they will be included). $35.00 each. Shipped priority in the lower 48. Either a personal check or USPS money...
  34. bikiba

    Sold 3 ND Model D Hubs

    Bundlin' them 1 skip tooth, 2 reg One of the reg ones has 2 broken teeth on the sprocket and the previous owner put the brake arm reversed. :) $40 shipped for all 3. Paypal as a BFF please.
  35. Floyd

    Perry Hubs......

    What the #$*&#$#*@%@#!!! threads are these?!?!?! I need nuts and cant find correct size anywhere

    Sold Elgin air cooled hubs and rims

    For sale a set of Elgin rims 26 inch. Air-cooled hubs with grease zerks in them. The chrome on the will clean up. Spokes are ok and hoops. Perfect for a project or rat rod bicycle. $85 buxs plus shipping out of new Jersey. Pm with any questions.
  37. bobcycles

    1938/40 PREWAR SCHWINN WHEEL SET w ND Hubs 100.00 + ARAYA 26x1.50 Hoops 50.00 f/s

    Prewar Schwinn wheels set from a 1938 Motorbike. Front wheel has ok chrome, a few flaking areas... nice front ND hub... Rear has no plating left but IS indeed platable...prewar ND small arm hub is also NICE 100 plus shipping. I can swap the cog for a larger 1/2 or 1" pitch as well (has small...
  38. E

    Black hubs for rear

    Looking for another ACS or Shimano black hub high flange hub for a rear wheel,putting on a skiptooth sprocket
  39. GiovanniLiCalsi


    Noah Stutzman is gearing up to make 4 - 30” x 1-1/2” maple rims. Anyone interested in acquiring some may PM me and we can talk more about the order. Noah is getting ready to steam some maple woods, so it’s time to act speedily....
  40. ohdeebee

    Bicycle Hubs

    New Departure blackout set $60 SOLD Bendix yellow kickback. Works good. $85 Large diameter Morrow $65 SOLD 1935 D Morrow in good nickel $65 SOLD
  41. Howard Gordon

    Sold Hubs

    SOLD 13 NOS Bendix hubs, Mexico 76. Dirty and shelf wear. Sprockets, caps, nuts, etc. all included in pictures. $200 + shipping. Free delivery to Memory Lane Spring. Thank you Howard
  42. Krakatoa

    G519 Military Spec Hubs Headsup!

    My Cabe only ad! https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/morrow-m4-36-10-eclipse-36-10-og-military-g519-hub-set-correct-for-huffman-westfield.125024/
  43. ZE52414

    Sold 36h 28" clad hoops with ND model d & wl restored hubs

    Nice straight hoops. hubs are ready to be laced. Selling as a set. Asking 225$ shipped.
  44. Robertriley

    A crapload of prewar rims hubs and tires

    Doing a little cleaning since it's 80 degrees outside and realized that I'm never going to do anything with all of these tires rims and miscellaneous crap. I'll do $599 pickup only, not dropping it off anywhere, not packing it. I can also text photos but I'm not dividing the lot Pick it up...
  45. ohdeebee

    Fancy bells and fancy front hubs

    Both bells are missing the bottom clamp. Good luck bell: $175 shipped (does not ding) American bell: $90 shipped Musselman bump hub: $175 shipped Musselman finned hub: $70 shipped
  46. Wcben

    Thor Hubs

    I just thought some might like having a reference.... Below is a catalog page from TOC... And below are the hubs.... Just need cones, axle, nuts and washers for the “standard” front...and plating (of course) to make the sets complete.
  47. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Lot of Many Old Hubs Parts and Hardware

    *Please PM direct do not post any replies here thanks! Will ship in lower 48 USA in USPS PM Flat Rate Large Box... All good for parts Skip tooth hub, arm is marked NK Made in Japan The 1/2" pitch hub with chrome arm is signed Centrix RG JC Higgins 36 hole three speed hub stamped 50320 and a...
  48. 3-speeder

    Oil for oil port hubs, grease otherwise?

    Hello. I'm looking for advice on the best practice for tuning up my bikes. I'm currently rejuvenating a pre-war CWC Roadmaster with a New Departure model D hub. The last New Departure I worked on was from my '55 Schwinn Spitfire. It did not have an oil port so I used Park Tool PPL-1 grease on...
  49. Kenny Middendorf

    hubs 1959 racer ?

    Hi everyone I have a 2spd. Schwinn hub i belive to be a 1959 . and was wondering if it would fit and or be correct fit for my 1959 Schwinn racer single spd. rim. I"m thinking about swaping them if it would work .I'll post some pics if thats what is needed for correct identification. thanks to...
  50. XBPete

    Stems -20'S- Prewar-Ballooner - Repro Coke Grips

    More parts, prices listed include CONUS shipping and are OBO Torrington Moto Bike Stem SOLD Elgin Stem $30 36 CWC Stem $35 Pair Repro Grips, Clay and black SOLD