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  1. Nickinator

    Sold Original Prewar Huffman “Crow’s Beak” Chainguard

    Nice and straight, overcoat(s) of paint. Complete front bracket, rear needs a bolt. SOLD Message with questions etc Darcie/Nick
  2. JKT

    WTB Huffman springer fork

    Looking for a Huffman springer fork, or parts of this style of fork.. boys or girls I don't think matters as I only really need this top chrome piece that holds and goes around the spring..
  3. Oldnut

    1940 Huffman

    Nickenamed this one lockjaw
  4. D

    Is this a 1934 Huffman?

    I’m a new member and found my dad’s 1930s chrome bike in the attic after my mom passed 2012. It was pretty rusted and the one tire is from newark, ohio tire & rubber company. it looks just like a picture posted by oldfart36: bike standing up in front of a haul made in 2012 (pic on this site)...
  5. JKT

    Huffman model 90 Whizzer

    I just got this Huffman 1948 "Model 90" built specifically for the Whizzer motor kits.. it needs a few parts and some work, the spring on the fork needs to be turned around, from what I've seen its backwards.. but basically what's there looks to be in good overall shape.. good factory fenders...
  6. M

    WTB Huffman Fenders

    Looking for 1940 Huffman Lit Tank Fenders with braces, Front fender needs to be Springer Fork style. Anything out there? Thanks Mike
  7. Krakatoa

    Bike Riding in the East

    Shout out to @Kstone and the Philly crew!
  8. M

    Wanted: Huffman Fender Ornament

    Looking for 1940 Huffman Big tank Fender "Ornament" and Front fender "Braces"! Forgot to mention the Fender Braces are for the SPRINGER Front Fork.
  9. Freqman1

    1938-1940 Huffman Twin Flex Thread

    This is a bike I've been interested in for some time. The model has an interesting beginning with a rocky start and total recall (-1) of the original design. I would like to gather enough material to do a monograph on these. Please limit discussion/photos to the 1938-1940 Huffman built Twin Flex...
  10. RLS

    John Doe build

    So, this is where it all began........ WHAT ON EARTH Where it's going.... not sure yet. It wound up dismantled on my buddies scrap pile... then loaded up and drug BACK to my place on a whim. Hell if it's going to the scrap yard why not second look right? I thought about turning into a custom...
  11. Dan the bike man

    Sold Huffman lit tank project Now $200

    1940 Big lit tank project. What you see is what you get. Close up to show paint color. I’m losing money so no offers. $200 shipped.
  12. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  13. Rust_Trader

    Sold WTT Prewar Huffman Long Tank

    Nice repainted Prewar Huffman long tank with horn and Button. All hardware is there, trade for an original Schwinn Pogo seat.
  14. RLS

    What on earth

    I'm new to the cabe, and joined mostly because I have an old clunker that seems prewar, but I cannot figure out the frame at all. Despite the John Deere paint scheme complete with hand brushed pinstriping, the original color was red, the fenders Navy/Royal Blue and are likely not for it. There...
  15. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Huffman Putter Single Hash Stem!

    This is a very hard to find repop Huffman single hash-mark "Putter stem." A few different people produced small quantities of these; I am not sure who made this one but it is well done. Chrome finish with correct cad-plated under bracket, very good condition with some minor blemishes...
  16. azbug-i

    Sold 1936 Huffman Double Bar - Firestone Archer - very nice Original

    Selling this very very nice original 1936 huffman built firestone fleetwood. The battery tube and light are in vg condition but they dont seem to work. This is best original paint and finish bike ive ever seen. The original seat cover does have rips in it. Everything is very nice on this. Loaded...
  17. cds2323

    Sold 1948 Huffman Hiawatha

    1948 Hiawatha badged Huffman. Bicycle is complete and has original Crest Deluxe tires. Bike has original paint and parts. I haven't taken the time to rebuild it yet. The bike needs to have the bearings and hubs rebuilt. Paint is in decent shape. Has a nice patina to it and should clean up...
  18. T

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-Huffman-Huffy-Bike-Tank-Deluxe
  19. BWbiker

    Wanted '40 Huffman Big 1/2 tank

    Wanted- left side (horn button and battery tray side). Have right side (pictured) Color not important. Please PM, or e-mail direct to fatire53@yahoo.com Thank you
  20. BWbiker

    Huffman Aluminum H Stem

    Perfect condition, H head bolts. $60 shipped. Will trade for prewar Schwinn Razor stem, or prewar Huffman stem.
  21. B

    '41 Huffman $1200.00 FB

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1687042898182868/ Not mine.
  22. New Mexico Brant

    Withdrawn Huffman 1940 Lit Big Tank Bike Fender Ornament

    Original Huffman 1940 lit tank bike fender ornament. Decent condition: some minor chrome loss and pitting, scratches, and tiny ding; secondary modification on front point extension with drilled mounting hole and grinding area. (See images for details.) One original underside hole seems stripped...
  23. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Huffman 1940-41 Boys Truss Rods and Bracket: One SOLD!

    Set #1: a very fine pair of boys Huffman 1940-41, possibly '42, pre-war truss rods with original chrome-plated mounting bracket. Excellent condition: minor surface rust on polished steel rods; bracket retains original chrome, minor wear-through in chrome at expected spots. Only retains one...
  24. tryder

    Found Mens 40s Huffman Cranks & Bottom bracket in nice shape and with nice chrome...

    Hi, I am looking for a super nice set of '40s Mens Huffan cranks and the correct bottom bracket for my Huffman "Victory Era" bicycle. I already have a nos Mens Huffman chainring with beautiful chrome. I would like to purchase a super nice Mens crankset to match. I need the correct Huffman...
  25. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ ~ Pre War Huffman Men's Truss Rod Setup '40/'41 Excellent! ~ ~ ~

    Nice correct men's setup! Left rod has plating loss and a small rough spot as shown. Chrome is otherwise quite presentable. Has og bolts and nice straight top plate. SOLD! Thank you~
  26. Nickinator

    Early Postwar Huffman Parts

    Off a girl's 26" bike, early postwar. Original darker blue with Ivory paint. Decently shiny. The guard is complete with brackets/bolts/nuts, a bend/dent in the middle- shouldn't be hard to pound out. $45 shipped Fork with nice darts and steer tube about 8". $38 shipped. Set of truss...
  27. JimRoy

    Wanted - Dayton Huffman 26" Fork

    Wanted - 26" Dayton Huffman Fork like pictured below. Recently I acquired a bike like this, but I'm missing a few parts. Pm me if you can help. Thanks in advance. JimRoy.
  28. Dan the bike man

    Sold Fork etc for Huffman lit tank

    Rare Huffman lit tank / Big tank springer fork. $650 shipped in the USA
  29. Dan the bike man

    Sold $800 Huffman lit tank bike

    1940 Huffman Big tank , lit tank men’s bike. What you see for $1,000 last price drop $925 NOW $800 shipped
  30. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Huffman fender ornament Pre-war

    Fender ornament for 1940 Huffman lit tank. $275 now $250 NOW $200 shipped in US. PayPal as friends/ family.
  31. Dan the bike man

    Sold 1940 Huffman only $1,950!

    Rare prewar 1940 Huffman lit tank. What you see is what you get EXCEPT i HAVE REMOVED THE SPEAR ON FRONT OF THE TANK AND THE HORN BUTTON. $1950 shipped in the US. PayPal as friends/ family. Thanks
  32. Dan the bike man

    Sold Seat for 1940 Huffman littank

    Men’s seat for 1940 Huffman Lit tank bike. $300 shipped in US. Friends/family PayPal
  33. C

    Wanted: Huffman Long Tank

    Hello, I am looking for a long tank for prewar Huffman Lighting Flyer. Does anyone have one for sale?
  34. C

    Huffman Long Tank

    Hello, I have a prewar Huffman Lightning Flyer. I am looking for a long tank to complete the bike. Does anyone have one available for sale?
  35. rustyspoke66

    Sold Huffman built Dixie Flyer"850.00 plus shipping"

    I hadn't planned on selling this one but remodels get expensive. This Dixie Flyer is a excellent rider condition bike. The wheels have been relaced with new spokes and hubs overhauled. Also has new tires and grips that really bring out the red detail in the badge. 950.00 shipped CONUS.
  36. JimRoy

    Wanted - Huffman chainring

    Wanted - Dayton Huffman chainring like the below. 26 teeth. Pm me if you have one. It doesn't have to be that nice. Thanks. JimRoy
  37. ADVHOG

    1941 Huffman Build

    Hello...I'm Chris and I'm trying to piece together a '41(?) Huffman bike. You are all free to input whatever you wish to my thread. I aquired the frame, forks, chainring and crank from @Cowboy in NC and already had a nice wartime wheelset from @rusty.kirkpatrick and along with a few other parts...
  38. I

    Sold 1943 G519 Huffman

    Up for sale is my 1943 Huffman G519 military bike. This bike has been restored by me with some specialty work performed by others. Please see the build posted on the Military Bikes section for build details. The frame, fork, and Morrow hub are all date matched with the same time period. It...
  39. B

    1940 Huffman og lit tank bike

    Looking for a very nice original complete 1940 Dayton lit tank mens bike. Please PM me or email me directly to blealess@telus.net. I am in the Pacific Northwest or will pay to have it shipped. Thanks Bill
  40. Nickinator

    Super Nice 22T Huffman Chainring with HM Stamped Crank

    Pretty nice set with nut/race. Front side of chainring is super nice chrome, just some light scratches, very clear. Almost looks rechromed. Teeth good, 22 skiptooth. Back side looks nice too, but has some dark areas, see last pic. Shouldn't be noticeable once on the bike. Crank is good, some...
  41. Nickinator

    Sold Original Firestone Tires, Morrow Hub, Huffman Rims

    Don't know which rims these are, maybe Lobdell flats, but original to an early postwar Huffman. Hubs look nice, the grease has preserved the chrome. Rear is Morrow, nice hub and brake arm; front is Bendix (Eclipse). Firestone Champion tires held air and rode, some weather cracking. Rims are...
  42. coin1812

    1940 Huffman Dayton Lit Tank

    Selling one of my favorite bikes. 1940 Huffman/Dayton Lit tank. I believe the forks are incorrect but the truss rods are correct. There is a small hole, probably about penny size, at the bottom of one of the tank sides. You can' really see it unless you are looking for it as it's kind of...
  43. ejlwheels

    Sold 1939 Huffman Twin-Flex

    Hard to read serial # but I believe it is N 102578 2 "N" might indicate that it had been badged as "National" The rear lower fender stay has been professionally repaired. And there is some kickstand squishing on the underside. The top springer plate looks like it was...
  44. tripple3

    Huffman Frame & Fork; listed incorrectly

    Who put that on there...
  45. RustyK

    Sold 1940 Huffman Bigtank - ML delivery

    1940 Huffman Bigtank - ML delivery with $500 down. The tank is a FIBERGLASS JAFCO tank with real Delta horn button. Tail light lens is repop. The seat was recovered by Bob U. Hubs are rebuilt, rides and stops. J-3 1940 Morrow on rear. Welded on kickstand. Equipped with Johns chain tires...
  46. Krakatoa

    ~ CL Birmingham Red White Blue Western Flyer Huffman Ladies! ~

    Kinda cool... https://bham.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-antique-1950s-western/6507051852.html
  47. Jay81

    1940 Huffman Firestone Airflyte

    Here's one of my newest additions to my collection. 1940 Huffman built Firestone Airflyte with the big lit tank. This particular bike has the ultra rare see through tank lol. Looking for opinions on this. I will NOT restore this bike, as I like them original. But as you can see the tank has some...
  48. Huffykid

    Huffman/Dayton chainguard

    Help! Still looking for these kind of Huffman guards...
  49. partsguy

    Hard to find Huffman parts to pick

    A little rusty, and beat up, this parts bike has a good rear carrier, seat, tank brackets, sprocket, and fork that are correct for several late 40s-mid 50s bikes. Surely, somebody needs this stuff. I am seeing less of it every day...
  50. Dan the bike man

    1937 Dayton Huffman Streamline RARE!

    Very rare bike here. 1937 Dayton Huffman long tank. All original. Note the rust holes in the tank. Rides great. I have the badge but no screws. These don't come up for sale often. Worth more but will sell for $2,700 shipped FIRM, I WILL NOT PAYMENTS .