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  1. atencioee

    Huffy Speedometer 60s? 70s? 80s?

    Huffy Speedometer...not sure the decade?
  2. SCPicker58

    Rare 76 Huffy Dirt Star Estate Find

    Hey y'all, I'm a picker in South Carolina and I stumbled upon this little diamond in the rough. I picked this old Huffy up for $42 and I honestly thought it was an early 70's Evel Knievel bicycle but then I found out it was a Huffy Dirt Star. When I got home I looked up some pictures of this...
  3. N

    Huffy Monark Silver King

    I can’t find anything online to help me identify the year of this bike. It sounds like this model was discontinued in the early 60’s, but I think mine is more recent. Any ideas?
  4. D

    Davis Sewing, Huffman, Huffy

    I am interested in almost anything Davis Sewing, Huffman, or Huffy related, especially original literature or head badges. For a variety of reasons, I'm not in a position to purchase actual bicycles. And I don't have the mechanical talent or instincts to do restorations so parts and such...
  5. L

    Single Left Bow Pedal B-6 Black with white BowTie b6

    Single Left Pedal B-6 Black with white stripes on blocks Left only common to Monark middleweight , others see pics for condition $7 plus shipping pedals
  6. kingfish254

    Sold Lot of 19 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc

    SOLD - Lot of 18 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc $20 shipped US - SOLD 3 matched pairs plus 12 singles
  7. looneymoons

    Coca-Cola Huffy!

    Spotted this bicycle in Morgantown WV last weekend.... The owner of a vintage shop had this in his shed! I had never seen one and he pulled it out after we stopped in to eye up a 1940's cruiser. Thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share. Wasn't sure if anyone knew any history of Coca-cola...
  8. Bikerider007

    Huffy Rail? to 70s BMX conversion parts

    I have these parts available or whole bike for $40. Grips-blue $5 Eagle MX for display bike (cracking) $10 Cranks $5 Frame and fork $20 Bars and/or stem $5 Rim $5 ea Brakes $10 + ship
  9. C

    Free Huffy bike

    Free Huffy to a good home. 26" wheels. Missing chain and fenders. Bike is located in Millville N.J. No shipping. Pick up only. Craig Allen
  10. D

    huffy radiobike

    Hi Everyone, I acquired this bike some 25 years ago and its been in my basement collecting dust since then . So just last week i decided to clean it up. the radio works and it cleaned up pretty good. I haven't done any restoration but it is missing the chain guard. Im not a collector but i need...
  11. Jim Barnard

    Middle weight "Silver King" lookin' like a Huffy

    Pretty nice ride on this light agile chrome space age classic. Great design flow with the rack and light into the unique tank and light. The decals have taken a hit from my polishing. Oops! Looks like there is NO relation to the 1930's aluminum frame bikes. Not sure what fender...
  12. partsguy

    Huffy RADIOBIKE on eBay! Low starting bids!

    It’s a red single speed, and missing the battery cover, but it’s still very nice. I can tell is has both knobs in one pic, but the seller really needs to grab a couple pics of the chain guard side. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163357076368
  13. M

    Late 40s Dayton/Huffman?

    I came across a Dayton Huffman and I'm trying to find out a more about it. My main question is about the "paperboy" mentions. I can't really find any info on that whatsoever. "This is the special paperboy's bike with heavy spokes, big hubs and all the heavy duty stuff. It has the cool...
  14. Dave Stromberger

    What are the odds? Radiobike

    Green Radiobike came from Kentucky, and the red one from Washington State. What are the odds that both would have a Red Ball Jets shoes decal plastered to the left side?
  15. kirk thomas

    Huffy Star Spangler banana bike in NY

  16. jrcarz

    Wanted 1970's Huffy Thunder Road #4

    -Looking for Huffy Thunder Road # 4. Looking for excellent condition bike with number plates. P.M. me or call 847-401-1332 Thanks
  17. F


    u get all of it there no seat or wheels n tires 75+shipping in USA ONLY
  18. L

    Parting out '69 Huffy Camaro

    This didn't have a lens when I got it, so I decided to part it out. Everything is in extremely nice, original condition. I will sell everything I can fit into a wheel box (pretty much everything but frameset) for $100 + actual ship. Or, you can ask about individual parts.
  19. stingrayjoe

    20" Chrome Drop Center Front Wheel and hoop Huffy Musclebike & others

    Please PM direct do not post replies or comments here thanks! Front wheel in good shape with good chrome, hoop nice chrome all but one larger section with a bad area. $45. for the pair plus shipping in lower 48 USA
  20. atencioee

    Are my Corvair bikes Huffy or Monark or both? Also, looking for correct chaingaurd.

    I have a ladies bike that is missing the right half tank has Corvair on the side of the left half tank, but has Thunderbird on the chaingaurd...why is that? Many of these Corvair bikes have "Huffy" on chaingaurd, but this one has has "Thunderbird." Is it a Huffy or Monark? Also, I have a men's...
  21. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Power Switch with Key

  22. schwinnguyinohio

    Huffy Rail Parts

    bought a rail project , what you see is all I have so need everything else that would be original and correct for the bike
  23. atencioee

    Women's 60s Huffy Corvair, Camaro tank

    I'm looking for a women's Huffy Corvair tank...the one that does NOT have a switch and has "Corvair" on the side...not the top.
  24. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Power Supply

    Here's a new power supply to replace the unattainable AB battery pack that Radiobikes came with. All new materials used with exception of a an original 4 pin connector. The original huffy radio will plug directly into this power supply with no modifications. Every connection was soldered, shrink...
  25. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  26. atencioee

    Women's Huffy Corvair Tank, Schwinn Straight Bar Tank

    I'm looking for both of the follwing... Schwinn Straight Bar Tank Women's Huffy Corvair Tank
  27. Nashman

    Wanted red pedals for Huffy Radiobike

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent set of used ( or NOS) original pedals/red blocks for a Huffy Radiobike. I would consider the red blocks alone, but want them to be stock or as close as possible as stock. Thanks, Bob
  28. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Huffy Cheater Slick Trelleborg 20" x 2.125 Musclebike Pie Crust Edge Tire

    Please PM direct do not post any replies or comments here thank you. Fair to good condition used Trelleborg Cheater Slick used on base model Huffy's and Department store musclebikes was $75. Now $60. + shipping in the lower 48 USA. *Wheel not included.
  29. jmastuff

    rat 26" 50's huffy tank bike

    50's huffy, pictures should tell the story, some parts obviously not stock, good looking cruiser..265. plus shipping
  30. jrcarz

    Looking for Huffy Thunder Road #4

    Looking for #4 Thunder Road and other Thunder Roads with Number Plates in excellent condition. Looking for others such as Murray brand as well. P.M. me or call or text 847-401-1332 with what you have. Thanks
  31. A

    Huffy Radiobike Sold

    Huffy Radiobike decent condition in the not often seen green color. Tank is nice inside but missing the key. Seat is nice and chrome good overall. Rims may clean up . Handgrips and pedals are not correct but are of the period. Headlight is in good shape. Looking to get $5500 or best offer. Email...
  32. 6

    Sold Huffy

    Original paint 26’ Pick up only 92626 $300 new price
  33. jrcarz

    Huffy Thundeer Road #4

    Looking for excellent condition Huffy Thunder Road #4 must have original number Plates. Call 847-401-1332 or PM me. Thanks
  34. G

    1983/4 Huffy Pro Lightning

    Just finished my clean up (not really a restoration) of a 1983/4 Huffy Pro Lightning. I purchased this bike from a gentleman I met on this site. I was originally going to totally restore it, but just decided to clean it up and replace the wrong or worn out parts. Totally disassembled, greased...
  35. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Key on Ebay

  36. T

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-Huffman-Huffy-Bike-Tank-Deluxe
  37. Gandalf the Gray

    I found a Huffy the Wheel.....

    ....but it is in rough shape. I know that they are fairly rare, so would anyone have an idea on its value? I may restore it or else sell outright.
  38. Slim812

    Parts for 69 Huffy Camaro

    I'm looking for parts that were probably stripped off the bike before I bought it. I'm looking for a Tank, light, and rack for a Green 69 Huffy Camaro, or at least some info on where to look, besides eBay. Believe me, been keeping an eye out for months.
  39. Slim812

    69 Huffy Camaro

    Been looking for tank, light, and rack for a Green, 69 Huffy. If anyone has any ideas on where to search, let me know. Otherwise I may have to wait for Bouckville (NY) Antique show/sale this summer.
  40. E

    Help with Appraising Four Vintage Bikes

    Hi, new here, you all seem to be very knowledgeable so I am hoping you can help me. I am located in NH and am cleaning out the basement of an early 1800's building. I have found four bicycles so far. My main questions are, how much I should sell them for and are there any red flags you notice. I...
  41. R

    Dating a Huffy bike (for fun)

    I got this bike at my work a few months ago because I liked it, but when I went to look for a date on it today just out of curiosity, there wasn't one. I'm not really looking to find out for any value reasons I guess, but I'm just curious if it's an old bike that was kept it good condition, or...
  42. jrcarz

    Looking for Huffy #4 MX and Murray MX

    Hi Looking for this Bike and Murray MX . Must be in excellent condition with number plates. P.M. me or call 847-401-1332 Thanks
  43. jrcarz

    Want toBuy Huffy ,Murray MX

    Looking for Huffy #4 MX bicycle in excellent condition with number plates. Also similar Murray MX bikes. Please PM me or call 847-401-1332. I have PayPal. Thanks
  44. Floyd

    Huffy Dude

    Not really Bmx but figured the Bmx foum was closest. Thought this pathetic thing was pretty funny so I gave goodwill 5 bucks. Seriously.... the Dude?!?! Anyway, I gave it a bath and new tires and discovered it's in excellent condition. The graphics reak of 80s or early 90s, but so far I haven't...
  45. Handle Bar Hoarder

    Sold FS 50s huffy

    For sale original 50s half he can deliver to the orange county monthly ride at the orange circle in orange county California or take to local bike shop for shipping you pay for shipping there is only one bike shop in my area Palm Springs California 92262 price is $1200 or best offer thank you PM...
  46. Santee

    Wanted!1957 Huffy Customliner or Western Flyer Tank

    I am looking for help finding a Tank for my 1957 Western Flyer. Thank you in advance for your help!
  47. W

    Any Huffy experts? Trying to determine the value of my old Purple Huffy Camero bike

    I am trying to determine the value of my old Huffy Camaro bike. Its purple and white - I have had it since the early 70's. (As I recall it was a close out - older model bike that my dad got a great deal on at the time) . It is still in very good shape. I actually have the original white wall...
  48. jrcarz

    Wanted Mint Huffy Thunder Road BMX

    Hi Looking for Excellent condition Huffy Road #4 and # 54 with Number plates. Thanks
  49. hawkster19

    Purple Huffy Thunderbird (Year?)

    I have been collecting Huffy car bikes for decades. I have seen all purple girls Camaros, white/purple girls Camaros, and even one purple boys Camaro. This past week I found another purple girls Huffy car bike I didn't know existed - an all purple girls Thunderbird badged for sale as a Monark. I...
  50. jrcarz

    Wanted Mint Huffy Thunder Road

    Looking for mint #4 ( Grey Fenders) and # 54. Must have the number plates and say Huffy on the seat. P.M. with what you have or if you know of one for sale. Thanks