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  1. V

    Cruiser Identification

    Hello all. I just purchased this cruiser to restore but I can’t find any information online about it. Im hoping im in the right place to find a knowledgeable person who could chime in and help me out. Thanks!
  2. JRobinson

    'Whippet' roadster frame identification with F&S torpedo zweigang '54 hub.

    Hi there, I recently picked up a gorgeous old frame with a Fichtel and Sachs 2 speed torpedo zweigang rear hub dated 1954, but without the rarer shifting rods. It says 'Whippet' on the frame and has a whippet head badge, but I cannot for the life of me find anything out about this brand or...
  3. C

    Help with what kind of bike? Western Flyer?

    I’m brand new to this forum and would appreciate any help I can get working on this bike. I bought it a few years ago from a woman who’s father owned it. She had 4-5 bikes that were mostly rusted out and she said “this is the one he loved and kept in the garage.” I’ve been wanting to bring it...
  4. T

    Hawthorne Bicycle year??

    I purchased this Hawthorne yesterday and am trying to determine year and model would someone help me out with this please? The only thing I’ve dug up was that there isn’t anything out there to date these bicycles other than Montgomery ward catalogs or collectors who would know that’s why I’m...
  5. J

    Identification Help

    New to forum, thanks in advance to anyone that can assist. So I bought this bike at a swap meet because it looked like it would be fun to cruise around. I don't know anything about collectible bikes but for $140 I thought it was cool. Got interested and searched the serial numbers and it's...
  6. E

    Help IDing two tricycles

    I work at an antique store and am attempting to identify and price two antique tricycles. The brands on both are difficult to read now but still partially remain. I am hoping they will be recognizable to someone here! First one: Second one: Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!
  7. P

    Need help identifying frame (1980s? roadbike)

    Hello! I've recently came across a really good deal on an old roadbike. It has really high quality parts on it, mavic ma40 rims, campagnolo downtube shifters and brakes, shimano 105 hubs and crankset, cinelli handlebar, selle italia turbo saddle, laprade saddle tube. Now here comes the tricky...
  8. C

    Prewar Shelby? New to restorations & would love any tips or knowledge!

    Hey there friends, So I’m very new to restoration & identifying vintage bicycles. From what research my husband & I have done, we believe we have a sort of Frankensteined prewar Shelby potentially. The hub is dated April of 1938 (H4 stamped), 36 spoked, slotted-sprocket & has a very clear...
  9. Foxclassics

    Columbia date identification needed

    I have been looking for Columbia date code identification and I am have no luck. attached is pictures of the bike and serial number. Thanks in advance, Tim
  10. M

    J.C. Higgins/Sears information and pricing information?

    This was literally a free street find and just trying to get some ideas of what year, model, year, etc. Thank you in advance!
  11. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  12. M

    Royal bicycle anyone know anything about it?

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  13. G

    About to buy my first Schwinn - help greatly appreciated!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been lurking around this place for quite a while now, happily returning every now and again to fuel my enthusiasm. My love for vintage bicycles is quite new but growing stronger every day. Somehow I got hooked and I’m particularly drawn to the...
  14. marius.suiram

    Back rack identification

    This rack was on the Schwinn Jaguar, I bought today. Any idea what bike was using it?
  15. frankster41


    Can someone identify the year of this Colson frame and is the "F" for Firestone? Best Regards Frank
  16. T

    Need identification help/manton and Smith winton

    can anyone help me with identification of my bicycle? Year? Value? Restore or leave as is?
  17. rusty_apache

    Racing pedal identification

    I want to identify these because I need to make new straps for these pedals. They are from my 1901 National model 41. I could just “wing it” but they are riveted to plates that bolt into place so I want to get them correct the first time. I would also like to see the how the clips were designed...
  18. Sarg1969

    Tank identification

    Hey folks can you tell me what these tanks are? Kinda look like Mercury but I know someone here will know.
  19. S

    Western flyer bicycle identification help needed

    I need help with identification of this bike I was given I will try to post pics. I am new to this forum. It has MO Stamped on the crank housing along with.23×10 and 106811 below that.Any help would be appreciated greatly
  20. Sarg1969

    Autocycle Identification

    Came across this prewar Schwinn the other day and brought it home. Autocycle but the serial numbers are funny. Could it be left over prewar parts assembled post war that were already stamped? I will pull crank this weekend for date there. Looks un touched. Any help would be great.
  21. O

    Identification help

    I recently picked up this rusty relic. 44626 is hand stamped on forward side of crank hanger. Rack doesn't look origonal. Tires are Goodyear war tire 26 x 1.375. I was told it is a butler but I think the guy I got it from thought that because of the chain ring. It has new departure hubs and drop...
  22. Slick4d4d

    Repurposed antique 26" bike wheel, should it remain repurposed or restored?

    So I found this antique bike wheel, repurposed into a gaming wheel, at a local flea market, the approximate measurements are 26" diameter, 4" hub width (not include bolt ends) and 1.5" rim width. As you can see it has a wood ring, missing a piece, screwed to it. They did a clean job attaching...
  23. rustjunkie

    Persons Saddle Identification Help?

    This saddle has been hanging in the shop for a few years, just noticed that it says persons on it. Wondering if anybody has one with a top on it and might know the approximate year and application?
  24. W

    Highwheel - help with identification

    Hello dear enthusiasts. Would someone please be so kind and help me identify this highweel? I bought it from an estate sale in Austria (Europe). There are some markings on it - please look at enclosed pictures. There are: BMH on the front, britannia and made in england on the rubber ends of...
  25. Reallybigtim

    Prewar? Postwar? Mystery Bike Identification Please!

    I was fortunate enough to find this little treasure this weekend at a local garage sale (for $5). I have tried to narrow it down but my short time in this hobby has made it difficult for me to i.d. positively. The serial number is 4G5028 but the headbadge is missing. The grips and the seat...
  26. S

    I haven't a Clue (need help with identification)

    Helping a friend clean out family garage and need help with identifying this bike looked all over the internet and no help.
  27. A

    3-speed shifter identification

    i picked this up the other day , thought it was unique , shifts well , says Dana on the hub , bike is 67 , was told it was put on when bike was new as i bought it from original owner , any information would be great .
  28. R

    Vintage Bicycle Sprocket Identification

    Does anyone know the Make & Model of this bicycle based on it's sprocket?
  29. B

    Any help in identification please?

    Part of my collection but has no markings or badge. Obviously post and built inexpensively. Unique behind seat pillar. Any help appreciated.
  30. Thonyv1974_

    Frame identification

    Good evening , scored a balloon tire klunker from a estate sale today and asking for help with identifying the frame. .. thanks in advance. ...
  31. P

    Help identifying Shelby based on Serial Number

    Hello All, Can someone please help with the serial number L287811 on left rear dropout? What year is this bike? Make/model? What is standard versus add-ons? I can upload more pics of that will help. I received this from a family member and I'm not sure what to do with it so I'd like to...
  32. P

    Help Identify Older Shelby bike with Orline Engine - can't find serial number

    Please help. Received this bike from older family member who received it in trace many years ago. No idea how it is pieced together with the orline engine and other pieces since I can't find a similar looking bike online...I cant find serial number on the bike on morrow or underneath crank. ( Do...
  33. M

    Bike Identification

    Working on this bike for a customer and would love more information on it. Thanks.
  34. alecburns

    Bicycle Identification

    Looking into getting this one. Badge was replaced with a "Saint (George?) Badge". On my guess the seat isn't original. Can anyone tell me the make and year, and value? Cheers!
  35. E

    Help with Appraising Four Vintage Bikes

    Hi, new here, you all seem to be very knowledgeable so I am hoping you can help me. I am located in NH and am cleaning out the basement of an early 1800's building. I have found four bicycles so far. My main questions are, how much I should sell them for and are there any red flags you notice. I...
  36. C

    Identification help

    Found this recently. Not sure what it is or if it has any value
  37. Dweber

    Seat Identification Child's (Troxel) Seat?

    Looking for a small child's seat for a Pierce project. Can anyone confirm this is a Troxel seat. I believe this is what I need for my project. Any help appreciated! Thanks Dave Email: Dweber736@aol.com
  38. M

    Tricycle Identification

    Need help identifying this tricycle. Just want to know if we got rolled on the price. Got it for $25, which I don't think is bad for what is obviously an older tricycle, but I want to find out how we did. I can find no distinguishing information except the G markings on the deck...
  39. mstovall

    Help with frame identification

    Looking for help Identifying frame maker and Year. Thinking schwinn ?? The number on it is D430910. I believe the fork is wrong?
  40. F

    Nickel Plated Pope / Columbia Identification

    The badge is missing, but an outline of it exists. I would like to find the correct badge, maybe year and model, and any information about the bike that can be provided. Handlebar diameter is 3/4". Main frame tubes are 1". Pictures are from the person I bought it from. Thank you.
  41. mstovall

    Bike identification

    Recently purchased a bike (project) at an estate sale that's been in a box for a long time in and attic. Trying to figure out maker. It's surprisingly all there except the head badge and the key for the fork lock. I'm guessing Schwinn, but don't know for sure. Also guessing pre war. Any help...
  42. D

    Help With Bike Identification Please

    Hello! I am new to the forms, and honestly don't know much about vintage bicycles. This was dug out of the garage rafters, and I'm looking for some information on it. Any help is very much appreciated. The front badge, and chain cover read Liberty, and I know it is a women's bike, but that is...
  43. redline1968

    19teens 20” boys Identification help.

    ive been kicking this bike around for a very long time.. .. i realized I didn’t know who made this...Is this a Westfield built or .? Any ideas?
  44. marius.suiram

    Muscle bike identification

    Interested what bike is this?
  45. M

    Tricycle Identification

    Brand new member here and I'm hoping (and confident) someone here is smarter than me... I'm trying to i.d. a tricycle I'm going to restore, but can't figure out exactly which model it is. I'm pretty sure it's a Murray based on the "M" emblem on the hubcaps, but the "AB" on fender braces has me...
  46. ranman

    Saddle Identification?

    Looking for some help to identify a saddle. It is off a girls Shelby bicycle. Unsure of the year. Moto bike style fenders etc. with metal clad wood rims.
  47. L


  48. B

    Help with Western Flyer Identification

    Would anyone be able to tell me what kind of western flyer this is? I'm mainly trying to find out what it is for the purposes of selling it
  49. B

    Hawthorne identification help?

    Hi I recently added a Montgomery ward Hawthorne to my collection and I looked all over this and other sites in search for clues to identify the year it was made but haven't had any luck yet so I was hoping someone here could help. I've seen similar bikes but not with the springer front end. I'll...
  50. E

    Identification of kid's bike

    Hello, I found this little bike with training wheels. I'm not sure how old it is, but it has solid rubber wheels, heavy metal frame and is very small, like for a toddler maybe? It's very rusty and missing one of the handle bar grips. I don't have an actual use for it, so I'm trying to decide...