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  1. Robertriley

    Sold Three Great Bikes, One Price!

    $5k plus shipping
  2. B

    NEED HELP TO i.d. 20s-30s MOTORBIKE bicycle FRAME

    I bought this bicycle thinking its an Iver Johnson. While doing research I found out Iver Johnson always has a 6 number serial number on the tube near the seat, but there is no such serial number on this frame. It is also not the original paint, it has been painted black and an Iver Johnson...
  3. Handyman

    DO I Really Need Another Iver Johnson Project ?

    After being housebound for over a week because of the Covid-19 situation and completely bored out of my mind, I decided to walk through my barn and check out some of my Iver project bikes that never seem to get any attention. After eyeing several, this rough, but mostly there, model 90 Road...
  4. Rustngrease

    Looking for Pierce type 3, i have pierce pat badge and iver badge to trade

    Looking for a pierce type 3 old and tarnished preferably, I have pierce pat date badge and a iver johnson badge for trades.
  5. Dan Shabel

    Iver Johnson Just Purchased

    I just purchased this 34-36 Iver Johnson that I know nothing about. There are several things that are not correct, but I’m curious to learn all of what’s not correct. Does Park Tools make a tool to remove the crank arm nut? If not does anyone have one for sale? The nut is tight but there is...
  6. Rustngrease

    Iver johnson truss frame set

    Iver johnson truss frame set, from the numbers I think 1930, there are many of you that know a lot more than I do about it. 550 shipped to the 48 what's in the photos is what you get I haven't dug into any of it but everything spins nice message me with any questions. Thanks
  7. Freqman1

    1934 Iver Johnson 28" Motorbike

    The serial is 516198 which according to some charts would be 1931 but the Morrow hub, which I believe to be original, is dated C4 (1934). A pretty solid bike that appears complete and correct except the drop stand is missing and it has a Jiffy stand on it. The bike was repainted at some time way...
  8. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Used - Iver Johnson Crank Wrench

    This is the last good, but used Iver Johnson wrench that I have to sell. Keeping one for my toolbox, so this is your last chance. NOS wrenches are all gone. There is only one used wrench left after this, and it has a broken spanner pin :-( It'll be half price... can send pic if you're...
  9. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Iver Johnson Bottom Bracket Set

    Ok, MOSTLY nos.... the bearings/cages are not, but they are in good shape. The rest is as-found, I haven't cleaned or polished them at all. They have shelf wear, so they look more like well cared for, but used survivor parts. The black stuff I think is a result of theplating process, or maybe...
  10. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Iver Johnson Crank Nut Wrench - LAST one!

    The last NOS Iver J wrench that I have! This is the best one... I set it aside then forgot I had it till just now when I ran across it again. It still shows the heat-treatment blueing on the bare un-rusted steel. Truely the way it looked when it was brand new 100 years ago! INSANE!
  11. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Iver Johnson Crank Nut Wrench

    Surface rusted but would clean up nicely, unless you prefer to keep the patina! $60 shipped in the CONUS.
  12. dasberger

    New member... Old bike!

    Hello all! New member here and excited to become a part of the CABE community. A brief background... I'm in my early forties and live in Atlanta where I am a renovator and homebuilder specializing in Tudor homes from the 1920's. A labor of love for sure! I have been collecting and restoring...
  13. Rustngrease

    Iver johnson truss frame trade for twin flex frame, i could add a few bucks to the trade

    I have a iver truss frame forks crank set early 30s want to trade for twin flex frame forks , I'm not concerned about og paint or a little rust or all original parts, as long as it's workable to build a good rider. The iver is in good shape from the numbers I believe early 30s crank spins good I...
  14. C

    1920s Iver Johnson Velocipede Model #230

    For sale only. Rare find 1920s Iver Johnson small tricycle. Very good mechanical condition. Looks like it's all original except for seat material and paint. Handle bar grip appears cut (see pic). Made for very young children (2-3 y/o). Front hard rubber tire missing. $250 obo. Will provide...
  15. getmediaobject.jpg


  16. Lux Low

    LuxLow.Com Iver Johnson Bicycle Eye Candy & Bike Nerding

    Here are Some of my Favorite Iver Johnson Shots from over the Years. Seems like we are to the End of our Iver Collection and Restorations, Some New Old Rides and Some Long Gone. All of our Lux Low Ivers can be found here in Detail. The ones for sale are first and then once sold they are filed by...
  17. Dave Stromberger

    NOS Iver Johnson Crank Wrench - LAST ONE

    This was found in the inventory of a bike shop that closed right after WW2. It doesn't appear to have ever been used. As you know, this wrench is pretty rare! I have just a few of them, so don't wait if you want one. Don't be caught messing up the fasteners on your bike by using the wrong...
  18. E

    Found Iver Johnson Bottom Bracket / Crank Wench

    I am looking for an Iver Johnson Crank / Bottom Bracket wrench. Please see pictures. Thank you for looking.
  19. Payneless bikes

    Iver Johnson truss frame

    Looking for help on year and any other info on this frame thanks
  20. E

    1911 Saddle wanted

    I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my 1911 Iver Johnson, but I need a rideable saddle. Here are possible options from the 1912 Iver Johnson catalog. As listed Parsons overland Parsons Sterling Parsons Roadster Parsons special Troxels Thirty Troxels Star Troxels Forty Troxels Four...
  21. ZE52414

    Picked up this New iver today.

    After looking at some cats I believe this would be a short frame single bar roadster. Frame height is 16”. 26” wheels. FAntastic Og paint! Serial starts with 606 from what I can remember. Possibly 41ish? Any thoughts or comments are welcome hope you guys enjoy. Not sure if the bars are...
  22. pedal4416

    Iver Mens Crank Womens Sprocket

    Im looking for 30's Balloon Mens crank in ggreat shape with no play for my rider with a really nice womens sprocket. i.d. like decent chrome with no "iver peeling" Thank you.
  23. fat tire trader

    Sold Iver Johnson Fork and Truss Rod

    Iver Johnson 26" Balloon Fork $100 Shipped Now $75 Shipped Truss Rod $100 Shipped Now $75 Shipped Get both together for $150 Shipped Now $100 Shipped The plating on these pieces is in poor pealing condition. Steerer tube is 5 1/4" long
  24. Handyman

    Iver Johnson Motorized Bicycle

    WOW! Got a surprise call from a Mr. Hansen asking if he could bring his motorized “Iver Johnson” bike to the Fitchburg Historical Society to display during our Iver Johnson Bike Show. Naturally, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough! It will be arriving on Sunday, July 1st, and will be on display...
  25. fat tire trader

    Sold Iver Johnson Frame

    Iver Johnson 26" Balloon Frame Has small dents in the seat stays above the seat stay bridge and on the top tube. $250 Shipped Now $200 Shipped
  26. Handyman

    Great Day at "Fitchburg Rides" Swap and Iver Johnson Show

    What a great day at the Fitchburg Rides Swap, the day started out a little cool with some light showers but it cleared up quickly. We had the largest number of vendors and the biggest attendance we have ever seen this year. Lots of bikes and cash changed hands, and our new spacious location...
  27. bobcycles

    Original 1930s Prewar IVER JOHNSON scripted Cross Brace bars F/S

    Rare bars! Original set of IVER JOHNSON scripted bars from the mid 1930s. These are in sound shape with NO dings or dents just the chrome loss that you see in pix.. Good for an original bike or restore for perfection! Nice deep stamp with the IVER JOHNSON logo on the shim. One coke bottle...
  28. gtdohn

    Iver crank set removal

    Does anyone know how to remove this crankset? Is the square fitted bolt right or left hand thread? Does the small screw have to be removed?
  29. ranman

    Withdrawn Iver Johnson project

    1938 I believe I have been told. SN is in pics. 582979 I believe. Pretty much same condition as I bought it several years ago. Thought I would throw it up on here one last time before I post it on fb and then finally, yes, last resort eBay. The front wheel is pretty well toast. I believe this...
  30. Dweber

    WTB 20" Iver-Johnson Truss Frame

    WTB Iver-Johnson 20" Truss Frame Bicycle or Frame Any Condition! Email: Dweber736@aol.com
  31. Handyman

    1896 Iver Johnson Lady Recently Unearthed !

    This is a surviving example, of an 1896 Iver Johnson Model C, “Fitchburg” Ladies Roadster. 1896 was the first year that the Iver Johnson Company built cycles that would carry their own name. The company offered a complete line of “Iver Johnson” badged bicycles and a second line of “Fitchburg”...
  32. ivrjhnsn

    IVER JOHNSON custom crank nut wrench

    OOhhhhhhhh.. lookie what I made for a west coast bike guy . Came out pretty nice for the short time into it. Be mailed on Thursday, he should have it maybe Saturday.
  33. Handyman

    Interesting 1899 Iver on eBay

    Not a bad looking 1899 Iver just posted on eBay. Front wheel and rat traps look original, great badge and 1899 BB, and it's a tall frame ! Needs a TOC seat and maybe a wheelset, and you've got a nice looking 1899 Iver. Fairly priced at $999..............Pete in Fitchburg...
  34. Dan the bike man

    Sold NICE Iver Johnson!!

    Reduced! Only SOLD shipped as shown. I’ll take off $100 if I keep the tool pouch. SOLD if you pick it up in MI. Rides great. 28” . Grab this beautiful bike before someone else does!!!!
  35. Dan the bike man

    Sold Iver Johnson

    $650 picked up Utica MI , $750 shipped
  36. Wards Guy..

    Found Iver Johnson fork

    I need a Iver Johnson front fork for a bike with a serial number 248647 motorbike. The bike is black but I can probably work with any color. I really need some help to get the correct one. Please PM me with my options, if you see anything else that is incorrect feel free to chime in. Thanks...
  37. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Fenders

    28" TOC - $125. + shipping or pickup in San Diego PM if interested, thanks.
  38. Handyman

    We Want Your Iver Johnson Bike ! Really !

    Our annual "All Iver Johnson" bike show, held indoors at the Fitchburg Historical Society, is coming up soon, and we would LOVE to display your bike. This show features only Iver Johnson cycles but also showcases the society's extensive collection of Iver Johnson factory memorabilia. We have...
  39. carlitos60

    My Dual Suspension Iver Johnson!!!

    Check Out My Dual Suspension Iver Johnson!!! It's My Daily Rider, Super Smooth!!! Took the Road Like a Monster!!!;)
  40. Floyd

    Iver Johnson?

    Kinda outta my element here. I suspect it's an IJ . Can anyone enlighten me?
  41. bobcycles


    As shown.....a full size diamond frame Iver Johnson, Missing bars, badge, pedals and saddle. New Departure rear hub. Wheels look good, tires hold air. 3 piece crank unusual for IVERs... Not shown but included is a correct Iver Johnson seat post 7 style with script. Nice project! Should...
  42. Handyman

    1899 Iver Johnson Men’s and Ladies Tool Bags

    I was recently lucky enough to acquire a Men’s and Ladies pair of 1899 Iver Johnson Roadsters. These bikes were sitting untouched in the attic of a home on Davis Island, Maine for decades and are virtually untouched originals. I will be posting more info, pics, and the story behind these two...
  43. Freqman1

    Unusual Iver Johnson Item

    Now here is something you don't see every day! V/r Shawn https://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-PAIR-IVER-JOHNSON-LEATHER-HOCKEY-GLOVES-BOSTON-MASS-BICYCLE-GUN-VINTAGE/263701634346?hash=item3d65d79d2a:g:XhUAAOSwhElbAdei
  44. ivrjhnsn

    IVER JOHNSON Headset nut New Old Stock

    Got two for sale. New old stock chrome headset locknut . $25 shipped each
  45. ivrjhnsn

    Withdrawn IVER JOHNSON Motobike Stem New Old Stock

    Well, can't believe I'm putting this up for sale, but money needed for other purchase. Yes, this chrome stem is new old stock, never installed, never a wrench to it. Stamping there. $150 shipped . See pics. Ask questions if need be. paypal ok. First to converse gets priority over posting. Thanks.
  46. filmonger

    Iver, Raleigh & Iver Forks

    Left to Right..... Raleigh w lock - no key ( 60.00 usd shipped ) Sale Pending ........Center... I have been informed it is also an IVER ( 50.00 shipped ) Sale Pending ....... Iver Johnson w / brace. Fork weld for brace has been popped - easy fix or just use the fork without. ( 100.00 usd...
  47. filmonger

    Reduced 1910 Iver Frame & fork

    1910 Iver Frame and Fork only.....Now 500.00 - was 550.00 USD shipped. 24 inches on seat tube measurement ( center BB to seat tube top. ) Serial No 158353
  48. filmonger

    Sold Iver Truss Racer 1902 Frame

    1902 Iver Truss Racer. - purchased a few months ago from a cabe member. In fact the pictures are his as well. top tube of frame is 22 1/4 inches and seat tube is 20 inches. 220.00 USD plus shipping. Still packed at my Dads basement in Ohio. This was going to be my last project before I gave up...
  49. Handyman

    What’s up with this HUGE BELL on a recent 1899 Iver Johnson Roadster find

    I recently was fortunate enough to locate and acquire this 1899 Iver Johnson Mens Roadster that I am 110% sure has been resting untouched for decades in a Maine attic. I’ll post more about this find (and its mate) soon. However, the thing that I find kind of interesting is the huge bell that...
  50. cyclingday

    1915 Iver Johnson catalog.

    Although, I'm not fortunate enough yet, to own an Iver Johnson bicycle. I couldn't resist this neat little 85 page hard bound catalog when it popped up for sale recently. I guess you could say, the next best thing to owning that bad ass twin cylinder motorcycle, is being able to read about it in...