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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 1978 original paint Schwinn Stingray jr for local pick up in RI

    Uncleaned original Schwinn Stingray junior Needs slight fork straightening . Needs complete tune up and gone through before riding.Far from perfect but still a great old 20" Schwinn I dont know what is under the white tape on the seat,sorry Im located in southern Rhode Island off rt 95 on the...
  2. S

    1930s ? Colson Junior Bike

    This is Melanie, Steve's wife. As some of you know, Steve passed away and I have been selling some of his bikes. I've had several kind fellow collectors help me sell the bikes over the last few years, but I still have a few to sell. This is one of them. I don't know that much technically...
  3. aaronklaz

    1976 stingray junior

    Found this classic bike at a local thrift store. Spent several hours cleaning it up and fine tuning it, but it came out pretty nice!
  4. aaronklaz

    1976 SCHWINN STINGRAY junior all original parts $399

    1976 SCHWINN STINGRAY JUNIOR $399 Good condition! Can be ridden around! All original parts, rare find for this year and model! Great for a collector wanting to show off a piece of bicycle history, or for a sweet ride around town. The price is listed at $399, but I am open to reasonable offers...
  5. C

    Early knighted Junior Toy Corp still Life

    pretty cool 30’s knighted junior toycorp tricycle Now sits as a excellent patina piece of yard art In my garden . Birds love it. Very cool spring seat.
  6. I

    Sold 1965 Schwinn Sting-Ray Junior, 1 year only color & style..

    1965 Schwinn Sting-Ray Junior in Violet, rare! This style & color was only offered for one year with the long full fenders, solo polo tufted Persons saddle, painted & pinstriped rims. Everything is original to the bike except for the rear reflector which I added to the existing housing. The bike...
  7. L

    1976 SCHWINN Sting-Ray Junior copy

  8. bikemonkey

    Lil' Chick Junior Stingray

    I will cleaning this one up soon. BTW- The original owner said the handlers were set like this as it is how she last rode it...she was evidently hard core....
  9. S

    Repro vintage 1950’s 1960’s 3/8’ Junior Toy Co. tricycle pedals white

    When I recently bought an early 1960’s AMF Junior Toy Company trike, I found the broken remains of a really cool pedal and decided to reproduce a close replica of it. Here it is. The pedals fit 3/8” crank arms. Two sizes are currently available. The larger size fits the original AMF Junior...
  10. bikemonkey

    Few questions on Lil' Chick Junior Stingray..thx!

    Hi folks - I will be deep cleaning this one and have a few questions. The saddle on this bike is the correct Junior saddle (the shorter 14" version) but based on catalog pics it appears to be the white striped saddle shown on the boys bike in this '74 catalog photo. So, Schwinn probably ran...
  11. W

    Olympia Spirit Junior

    I've been overhauling gifted Schwinn lightweights for about a year now, and someone will be giving me a (what I imagine is) a mid-70s Olympia Sprint Junior. While the American bikes are pretty straightforward regarding tools, I have no experience with an Italian bike. I was wondering other...
  12. C

    New Departure Junior hub

    Looking for a New Departure Junior brake arm. Or I will buy the whole hub or complete wheel. Thanks!
  13. C

    30’s junior toy Corp to Share

    I believe this to be a 1930’s junior toy Corp .tricycle Maybe Garton but by the foot step s assuming JTC. Did not do to much research on this one. Nice patina Beginning of airflow design Awesome teardrop footstep design Wanted to share this for reference. Mark
  14. G

    nd model h and junior hub parts

    nos new departure hub parts for model h and junior hubs , 50 bux for the lot plus shippin
  15. T

    AMF Roadmaster Junior

    Can anyone tell me what year this bike was made? I picked this up today from an antique store. It reminds me of middle weight and balloon tire bikes with the tank. Value? Thanks Tim
  16. S

    Need photo of head badge decal for AMF Junior Trike

    I am restoring this trike. It looks like there was some sort of oval head badge on the plastic head tube cover, but if there was, nothing is left of the printing. I suppose it could have just been reflective to look like chrome. I haven't found a photo of an oval AMF Junior Trike head badge...
  17. C

    Sold Early 30's Junior toy corp. Tricycle

    Cool Airflow Design . Great Coloring . Unique Seat Clamp. Trailer Hook . All Here ! 30's Junior Toy Corp. $250 Shipped
  18. C

    3 Cool Tricycles to reference -Elgin Racer, Junior toy , Rare Skippy ?

    Decided to post these in here to reference for future . Everyone looking for something they haven't seen . Whether , color make or design . Larger of the 2 -20"Elgin Racer in Hard to Find Color ( Blue Green ) Nicely Patina Junior toy Air Flow Dave need your Opinion ,,,,,,,, Super hard to Find...
  19. markivpedalpusher

    WTB Junior Braced Crossbars and 20" Drop Centers

    Wanted to buy - Looking for a friend *See attached pics for reference Jr. braced crossbars and 28 hole 20" drop centers
  20. carlitos60

    Who Has an HD Junior or a Dayton Racer??

    I'm Just Wondering IF Someone Has an HD Junior or a Dayton Racer??:D And Can Post Some Pics!!!
  21. carlitos60

    Harley D Junior Like This!!

    Anyone with a Harley D Junior Like This!! To Part With???? Please, PM Me!
  22. ZE52414

    1930 Columbia junior roadster

    So I picked this bike up a few weeks ago and cleaned it up a bit. Plus added a few things. Not complete yet still waiting to find the perfect saddle and the lock nut for the sprocket :) thanks for looking.
  23. Nashman

    Delta Rocket Ray Junior Bicycle Light 5 inches repro

    Delta Rocket Ray Junior Bicycle Light 5 inches repro. Here is a NEW unused ( tested only) reproduction all metal light. WORKS,….complete with all you see. ( battery not included) $55.00 plus about $10.00 SHIPPING Paypal as family/friend. Thanks, Bob
  24. ZE52414

    Possibly 1930 Columbia junior roadster??

    Picked up a new project the other day and was wanting to make sure I ID it correct. What I'm getting is with the H serial number it's a 1930? And with the 28" wheels would this be a junior roadster? Any info would be great and very appreciative! Please let me know if someone could give me any...
  25. New Mexico Brant

    Junior Safety Identification Help Please!

    I am trying to identify the maker of this early pnuematic tire junior safety bicycle. At the swap a couple people independently said 1894-95. One person felt it was Pope/Columbia but a couple other people felt it maybe made by a different maker. I haven't been able to find any Columbia bikes...
  26. C

    Early 30's Junior toy corp Tricycle

    Unique Color scheme . Nice Patina. Believe to be Junior toy Corp. Needs Correct Screws to secure Fork to front Hub. Little sloppy But Still a Great Display Item. $300 Shipped .
  27. C

    Early 30's Unique Junior toy Corp. Tricycle

    Unique Early I believe Junior toy corp Tricycle. Cool Color Scheme Different Seat Post Mount . Ist ive seen . Hope you Like This ! Thank You Mark Listed Also in " Everything Else " Forum For Sale
  28. P


    Looking to buy a nice original ribbed silver glow seat for a 1968 Schwinn Junior bicycle. It measures about 15 1/2" long. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com
  29. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 20 - LAST PAGE

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 20 - LAST PAGE

    LAST PAGE: sidewalk bikes. Very deluxe!
  30. L

    Sold Sonic Scout Junior 24" Girl's

    Evans Sonic Scout Jr $225 plus shipping 24"inch wheels Evans achieved a really cool look with uniquely styled flat sided fenders and rack on the Sonic Scout.... the original paint scheme used darker contrasting sidewall striping pattern that gives the flatwall fenders a illusory curved...
  31. mongeese

    Schwinn training wheels vintage

    65$ shipped from WI. Untouched original condition.
  32. mongeese

    Early stingray schwinn slik & westwind set

    Carlisle slik 100$ shipped Goodyear made westwind 50$ shipped 20" tires for stingray- stingray fastback- junior-runabout- From WI and pick up available