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  1. B

    NOS Torrington JR Juvenile Kids Bicycle Pedals (still in wrapper)

    $80 shipped. Please see in the pictures that the wrapper is tattered and wrinkled (you would be to if you were over 70 years old! :), but is still legible and strong enough to hold the pedals. Also note that someone wrote "Juvenile" on them at some point.
  2. 20200627_131854.jpg


  3. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Cool Little Juvenile Ballooner Saddle! ~

    Check this little one out! 9"l x 8"w Looks like a period hardware store square bolt and nut but it works well! SOLD!
  4. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Boys Lobdell Oilcloth Saddle 11" x 8"! ~

    For those seeking period correctness for their og bikes offered is this Lobdell boys or juvenile bobtail saddle in great survivor condition as shown with stamp dimensions are 11" long by 8" wide. SOLD
  5. ivrjhnsn

    Juvenile pedals Persons Torrington

    Here we have 4 juvenile bike pedals, 3 Persons, 1 Torrington. All new old stock, but 2 matching Persons are both left threaded, 1 Persons right thread, and the single Torrington Jr is left thread. Asking $100 shipped.
  6. J

    1897 Gendron No. 3 ladies juvenile info

    I have what appears to be a (circa) 1897 Gendron No. 3 juvenile ladies bicycle in rough, but nearly complete condition. Paint is old red, seat is leather and intact, chain guard, fender, wheel rims, and handlebar are all wood. Tires are probably original, but entirely unusable. Has any body...
  7. spomalley86

    Schwinn juvenile balloon bike

    Schwinn juvenile balloon bicycle. The listing for the feather guard ONLY. og paint 400.00 obo shipped
  8. detroitbike

    Schwinn Juvenile 20"

    Very nice shape 20" Schwinn. New Old Stock Schwinn Breeze tires and tubes. $500 Delivery to ML or AA possible
  9. Pedals Past

    Withdrawn NOS Troxel Juvenile seat

    $116 ff/pp pm or email bikeberg@aol.com shipped 48 usa
  10. ZE52414

    Sold Parts$$$ Iver Boy scout project. Juvenile

    So picked this project up a few weeks ago and it's basically the last thing I want to sell but I have to raise some cash for something else. This is a 24" bike. Frame measures 14 1/2" to the center of the crank. Fenders are not OG and I have 24" braces on the way. Not 100% they are for a 24"...
  11. klunk!

    NOS Prewar Dog Leg Crank Arms Juvenile

    New Old Stock, Dog Leg crank. Marked "A3" "510". Arms are 5.5" long center to center. Presume replacement for Prewar Schwinn Juvi bikes. 28tpi threads. Excellent original condition. Just slight shop wear from decades of storage. Un-cleaned, just as found. $50 shipped OBO.
  12. mongeese

    Schwinn Mesinger s seat juvenile in red excellent color

    25 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  13. ZE52414

    Juvenile raingutter fenders. And more

    Need some fenders for my little iver. If anyone has anything please let me know thank you!!
  14. ZE52414

    Juvenile 24" dropstand

    Looking for a decent juvenile longspring Saddle with hardware. Also looking for a 24" dropstand. Cash waiting. Pics and prices please.
  15. M

    Sold $45 Juvenile Childs Bike Trike Seat Saddle Bakelite or Early Plastic 1930's 1940's

    Maroon Bakelite prewar plastic or hard rubber seat for kids bicycle or tricycle with springs and seat post. A bit dusty but very nice condition. Saddle width is 7" and the length is 7 1/2". $45 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  16. John G04

    Juvenile schwinn seat

    Wtb a boys black troxel schwinn seat with little to no cracking. Doesn't have to be mint just not as beat up as one pictured
  17. Heart-like-a-lion

    Nos juvenile Wald pedals still available $45 shipped

    I don't believe these have ever been put on a bike $45 shipped mint condition I don't think these were ever used
  18. L

    Sold Sonic Scout Junior 24" Girl's

    Evans Sonic Scout Jr $225 plus shipping 24"inch wheels Evans achieved a really cool look with uniquely styled flat sided fenders and rack on the Sonic Scout.... the original paint scheme used darker contrasting sidewall striping pattern that gives the flatwall fenders a illusory curved...
  19. Bikes62557

    My first Bike was a New Schwinn!

    1948 24 inch Schwinn Juvenile (BOCX), Red & Ivory. See photo in corner (that's me on Christmas Day 1948). $37.50 is what we paid for it. As photo of Before shows I try not to redo a bike that has it's original appeal intact. Usually they have been repainted and beyond saving as original. This...