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  1. bricycle

    FS fender lamp and Delta horn

    Batteries not included Fender lamp $59 shipped domestic Delta horn $39 shipped domestic PENDING
  2. bricycle

    Reduced FS TOC style Lamp brackets, Bronze

    TOC Lamp brackets, Bronze. I only made 12, six gone $25.00 $28.00 shipped domestic only from 60118. Two for $42 31 71 162 208 299 317 333 456 491 545 637 views
  3. locomotion

    Miller fog lamp NOS in the box

    Miller fog lamp NOS in the box USD $150 + shipping as always, will trade for TOC parts located in Canada. Paypal f&f shipping can only be calculated once part is paid and packed, but you can get a shipping estimate on canadapost.ca, my postal code is G9B2B2 thanks Max
  4. wrongway

    Raleigh Lamp Bracket

    I am on the hunt for one of these. Doesn't necessarily need to be Raleigh. It could be generic as long as it fits on my Rudge fork.
  5. bricycle

    Sold FS Elgin SUPER teacup lamp

    with clamp and bulb, $160.00 shipped domestic only.
  6. bikiba

    Sold TOC Luxor Carbide Lamp

    I brought this one back from Europe a few years ago. A bit less common that the Solars. $120 shipped. paypal as a friend Needs a cleaning and shining. Has the rubber along the bottom, which ivenot seenin others. Lens is perfect no chips or scratches. Everything moves and it all comes apart...
  7. tommydale1950

    Seiss Light Weight lamp

    Nice old Seiss Head lamp . Light Weight model Not sure when these were made but someone will know. I am selling to try and raise some cash for an Excavator to lift a Millstone that the Canadaway Creek exposed in my back yard last week. It appears to be black granite and over 4 feet in...
  8. MsRock2

    Reduced Bicycle lamp $20 shipped

    Missing back cover - not sure of age/maker buyer to verify. PM to purchase. US only, $20 shipped.
  9. bikiba

    Sold TOC Lamp

    Pix say it all. Comes completely apart. Super shiny, lens intact. $120 shipped
  10. RidgeWalker

    Bosch Lamp

    This is another "what is this?" thread. This lamp was in with a bulk bike parts purchase I made years ago. Any ideas on vintage and what it is intended to fit?
  11. SJ_BIKER

    Lamp column part

    Heavy part. 28.00 shipped
  12. ohmybike

    Sold Generator bracket mount

    $20 shipped PayPal F&F. Plz Thanks for looking
  13. mongeese

    Lamp bracket fork mount

    80 shipped from Wisconsin.
  14. R

    Cleveland badge, men's Christy and a Black Beauty early badge

    I still am looking for the top insert to a Cleveland badge that has a 50, model 50, or CCM the earlier model 36 tag would be available to trade. The BB badge is available for trade possibilities
  15. alecburns

    Custom constructed Antique Adjustable Chrome Headlight Desk Lamp Light made by Dietz

    This lamp is really one of a kind. I can assure you that you will never see another one like it! The headlight was originally manufactured by the Dietz Lamp Co. in New York, and the base was manufactured in Connecticut, as stamped on the cast iron under the base. $95 + Shipping...
  16. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Solar TOC Lamp in RARE Original Wood Box!

    So I am in the final phase of my building purgatory and I need to sell one lamp to buy three 2-circuit gallery lighting tracks. Over the next week I will be offering some items that I never thought I would sell. Being offered: an original 99 Solor Acetylene gas lamp in the original rare wood...
  17. willswares1220

    Sold ~ Delta Rocket Ray ~ Fender Lamp ~

    $65.00 shipped This lamp is solid and straight with only one very shallow dent in the painted cover, that's not noticeable. There is also one dent to the plated outer lens ring at ( one side only ) that could be tapped out. There's the usual light overall wear and tear to the paint on the top...
  18. bricycle

    Sold FS Small headlamp

    Bike or car... had cloth wire inside. has bulb, not tested. Glass lense. 1930's? great for a child's bike (or if you're sick of Silver Rays). Awesome condition. $90.00 $99.95 110.00 $120.00 shipped domestic only. 66 98 102 208 297 411 470 532 views
  19. D

    Sold Old Bicycle Head Lamp 5" Diameter

    Old 5" diameter bicycle lamp that is likely from the 1930's. Sheet metal is real good and the bracket does not seem to be twisted at all. Glass is in real good condition with no cracks. $130.00 shipped in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  20. Wards Guy..

    Found—TOC lamp attachment

    Looking for a TOC head lamp bracket to mount this lite on this bike. Thank Fred
  21. Mercian

    Neverout lamp and clamp (Rose Mfg. Phila.)

    Hi All, really getting down to the last details on my 1917 Columbia Military Model now. Recently, I managed to buy the correct Neverout lamp and fork clamp made by Rose Mfg Co of Philadelphia on Ebay. The US based seller sent them to Ebay package forwarding (Pitney Bowes) for shipping to...
  22. filmonger

    Reduced Lucas ( Colonia Like ) Bicycle Lamp (after 1912?)

    Was 30.00 usd - now reduced to 25.00 USD plus shipping from Dublin Ireland. Nice Lamp. Looks like it is possibly a Lucas Colonia No 260 acetylene lamp after 1912.... Though, this is speculation on my part - I am not a lamp guy. There are those here who might know better.
  23. 66TigerCat

    Rare Raleigh RRA lamp bracket

    1930s/40s Raleigh Record Ace (RRA) lamp bracket. Specifically designed to fit the RRA's round fork legs. Chrome is really nice, only minor wear, mostly to the slot on the mounting bolt. Hard to find. Asking $75. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  24. 66TigerCat

    Early Raleigh stem mounted lamp bracket

    1930s/40s Raleigh lamp bracket. This one is held in place in front of the stem with the pinch bolt. Raleigh heron on the front, "Raleigh" logo below it. Above the herons head it reads "Reg'd". Measures about 1 3/4" high. Has some wear, see pics. These are harder to find than the other...
  25. I

    Industrial Repurposed Vintage Bike Rim Air Horn Chain Wheel Upcycled Lamp Light

    That is quite the title, but accurate........ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Industrial-Repurposed-Vintage-Bike-Rim-Air-Horn-Chain-Wheel-Upcycled-Lamp-Light/162834169473?hash=item25e9ac3e81:g:ivUAAOSw4DJYlkBW
  26. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Excellent early motorbike lamp

    Nice OG lamp here, untested, complete, needs a small lens ring clamp nut with patina, the one on now is new looking. Just under 5" diameter. $175. shipped from 95472
  27. Brian R.

    Help date my carbide lamp?

    It's a brass Miller Monarch acetylene lamp, made in Birmingham. No patent numbers or dates. Lighthouse symbol on red and green side lenses. I've found no info after a thorough 'Net search. It must be 1890s to 1920s but I'd love to know the exact year range it was sold. Failing that, if someone...
  28. Velo-dream

    rare bicycle lamp in Bakelite

    up for sale = a rare bicycle lamp in bakelite 180$-with shipment (tracking) pay pal for friends only
  29. M

    Sold Vintage GE General Electric Sealed Beam Bicycle Head Lamp 4512 $25

    Vintage GE General Electric Sealed Beam Bicycle Head Lamp 4512 USA NOS New Old Stock 1950's 1960's headlamp bulb 4 3/4 inches wide. $25 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  30. B

    Carbide lamp primer

    Can anyone give me a primer on carbide bicycle lamps please. What should I look for. Manufacturers any information would be appreciated. Thanks y'all. Big Moe
  31. bricycle

    Usable as TOC lamp brackets, pretty generic appearing

  32. C

    Help i.d. lamp

    Can anyone identify what bike this lamp would be off of? It is brass and 6" long. There are traces of red plastic for the lenses and on one side the plastic lens is green. Thanks much.
  33. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 5 Glass reflectors, Fay lamp co.,Persons + others

    These reflectors are in mostly great condition for there age. The large one on top left is 3 1/4" and has no identifying marks. The other large one with the slot in the holder has The Fay Lamp Co. on it. The next 2 under that is Persons. The larger one of them has a chip in the center dot. The...
  34. Velo-dream

    High Wheeler-Penny Farthing lamp: makers - datation ??

    does anyone have info about this High Wheeler lamp ? thanks for looking
  35. J

    Sold TOC Lamp Brackets

    Hard to find TOC lamp brackets. I have 2. I'm probably going to regret letting these go.
  36. I

    TOC carbide lamp please help I.D.

    I found this in an antique store. Has "pat. July 1899 " on it. The water and carbide are filled from the bottom. I am also wondering if it came on a specific bike or is it an aftermarket light. Thanks
  37. willswares1220

    Sold Delta ~ Torpedo ~ Fender Lamp

    $60.00 shipped This lamp is straight with no dents, but there is some battery corrosion to the bottom that doesn't really show, when mounted. The original paint has light wear and tear overall with the plastic lens still intact as shown. There is caked rust on the battery holder inside as...
  38. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Lamp Bracket

    This is one of those rare brackets you just don't see very often. Metal is in excellent condition and would be a perfect candidate for nickel plating. All parts in great shape. $100.........Shipped to the lower 48 states only. PayPal as friends please. Thank you.
  39. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn TOC bicycle POWELL & HAMNER OIL LAMP

    a nice TOC Powell & Hammer model KINGFISH oil Lamp very nice side jewels ,red & green ! good condition- see pictures not tested
  40. 47jchiggins

    Sold Ball Spot Lamp, Light w Bracket

    This is a ball light with bracket, often seen on Header Bikes............$115 shipped conus.
  41. 47jchiggins

    Early Tail Lamp

    Nice, early tail lamp, working, $75 shipped conus. Thanks Todd
  42. E

    Can we take about Lamp Brackets

    I am looking for a lamp bracket like the one pictured below. I apploigize in advance for posting in this forum but I haven't had any luck of anyone even looking at the post in the wanted forum. I have the lamp with the hanger mounted to it, but not the stem mounted bracket. Thanks for looking.
  43. MrColumbia

    Electro carbide? lamp

    I picked up this Electro brand carbide (I think) bicycle lamp at a local flea market this morning. It's in perfect condition with the exception of the broken lens (2 chips out of the edge). It's got an interesting dial on top to adjust water flow I presume. The bottom says it's a model "B" with...
  44. kingfish254

    Sold Antique Large French Cicca Carbide Lamp Lantern for Bike Car Motorcycle

    SOLD Antique Large French Cicca Carbide Lamp Lantern for Bike Car Motorcycle = $60 plus shipping
  45. E

    Found Wanted ***TOC lamp bracket

    Thank you for looking. I am looking for a TOC lamp bracket in nice shape. Please see picture.
  46. Dropacent

    Tail light match needed TAIL LAMP tailight

    I'm searching for a tail lamp just like this. This one is painted black, but it's aluminum with a faceted red lens. Need to match what I have , if you have one for sale, I'll buy. Tmorsher@icloud.com is the best way to reach me. I'd buy one that is missing the mounting bracket, too. Norwalk...
  47. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn very rare and old bicycle TOC Oil Lamp-

    very rare and old bicycle Oil Lamp, around 1900 lamp opens side ways ! complete and in very good condition - see pictures
  48. mongeese

    Crescent Lamp Part ?

    What is this?