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  1. Dr.B

    What is this tanker?!! Picked it up today

    Been searching for 3 years for a kids balloon tanker bike for my son who was 6 now turning 9 in 2.5 weeks. He has always wanted one like dads. Finally got one today and only a mile from home!! Was bought buy a guy at a swap meet to hang in his garage but now he is cleaning out. It was...
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar accessory Elgin Hawthorne battery case pod

    Good used condition, uncleaned super solid. Has "melted" old rubber tape residue? On bottom side. I believe that I have the rubber wire hole grommet. For your prewar accessory light or horn. Asking $55 shipped in USA obo
  3. avanti

    Spotlight Reflector Handle (NorthEast Tool & Die Works / J.C. Higgins Light)

    Looking for the reflector handle off a NorthEast Tool & Die Works, Inc. spotlight. These were also repackaged and sold by Sears as a J.C. Higgins light. Often incorrectly identified as a Delta or Seiss brand light.
  4. L

    Middleweight Schwinn Tornado Deluxe: Guard, grips

    Parts from Schwinn Middleweight: 1959 Schwinn Tornado Deluxe - Truss Rods SOLD - Guard : nice chainguard with the beveled shaping and graphics intact $35 - Handlebars / Bars - Stem sold - grips $10...
  5. bricycle

    Reduced FS fender lamp

    Works, but Batteries not included Fender lamp $54.00 $59 shipped domestic
  6. silverking surfer

    Delta Battery Tube Light Horn "Conduit Stainlees Steel Sleeving"

  7. bikesnbuses

    Sold Too nice for my bike! :-D NOS Delta Roadblaster horn w box

    OK ,right off the bat,be aware it IS NOS, BUT it has some rust inside for some reason..The outside of the horn or box doesnt show any water damage at all. I did try new batteries,and cant get it to work..If someone handy wanted to dissect it and clean everything out (wires/contacts etc) that...
  8. Beeler2927

    Delta Torpedo Light

    Ni ce o ri ginal Delta torpedo light with original lens in very presentable condition. What you see in pictures is what you get $75 plus shipping, as is. Thanks!
  9. Rob G

    JC Higgins Head Lamp- NOT Bat Wing

    Hello! I am looking for a late '50's JC Higgins Head Lamp that will mount to the bracket that extends from the forks, right in front of the bee hive spring. If i cant find an original, I'll be temporarily happy with a new aftermarket one but not sure which one would fit properly. Any ideas or...
  10. Corn4Life77

    Firestone Light Needed

    I have an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser, which I was told was probably a ‘47 or ‘48, and it’s missing the top of the light. I plan to fix up the bike some (though not restore it), and the light would complete it. Here’s what the light looks like:
  11. Demzie

    Repop Torpedo Fender Light

    There's a dozen or better styles of Fender lights,. Handlebar lights and even some horns that are repopoed over the years.. Columbia five stars.. Schwinn trains.. Monark trains.. A few winged styles of the Torpedos.. The list goes on. Did NO ONE repop the original Torpedo Fender light that...
  12. bikesnbuses

    Sold GREAT original ladies 26" 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    The bike is located in southern RI for local pick up(Preferred but will ship) Fantastic original green paint with rare original;Tank jewels,scripted Monark pedals,white deluxe seat and grips. Some obvious wear,scratches,etc Asking $450 with local pick up at zip code 02804 or $550 shipped in the USA
  13. S24_BKPR77

    Head Light

    Looking Head light

    Sold Schwinn fender hood train light with Schwinn lense!

    Got this schwinn train hood cover with lense, the chrome is in like new condition. Asking $100 plus shipping. Great to finish of your bike that is missing one! Pm with any questions!
  15. catfish

    Sold Seiss light brackets

    Price Drop $50.00 shipped in the USA. Pair of Seiss light brackets. shipped in the USA.
  16. catfish

    Found light bracket Needed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need this light bracket. I will buy outright, or have lots of other brackets to trade. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks! Catfish
  17. detroitbike

    Schwinn Torpedo Fender Head Light Lime Green

    anyone see this one? Item # 264015133061
  18. locomotion

    NOS light/horn in the box

    NOS light/horn in the box USD $80 + shipping sold untested as always, will trade for TOC parts located in Canada. Paypal f&f shipping can only be calculated once part is paid and packed, but you can get a shipping estimate on canadapost.ca, my postal code is G9B2B2 thanks Max
  19. Dweber

    WTB: Nice Teacup Light, Bracket and Battery Can

    Looking for a nice Teacup Light, Battery Can and Bracket. Also fancier Teacup or other style headlight for motobike. Thanks, Dave Email: Dweber736@aol.com
  20. marius.suiram

    Delta Torpedo front fender light

  21. marius.suiram

    Sold Delta Torpedo front fender light - working condition

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 120$ shipped Now: 99$ shipped New price:89$ shipped Now: 84$ shipped NEW PRICE: 67$ shipped Working condition. Looks like was house painted sometimes.
  22. rustystone2112

    Prewar teacup light & battery tube

    For juvenile bikes or other's , not a Delta but similar and just as hard to find . Nice, 2 "D" cell working now. I went through it and straightened out the tube , it had some larger dents , still has small dings . cleaned and lubed the switch , no tube mounts but the Delta "D" cell tube...
  23. S24_BKPR77

    Roadmaster Luxury Light

    Looking Roadmaster Luxury Liner Light
  24. Junkman Bob

    Harley Davidson light lense covers 15 $ shipped

    Still In Harley packaging I have for sale a set of lights cover lenses ... check out pictures 25$ shipped to lower 48 Postal MO please Thank you Robert
  25. tech549

    Sold mead light and bracket

    light and bracket

    Sold 1950's Columbia good year front fender light $65 SHIPPED

  27. C

    1951 Elswick Light Roadster

    Nice Elswick light roadster, 21 1/2 frame. The red pinstriping offsets the black paint . Paint and decals are in great shape. Pedals and grips are marked Elswick. Pump, bag and horn are included. Great bike. This might be the nicest this side of the Pond. $600 plus Bikeflight shipping
  28. S

    Delta battery canister and light-mine

  29. Robertriley

    Sold Elgin girls twin light bike

    I picked this one up for the light bar and lights from my original girls bike and replaced them with repops. The tank looks to be from a donor bike but all in all it's a great bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $699
  30. H

    NOS Delta Military Fender Light - Complete Package!

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing pictures of a complete package NOS Military Delta Fender light. This is in my collection and I just took pictures today. The light is packaged complete with perfect original OD paint ( absolutely no rust or surface corrosion) two parkerized...
  31. ZE52414

    Sold Dual light setup (autocycle)

    Here’s a dual light setup used on prewar schwinns. Motorbikes, autocycles. The truss rod mount is OG from what I was told. Lights are pretty nice Dual silveray with glass lenses. Asking 500shipped or best offer.
  32. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Silver king delux aluminum tail light $150

    Monark Wingbar and M1 aluminum tail light housing with hard to find battery bracket. The top is broken off one of the tabs that holds the battery Needs some sanding and finishing, check out the pictures. $150 shipped .
  33. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Rare aluminum prewar light

    You will see a Horn light version of this but the light only is much rarer. This light is in super condition. Takes 4C batteries, inside is clean, original lens $199 shipped. You won’t find a nicer one. Untested but I’m sure it will work. EA light
  34. G

    Sold indian light with bracket

    nice indian headlight with repro bracket , no cracks or repairs 325 bux plus shippin
  35. Nashman

    Light on Ebay

  36. Beeler2927

    Sold Schwinn fender light fenders

    These fenders DO NOT come with the light cover, only the fenders. I do not know if they are originals or not? They appear to have been painted and I see no signs of original paint underneath? Possibly some maroon colored primer beneath I’m guessing? Anyway I hope someone can use these. You will...
  37. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Horn light pre-war

    $600 Now $550 shipped in the USA
  38. E

    Schwinn Reproduction Fenders 2 Sets B6 with built in light and Balloon with Springer Fork

    Hi, I have some fender sets I bought from ebay and have decided not to use. I bought them from the ebay seller Bicyclebones. I have two very good quality Schwinn approved reproduction fender sets for sale. One is the B6 fenders, similar to Phantom except they get painted instead of stainless...
  39. Tikibar

    Help Identifying 1938 Fender Light

    Anyone know what fender light this is? It's pictured in the 1938 Schwinn catalog for model BC117. https://bikehistory.org/catalogs/1938.html Description says it's a polished aluminum, self contained, fender light. Thanks!
  40. Hammer

    Phantom Light Issue

    Alright guys I have a problem here I cleaned the contacts new bulb fresh batteries and nothing when I flip the switch, do I have a bad switch maybe? I just cleaned a rusted corroded and nasty batwing light and got it working like a charm but not this one on the Phantom, I can make it work by...
  41. tommydale1950

    Seiss Light Weight lamp

    Nice Toc Seiss Head lamp . Light Weight model 150 dollars shipped It needs a good cleaning
  42. fordmike65

    WANTED: Nice complete original ribbed Delta Defender tail light

    Looking for one in nice original shape with all lenses intact. Working a plus, ribbed style, not the Deco version. Thanks! Mike Looking to swap out the repoop on this beauty. A light just like this one I missed would be great May have stuff to trade. HMU.
  43. S

    Withdrawn Campy light wt wheel set

    Campy record hubs, 700c clincher campy strada and mavic g40 rims ,6speed freewheel , Delta scewers. Specialized transition tires. $72 shipped obo.....48 states
  44. ivrjhnsn

    1980's ROAD Wheels LIGHT Tubulars

    Up for sale. a set of high end road bike wheels from the mid 80's . American Classic hubs 28 hole , DT bladed spokes, SUN Mistral rims(one rim is a different year/stickers) , Continental LA tubular tires($200 each back in the day). Not used much as the rims show no brake wear. $90 shipped...
  45. John Gailey

    Sold Delta Tail Light

    This is a deco-style light that is not proven. It has mounting bracket and is in decent condition. It is missing one side lens. Contact me with questions. $95 shipped
  46. John Gailey

    Front Fender Light

    Hello, I have a new project coming in ( a prewar Shelby ) and am looking for a fender light to appeal to my vision. I am not a purist, so don't let that prevent you from presenting options. If it is super fat monster money, I'm out. Semi-fat maybe. Many Thanks
  47. John Gailey

    Head light and Brooks Saddle

    Light is clean and untested. $60 shipped Brooks saddle Sold
  48. Hammer

    Found JC Higgins Batwing Light & Bracket

    Yes I know I know, but I would like a JC Higgins Batwing Light & Bracket, the color is not important Gold would be great but I would probably repaint the light unless it was Gold, there is a black one on eBay BIN for $400 and I think that is a little steep, I've seen nicer ones on here for less...
  49. Axlerod

    Found Columbia Fender Light

    I'm looking for a Columbia fender light that has a little more patina than this one. I’ll take all chrome, all painted, or the 1/2 chrome 1/2 painted version. Prefer the white but will consider other colors. Working or non working is ok but nothing rotted through. You can message me if you have...
  50. Junkman Bob

    Sold Schwinn pumpkin light

    up for sale a pumpkin Schwinn light ... pretty good shape... 75$ shipped