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  1. H

    Classic Peugeot Galaxie / Legendary Bike

    For Sale Peugeot Galaxie Bicycle. LOCAL ESTATE ITEM. 80's Vintage. Aluminum Frame. If you are not familiar with the history of this Bike please look it up. This Bike appears to be in great overall condition. Frame is tight and solid. Bike appears all original to my untrained eye and was...
  2. L

    Early 1950's Hercules Saddle , Brake, Kickstand, Wire rack, Wheel etc

    Selling Some parts from 1953 Hercules 26 inch three speed: (will try to post better pics shorty ) All the crust on this bike that i did keep on bike cleaned up well, more dried out grease than rust, chrome quite good after soaking Saddle: $25 Horsehair pading , cover loose with house...
  3. Krakatoa

    ~ Prewar Westfield Columbia 26" Lightweight Forks! ~

    These are from the mid 1930's and are in good condition. Your choice $50 each shipped Add $25 to rethread and cut to length with keyway cut Black 7 7/8" steering tube Siver 6 1/2" steering tube Red 7 7/8" steering tube
  4. L

    Sold Flying Pigeon Nice Condition. Complete with Accessories delivered to Westminster Swap

    Flying Pigeon I love the geometry and cool features of this bike Rod Brakes, comes with OG front basket not shown. Bell in picture has been removed / not included) Reflector bar end grips , drop stand , full chain guard..... included is OG front basket (not shown in pic ). Bell in...
  5. L

    British English 3 Speed Chainguards, lights, Bits, Racks pedals and Accessories

    British 3 Speed Accessories and Parts (more to come , please see my other posts ) (All prices are plus shipping ) (willing to givevery substantial concession in price if you can offer a colson deep early post war front fender in trade ) this post will be ongoing , constrained by pic...
  6. S

    Vintage Vitus 979

    ~1985 Vintage Vitus Bike - Model 979 - Many years ago I switched out the front fork with carbon, but I still have the original aluminum part. The bike has all Campognolo components. Sew-up tires. It is now for sale - in excellent used condition. 20" (50.8cm) frame - also includes original Brooks...
  7. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Continental 3 speed in CONN $420

    By no means am I knowledgeable to say what is correct on this bike. I do know when something has been loved and cared for. This seem like this bike has not been altered from original. Looks like the original cables are still present. Front wheel says Schwinn Stainless. Looks like some war time...
  8. Miq

    How Light is Your Lightweight?

    I weighed my 1941 New World W1M today. It is 36 lbs. What does your lightweight weigh?
  9. Chetster213

    Sold FS: 2005 Trek 5000 OCLV 120 Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike, 52cm, 27-Speed, Bicycle Computer, U-Lock, Under 20 lbs Fully Loaded

    Asking Price (Reduced): $500.00 Ride Ready, Road Legal Lightweight Race Bike Shimano Ultegra Components, Original Stock* Parts Unisex, can work for women as well Used but not Abused Tuned Up, Light & Fast AF 52cm, 27-Speed, The Works Registered and Certified with Owner (Transferable upon...
  10. mongeese

    Great easy project- prewar Rollfast diamond frame

    Lets start with 200 plus shipping from Wi. Or best or better offer. Uses that badge that looks like a raspberry reflector. 26” wheels. I also have some fenders that will fit same era shark fin front if wanted. Bike is as was found. Torrington mens 8s I believe. Great handlebars.
  11. rennfaron

    Schwinn Traveler '50 to '63

    Looking for Schwinn Travelers. More specifically large frame (23"), years '50 to '63. Also, Traveler specific parts (saddle bag, decals, fenders).
  12. mongeese

    Teens twenties diamond frame I.D. Please

    Anyone know who made this frame? I can not find any seriel numbers. Also want to sell it so what do you think someone would purchase it for? Top tube looks fillet brazed to head tube but can not say for sure.
  13. mongeese

    Prewar postwar fender braces- sale - many to choose from

    Prices vary from 10 to 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Please message the inches of top of brace to center of axel mount and your phone number for quickest service. If you do not see brace you need in photos please ask because these are just a few I busted out for photos.
  14. mongeese

    Sale Pending Somethin you don’t see everyday ! Sears frame pump

    27 shipped from Wisconsin. Works. No idea what color it is.
  15. Krakatoa

    ~ 1946 Schwinn Tapered Kickstand for Lightweight Bicycle! ~

    Nice harder to find tapered kickstand for your Schwinn lightweight bicycle! Complete with pin. $35 shipped
  16. frank 71

    Sold Prewar Lightweight Schwinn Lets Sell Parts!! ALL SOLD!!

    1940 or 41 Lightweight. Frame $105.00 Wheels& tires Sold Crank & Chain ring $65.00 Bars & Neck Sold. Head Badge $45.00 Fenders $65.00 Free Shipping lower 48 Repainted a few years ago. After market Seat, Dog leg Crank. Rare Head badge.
  17. E

    Wanted Sturmey Archer Cable for 1955 Schwinn Lightweight

    Hi, I need a SA cable for a 1955 Schwinn lightweight with SA 3 speed set up. I have the shifter and hub and a cable in horrible condition. It measures 18" housing and 55 1/2" total length. The shifter has just a small hole for where the cable goes, not a key hole shaped slot so I am not sure...
  18. W

    Schwinn lightweight cable stop/funnel/thingy

    I'm sure i'm the only person that's ever dropped one of these in their garage. Is there any chance it's a common, easily obtainable part?
  19. Smoopy's

    Found Schwinn Lightweight Fork 26x1-3/8”

    Hey guys..in need of a Schwinn fork for a 26x1-3/8” men’s frame..not worries about color as I’m going to re-paint it..just need one in good shape and not bent..LMK if you have one..thanks
  20. Bike Recyclery

    Big selection of vintage Schwinn Stingray / Lightweight Parts, Decals, Hardware, Catalogs... etc

    Huge pile of NOS and used Schwinn stuff! http://www.bikerecyclery.com/schwinn/?sort=newest
  21. C

    Britanica Lightweight Fenders

    Similar to Bluemels No Weights, Branded Hercules, Eileen Sheridan model. slight crack on the front.. These would be used on any 30's -40's British lightweight . No other hardware $200 plus shipping. Chuck Hughes Westwood Ma
  22. BWbiker

    Hiawatha Lightweight?

    This bike has some cool factor to it, labeled "Lightweight". Maybe more of a middle weight? Aluminum Hiawatha badge, Hercules geared hub, dogleg crank, and lever brakes. Seat post has inner wedge clamp. Was maroon with cool pin striping. Anyone know, have one of these? A clue, it had a 1954...
  23. dnc1

    Classic Lightweight "Burlite" brakes

    For Sale: A pair of 1947/1950 "Burlite" of Birmingham (England) hiduminium brake calipers. Asking $110 including tracked/signed for shipping from the U.K. PP f&f only please. Early contemporaries of GB, but a little more rarified for your classic British lightweight! Will polish up...
  24. dnc1

    Reduced Classic Lightweight "Burlite" brakes

    For Sale: A pair of 1947/1950 "Burlite" of Birmingham (England) hiduminium brake calipers. Final price drop! Now asking $90 tracked/signed for shipping from the U.K. PP f&f only please. Early contemporaries of GB, but a little more rarified for your classic British lightweight! Will...
  25. Krakatoa

    ~ Westfield / Schwinn WAR ERA Civilian LIGHTWEIGHT Bout! Sure to be a BlackOUT BuSt Up Bonanza! ~

    Westfield Sports Tourist 26" Lightweight Serial #J58489 original equipment bicycle with black oxide parts: 3. Frame SOLF 4. Blackout chainring 24 t SOLD 7. Blackout solid machined seatpost SOLD 8. Torrington 'R' stem blackout SOLD 10.Torrington North Road bars blackout SOLD 11.Westfield...
  26. mongeese

    Prewar 26” lightweight fenders

    60 plus shipping from Wi. Original blue paint very nice condition. Some red gunk on rear.
  27. ADVHOG

    wartime shelby lightweight??

    I got this today off the eBay. All parts are blackout, paint looks shelby to me, no holes for a badge. Tires are 26 x 1.375. Any help?
  28. 3-speeder

    60-63 Black Higgins Lightweight Chainguard

    I would like to find a 3-hole mounting black J C Higgins Lightweight chainguard for bike pictured below. It has two tabs near the chainwheel and one at rear. Thanks for the help.
  29. Krakatoa

    ~ Pre War Flat Fender Brace Smorgasbord! 28" & 26" Lightweight, 26" Ballooner, Plus Bits & Pieces! ~

    Is it possible to get excited about pre war flat fender braces? I think so when they're nice and nicely priced like these!;) Prices include shipping! 1. 28" Lightweight, og cadmium very good SOLD 2. 26" Lightweight, crusty front has silver paint, good $35 3. 26" Ballooner, og cadmium...
  30. PCHiggin

    One For The Lightweight Guys....

    Too short for me......https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/bik/d/schwinn-superior-vintage-1963/6484521227.html
  31. S

    Sold Lightweight vintage Italian road bike Garlatti $55 plus ride

    Vintage Garlatti italian road bike, Campy, chrome lugs, butterfly wingnuts, 56cm frame center to top. leather saddle TTT stem,Universal center pull brakes, bike is in garage original shape. A little TLC sweet ride. $55 plus bikeflyte.
  32. J

    What year might this Rollfast be?

    I just bought this, looks original and shows skiptooth with star chain sprocket, two-tone green and red paint, rear-facing dropout, white rims with pinstripes, and the brass Rollfast badge. Wondering what year? I have not picked up the bike yet.
  33. mongeese

    1936-38 Sturmey Archer AW complete lightweight set

    Turnkey- ready to mount and ride. All here every part. Every nut - cable - connector. No muss no fuss. Tires are even ridable. Legendary hub 1st generation undated with just patent stamp. Rims are straight as the day they left the factory. Perfect for that high end touring prewar bike or frame...
  34. Krakatoa

    ~ 1930'S 26" Drop Center Wheelset New Departure D/Columbia Very Nice! ~

    Offered is this excellent 1930's pre war 26" drop center wheelset! These measure "1.33 width. New Departure D rear coaster brake and Westfield front hub. These are chrome rims that were silver house painted. They are straight and true with minimal oxidation. These were off a '36/'37 C/D serial...
  35. Krakatoa

    ~ 40'S Westfield Lightweight Military Bicycle Frame/Fork/Blackout Bars/Blackout Sprocket! ~

    What's left of a very interesting W175245 serial number Westfield Manufacturing lightweight step-through type war era bicycle. Has extra brazing over all frame junctures, looks like og light blue was painted over olive drab under the red housepaint. PM me questions regarding this bike. I have...
  36. fattyre

    Reduced Schwinn Lightweight NOS Front Fender

    NOS Schwinn 26 inch Lightweight chrome front fender & front fender strut. In factory sealed bags. Both in excellent condition. All hardware present in fender strut bag. Strut is Cad plated. Asking $40.00 PM's only please
  37. Clark58mx


    I bought this prewar Roadmaster lightweight bicycle today. I've never seen a prewar Roadmaster lightweight. It's got original maroon paint. The hubs are musselman Olympic racer. Any thoughts? What year?
  38. schwinnguyinohio

    Help on Value

    I thinking about buying this Huffy brand made in England . Thought it would be a nice rider , all original , any help on the going price is appreciated
  39. rollfaster

    Gateway Coasters Lightweight ride Sunday October 1

    Did I say Lightweight? Yep, I sure did! Sometimes it's fun to change things up a bit. Come on out to Creve Couer Park at 10:00am October 1, George Heldman Shelter is the meeting place. Bring out your geared or non geared lightweights and we'll buzz around the lake a few times and have lunch. For...
  40. mongeese

    English lightweight pedals raleigh robin hood etc.

    40 shipped from Wisconsin. 9/16ths thread. Great condition.
  41. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 15

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 15

    Western Flyer Racer Lightweights for 1983
  42. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 14

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 14

    Deluxe men's roadbikes, looking sharp!
  43. Dale Alan

    Reduced Lightweight stuff...many Schwinn approved

    Selling as a bundle,many Schwinn approved parts . Gold hub is a 1983 SR,Weinmann 1080 caliper is set up as a down pull now . Shimano hub needs bearing installed, bearings included but need to be removed from the cages .Suntour power shifter and Suntour front derailleur . I would like $35 shipped.
  44. 1966 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 1

    1966 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 1

    The beautiful, new Huffy Carlton, Catalina, and Corsair lightweights.
  45. B

    Handlebars for 1951 schwinn traveler

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a pair of handlebars identical to the one pictured for my 1951 schwinn traveler. Thank you, Bill Wafer 626 284-4013.
  46. kevin x

    Sold Hercules Sports Model

    Hercules Sports Model with many original parts, original paint and partial decals and pinstripes. Made in Birmingham England likely in 1937. Has a 1937 Sturmey Archer Model K 3 speed hub, shifts well but only high and low gear, middle gear is not engaging. 26" Dunlop wheels (also from the...
  47. mongeese

    Coppertone Schwinn S Seat Very Nice

    Way better condition than most that sold for higher. 65$ shipped from WI.