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  1. Jon Marinello

    WTB Long nickel plated lucky 7 seat post

    Let me know if you have one you could part with.
  2. 1817cent

    Sold Long spring saddle

    Long spring mens saddle with amateur leather recovering. $125 shipped
  3. 4

    Sold - Elgin Boys Long tank Bicycle - $450

    Offering this Elgin almost complete bicycle. Obviously missing front fender and stand. Has an excellent messinger saddle and lucky 7 seat post. Bike is located in Lagrange ga, but can be in Peoria Illinois area by the weekend if someone wants to pick it up. I do have other bikes I would sale at...
  4. 4

    Long buying drought ended with prewar and modern estate sale purchase

    I don’t think I’ve bought a bike in well over a year which has to be the longest time without a purchase in the 30 years i have been collecting. I have changed jobs and moved to Georgia from Illinois and have been thinking more of if I should sell out. I ran across an estate sale south of...
  5. MsRock2

    Sold Long Spring Men's Saddle

    No name on Saddle - came off a Speedway Special Bike - which may or may not have been original. $95 includes shipping. PM for details. Located in San Diego
  6. easyrider

    Sold men's long spring saddle

    not sure what it's worth so i'll just say 100.00 shipped if that's to much let me know
  7. ZE52414

    Sold Long AS razor stem. 95 centennial (new)

    Thinking these were off the centennial phantoms. Stem bolt measures 8”. Asking 50$ shipped. Condition is nice and chrome is blinding.
  8. 39zep

    OG Mesinger B1 Long Spring Saddle

    Looking for an original, non restored 8.5 or better, Mesinger B1 Long Spring Saddle circa 1937. Black leather. Any information or leads greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  9. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Elgin prewar 2 button long spring seat $40

    The seat is in very nice condition. Check out the pictures $49 shipped.
  10. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Ancient Long Coke Bottle Grips! + Early Moto Scooter Fat Grips! ~ ~

    These oldies are both well used and battle scarred but are awesome early grip sets with authentic patina! First up are these ancient long Coke bottle grips. These have concave fluting which is nice. They measure 5.5" in length. These each have some large splits a few missing pieces and...
  11. rideahiggins

    Long spring saddle rails and springs

    Long spring saddle rails $10 each shipped and springs $20 pair shipped conus. Paypal. I'm not sure what these fit.
  12. carlitos60

    Need: TOC Seat !!

    Racing Seat!! $$$ Like These One!
  13. whizzer_motorbike_fan

    Long time coming but I’m finally back!!

    Hi everyone it has been a little over a year since I was last here. Many things have been happening as far as starting my first job getting a car and keeping busy between school and work. I haven’t forgotten my whizzer although some of my inspirations were lost when we lost my good friend Fred...
  14. gtdohn

    Extra long TOC Grips

    I need a pair of extra long grips for a special TOC restoration.The ones I am looking for came on bikes around 1896. They cover a bit more of the bar and that it is what I need. They look just like these:
  15. bobcycles


    Bump reduced price on the NOS seat parts NOS Lot of 1920s-30s TROXEL prewar long spring seat chassis parts...lots of good useable stuff including a left and right Rail set for the wire frame Mens longspring chassis, hard to find correct LONG Carriage bolts for the spring assemble, complete nose...
  16. Rust_Trader

    Sold WTT Prewar Huffman Long Tank

    Nice repainted Prewar Huffman long tank with horn and Button. All hardware is there, trade for an original Schwinn Pogo seat.
  17. SJ_BIKER

    Fiberglass fish mount 26 inch long

    240 ahipped
  18. John Gailey

    Sold Prewar Long Spring Seat (Men)

    Good condition. $150 plus shipping to lower 48
  19. manuelvilla

    Looking for long spring saddle

    Im looking for troxel long spring saddle...actually doesnt matter brand...could be persons or any other brand...also need phantom seats...2 of them... Im serious guy...live in México but have a contact on California that receive all i buy from here or eBay and they he sends them to my place...i...
  20. Blackout

    Sold long spring seat parts

    seat parts 60.00 OBO shipped in the 48 only. I can only ship on Saturdays, prefer payment by Money Order
  21. onecatahula

    Sold Long spring saddle

    Solid long spring saddle. 75 + ship from 43522
  22. F

    Looking for bike seller who was at Long Beach 4/22 who i bought parts from...

    Due to my dumb luck, I had written down this seller's contact info so i could call him. I was planning calling this evening but i decided to wash clothes, which had his phone number in lol. Found a bunch of paper balls in the dryer but nothing big enough to salvage. He was from Laguna if i'm...
  23. ohmybike

    Sold Long spring Saddles, 28” fenders and seat post

    Ladies saddle great original condition and rideable mens has tears but still rideable. Fenders have some chrome lost but is expect of age. I’ll consider offer. PayPal only FF plz Ladies saddle mesinger no1 SOLD Men’s saddle sold Seat post sold 28” chrome fenders sold
  24. Jay81

    Sold Ladies Prewar Troxel Long Spring Seat

    Off of a 1937 Westfield Includes lucky 7 post $65 shipped in the lower 48 Paypal as friends or USPS money order only
  25. T

    Withdrawn 1941 Long Tank ELGIN coming to ML

    NIce old 1941 ELGIN. Coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1200.00
  26. Blue Streak

    Long Spring Saddle i.d. Help

    Trying to determine maker of this long spring saddle. There is a name on the top of the leather saddle but too worn to read. On each side of saddle it says "OVB - Our Very Best". Overall length is 11-1/2" and width is 8-1/2". Thanks for any help with this.
  27. MrAustralia

    Sold TRADE - Rollfast long tank for a Hawthorne/Rollfast Banana Tank

    Hi all, I am preferably looking for a trade at the moment – not an outright sale. I have for trade a Rollfast long tank – no horn (the one that extends past the seat tube). It’s in excellent condition, it has been custom painted some time ago and looks very cool. It does have a few blemishes...
  28. ivrjhnsn

    Sold Block Chain 3/16" x 37" long

    Up for sale,, a small length of 3/16" wide block chain, 37" long with a cool master link. $35 mailed. Paypal ok ..Thanks for looking


  30. Pedals Past

    Sold Troxel deluxe chrome long spring saddle

    100% original deluxe chrome long soring Troxel saddle no rips tears leather top with round bb style wear rivets best long spring saddle i owned in 30 years of collecting $525 shipped 48 usa ff/pp pm to buy price is firm
  31. Autocycleplane

    Found WTB - 30s Mesinger Long Spring Saddle

    Don't care about the condition of the top, more interested in a decent original seat I can have a new cover put on for a rider. Anyone?
  32. bobcycles


    Really nice survivor NICKEL Chassis Persons skirted long spring MOTOBIKE era saddle! They don't come much nicer than this roughly 100 years old! Some stitching needs attention.. tool bag loops are there but the stitching is loose on ones side. Overall most stitching is very nice maybe not a...
  33. C

    Wanted: Huffman Long Tank

    Hello, I am looking for a long tank for prewar Huffman Lighting Flyer. Does anyone have one for sale?
  34. C

    Huffman Long Tank

    Hello, I have a prewar Huffman Lightning Flyer. I am looking for a long tank to complete the bike. Does anyone have one available for sale?
  35. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Murray Built Elgin Long Tank Differences Straight vs Curved Tube ~ ~

    I know some members here have example of these bikes and was wondering if anyone could get some detail shots of the tank rear where it crosses the seat tube. I'd like to see pics for both straight seat tube and curved seat tube tanks. If someone had a bike apart already all the better as some...
  36. Cheezer

    Long spring Saddle - ROOKIE - TOC Teens

    Selling this old long spring saddle. The leather is crackly, and has a small ripped spot. The metal is rusty crusty, but solid. It say's Rookie on the sides. The leather part measures 10" long x 7-1/4" wide approximately. The overall metal springs part is 8" wide. Includes the post bracket...
  37. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Delta long cone jeweled hornlite

    Delta Silver King jeweled horn light and fairly nice condition and it works! Missing one screw on left side and I’ll supply a reproduction lens $375 shipped
  38. Dan the bike man

    Sold Prewar Long tank

    Ok it’s a Samsco Rollfast not a Huffman but it IS a long tank! 1940. Cool bike! $1,100 NOW $1000 shipped or picked up in Michigan. I can do payments if need be. Thanks!
  39. L

    Another Long Shot .... TOC wheel set and block chain

    This is another long shot, something I have been looking for a long time. A complete TOC (pre-1900) wheel set and block chain - 28" wood rims in good rideable, unrestored condition - matching, front and rear hub set - both hubs need to be as wide as possible - rear hubs needs to be block chain...
  40. Pedals Past

    Reduced Pre war original Blue Bird style troxel long spring

    Pre war Troxel long spring no rips or tears stitching intact slightly skirted dual Blue Bird style split rivet round wear tabs leather slightly stiff could use a good soaking and rub of olive oil leave it to you to condition. $350 obo shipped pp/ff 48 us states pm or email bikeberg@aol.com
  41. L

    Long shot ... TOC 3-piece crank assembly

    This is a long shot, something I have been looking for, for years A complete TOC (pre-1900) 3-piece crank assembly but with very specific measurements. needs to be complete - center shaft (as shown) to accommodate a *** 3 1/4" wide bottom bracket (can be a tad longer, but not shorter) -...
  42. jimbo53

    Sold Prewar Troxel Girls Long Spring Seat

    Very nice condition as shown. $85 + $15 shipping PayPal F&F PM to purchase and I’ll send PayPal i.d. Questions or more pictures? Just ask!
  43. Bikermaniac

    Found Long Pull Crossbar Handlebars

    Looking for the handlebars only. I already have the stem. Send me a PM with pics and price. Thanks.
  44. tripple3

    Original Long Spring Saddle, Marathon by Persons

    I bought this to ride, but after looking it over and long discussion about it, decided to offer it up for sale to the bike folk that need it for display. Completely original except I massaged coconut oil into the leather for awhile. The nicest original Marathon stamped saddle by Persons left in...
  45. LarzBahrs

    Messinger long spring saddle project

    For sale is my prewar messinger long spring saddle. The rods connecting the front spring to the rear have busted where the seat post clamp goes. Can be taken off and replaced. Good top with og stamp. Everything else aside from the break seems solid. Asking 100 plus shipping. PayPal preferred. Pm...
  46. John G04

    Sold Persons long spring saddle

    for sale is a very nice 20’s or 30’s persons long spring saddle with original leather and everything. Stamp is very clear and leather had no tears or rips. Frame is nice and has no cracks. Asking $200 shipped
  47. PCHiggin

    Anybody See This On Long Island?

  48. bobcycles


    Fully restored large pan stitched edge mid 30's Mesinger Mens bicycle saddle. Tan leather stitched to edge, long spring chassis found on a wide variety of bicycles in the 30's and typically the more deluxe models. 275.00 shipped anywhere lower 48 states. bobcycles@aol.com or msg here
  49. oldfart36

    Sold Men's Long Spring Saddle

    FOR SALE: Men's Long Spring Saddle. Can't see markings, but I believe it is a "Troxel" Very sound saddle, while some might recover, it is very usable just like it is. Cool rider saddle. **Have seat post mount, just not pictured** $135.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas, 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  50. 1

    24 inch long spring seat SCOUT. RARE

    This seat is a little smaller than a 26 inch seat. Came off a 24 inch frame Here is a decent shape scout long spring seat for sale. The leather is hard and will crack easy but great for a display bike or maybe thare is something you can put on the leather to make it soft again. Also missing...