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  1. blincoe

    Torrington Spoke Master Cabinet!

    Just purchased a Torrington spoke cabinet, pretty clean. Paid a little more than I wanted too but was able to get the seller to go down on price. Very good condition.
  2. Rfr260jet

    Old road master bicycle

    I have a old road master bicycle sn is D37953. Need help figuring out what year it is and what kind. It is all original and in good shape.
  3. ivrjhnsn

    MASTER Bike lock

    Looks new to me with wear spot from hanging on display.? Or used very little . Master bike lock, $23 shipped
  4. Handle Bar Hoarder

    Reduced road master

    $1200 pm me no shipping
  5. gtdohn

    Found Hairpin clip for skiptooth master

    I need a hairpin clip for an early skiptooth master link. Thank you
  6. S

    1942 CWC Royal Master

    ***SOLD*** 1942 CWC Royal Master serial #K44103 Believed to be in all original condition, with a dent at the lower back portion of the front fender, and the headlight is in need of repair/replacing. It is also a 1/2 " pitch. Looking to get $1,000 PLUS shipping Bike is located in Portland, OR
  7. ivrjhnsn

    Interesting Chain Master Links

    So, these little things on a bike , I find interesting. This cool master link from a block chain
  8. toyman

    Sold Motor Master badge

    One of the most rarest badges on the planet.Great badge for a badge collector or one very important part of you have a Motormaster.You will not see another one for sale ever.I also have other Motormaster parts of you need some to finish your motormaster.I $2000
  9. V

    Motor master parts value

    Would any know what these parts are worth Motormaster engine Motor master badge Motor master seat Motor master silver ray light road master badge
  10. ZE52414

    Sold Like new 1” diamond 55+1 master link.

    Here’s a really nice diamond chain. Only thing missing is the box. Chain is real clean as you can see from the photos. Asking 135$ shipped.
  11. ohmybike

    Master chain link help

    I have question regarding my chain. The picture has a pin with the brass washer type sorry no picture of chain is soaking in vinegar. My question is can I replace it with a different master link? And which one. Has anyone seen this type of master link what year is it? Thanks any info would help.
  12. toyman


    Looking for a Milsco seat for my Motor Master. Any condition will do.
  13. barnyguey


  14. bikesnbuses

    Sold Nice original skip tooth 53 link 1" pitch Diamond chain with master link

    Great original Diamond All I did was spray it with some WD-40 and wipe it down with rags. This WILL clean up much nicer with brass brush, From a prewar girls bicycle,53 links Asking $47 shipped in the USA obo
  15. schwinnduke

    Found One link and/or master Diamond skip tooth

    Hi, We're currently doing up a 41 DX and have realised we're short of one link of Diamond chain. This is our first attempt at a skip tooth bike and didn't realise the length issue until trying to fit the chain today. Would anyone have a spare link and master they'd be willing to sell, and ship...
  16. mickeyc

    Master link on skip tooth chain?

    Can't seem to find one. Chain isn't that grubby, but very stiff and needs a good cleaning, but I just don't see a master link. Any help appreciated. Mike
  17. C

    Prewar Advert. Photos from Perfect Circle/ Doctor of Motors

    Hey Guys, up for sale are two Prewar Vintage Advertising Framed Photos from Perfect Circle Piston Rings and their Mascot , "the Doctor of Motors". These images (and other similar ones) decorated magazine ads from 1941 to 1945. But these are not the magazine ads. These are larger and are framed...
  18. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Block Chain 54 inches W/ Master

    Beautiful, slinky, cleaner than most, TOC block chain It is 54 link including the master that fastens with a screw. Very sturdy, no sideways play. $85 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states only. PayPal as friends. Thanks
  19. Bikermaniac

    Found I need a master link, can't ride my bike, help.

    I added one more link to my chain and I need one more master link for a 1" x 3/16" chain. Thanks.
  20. Balloontyre

    Sold Davis Dropstand 'n Clip, H-D Chief Master Elgin Excelsior others

    For 28" wheel, Davis stand, Davis clip. Both in very good shape. $275 shipped USA lower from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  21. rollfaster

    Chrome master?

    Not sure if it’s just a regular CWC Roadmaster or a Chrome master. You’re thoughts?
  22. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Block Chain 56 link with master

    Nice old block chain that has 56 links including the master. Needs some cleaning , but can be used as is. Fully functional. $50 shipped to the lower 48 states PayPal as friends Thank you
  23. bobcycles


    Holy Grail US Royal Master White Wall in excellent condition. Not NOS but still soft and mountable and Pliable... Maybe someone has a match to this. I sure wish I did it would be a keeper and on a bike for sure. Looking for 100 bux for a tire you rarely find in this condtion. Plus bike...
  24. carlitos60

    1941 Road Master Super Rider!

    1941 Road Master Super Rider! Ratty Look with a Twist for Uniqueness! $875 OBO Shipped!
  25. gtdohn

    Sold 52 Link Skip tooth Chain w/ Master

    Very nice skip tooth chain that is 52 links and includes a master link. The chain is very stiff, but it's not a "frozen" stiff, it's a "gummy" stiff, if you know what I mean. It will free up and clean up pretty easily and be a great chain. $35 shipped to the lower 48 states only PayPal as...
  26. easyrider

    another diamond skiptooth chain 55 inch plus the master link

    nice clean skiptooth chain 55 inches plus the master link 65.00 shipped to 48 states
  27. marius.suiram

    Sold Skip tooth chain 52 links plus master link

    Sale from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Price: 30$ shipped It is rusty, but all the links are moving free. 52 plus master, coming from a ladies bike
  28. Balloontyre

    Sold 1905- 1928 Mead, Sears bikes, others...Nice 20 tooth ND mod A driver.

    Very good 20 tooth cog New Departure Model A driver, complete. Original plating in great shape, teeth show minimal wear. $59 shipped USA from Milwaukee. Cash, MO, PayPal friends. Thank you